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Orlando Bloom is Scott Free

Orlando Bloom is Scott Free

Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Miranda Kerr leave the Maddox Art gallery in Mayfair, England before going into Scotts restaurant on Tuesday.

Mr. Bloom reportedly has been gambling in his free time and was playing craps with Pirates of the Caribbean co-star Johnny Depp and a few friends. Orly supposedly owned Johnny $800,000 when they were done playing! Talk about high rollers!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr going scott free…

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orlando bloom scott free 01
orlando bloom scott free 02
orlando bloom scott free 03
orlando bloom scott free 04
orlando bloom scott free 05
orlando bloom scott free 06
orlando bloom scott free 07
orlando bloom scott free 08
orlando bloom scott free 09
orlando bloom scott free 10

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  • hehe


  • loLA
  • lavender

    cute :)

  • zippeedoda


  • pFF

    if you got that info from that We are scientists’ interview, i think they were joking.

  • me myself

    ESL much?

  • Laken

    They’re such a cute couple. And are you sure about that? I doubt he’s gambling in his ‘free time’. Hah.

  • paula.

    post news about paramore.

  • Cute

    Cute couple!
    And there was also Orlando’s sister with them:

  • gina

    They really do make a cute couple. I’m glad the break-up rumors weren’t true.

  • ummm

    He looks dirty, she looks smug. Showmance lives on.

  • huh?

    someone on his imdb board said she was pregnant. Is that true?

  • maizie

    Yeah, you can see how much they’re into each other. “Hang on baby, let me check my blackberry in case someone REALLY famous is calling me.”

  • carro

    Haha, look at their legs, they’re walking exactly the same, at the same time. That means that they are very close and starting to grow together as a couple, cute!

  • Someday

    Hey Cute, thanks for the picture link showing his sister. She seems like a really down to earth person and a lot of fun. Nice to see them together, love her shoes/ socks and the fact she is not a waif. Cheers to Samantha Bloom!

  • cute

    Well, I guess that after meeting her family, meeting his was the next step. Sam is lovely.
    They look like they had a good time. They are all smiles!
    Such a beautiful couple.


    I suppose he should hold onto her. She’s all he has left.

  • @ #18

    Which one are you referring to?

  • wow

    It’s so nice to see him so happy!

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    this is my favorite set of pictures of them from now on .Beautiful couple they both look really cute and so happy im really glad to see that he deserves it

  • hater

    i like her bag

  • http://justjared beautiful

    a really great couple love them love her bag

  • http://justjared 23

    so happy to see new pictures orlano and miranda are one hot couple love to see pictures of them they are both good looking

  • http://justjared 23

    so happy to see new pictures orlando and miranda are one hot couple love to see pictures of them they are both good looking

  • newport beach, 92660

    OK one question: why does he have to be so hot ? Why can’t all guys be like him ? actually that’s two.. :P

  • looks like real love to me…

    They look great together and so does sis, Samantha. It’s good to see them looking so happy…I guess somebody forgot to tell them they were just doing it for pr, huh? For how long now???

    It’s real people. Accept it and move on…

  • Lyla

    miranda kerr is lovely and young but orlando bloom is becoming old and ugly…is it just me who thinks this way??

  • @27

    I love his more mature look. Very handsome, IMO.
    I think that they make a gorgeous couple. They really do look happy.

  • FroFro

    Teehee….I just love it that they are all holding hands together walking down the street! OMG they are sooooo adorable!

  • james

    miranda kiss-asser go to hell

  • @29

    Oh wow! You can tell how fake they are! They aren’t staring into each others eyes while walking down the dark street being blinded by falsh bulbs. And look! They aren’t french kissing for the paps! THAT is how you could tell it was real. Until we get a picture of them kissing, then we could tell it was fake. Yeah, and it isn’t real if she hasn’t met his family. Samantha, his sister doesn’t count, even though Orli is so close to her. Oh, and his mother, his father and his cousin don’t count either, just for the record. They have spent weeks in London because he hates her and is trying to dump her, so he keeps her closer than ever, isn’t that obvious! And she can’t be pregnant because he had a spinal cord injury that has healed to perfection but we will still insist that he is an innocent virgin being taken advantage of by………etc.

