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America Ferrera: Gossip Girl Is Bad!

America Ferrera: Gossip Girl Is Bad!

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera covers the October 2008 issue of Seventeen, which hits newsstands on September 16th. Here are some interview highlights:

On being friends with Sisterhood costars Blake Lively, Amber Tamblyn, and Alexis Bledel: “One of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had with girl relationships was working with them on Sisterhood. I’d worked with other girls before and it was pretty catty. But this time, I thought, I don’t want to feel judged or defensive. So before we started shooting, I was like, I’m just going to show up to work and be professional – not their best friend. But a couple of weeks into shooting, Amber and I started talking. She’s a hippie and I thought we had nothing in common – and now she’s one of my closest friends!”

On Gossip Girl being a bad influence: “Close, genuine female relationships are not what generally gets depicted in movies and TV shows. Like, if you’re watching The Hills or 90210, all the backstabbing shapes the way we act – you go to school, and you think your job is to find a sworn enemy and be jealous of each other. I mean, I love Blake [Lively]; she’s a wonderful friend of mine, but shows like Gossip Girl kind of condition us to be mean.”

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    I don’t agree with her…but at least she’s honest….and i liked the fact that she didn’t make an excuse for what happened that time….i love gossip girl though…

  • Kira

    I think she might be a tad jealous of Blake’s “it girl” status and the fact that Gossip Girl is the most talked about show of the moment. And no wonder she’s angry, she’s forced to wear braces, glasses and hideous outfits week after week for her show. I think I’d be mad too!

  • ILUVamericaferrera

    America you look beautiful!!!

  • t

    If you condition your life based on the tv shows you watch, theres a much bigger problem, I like to believe people are smart enough to separate gossip girl from their reality and how to behave

  • male

    i love gossipgirl!!!!!!!!!!

  • 93

    Does anyone else think that people are going to link this back to the “eye-rolling” thing before?

    Blake might get a little offended by it, but I think it’s cool that she’s honest. Not many celebrities are nowadays.

  • Melissa

    maybe this is why she was rolling her eyes during that interview LOL

  • gina

    I think its great America spoke up about the series, even if her friend is on it. Life is not made to be like television.

  • Ally

    i agree with her, i never watch gossip girl but every time i do, they all come off as bitches, and girls think “i love blair, i want to be like her”, blake is a good actress though

  • kaitlin

    i like that she is being honest but i agree with comment #4. if you are a person with at least a few morals you should be able to recognize the difference between a tv show and real life. if we have people actually doing certain things we see on gossip girl…that might be a little out there. so in the end i dont agree with ferrera. gossip girl is an amazing show!

  • Helena

    Do you know what else is bad? That cover!

  • shenanyginz

    i totally see where she’s coming from… and its certainly has some truth to it. Television shows particularly geared toward teenage girls are almost ALWAYS about backstabbing bitches and what not… I personally don’t pay much attention to those shows (but I can’t say I watch Ugly Betty either) I do however love America’s effort to shift whatever idea of teenage girls television is giving us down a positive route.

  • Alyssa

    i like that she’s honest and I mean come on it’s her on opinion, not everyones gonna like the show. And her opinion on it is perfectly fine because it’s just that. An opinion.

  • loooover

    she’s jealous ……… just think:
    serena vander woodsen= nice outfits, gorgeous, rich, nice, etc.
    betty suarez= braces, HIDEOUS outfits, ugly, not rich, etc …


  • gforce

    OMG! America looks great! She really looks like she lost weight in this pic!

  • Cleopatra Mumra

    She looks like Sibi Blazic here



  • Ouch!

    Every person who watches show like The O.C., Gossip Girl, 90210, etc… should be shot instantly.

  • zeggy

    C’mon America, I like you but I can distinguish facts from reality and I don’t expect TV shows to educate me. Now I’m a mean girl or I’m more likely to be one because I watch GG? And did you conveniently forget the backstabbing and bitchiness in UB? In GG they’re playing teenagers, which school doesn’t have its mean girls and frenemies?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    u.s.a, you’re a fat-ass hater.

