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Ellen and Portia's Wedding Day Video

Ellen and Portia's Wedding Day Video

Check out the sweet wedding video of newly married couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi to the tune of Joshua Radin‘s “Today”.

The wedding was a small, intimate affair but you will feel like you were a part of it after watching this touching montage!

The couple was married in front of 19 guests at their home in Beverly Hills, California, on Saturday, August 16. Wow, it’s almost been one month already!

Ellen and Portia’s Wedding Day Video
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  • gina

    I am so happy for these two. Ellen and Portia are a beautiful couple.

  • llala

    ugh. just kidding =]
    Good luck!! Ellen your show rocks.


  • ouch

    I like Ellen and her show.

  • Janet


  • ME

    How nice!

  • loLA

  • Louisa

    They’re such a lovely couple! I wish them a blissful marriage ahead!

  • Caroline

    Do you know who sings this song and song name ? Beautiful, congratulations !!

  • Becky

    When Portia comes out and Ellen says, “Oh my god,” you can just feel the love between the two. I wish them all the best!

  • Olivia

    That was a beautiful wedding. I’m so happy for them. They deserve to be officially married. I think that the law California passed was a long time coming but for their sake at least they were finally able to wed. I wish them good luck and love for years to come.

  • mina

    Wow i love weddings, you can really see that they love each other :)

  • cullenlove

    portia looked sooooo beautiful!

  • x

    so sweet…really lovely. I hope they last. Portia looks gorgeous!

  • me myself

    sweet. :-)

  • ME

    beautiful….both of them !!!

  • Fatal_error


  • kk

    I’m a straight female, and regardless of what you think, love is love. That was beautiful, and touching. They have found something that a lot of us wish we had, straight or otherwise. I pray I find a man that will look at me the way Ellen looked at her wife. We should all be so lucky

  • Deneb

    who sings this song?

  • Deneb

    oh i found it! Joshua Radin – Today

  • lovelovelove

    joshua radin – today

  • mikw

    love them!!! <3

  • marie


  • Kealyn

    I totally agree with Becky. When Portia comes out and Ellen says: Oh my god.. You can feel the love. It brought tears into my eyes. I wish them all the love in the world and I hope they stay always together.

    Love u Ellen and Portia!

  • palvasha

    hmmmmm, i dnt know wt to say but two fannies and two pairs of tits (literally) cant be but in comparison to a real marrige and the real love between a man and a woman. the whole vid looks disturbing and would they both look nice with two handsome men dressed in sexy suits and ellen dressed in a gown like portia (like a woman not trying to be a man). i swear im not a hater and im open to challenges of modern world but some things should not be changed and one of them is marrige.

    ps. ellen and portia u can have ur wedding but pls dont adopt kids and bring them up without a father. pls

  • pauline

    So beautiful !!!!!

  • me…

    awwwwwww they are so cute together, watching this vidio just maked you smile. Haters should get a life. Cant you see they are happy together. People shouldnt judge them. It is their desishion to be lesbians and that shouldnot bother any body.

  • lurkenstein

    lovely, really. but Portia needs to eat. the skeletal look isn’t becoming at her age.
    otherwise, they seem blissful and the families are all in acceptance which makes it easier.

  • angell cakes

    i think they both looked really beautiful and they seem soo happy to be together, im soo happy for them. that wedding looked fabulous! the table with the flower bouquets!!

    to palvasha: kids can grow up without a father or a mother just fine. if they want kids then let them have them. wouldnt u want a kid to have a family, whether its two fathers or two mothers, then to be alone??

    i know u mean well,that god wanted the world to be man and woman together, but its their decision. and about love being more real between a man and women, a real marriage, who bloody cares what gender they are?!!? that has nothing to do with it, they can love just as deeply as anyone else.

    now im a straight girl, but come on ppl, leave them alone, let them be happy.

  • http://justjared dcr

    it really was beautiful. i do not get that emotional but how could u not. my parents were married 53 years before my father passed away, and he looked at my mom the same way till the day he died. God bless you both

  • Cab

    that was a very beautiful

  • FAye88

    Very nice post angell cakes. I totally agree. Thanks Jared for posting the video. It was beautiful, touching, and intimate. I too found myself tearing up watching it. Simply lovely. Very best wishes to Ellen & Portia.

  • angell cakes

    does anyone know whos singing, its such a lovely song!

  • Mara

    As a heterosexual female, I agree there is no question about the deep love and respect Ellen and Portia share. This video is special and they are a perfect reflection of one another, i.e. true soul mates or (possibly) twin souls. As a couple they exude dignity and joy!

    Someday we won’t have labels of being heterosexual, gay, or lesbian but simply known by our individual choice for partnering.

    Congratulations to all those, especially, in California who have been able to realize their dream of a legal union.

  • Julia

    great, brave women, wish you luck!

