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Jude Law is Dunhill Dapper

Jude Law is Dunhill Dapper

Jude Law is spotted out and about after leaving ex-wife Sadie Frost‘s house in London on Wednesday.

The last two days, the 36-year-old English actor was seen filming a commercial for London-based fashion house, Dunhill.

Jude participated in the fashion shoot on the famous sand dunes of Ainsdale beach, near Southport. Check out the picture at

Mr. Law has also been seen with a mystery brunette recently.

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Who cares

    He is balding really bad.
    He is still a great looking guy.

  • lauren

    he IS balding, BUT i find him dead sexy

  • Good victoria

    Still a hot guy, but that is about all…. I don’t care that much for him anymore.

  • Peace

    Man he looks bad for 36! I’m 34 and look like I’m still in college.

  • Pole

    Mmmm… I think he looks great. A bit tired perhaps but apparently it did get late the night before.. Thanks Jared :-D

  • sheryl

    God, if I happened to encounter him on the sidewalk, I’d grab him, drag him off into the underbrush, and do stuff to him. Then I’d let him go…promise…

  • shea

    I think he looks really good in some of the photos…the others are just catching him in between blinks and are not flattering. He is still very good looking IMO.

  • Brenda

    Love him!

  • luisaonline


  • nikki

    Love Jude no matter what. He is still sexy to me
    anyway he just got back from Afghanistan go get some rest
    baby. I will read you a bedtime story.

  • dee

    Jude walking down street and keeping it real, while remaining sexy doing so.

  • dee

    Jude walking down street and keeping it real, while remaining sexy doing so.

    If this is the second time I posted this I just had to say it twice

  • Daphne

    I love love him. He is beautiful inside and out.

  • Jude Law

    Jude Law looks really hot, I love him so much.

  • blackworm

    Very sexy!

  • Yily

    I feel bad for the guy. He has such amazing hair and to see him lose it everyday is very painful. I really hope he will not be bald in the next few years.

  • Sandy

    Yeah he really did have gorgeous hair and now it’s the way it is and the way he wants it for HIS head. Remember it’s his head, we are
    only privileged to look at it and it looks wonderful. Other guys start
    gretting wrinkly and developing skin problems and lose the sharp
    clean lines of their facial contours. Jude looks better each year THe
    raw material is wonderful and he is still the sexiest man around no
    matter who they give the dumb awards too. Ask any woman (and some men too). Jude you inspire me to do so many things good and bad….Oh boy,,k That’s enough for tonight it’s late and that conjures up lots of things….

    Againj thanks Jared. He ws at Sadie’s today because it’s Rudy’s
    birthday – the big 6. THe kids are growing fast and beautiful too. The
    story of Jude’s proessionalism in the face of bad weather is so typical
    of him. THose who have worked with him all say the same thing – he
    doesn’t complain and doesn’t get upset and understandfs he is there
    to get a job done. No tantrums, no “I’m a big star, I don’t do this” he does what he kinows needs to be done and comes out looking perfect. What more could anyone ask for!.

  • Sandra T

    For me, Jude Law is by far the sexiest man alive. With or without hair.

    I wonder why he doesn’t go for more beautiful women. The brunette pictured with him does not suit him. Seems his taste in women do not match his sexinest and beauty. I know she probably has a nice personality.

    I’ve been watching movies all my life. There’s is only 3 males actors that have ever captured my attention for a lengthy time.

    No.1: Elvis Presley. I was about 10-12 years old. Eventhough, he was not a very good actor. I could watch him forever, he was so beautiful. I still watch some of his old shows and movies (when he was young and thin), and he still gives me goosebumps.

    No. 2: Clint Eastwood, in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. As a teenager, I would dream about him.

    From my teenage years (1979) to 2000. There wasn’t 1 actor that did it for me. Yes, many were handsome and good actors, but soon forgotten. There was something missing. No goosebumps. Until…

    No. 3: Jude Law: The Talented Mr. Ripley

    I rented that movie based on the fact that it was a psychological thriller and mystery. My type of movie. I knew of Matt Damon, and Gwyneth Palthrow, but didn’t have a clue about Jude Law. I remember the first scene I saw him in, on the beach. Goosebumps… galore.

    It is rare to be so beautifull, sexy, great actor and downright intelligent when he speaks, all in one package.

    I just wish he would do more movies.

    Love you Jude

    Sandra (Montreal, Canada)

  • purpleworm

    Holy Crap, would you just look at that NECK?? raaaaaaahhhrrrrr!!

    …..and then that sad/frustrated expression on his face. not raaahr. just tryin’ to take a walk, people. nothin’ to see here.

