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Keira Knightley Looks Leafy

Keira Knightley Looks Leafy

Keira Knightley (in Chanel Haute Couture) attends the premiere of her latest period piece, The Duchess, at The Public Theater on Wednesday in New York City.

The 23-year-old English actress, who accessorized her look with GINA peep-toe pumps and a simple Bulgari ring, was accompanied on the red carpet by her handsome costar Dominic Cooper and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

The Duchess opens in limited release on Friday, Sept. 19.

20+ pictures inside of leafy Keira Knightley

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Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for CHANEL Beau
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  • elizabeth

    Oh I looove that dress. She looks beautiful. I wish her hair was a tad looser.

  • blahblah



  • pp

    I like her as an actress, but she looks like an alien here!

  • Shakira

    Nooooo! What has become of our girl? Not another Anna Wintour clone! I could not think of a worse fashion death. and Keira used to look so good. Her face is still as lovely as ever. The style, so, how do I put this gently, uptight. I prefer her in period costume to this outfit.

  • kk

    wow she is beautiful. and she does not look like an alien!
    her face is gorgeous, shes one in million.

  • wowww

    okay this girl has gotten so pretty and that dress is glorious!

  • n

    shes pretty! i like her

  • eat please

    If by leafy you mean as thin as a leaf, yes, I agree. She is almost nothing. How can anyone possibly say this is normal or healthy. She looks concave. A physique like that is only normal in people who are starving. period.

  • t

    i think she’s beautiful and unique, i’ve known many people who are naturally as slim as her and eat more than anyone, and it’s impossible for us to say either way

  • tom c

    She’s beautiful but she should really eat better and gain some weight. She looks malnourished.

  • Jacqueline

    so skinny!

  • lola

    Shut up about the eating already, honestly. She has been the same size her whole life and she looks gorgeous. No one sits here and tears apart male celebs like this- I don’t hear all the Jobro fans talking about how alarming it is a BOY can fit into those jeans, so just stop. It is sexist and annoying.

  • tia

    umm ew. she looks like shes dying.

    and i have to laugh when ppl say shes always been this thin

    she was NOT this thin in Bend It Like Beckham. She was a normal healthy size.

    now she just looks disgusting

    oh and number 12 its not sexism! find a better reason to defend her eating disorder

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    She looks gorgeous but it wouldn’t hurt if she gained some weight!

  • lore

    SHE IS PERFECT!!!!!!

  • lola

    Eating disorder? How can someone with an eating disorder possibly remain healthy for uh, I don’t know, all 23 years of her life? Get your facts and your judgments straight- if you look at her, if you at her mother and her father AND her brother, you will see they are ALL skinny. I don’t need to defend Keira, I’m tired of doing it. But you’re out of line and the argument is old.

  • Kevin

    Keira’s eyes are so empty. Don’t like her. Sorry, guys.

  • Jill

    Somebody feed her a cheeseburger.

  • James

    she has an eating disorder. get over it lola

  • James Mason Fan

    Newsflash: Weight is not a matter of genetics or metabolism. It is a simple matter of calories in, calories out. To maintain a thin physique, one needs need to either restrict the amount of calories that go in, or increase the amount of calories that go out, either through exercise, or other less healthy means.

  • babie

    Isn’t it The DuTchess?

  • lurkenstein

    a picture of a concentration camp victim comes to mind for me personally. head too big, body too small, eyes sunken in, cheeks hollow, look of starvation. sad. all in the attempt to achieve a glamourized look dictated by some demented individuals. what ever happened to curves being the norm? may they make an appearance in the masses again someday soon.

  • agi


  • Jennifer

    why doesn’t she ever smile? I suppose you’re grumpy when you’re hungry…

  • Helena

    Stunning, as usual.

  • diana


  • qw

    looks scary skinny

  • Anon

    I’m a Keira Knightly fan and I am worried! I agree there is something wrong. She definitely has an eating disorder. She can deny it all she likes, but these pictures have to be among the worse I’ve seen of her!