    Sarcasm = sarcasm

    They are a couple. Some people like them as a couple. Some don’t. Belittling the ones who do is a childish reaction. Can’t you give your opinion without attacking?

  • red robin

    I love your sarcasm eheheheheh

  • Cute

    I totally agree with you!
    They’re a nice couple, nice persons, Orlando is always really handsome and I can’t wait to see him in his next movie!

  • @31

    Why so defensive? Are you really that threatened by a little sarcasm? There was nothing in FroFro’s post that was belittling towards anyone. The casual observer wouldn’t even know that she was being sarcastic without having read FroFro’s thoughts in other threads. It’s a simple, funny post, she certainly didn’t “attack” anyone and that accusation is overreacting. If “belittling the ones who do” is a “childish reaction”, then isn’t “belittling the ones who don’t” an equally “childish” reaction?

  • @34

    Fro-fro was making fun of the people that like them. It was plain as day to anyone that reads JJ, that she was attacking their views. I thought that 31 hit the nail on the head with humor. Answering sarcasm with sarcasm. It didn’t sound defensive at all, just them answering a smart alec remark.

  • @35

    Oh, but #31 didn’t just “answer sarcasm with sarcasm”. S/he did have a sarcastic paragraph, I didn’t comment on that. S/he also accused FroFro of “attacking” and “belittling”. FroFro’s post was sarcastic, but did not “attack” or “belittle” anyone, #31 did.

  • who gives……

    ……..a shit! more news jared… like is HE EVER going to work again? maybe he’s forgotten how………… i’ve haven’t been on here for a couple of months and you are still flogging the same dead horse…

    oh and PS: orlando – you’re “supermodel’ girlfriend can’t get a job either, if you must fuck a model, at least fuck an attractive one….

  • @36

    Well, I feel that making fun of someone else’s opinion is attacking. Others may feel differently, but that’s how I feel. You can disagree without poking fun. Fro-fro chose not to do that.

  • @38

    If it’s not OK to make fun of someone else’s opinion, then why aren’t you saying that to #31 and those that are agreeing with those comments? Is it not OK to make fun of other people’s opinions, or just not OK to make fun of your opinion? Hypocrite.

  • @39

    If one is a response to the insult, it isn’t quite the same thing as the insult now, is it?
    If Fro-fro had simply stated her opinion, that would be fine. The other person was objecting to the insult, not the opinion. Got it now?

  • @39

    An insult is an insult is an insult. No less sanctimonious judgement, no less hypocrisy just because you’re on one side of it or the other. Got it now?

  • @40

    Post # 41 was meant for #40, not #39.

  • @41

    I agree. Frofro was rude, but so was the other one.
    This board is the only forum that both sides can use. Too bad that neither side can respect the other’s opinions.

  • honey

    Orlando Bloom Love Revolution

  • http://justjared @43

    you know i would be civil with the haters but they are just mean crazy creatures im sorry but that is true they have closed their so called open discussion board to anyone with the different opinion if you don’t call miranda names you can’t post there but they keep saying they are open to different opinion yeah sure.I would be ok with it if they didn’t post mean comments on miranda’s thread on orlando love and other sites every time there are pictures of the girl that is being obsessed and a little crazy if they want to discuss their views on the relationship or miranda that is fine but do it on your hating name calling site that is why they created it to hate her in total freedom

  • http://justjared @43

    why do they fell the need to go on miranda’s thread at orlando love? can’t they realize that there are people who like her that not everyone hates just because they do? why do they need to make everyone agree with them?

  • @46

    Because they just can’t go a day without insulting her.
    Hating a total stranger makes them feel so much better about their sad little lives.

