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Anna Nicole's Baby Covers 'Us Weekly'

Anna Nicole's Baby Covers 'Us Weekly'

Anna Nicole Smith‘s baby Dannielynn Birkhead just turned 2 and lights up this week’s Us Weekly cover.

Her eyes and the resemblance to mom Anna are striking!

The mag talks about how Dannielynn and Larry Birkhead have put their lives back together after their difficult circumstances.

It also talks about Dannielynn‘s first word of “mama” and how she likes to pose like her mom and loves to make her Dad laugh. He calls her a “little ham!”

The issue hits newsstands on Friday and visit Us Weekly for the full cover story.

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  • hello

    pretty baby blues

  • olivia

    soooo pretty

  • anon

    what a beautiful baby. She’s gonna look just like her mama.

  • Linny

    awwwww she’s so pretty!!! just keep her away from watching her mom’s reality show!

  • LL

    That left eye doesn’t look too bad. I’m glad her father waited a while instead of having any eye surgery. These things sometimes correct themselves. She’s cute.

  • AeH

    What a beautiful little girl!

  • Rayan

    LL– she did have eye surgery. It didn’t correct itself.

    She is a beautiful little girl ! ! !

  • DesparadoJA

    She is one beautiful girl but has baby bottle teeth. :(

  • movie fan

    It’s ridiculous the way Larry uses his daughter to make money. I wonder how many millions he got paid for this latest publicity.

    Hard to believe the little girl is two already.

  • jennie

    she’s gorgeous, i can’t believe she’s two already !

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i’m glad her father got that eye fixed.. ish was ugly ass hell.

    okay looking kid.

  • a

    she is cute but poses like her mom? ugh!

  • joss

    she’s so cute

  • lurkenstein

    she’s adorable and looks so happy, what a cutie. she really looks like Anna Nicole, even has her gummy smile.
    still can’t believe ANS is dead…..she never was the same after her son died…

  • jade

    Awww- She is such a beautiful little girl.She looks so pretty in pink!

  • gina

    She is completely adorable!

  • Kiki

    she’s cute! But i hope she isn’t forced into hollywood…

  • lee

    my son was born with crossed eyes and one surgery didn’t correct it. It took 3. Once corrected, the eye muscles start to relax and may need to be tweaked again. Crossed eyes never correct themselves by doing nothing. You can try using a patch and that does sometimes work. If not, surgery is the only way to correct it. She sure is a cutie pie.

  • Stefanie

    she’s adorable! but I hate how he’s selling his kid to the press!

  • Robbo

    Can someone tell me what is up with her tooth? Its so weird!!!

    In saying that ,she does look cute :)

  • Ivy

    She is a beautiful child…Hope not to be like her silicon mother

  • James Mason Fan

    I look at this child and I see $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • anon

    to: #9

    you should be ashamed of your yourself , why can’t she be on the cover of magazine if it’s okay for other actors or actresses to have picture of their babies on the cover of magazies or all over internet all the time why not her after all her mother was famous, are you jealous of this poor little girl who doesn’t have a mother shame on you.

    it’s been a while since i saw her picture anywhere and you can’t stand to see her picture even once in while, i read some where while back that she did have the eye surgery , i’m glad the father didn’t take the chance to wait and went ahead with the surgery he’s the example of a very caring father, thanks jared for the pictures, she’s really a beautiful doll.

  • sol

    She is a beauty and she looks sooo happy ,that is the most important thing in the world .It’s funny how people say larry sells her for money and when the jolie pitt does the same i don’t hear the negative comments,or when aguilera,jlo etc .If it helps him pay the bills for education ,medical issues etc i see no harm as long as she feels like playing.Still remember the day i turned my tv on and saw such shocking news about anna .Hope she and her other baby rest in peace.

  • anne

    larry birkhead is homosexual man who had sperm donor contract with anna nicole. he broke it because he wanted more money, that’s why anna had to go to the he is selling pictures of an orphan child. he doesn’t have a job, and he expects $ 500 bil. from marshall case, but marshall money will never come. find a job and stop selling this child . larry fairyhead you are NOBODY, just gay failed actor who impregnated heroine addicted woman for money.

  • september

    ahhhhhh… she’s absolutely beautiful!!

  • Who cares

    OMG she looks exactly like a mini Anna.
    She is cute.

  • Raichill

    She is a pretty little girl. It just looks like she has chipped a front tooth, like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has.

  • HsmRocks

    she’s sucha cutie =)i think she has beautiful big blue eyes and a face like a lil doll ..adorable
    I can’t believe she’s 2 :)

  • Fatal_error

    To #20

    Nothing is up with her tooth. Toddlers are clumsy and fall and bang into things all of the time. My toddler banged her front teeth on the coffee table and knocked them both out.

  • aww

    I am so happy for them both. Larry is doing a great job of caring for this little doll. She’s a little Anna Nicole. God Bless…

  • bejeebus

    ok this is getting rediculous. how long is he going to milk this thing for? just let the poor little girl have a NORMAL LIFE. her mom was famous for being a moron and a ho…she had no real talent that didn’t fit inside a tight sweater….does he really want his daughter to go down that road also? children are not meal tickets, larry! you said you had a lucrative career before you met anna…so hop to it. no need to keep using your daughter to make $.

  • She´s so beautiful!!!

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!!!

  • Janie

    She is adorable but Larry is definitely pimping her out!

  • Ida

    Omg, she looks like a doll. lol

  • shea

    what happened to her tooth???? He should have had that fixed before the photo shoot. I think she looks A LOT like Larry Birkhead. I see Anna too of course, but more Larry in her.

  • Kalilah

    Wow. I think she’s one of the prettiest babies in the world. :o

    Ok well not really, I’m sure they’re some as or even cuter. But seriously, she looks so much like her mom….

  • leighton meester fan

    Aww she is so adorable

  • Solène

    She’s the spitting image of her father!

  • Madison r.

    So Cute.. but, weird that when she was One years old she had brown hair. And now she has all these blond highlights. Please tell me that Larry did not highlight this 2 year olds hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • African Girl

    Oh my Goodness! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I wanna squeeze her adorable cheeks! She looks so angelic and happy! Good for her!

  • Jan

    I personally think that she looks more like her dad. She is a cutie pie!

  • African Girl

    # 12 a @ 09/10/2008 at 1:34 am she is cute but poses like her mom? ugh!

    Poses like her mom??? She is 2 YEARS OLD for goodness sakes, what’s the matter with you?

  • African Girl

    Now people are complaing about fixing her teeth? Has the world gone insane or have people started drinking stupidity with their morning cups of coffee?

    Stop worrying about a 2 yrs old fixing her barely there baby teeth and think about fixing your was never there brains.

  • b.


  • Anna

    She looks like Anna Klumski(sp). The girl who played Jamie Lee Curtis’s stepdaughter in “My Girl.

  • loving Dannielynn

    movie fan

    STFU you POS.

    Larry is a great Dad and Dannielynn looks very happy. She’s beautiful.

    movie fan….go pound sand dumbass

  • bev

    Madison r
    Another bright one..
    you are not.

    I was born with black hair and in kindergarten had blonde hair…it happens loser.

  • Alex

    I was born with dark hair too and then when I was two I had really blond hair almost white and people ask to my mother if she highlight my hair haha people are so silly

  • http://GPOst Team Lara Croft