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Meet the Cast of "Paris Hilton's My New BFF"

Meet the Cast of

Meet the cast of MTV’s new reality TV Show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF!

“They’re all hot in their own way — there are a lot of funny characters!” the 27-year-old hotel heiress tells In Touch of the 14 tabloid-ready girls and two flamboyant guys vying for Paris‘s friendship.

Paris Hilton’s My New BFF premieres later this month @ 10PM on Tuesday, September 30 on MTV.

You can catch the Paris BFF trailer at

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  • kate83

    Blondes serioulsy are dumb
    this chick is almost 30 and is having a show
    to find a new bestfriend

  • Bre

    o_o Wha…?


    paris hilton doesnt a black friend I guess

  • sarah

    four? :)

  • Mr Perfect

    I saw a preview of this show and as much as I hate Paris Hilton (I think she’s vapid) and reality tv in general …. what I did see was pretty funny. I won’t turn from it if it happens to be on one night.


    oops i meant to add *want*

  • Good victoria

    Of Course, they are all out for their wonderful spotlight of 15 minutes of silly and dumb fame………….That is AFTER they drain Paris’s wallet trying to act like they are THE Number # 1………..You can already tell by their poses and over made-up hair and faces, arrogancy has set in…Just like their BFF Paris !!!!!!…………She has really stooped to an all time low, because after viewing alot of these pictures and video’s after all these months, VERY few of them were really anything to look at…….Some were over-weight , wore glasses, African American, etc….Notice she did NOT choose ANY of these people trying out for her new side-kick idiot…….

  • tia

    shes so pathetic its embarassing. shes 27 years old and shes resorting to a trashy reality tv show to get a friend. shes so obsessed with fame.

  • charlotte

    number 3 I hadnt even thought of that! but yeah ur very right. ugh. paris hilton is so shallow

  • You/Me

    Two flamboyant guys? One of them must be <b<really flamboyant because I only see one guy there and the rest look like girls! lmao….


    Where are the black people huh huh huh where they at. Al Sharpy is gonna be on PARIS’s AAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS.

  • im a tree

    I think the blonde on the left is a dude.

  • lilly

    i hate paris hilton
    she is pathetic

  • alanna

    #12,lol. I thought she looked pregnant. Maybe it’s another pregnant man

  • Shar

    Fcuk, why does it have to be one dumb black bit-h on this stupid ass show. Thanks for representing us dumbasss!!!!

  • Josh

    ANOTHER PREGNANT MAN! #14 your on to something!

  • Kaila


    she cant get her own friends so she has to have a show to get one! stupid! omg paris annoys me so much. i still don’t get how she is famous. so what shes got a hotel with her last name, whatever. stupid paris!

  • alanna

    The blonde on the far right looks like a man. Anyone remember Starla from Napoleon Dynamite? Rex’s ‘wife’? Looks like her.

  • newport beach, 92660

    #1-I’m a blond and….I’m not stupid… spacey . yes. but NOT dumb.

    K… who seriously though, who wants to be her friend? oh yeah… people who need money and have no life.

  • Lynn

    paris hilton is stupid!!but i guess i’ll still watch the show for the laugh

  • djns

    Is that ZUI SUICIDE on the left wearing a pink dress?

  • James

    Gee all you guys above seem like total losers…

  • Brittney

    Is the Asian person kneeling on the bottom the other guy? O.o, I don’t know. That’s the only other person that looks somewhat like a guy in that picture.

  • ****

    Two flamboyant gays? Where’s the other one. Is it that big blonde thing in the back? I can’t tell…

    Oh wait…found him! It’s that emaciated Asian tranny in the front, right? Am I right?

  • rofl

    i think i care more about the shit i just took a minute ago then i do about this.

  • Fuck This whore

    They are ALL a bunch of skanky whores!!!

  • Miss::CulleN

    wtf?! this is so lame… first the p0rn video and now this :I

    she really has no friends at all… O_O


  • alannah-jaide

    Blondes aren’t dumb!

  • bejeebus

    when is this useless c*nt going to go away for good? it’s unbearable already.

  • Non

    Paris Hilton Is Such A Joke !!!
    She Will Do Anything Too Keep Herself In The Tabloids And On T.v Including This Pathetic Tv Show !!

    I Cant Wait NOT Too See It !!

  • Vee

    Wat ever I can’t wait till the premire- I think I’ll L O V E Onche!!!

  • sage

    Oh my im only watching to watch Zui suicide shes the best and my fav model, go zui but i saw the casting special and it was pretty disgusting how paris treated the people.

  • amber lee

    GO ZUI SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlondieChick

    hey i’m blonde but yea pretty stupid so you never know?

    ok well that asian dude is a guy who dresses like a girl
    I love Paris Hilton I love her she is my idol so you guys well probably make some smurky comments about me but you know what BULL SHIZ i don’t care because she Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya Paris#1

  • Ava-love

    yes there are 2 guys. they are kneeling on both sides of paris. i know one or them looks like a girl but he’s a guy. I watched the “cast” preview and it showed the two guys and that was one of them. the other guy is quite obvious.

  • Ava-love

    i totally agree with # 32!!! Zui is the best. But it is sa that Paris treats people like crap.

  • Elizabeth Carroll

    first of all i think anyone who discriminates against blondes are bitches. second of all why dont you all just lay off PARIS!!! you see people who go on tve to find love and no body says anything and you guys act like assholes as soon as Paris gets her own show. just lay off because i think Paris is realllllly GREAT!!! Peace out!!!

  • savvyy

    i love paris hilton.why do you all hate on her?? what did she do so wrong other than teh fact she made sx tapes [thats all over now] and she is more famous that you? she has this show becauseshe wants to see who will be her friends to be friends, not who will be her friends to get famous. the show tests how truely shallow each person is. god,,, grow up and stop leaving little hate comments about how she is fucking stupid… if you think you could do better, write to MTV and tell em you want your own show. lets see what happens, bitches.

  • Sabrina

    Isnt that totally awesome?!

  • Sabrina

    Isnt that totally awesome?!

  • Ollie

    ((Psst. Here’s a hint. The asian on the bottom is a guy.))