  • purpleworm

    Holy Crap, would you just look at that NECK? Raaaaaaahhr!

    ….and then that sad/frustrated expression on his face. not raaahr. Just tryin’ to take a walk, people. nothin’ to see here.

  • sharyllee

    very handsome!!

  • b

    yuck———————–fug hairline

  • rien

    As I moved my body under
    the watery sky
    I saw you walking the roads
    Are the line on your define
    And I was wandering in my thoughts

    Were you thinking about the faces
    You saw in a place
    Called Afganisthan
    Had you been hearing the laughter
    Of your own children
    As you saw their tears running down
    the pain that can not be washed away
    and wished the laughter could be also
    possessed by the children of war?

    Or was it only flashes of lights
    From those who lie
    Draw the line deeper?

    As I moved my body under
    The watery sky
    My thought was running
    To reach the smile
    That was there
    A long time, a long while

    And as desire was your company
    I could not longer hold what was in me
    I left my watery sky
    And celebrated the day of recovery!

    Thank you Jude, for breaking my writer block.
    Now you know why I love you so dearly.
    Without you, what shall I be?

  • elle

    Thanks Jared!

  • Rorschach

    Ciao Jude

  • Anna

    He’s starting to look like Phil Collins.

  • ****

    I hate it when ‘pretty’ gets old.

    @Anna: Yeah, I was just thinking that. As he passes strangers on the street they’ll all exclaim, “I can smell it in the air tonight, oh yeah”. Obviously referring to the stench of sweat and cheap liquor he seems to exude.

  • dulce mirita

    Balding or not balding, ageaing or not, if a man like this pass nearby you, your will turn your neck as the one from the exorcist’s girl to see him walking.

    I’m with you, Sandra: ” It is rare to be so beautifull, sexy, great actor and downright intelligent man, all in one package”.

  • dulce mirita

    If a man like Jude, pass nearby you, you’d turn your head like the one of the exorcist’s girl (360º) to see him walking…

    I’m with you Sanda, he’s a rarity of one.. a real man, with a vivid intelligence and a common sense wich is rare to find in such a tricky celebrity world..but as he said: ” I have no interest in celebrity whatsoever. If anything, I always cringe at it because it takes away from what I am, which is an actor who wants to be better and do better things”.
    Jude, I love you, respect you and admire you more and more every day

  • Natalie smith

    ..he is still good looking but the thinning hair spoil the image quite a bit…

    I mean is it too hard to make a hair transplant…before long he will be needing it real bad ….. he is not one of those -very few- men who look good even bald

  • Jennifer

    his hair line looks so weird! not that it’s his fault, but still… but nothing can beat that beautiful face!

  • SUKI


  • dulce mirita

    If Jude passed nearby you, heads would be turned in a 360º angle to see him walking..he’s perfection and I agree totally with Sandra, his inner beauty and intelligence makes him more sexy if possible…

  • I love Jude


  • sheryl

    The “mystery brunette” referred to in the link is obviously not with Jude…looks more like she’s with the big guy…trash media again trying to make something out of nothing. Even if he was with her, how does a being single guy dating make him a “playboy”? Wow, it’s really obvious how the British trash media hate him when they take dubious potshots like that.

  • Sandra T

    Dulce: I know if I passed him on the street, I would just smile at him. It would be impossible for me not to smile at him, he has that contagious happy smile. Would he smile back at me???? Hmmm, who knows. Anyway, it won’t happen here in Montreal. Just dreaming

  • Sandra T

    Sheryl: Ah, that makes sense. Why do they do this to him??? Envy, jealousy? The guy is single and sowing his wild oats he should have sown in his 20s, I say keep going Jude.

    He will one day settle down when he finds the one. It is not easy to find true Love. It’s probably even more difficult for Jude, because of his beauty and status. I’m sure lots of women would want him for the wrong reasons… and he knows that.

    I believe she will have to be quite his equal intellectually, seems to me just physical beauty might not be enough to keep Jude for long.

    Just my opinion


  • Sara

    once a jude fan, always a jude fan. ♥

  • Sara

    Sandra T # 36 :
    lovely comments and a very intelligent perception, if you allow me to say, of course. i’m always trying and trying to find the right words to put here when you already mentioned .. thank you, sweet. :)

  • Sandy

    Sandra (my namesake, Sandy is my nickname) we even think alike totally but I think this time even if he dos fall for the physical first he will\ wait to see if there is enough behind the facade to make them want to join their souls together as well as their bodies. For that’s what true love is ,the further joining of two souls who become as one. It ‘s a state of bliss and I fervently wish that he finds it in the not too distant future anf spends the rest of his life in the bliss it engenders because that is what he is looking for. OF course all the mundane but important things like truly caring for his children and being a real helpmeet and deciding whose career is the most important and remaining true to the ideals set up beforehand as the essetntial strengths of their marriage. And then that awful lonelines is gone and you come to know true happiness.