  • Good victoria

    NICELY SAID ANGELL, AND MARA……… I also got goose bumps on hearing Ellen’s first reaction to Portia walking out towards her……You can look at ALL of their pictures and see how much those two love each other !!!! Especially those when they were in Itlay…( I do video )…..just looking at Ellen’s face while SHE was looking at Portia’s at the table, says it all….People should be so lucky to find that kind of relationship whether it be man and woman, OR woman and woman OR man to man………Let’s get over these prejuduces and move on……So many other serious problems in this world to worry and gripe over………..ELLEN AND PORTIA ARE NOT ONE OF THEM !!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO A STUNNING AND BEAUTIFUL COUPLE….ELLEN IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY FAVORITE ” EVERYTHING”..( COMEDIAN, ACTRESS, ETC.)…SHE DESERVES THE BEST…I HOPE TO MEET HER AND PORTIA ONE DAY…..THAT WOULD BE A MIRACLE IN ITSELF!!!!! BUT A DREAM COME TRUE TO ME….

  • OMG!

    This video is so cute!
    I wish them all the happiness in the world!

    WHen they see each other for the first time, Portia says “u are beatiful” but Ellen just says: OMG, OMG! She was speechless… and the woman usually talks.. a lot! ;)

    It’s all about LOVE!

  • Janeway

    Congratulations to Ellen and Portia. Maybe someday all gay and lesbian people will be free to marry like you did. We can’t help who we fall in love with-someday people will realize that is how it is meant to be. Marriage means a commitment to make a family, isn’t that what holds our society together ?-not the gender of the people forming the family. I wish them many happy years together. They are obviously very much in love and very blessed to have such a supportive family. As a straight married person I know the joy of sharing my life with the one I love and making that committment, now they will too.

  • Melissa

    I love Ellen! I’m so happy for the both of them. They look so happy together =) I wish them the best of luck

  • karine

    waw, they are beautiful and we can feel the love everywhere. Good luck !!!

  • deb

    That was a beautiful video. I wish these two the very best in everything

  • Rachel

    sweeeet :D

  • Belle

    #24 – I think its really nice that you give them permission to have a wedding. Im sure it means a lot to them!

    PLEEEEASEEEEE! *rolls eyes at #24* Im a straight women raising my child without a father. Shame on me.

    I wish Ellen and Portia the best of luck – it looked like such a beautiful wedding – they are both very lucky to have found each other. Not everyone is so lucky. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ellen and portia!

  • palvasha

    belle, u have a point abt u being a single parent but i think ur situation is different to theirs, ur child had no choice but to be without a father but i hate rich celebs who with their money influence other women to have children for them like Ricky martin did and therefore give the child no choice bt to be raised with gay parents and without a father. im not chatting shit i have actually studies for my degree in children law, many cases where the child is foced into living a lifestyle based on other peoples values. this is even worse when the child is brought from another country where the child is also denied his/her right to their culture and religious rights.

  • irene

    That seems real love. Beautiful video.

  • Mary

    I’m so happy for them!

  • lolo

    palvasha, every child is forced into living a lifestyle chosen by it’s parent/s. as a baby, i certainly know i didn’t make any decisions about where i want to live, or whom i wanted to live with… certainly i don’t think i knew my family had a certain “lifestyle,” it was just “life.”

    there would be far worse parents than ellen and portia, should they choose to have children. their relationship looks strong, they are committed, and they have the resources to give a child every opportunity in life.

    and i wonder if “children from another country” (by this do you mean a developing country?), if they had the choice, would prefer to live in an orphanage or on the streets, or die from preventable diseases like typhoid or malaria, get sold into prostitution, provide for their younger siblings after their parents die of AIDS by combing rubbish dumps for saleable scraps… or if they would think that might rather let go of their culture and religion, but be able to grow and thrive, and *eat,* even if it meant growing up with two mothers or two fathers.


  • ilny

    you know palvasha i grew up without a father and not because anyone’s choice it just happened, nevertheless the love i got form my mom was just nourishing enough for me to feel blessed and thankful everyday of my life, If a Child is able of getting twice that love he or she will be forever blessed. By the way I’m a getting my medical license next year so… take that.

    PS. i really hope they get a baby

  • newport beach, 92660

    You are both going to have a nice and happy life together !

  • angell cakes

    palvasha, we dont mean to bring u down, were just saying that, if their are people who can love a child, or children, and can give them all that they can, isn’t that what counts? like lolo and ilny said, every single kid is ‘forced’ into a certain ‘lifestyle’, babies and small children dont usually get that right to decide that. im sure they’d be happy with anyone who could love them, and comfort them, and feed them, and cherish them

  • eddie jones

    hopefully in the fall the good citizens of california will have their rights put back into place when they are able to get rid of this nonsense once and for all.

    California, where what the voter wants, the voter doesn’t get.