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Kate Walsh's Private Practice at the Promenade

Kate Walsh's Private Practice at the Promenade

Kate Walsh continues filming Private Practice on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica on Tuesday.

The 40-year-old actress recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary to Alex Young on September 1st.

Last week, Kate promoted the release party for the Private Practice: The Complete First Season DVD in Hollywood. The DVD set including all 9 original episodes, exclusive bonus features, and is scheduled for release September 16, 2008.

Private Practice premieres this season on October 1st, 9/8c.

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • angel


  • Amanda

    Thanks JJ!

    Lovin the new shorter hair, looks fantastic.

  • Jessie

    the new hairdo is sleeker and more sophisticated.

  • Sarah H


  • virgo

    I love her new hair!
    Its a great change!

  • LanieCroft

    Finally some new Kate pics. Thanks Jared.

    HAve to say, I liked her long hair much better, this new do doesn’t really works for me. Anyway it’s good to see new pics of her.

  • S.

    Thanks JJ.

    Once I got used to it, I have to admit the new do looks great, and adds “gravitas” to Addison.

    On a different set of photos you can see they are shooting episode 9.

    Is Amy wearing the same boots she was wearing at the DVD launch party?

  • Nataša

    Thanks JJ.

    I think she looks cute, but I will miss the Red Mane of Hotness.

  • Nataša

    #7 S.
    Yes, Amy wearing the same boots.
    She came to the DVD launch party right after work, so she thanked the wardrobe department for her outfit.

  • Tess

    i think kate is gorgeous

  • Jen

    Fabulous photos. Her new haircut is very sleek & sophisticated, even if I miss the length. Wonder if it will be referred to in the PrP timeline, or indeed, if it was because of a storyline, or filming her new Caddy ad ??

    Anyhow, I like it & I love the outfit Addie’s wearing. She always has the best wardrobe. Can’t wait for the DVD release & all the extras – a Kate-docu :)

    Thanks Jared

  • katie

    I like seeing all 3 actresses out & about on location. ADORE Kate’s new bob. Tres chic. Audra looks pretty as well.

  • ugh

    UGH! Walsh is always ugly. Is she a man?
    Amy is sweet!

  • Suz

    She is adorable. And I like the hair – it looks redder too !!

    Kate is also on the cover of TV Guide looking gorgeous.

  • jamie

    Ok, after shedding some tears, Im trying to get over the cutting of the hair. I like it I really do. She is gorgeous and still has the best hair ever!

    Thanks JJ.

  • Sam-On-Hol

    A classy cut for a classy lady.

  • a

    she is fabulous!!!

  • Sid

    She is stunning. I love the new cut. I adore her.

  • Karla

    I really love Kate’s new hair cut, the colour is gorgeous too!
    So great to see pics of them out filming. Can’t wait for Season 2 of Private Practice.
    Thanks for posting.

  • Karen

    I hate the haircut. At least it’ll grow. Do you suppose Kate has to consult with Shonda before she does anything to her hair?

  • tina

    I love the new haircut. I’ll miss her long hair, but hey, there are always extensions.

  • Amy

    What the hell???? UGH!

    Kate looks OLD! She used to look her age, now she looks like she’s 55! She’s even dressed like an old lady! Whoever decided to cut her hair and dress her up in those awful clothes should be fired.

  • Karen

    #22–I agree about the clothes too. The jean skirt is comfortable but far from chic, and that blouse . . . Kate on her worst day is still better than most people on their best, but still, why would she want to go and mess with what was working?

  • Julie

    Karen – the clothes are not Kate’s, but her characters. So you have to blame wardrobe for that. I don’t think they’re that bad. Not keen on the blouse, but that pussy-bow loose neckline thing is very ‘in’ now.

    The hair is growing on me. It will take some getting used to & I expect some maintenance given it has to hang just right, but it’s still long enough to be pulled back & put up.

    Looking forward to seeing what Kate wears to the Emmys given she’s presenting.

  • Alex

    Kate’s got very skinny long legs ! I like the hair, very sophisticated & Addie-surgeon like.

    I love the silver handbag she’s carrying. Anyone know the designer ?

  • Marie

    #20 and #22

    I did not know that Kate should have to consult and ask your permission before she cuts her hair. What does she also need to ask your permission before she goes to the bathroom?

