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The Jonas Brothers are British Boys

The Jonas Brothers are British Boys

The Jonas Brothers and costar Demi Lovato (in Balmain) walk the purple carpet at the European TV premiere of their new movie, Camp Rock, held at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England on Wendesday.

Camp Rock premieres on Disney Channel UK and BBC One (Terrestrial Premiere) next Friday on September 19, 2008

Joe, Nick and Kevin and costar Demi Lovato are all expected to appear in the sequel to Camp Rock. And according to Hollywood Reporter, the Bonus Jonas Frankie (their youngest brother) is also sent to make an appearance.

You can also check out an exclusive performance of the Jonas Brothers performing “BB Good” for The Ellen DeGeneres Show here.

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Photos: WENN
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  • Zanessaever

    1st comment wohoo
    i love them all..
    JOnas brothers and Demi rocks

  • thanh.

    wtf is demi wearign haha?

    oh they always look so goooooooood!!!

  • tracy


  • Jess

    JB are in the same country as me for once yay!
    they all look amazing as usual <3

  • tracy

    i love demi’s dress!

  • gabriela

    so gorgeous *—————————–*

  • molort

    Nick jonas has been in a really good mood lately.

    I wonder why?

  • ryanne;Brasil

    they are perfect!
    õ/ ;*

  • gypsygirl


  • Veronica

    Love the way Demi and Nick are have fun just laughing.

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is gorgeous

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is gorgeous

  • Emma

    alyson looks gorgeous here.

    i’m not too sure on what demi is wearing…

    but the jo bros look AMAZING!


  • http://none judy

    joe and nick very hott
    i love them

  • anna

    They are such gentleman! The way they dress and act and all!! sooo sweeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are sod ear to me! and their music is just such an addded bonus. They are so talented.

  • http://justjared shamilah


  • clem

    woahh that was odd
    i love all of these boys but joe is the one who i like love love
    but when i saw nick in these pics i actually said “woah” out loud
    he looks amazing! i think i still love joe best though… :S
    and kevin is gorgeous too =)

  • Joenickkevinjonas

    omgoshsshhhhhh they are in the same country as meee!!!!
    I wanna see
    Demi and Nick look like they are having funn..!!
    They all look super sexxxxxaaaiii!!!
    Demi’s outfit is a bit iffy..:P

  • nicole

    nick is like, rediculously hotttttttt. <3

  • tia

    ew lol demi dress is fug. it looks like a sparkly garbage bag

  • angela

    They look amzing :)

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Joe looks hot….Demi looks pretty….They all look great!
    LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    Judy(#14)way to leave out Kevin like that. That was rude

  • michelle

    omg! i wish they came 2 ireland! x

  • anthony

    a sequel to that horrible HSM knockoff, lmao jb cannot act and hardly can sing if they weren’t good looking they’d be nothing but a little brother band.

  • ana

    Nick look so Hot!!

  • Amber j

    I love them all so much!!!!
    sighhhh nick is sooooo freakin adorable and joe is hottttt
    And Demi looks so pretty (as usual)

  • :]

    okay people quit leaving out kevin, it wouldnt be the jonas brothers without him . do u only like them for thier looks?

    they are pretty hott i dont blmae u lol:]:] but still haha

    they cant get anymore amazing:]
    from the way they act sing and dress goshh i love them<33

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    ok i love demi to death but what the hell is she wearing? nick looks hot in that suit. kevin looks alright. but joe looks like he should go join the cast of the office in that outfit. alyson looks fabulous! as always! and wow nick and demi look like they’re having a fun time! lol

  • Jonas Brothers

    I love the Jonas Brothers they are the best band in the world.

  • Amber j

    I wonder what nick and dem are laughin about haha

  • hmm

    Demi and Nick seem to have so much chemistry. I wish they would date. Selena seems to boring for Nick…and ick and Demi look better together, to be completely honest.

  • elizabeth

    ahhh kevin is so adorable!!! joe is so hot! and nick is too cute!! AH! i love them all!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    ok hmm is tottally right! look at her comment!

  • LAuren

    I WENT! Got Joe’s, Kevin’s & Nick’s autographs & pics with them, and also Demi’s – wow she looked stunning. So skinny in real life though! She was lovely

  • lauren

    you know, i always thought and still think Joe is the hottest, but i’m starting to think Nick is getting pretty good too…

    it doesn’t matter though, love their music and love them no matter what.


  • Anna

    alyson looks pretty ;]
    WTF? is demi wearing?
    & joeeeeee issss HOTTTTT!

  • michelle

    they look HOT:)
    allyson looks pretty
    and im a fan of demi but..hmm
    wtf is she wearing she looks wierd..idk
    but shes still gorgeous:))))))

  • michelle

    they look HOT:)
    allyson looks pretty
    and im a fan of demi but..hmm
    wtf is she wearing she looks wierd..idk
    but shes still gorgeous:))))))

  • victoria

    Oh my good Nicholas i love you so much =)

  • newport beach, 92660

    Demi , what are you wearing?? Oh yeaah.. TRASH! just like you do everyday biitch-face.

  • http://none ALWAYS RIGHT

    once again. the look bad. I think joe should go back to the hair cut he had when he was on hannah montana and so should nick but i see he cut it again to the ugly shortness something tells me someone is forcing him to do this. Im over JB they totally changed. i mean seriously the seniors and sophmore/juniors (w/e grade nick is in) dress and look a lot younger then JB. JB dresses way too old for their age. And all you obsessers. Why would you want to marry them when you can ahve a real person who is right in front of you who by the way is much better looking and easier to get.

  • demi&jb lover

    newport beach, 92660 @ 09/10/2008 at 9:09 pm Demi , what are you wearing?? Oh yeaah.. TRASH! just like you do everyday biitch-face.

    oh shut up you hater
    “bitch-face” seriously if your gonna talk trash just like you said demi was you need to do it right and get your facts straight shes nothing even close to trash but your shit talking is

  • NEmi!

    OMJ!hmm&!!!!!!! are sooo right!i agree!xD

  • andrea

    demi looks so ugly .
    hate her foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    love the jobros

  • mz Sass

    #32 I agree. Demi and Nick look great together. Maybe the Selena thing is for publicity to help her career.
    On another website someone said that Nick said in a magazine he thought Demi was cute and that there’s a video of him staring at her on youtube or something like that.


    okay guys so I was thinking if we all left comments on JBs youtube and myspace about a live chat on the same day they would be bound to see it.. (because they get soo many comments a day they don’t always see the important ones.. )

    but if we get A TON of people to do it they will have to see it and do a live chat!!!!!!!!

    so who wants to do a Jonas Brothers LIVE CHAT MOVEMENT LOL.. I say we post friday and saturday.. all day.. get everyone you know to do it just make sure all of your comments say something about a live chat!!!

    PASS IT ON!!!

  • rawya

    omg they look amazing but I don’t like demi”s dress her shoes are nice though …my boyz look gd btw alyson looks gd 2

  • frankiejonaslover

    The Jonas Brothers are so awesome and so cute!! They are 100% muy muy bein (very very good) to listen to and look up to!!

  • frankiejonaslover

    The Jonas Brothers are so awesome and so cute!! They are 100% muy muy bein (very very good) to listen to and look up to!!