    ..a fat, super-ugly, unglamorous, latina-geek – working @ a ultra-chic nyc fashion magazine – real believable – not!

  • s

    i understand that this is her point-of-view, however i completely disagree. only an idiot would be influenced by a show that is blatantly based on making fun of the uselessness of the upper manhattan crowd.

    believe me, i’m in NY and i go to the type of school they portray. apart from the few girls that think they’re paris hilton- no one cares about sh*t like that. the others are trying to be emo running away from daddy’s money


  • s

    PS: I’d rather watch gossip girl of ugly betty any day!

  • Kalilah

    I think America is simply taking shows like GG, 90210, O.C, etc, too seriously. They’re made for entertainment. That’s all. If they didn’t have the backstabbing and drama why would we watch? Shows with good morals and nothing to make us say “OMG” isn’t going to get ratings. Isn’t ANY good show pretty much based on that? And I know not everyone is going to like it, I like that she’s saying what’s on her mind but COME ON. :P

  • BG

    I completely agree with her. I tried watching Gossip Girl, but it was horrendous all around. Gave me a frickin headache, I swear.

    And aside from all that, she’s a wonderful actress and a great person–the type people should look to before looking at other actors around her age.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    BG @ 09/11/2008 at 6:16 pm

    `america, we know that’s you!

    ..and for the record.. you forgot the “i” in your name.. shouldn’t it be – BIG? lol

  • addy

    This is exactly what she is talking about. She makes one comment/opinion about how shows like GG kind of condition girls to be mean and ppl here are already going on about her being jealous! We don’t even know and we make assumpstions because she doesn’t agree with your view. We aren’t stupid, but we aren’t immune to outside influences either. Underlying tone and behaviour choices do get picked up. Ex. African ppl who come to north america to study seem to pick up quite quickly to the black culture shown in music, so white girls watching enough shows like GG will pick up some mannerism of backstabbing, cruel behaviors.

  • star7

    I don’t know what world some of you are living in, but SOME girls definitely are influenced by the media and t.v. shows like GG. Some ppl may say “it’s just for entertainment” but young girls who are easily influenced pick up on this behavior and try to imitate what they see in the media. That’s why so many girls are dying to be thin and battling anorexia and bulimia. It’s because of what they see in the media!!!! All of these shows are the same (Gossip Girl, the Hills, etc.) and they just show that it’s “cool” to have money, be self-absorbed, and be mean to other females.

  • Renesmee

    Finally, something intelligent came from a celebrities mouth.

  • Renesmee

    “she’s jealous ……… just think:
    serena vander woodsen= nice outfits, gorgeous, rich, nice, etc.
    betty suarez= braces, HIDEOUS outfits, ugly, not rich, etc …


    And which one do you think is a more fulfilling role? Which one takes more acting and brains? Honestly, you people don’t understand anything. It’s not about how glamorous your character is, it’s about what will get you noticed, and nobody in the business respects Gossip Girl, but every producer speaks highly of Ugly Betty. You idiotic children don’t have any idea what your talking about.

  • Kennedy

    Betty is a better role model than Serena or Blair. I love both shows but they both give different messages to young girls.

  • justme

    AMEN!!!!!! Sorry guys and GG’s fans, but that’s the truth.

  • Anna



  • Olivia

    Recently that video that came out of America rolling her eyes at Blake during an interview (when Blake was talking about GG). I let that go, and thought America was not seriously dissing Blake. But as to what she said about Blake and GG in this interview, makes me rethink the whole “rolling of the eyes” ordeal. Saying rude things about a friend’s television show for no reason has definately made my respect towards America F. really drop. Blake has never insulted America or Ugly Betty. I absolutely love Blake and GG. As for America …… (I don’t really have anything to say about her) :)

  • Kalilah

    The thing is, Blake and Blair’s character aren’t meant to be role models and I’m pretty sure they know that. They’re simply meant for entertainment. Ugly Bethy isn’t meant to be a role model either. :P

    And anyone who takes this TV show as a how to guide for school deserves whatever they get themselves into tbqh,


    Isn’t there an evil bitch on Ugly Betty? I’ve never watched either of the show so I’m only going off what I’ve seen on commercials (for betty) but it looks like Vanessa Williams character is kind of bitchy. From what I read on wiki she’s a “conceited, self-absorbed diva and former supermodel who lives for two things: MODE and Botox”…what a good role model.