  • FroFro

    *****Well, I feel that making fun of someone else’s opinion is attacking.*****

    Oh my hell….how many times have I seen the word “delphidiots” written at this place? They have different opinions than yours, and as far as I know a good majority of the people who left here to post there dont even bother reading these threads anymore. They dont care what JJ regulars have to say. If they want to post every theory out there about these two so as for it to somehow make some small amount of sense TO THEM of why these two are even acquaintances, let alone BFGF4EVA, then why does that bother anyone HERE? They are THERE and left places like JJ months ago so as to discuss it all in their way? But wow….y’all sure keep slinging the insults their direction.

    If you must have me explain my sarcasm (gosh! eplaining something soooo diminishes the humor of it!), I wasnt poking fun at anyone here. I was actually poking fun at the PICTURE of him with MK on one side and Samantha on the other and what looks like them all holding hands like 12 year old school girls (THAT one, that JJ conveniently left out since it wouldnt properly promote the specific agenda of Miranda Kerr to sell her and Bloom as a superduper couple in the thrawls of true love now would it? They have to be ALONE enjoying only each others company for it to work right!). Maybe you are just a bit too sensitive, and well, rather naive oogling over this pairing like its characters out of that Enchanted movie. Lighten up. People bash me all the time around here and I actually find it entertaining.

    ***If Fro-fro had simply stated her opinion, that would be fine. *****

    Uh… would? Why dont you go take a look at the threads in recent days and tell me how well recepted “Fro-Fro’s opinion” has been. I state something, WITH VIABLE ARGUEMENT TO BACK IT UP, and I get the smackdown. Sheez! I even gave the girl a compliment saying I liked the dress and shoes from the GQ thingie and yet because I find her to represent and embody everything that is wrong with some young celebrities, I am evol and a hater (I dont hate Bloom BTW, I just think he has horrid discretion these days hanging out with her) and should just leave to go play crazy somewhere else like with the “delphidiots”.

    Respect in conversation is a two way street. As long as people post anonymously at places they have no regard for others and just say whatever they want because nobody would know the difference of who said it. I post as me everywhere I find suitable to say something and therefore have to be accountable (and am glad to do so) for my words. Maybe I wont win any popularity contests for it, but all the same, I dont have to cower behind “anon” just so I can sling out insults and point fingers. Integrity isnt just for people who sit by and say nothing or can only give praise.

    ****This board is the only forum that both sides can use. Too bad that neither side can respect the other’s opinions.****

    This board is the only forum that gives a shit to post multiple day after day “sightings” of the uberfamous couple. Funny dat. Lets not forget they must always be linked together. Maybe JJ thinks the more that they are linked that eventually us “haters” will be worn down and just lurve the girl…..our tainted eyes be open! AMEN I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! Eh….replace that AMEN with an AHEM.

    #46 – are they really posting “mean things” at O-Love? I dont know I dont read there…..but the rules of that board prohibit it and always have, so what exactly are you reading at Olove that could be so bad?

  • knightsintodreams~

    i agree i think its legit, why are people so mean to her??
    “theyre dating…and they’re….famous?????????? OHMYGAHD!!! COULD SO NOT BE TRUE!!!!” …lord >.>…….
    poor sister-bloom, getting forgotten about in all the press lol she was there too :P

  • FroFro

    ****i agree i think its legit, why are people so mean to her??****

    If you are just recently joining these conversations, then you wouldnt be aware of all the (what some can see as) “oddities” that have existed with this “couple” since it was first rumored in April of 2007 that there was something going on with them. At this point its a waste of typing skills and time to catch anyone up, but suffice it to say, this pairing is anything but normal, legit, or without reason for so many to question WTF over and over and over. Some theories are extreme, but there are quite a few sound people who dont buy this load of crappola trying to be sold.

    If you arent just joining recently and have watched all along, then I would pose the question, “What have you been smoking to not have noticed all this crap, and can I have some?” Ignorant bliss would be a nice option now so I could go back to having a shred of hope that Bloom hasnt sold himself down the river for a little bit of time to keep himself in the spotlight until more projects come in and take root. I wanna shoot the celebrity that coined the phrase “any attention is good attention” if they arent already dead yet from overinflated sense of importance, abundance of ego, drugs, alcohol, reality shows, media disasters etc. That phrase couldnt be more wrong in the showcase of wrongs!