    The clothes are not Kate’s. Can you not read? It says she is on set filming Private Practice. She is on set and in her characters clothes. Not hers. That is the wardrobe departments.

    Kate always looks stunning and gorgeous. Thank you Jared.

  • GA/PPfan

    She looks like she has lost alot of weight. The clothes are to big for her. I love her hair though!!!! Luv her!!!

    Excited for PP and GA!!!!

  • Nathan

    She looks so old! And as always she still looks like a man with her jaw!

  • Gy!

    Holly Hotness! She looks awesome!
    I love love the hair cut and the color! Looking HOT!

  • Classy!!

    One word….. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • lindsey

    I love love love the hair! FABULOUS!!!!!

    I can’t wait to see her presenting at the Emmys again!!

  • danielle

    I took a pic of Kate Walsh to my hair stylist . She said she gets alot of people coming in to get her hair cut or color.

    She has flawless skin and beautiful hair. A real beauty.

  • S.

    We all know why there is a sudden sputter of rabid idiots, some of which, if not all are Ugh, using different nicks, after such peaceful times.

    Nobody cares about you’re favorite or pics up her pictures, right? ABC didn’t chose her to be the poster girl for the network’s leading ladies, in the TV Guide cover, right?

    Or is it because in a Variety article they say that ABC’s priorities for next Season are the returning Wednesdays shows, and Sunday’s Desperate Housewives, now the darling, and sure bet of ABC for top show next season?

  • Brainysmurf

    They all look really pretty. I love Kate’s hair. It is very elegant and smart looking. I cannot wait for the new season of Private Practice.

    Great post S!

  • Good victoria

    NUMBER # 13……… You have GOT to be kidding me !!!! Kate a ” man “?……..She is beautiful…mabe you are just a little jealous there….I love her hair…

  • Jess

    Like her short hair, still will miss the old one.
    And she is so beautiful! :D
    Thanks for the pics, JJ! We need more!

  • Ashley

    don’t love the hair cut. i love violet.

  • Ashley

    don’t love the hair cut. i love violet.

  • kaykay

    when i look really fast…she looks like miranda from satc.
    not good.
    kate what are you doing!!


    she looks so great!! I love her new hair cut, she’s soo hot!!

  • Matt

    Kate always looks great. Wonderful woman. Funny, smart & beautiful. One of the few actresses with the whole package & a personality beyond the show.

  • Tash

    Hair colour is looking awesome, but the length…Gah
    I liked it much better longer!
    Still, thanks for the Walshahol JJ

  • Anas Jonas

    Why is that man wearing heels and a red wig. I…don’t understand.

  • The Fly

    I especially like the pics with the three women walking : they look very classy !

  • Ayo

    Actually it’s you who should learn to read, because both posters you referred to were talking about consulting Shonda and firing wardrobe people for choosing those clothes for Addison. So maybe you can’t read?

    If all people bashing Kate (which is totally rude by the way) are just one person posting with different names, may I assume that all those who praise her are also one person with just diffferent nicknames?

  • S.

    So Ayo you are not to be mixed with ugh and her aliases. You, are articulate and can spell. I get it.

    Most of the Kate fans here know each other from other forums, we can tell who we are, and JJ can tell. That is what counts, and why we get the photos. See?

  • addilover

    kate pics!!!! thanks!! i love her hair cut. dont get the fuss its just hair!!!
    i love kate always!!!

  • jamie

    I think the hair cut (which i love btw) was Shonda’s doing not Kate. In the middle of filming the cast must ask permission before doing anything drastic with their hair. I dont think Shonda would allow her to cut it in the middle of filming. So, I think it has something to do with the Addison storyline. Us Addison fans know she dyed her hair blonde when Derek left. So it may have something to do with her storyline.

    Ayo, I agree the wardrobe department needs to be fired. It doesn’t even fit her correctly. The shirt is swallowing her.

  • debbie

    Kate looks good. I actually like the outfit. It’s not my fav, but the skirt & shoes are typical Addie, reminds me of the early days of Greys (when it was good).

    I miss the long locks, but the hair cut is very bold & bang-on-trend.

  • MP

    what a change !! love the color