    I think there’s uglys of both shows. I used to like America especially when she first came out and she did Real Women Have Curves although now I am starting to think America is a tad jealous of Blakes celebrity. Especially now after seeing the eye rolling on that early morning show. Makes me wonder…

  • Me

    What a joke. People are all up in arms over nothing. I agree entirely with America. It’s a sad world we live in, but so many people are influenced by TV. At least she is playing the role of a kind hearted person who works to find the good in everyone! I’ve never watched GG and never will, but Ugly Betty remains a favourite.

  • meg

    GG might be one of the mst talked about shows, but it sure hasn’t helped it’s ratings. I’m sure Blake would love it if her show had the ratings Ugly Betty does, so I’m sure America isn’t jealous. Her show is funny and has the stability of it’s future, something GG doesn’t have considering there is talk of the CW being shut down unless their shows pick up.

  • Face

    I dont think she’s jealous, they’re both equally popular on their respective shows. She’s not censoring herself which is admirable. There’s not much depth in GG, granted Ugly Betty isn’t going to be remembered in 20 years but they’re both for entertainment.

  • Mary

    She is not friends with Blake Lively. She disses her anytime she gets a chance. Check out LA today when she appeared with blake lively she was very rude and rolled her eyes at her. She must be jealous of her success on GG. She needs to be more humble….

  • Kada

    I don’t think America is jealous of Blake. I’m sure she wishes Blake Lively the very best. America was just giving her opinion of TV shows aimed at teen girls.

  • jD

    Good for her for saying that. She has a good head on her shoulders. The people criticizing her for saying what she did don’t even seem to realize how entrenched they are in a hopeless, competitive mentalitity. There are saner, more authentic ways of living.

  • trish.


    Is she on crack?

    I respect her..and she’s a good role model. but i think she should leave the whole..decision to watch it or not to kids.

    if it’s bad. dont repeat it.
    i mean she’s retarded.

  • trish.

    She isnt jealous..

    Gossip girl is NOT meant to be a show that’s a role model to kids.
    it’s for entertainment.

    It’s a well written show and it deserves MORE buzz than what it’s getting.

    as for America saying this..that’s not even cool.

  • WHy???

    I don’t know why my remark was censored by Jared, but I’ll try again-this image of America Ferrara on the cover of Seventeen is so fake and airbrushed-someone else’s beanpole body and pencil arms, and her face looks skinny and 15 years old. Sickening. She is fine just the way she is!

  • anti-ferrera forever

    wtf is her damn problem. like get a mirror or something??? stop being jealous of others man. & its not like she would ever be eligible to act in gg anywayyyyy besides being Dorota lol

  • Jessica

    Every time I read or see an interview with America, my opinion of her goes down. I used to love her. But even if what she said is partly true (I don’t know, I’ve never seen GG), it’s incredibly rude of her to say that about one of her “close friend’s” shows.

    I’ve never seen the eye-rolling incident, but I did see one interview with all 4 sisterhood girls, and America basically took over the interview. Nobody could get a word out unless the question was specifically asked to them. Poor Alexis Bledel kept getting interrupted by America every time she talked.

  • christy

    She’ll probably come out and say she was misquoted like they all do. But I think that was an ignorant comment considering all the backstabbing that goes on in her show, and how mean the other females are to her character. I love gossip girl and it’s pure entertainment not to be taken so seriously.

  • JAyejay

    okay……is it me or does her head not match the body?

  • Victoria

    copy of miley cover… pff

  • alannah-jaide

    Hate the cover, seventeen fire that person!!

    I love America and Gossip Girl. But I do think that Ugly Betty is a better role model than GG