    No amount of Make up or clothes can hide it either.

  • ;;

    She is fierce and you are jealous.

  • Ouch!

    James Mason Fan, that’s not possible.
    I’m thin, I eat snacks all day and I don’t exercise.
    So it just CAN’T be about calories.

  • James Mason Fan

    Ouch!, what kind of snacks? If you add up your daily calorie total, you may find that it is still within, or below, the average daily recommended intake, and that’s highly likely, since you maintain a slim physique. I am not a scientist, or a dietician, but excepting any difference that calorie burning factors such as excercise, weight training, and use of stimulants (caffeine, nicotine, ampthetamines, etc) can make, from my understanding, it is impossible for anyone who consumes excess calories to not convert the excess calories to fat.

  • andamentothat

    Her eye make up is fierce.. She looks like a runway model with sunken cheeks, emaciated look and all. I preferred her healthy looking face and body in Bend it like Beckham..

  • Sprmcandy

    Beautiful Gorgeous Lady, I love her.

  • scary corpse

    ok first why does she always put tons of makeup she always put a darker makeup why ? i’ve never seen here wearing a barely , soft makeup .

    She looks scary, she got a dead eyes and with her dark makeup she looks like a zombie,no cheek bones, huge for head, skinny body, a huge head on a skinny body,she looks like a gothic corpse.

  • gwen

    Anorexia is a psycological illness. No one has the right to say say that she would have it. She can be naturally thin, but no one who isn’t that her/himself can’t propably understand that.
    she’s the most georgeus.

  • wtf

    My goodness she is scaring the hell out of me, what the hell, nothing of attractive here.she is looking like a ghost geez.

  • Ouch!

    Oh, ok, I don’t know what’s the average intake, and I don’t know how many calories have the things I eat. All kinds of snacks: chocolate, chips, ice cream, etc…

    Anyway, anorexia or not, she looks awful and emaciated.

  • eatpoop

    ouch–you are just jealous because you are fat and ugly

  • chipolata

    I preferred her old nose. Her new one makes her look like a mannequin.

  • Complicated!

    chipolata, what on earth are you talking about? She’s always had this nose! People these days are ridiculous and will believe everything they read.
    She looks amazing by the way

  • Lyric

    She HASN’T BEEN the same size her whole life, no way! She was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar prettier years ago. I don’t know if she is healthy or not right now, the only thing I know is that, personally, I found her very beautiful, but not now anymore, she almost looks like stuffed, a mummy or a kind of.

  • melanie

    how stupid people are to suggest that because someone is exceptionally thin that they must have an eating disorder. how utterly stupid you people are.

  • kelly

    She is one of the most stunning actresses ever.

  • Ashley griffith

    She is normal and regualer thin get off her back and leave her alone i’m on her side. you rock keira.

  • Ashley griffith

    She is my idol and i think she is great and i can’t wait till The Duchess and if she does My Fair Lady she is going to be good in this movie.

  • Ashley griffith

    i love to hear her start singing she is great actress i bet she is going to be a great singer.

  • michelle

    Chipolata – I agree with you, her old nose looks better. The one she has now looks pinched. And she is annoying since she has the same fish pout in every photograph. I definitely think Natalie Portman is the genuine article, miles better (and less pretentious) than Keira.

    Complicated – if you don’t think she had a nose job, just go check out the photos when she was doing Dr Zhivago. Compare those photos with the current ones (especially Pirates ones). It is obvious she had surgery.

  • eat please

    you all seem to be confusing naturally thin and emaciated. This is an emaciated person. She wasn’t emaciated in Bend it, she was heathy and athletic. She was thin in Pirates. She looks like she’s spent a few months in Dachau now.

  • Nicky

    wow..she’s so the make up

  • Windfly

    Totally agree with Chipolata and michelle. Her new one is like a pencil or a sprig!!! She gad surgery, you can bet on it. She was thousand times better before, her new look is way too unnatural. If someone don’t want to see it, don’t see it, but none so blind as those who will not see.

    By the way, also she was healthier before.