    Whenever you see that unhappy look you know he’s come upon the
    paparazzi. To have to live your life running from these creeps is
    really horrible.

    But he is indeed a rarity of one and if you want to see Jude looking
    bald but beautiful , watch the earliest Charlie Rose interview, the
    first one and the only person he interviewed that night was Jude. This
    beautiful man who spoke so eloquently and was so charming and
    intelligent obviously mesmerized him as he mesmerized so so many
    Jude doesn’t want to play the usual Hollywood game he is not in
    it for the money itself, he was recenly quoted as sayig he only needs
    a little bit for the incidentals and money to send his children to good
    schools and for the rest I think he is interested in variety, content and
    the challenge of new and interesting roles and always the theatre, his
    first love. See you in HAMLET Jude!


    jude law fans are very loyal and protective of jude……his hairline is of no significance……if you love someone and they had an accident that altered their looks a wee bit would you stop loving them….then you really didn’t care…..we go beyond his physical beauty. this is a brilliant man. we see his responses in interviews, we read his comments and opinions and get to know him a little better with each video….if jude ages a little more than most hollywood hunks. he has his reasons…he’s not involved only in a career…that’s second in his life, please understand that jude’s main concern is for his three young children. truly an everyday father, not a sometime dad. he’s involved with three young children and their problems. acting is his second priority.he has the responsibilty of caring for them and nurturing them on an every day basis. which he shares with their mother. ….trust me this could put a wrinkle on anyone’s brow or put some gray in his hair….he doesn’t live the tabloid life and he tries in films and real life to play against his looks as much as he can….so while we swoon over his beauty we respect him as a human being even more.

  • Sandra T

    Thanks Sara – When I see Jude, for some reason, words just flow.

    Sandy: I agree with you. Physical beauty is what usually attracts us (mortals) at first.. but eventually substance will need to be real (if you are true to yourself).

    For me true Love is letting go of the EGO, and embracing your SOUL.

    Soulmaking, Yeah…

    Here’s wishing Jude finds it when he’s ready.

    Got to go

    Was nice talking to you all

    See you later

    PS: I’m thinking of maybe going to London for vacation next summer and catching Jude’s Hamlet. Will probably be my only chance to ever see him in the flesh… We’ll see


    sandra t,
    i already have tickets and am really anticpating this….jude in tights….blonde. oh boy ,oh boy….that will be a sight for sore eyes.

  • mery

    Ciao, Jude?
    Hello, Jude!!!

    Jude is more than a beautiful man, much more.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • evie

    Jude is gorgeous don’t care what his hairline is like. He is sexy and intelligent. Have seen him in the flesh in London Groucho club, he is divine!!!!

  • Allegra

    Evie; lucky you! I wish I could see him in person too – just once :-D

  • Sandy

    ONe of the reasons I’m going to London to see him in the flesh on
    stage and off ,I hope. (my dream come true) THose tickets are resting
    comfortably in a secret place and awaiting the eay they join my passport ad we fly to London (mhy favorite international city) to ee myh
    favorite man. I feel like a bowl of jelly just melting away already, I envy
    you Edie and I hope I can say the sake thing next year.

  • Sandra T

    Evie: You are lucky indeed

    Tell me something, if you will. Is the Groucho Club a top notch club in London where Celebrities hang out?

    Is it for members only?

    When seeing Jude there, is he accessible? Does he interact with (non-celebrities), or he’s surrounded by an entourage and sticks to his crowd only?

    I’m asking cause if I were to go to London next year, it might be a nice place for a night out.

    I’m from Canada. The only place I visited is the US, Paris, Lyon, and Joburg, South Africa.

    How is London for tourists?



  • Sandy

    i can’t answer the questions about the Groucho club as when we were
    ]going to London every year or so on business I dont remember it but
    we didn’t go to clubs to mucfh we did find the good restaurants and spent every night at the theatre. To me London was the best and we
    saw a great deal of it with loal friends and relatives. I didn’t know that
    some fifteen years later I would be interested in Jude or want to knoiw
    about clubs but I knwe the better stores intimately and we never railed
    to enjoy London no matter what the weather was. we srayed in a neighborhood right near Maida Vale, Swiss Cottage.


    groucho is a private club.
    evie, please tell us about your experience seeing jude. we eat these stories up…..