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Reese Witherspoon Celebrates Four Christmases

Reese Witherspoon Celebrates Four Christmases

Reese Witherspoon and costar Vince Vaughn are wrapped up in ribbon in the new poster for their holiday movie, Four Christmases.

The film is a romantic comedy and tells the story of a young couple, each of whose parents divorce and then marry other people. This leaves the newlyweds with four parental households to visit over the course of Christmas Day.

Four Christmases opens everywhere on Friday, November 26.

Watch the teaser trailer below!

Reese Witherspoon Celebrates Four Christmases
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four christmases movie poster 01
four christmases movie poster 02

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  • jessica

    Vince Vaughan is hilarious!!

  • Ivana

    Nice poster :))))))

  • jain

    aren’t they a bit old to be considered a ‘young couple’?

  • zanessa fan

    This looks cute. Love Vince. Too bad things didn’t workout with Jen.

  • Dee

    she is soo cute

  • r.

    Funny how you list Vince as the “co-star” when he is billed first.

    Cannot wait for this one. The supporting cast is awesome as well. Jon Favreau, Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Dwight Yoakam.

  • Tom

    After she did that stupid leftist movie, were America is the bad guy and people who behead and slaughter without a ounce of remorse are some how the victims, I will never watch another movie she is in, sorry but Hollywood anti-American crap I’ve had my fill, and it’s all about the dollars with these people any ways, make sure that international markets understand that they are not part of the ” hated American” culture, as if you would see Russian or Chinese or Indian entrainment industry doing movies after movie portraying their country in the wrong, why because their public wouldn’t accept it.


    We won’t be seeing the co stars.. Just them.. And the talk will be about
    Jake and Jen…Looking forward to this movie… Reese is always great
    in comedies… Jen needs to be alone now…. Don’t put her in this
    comment page… That was two boyfriends ago..

    Jon Favreau is always in Vince’s movies… they are like a team..

  • African Girl

    The preview looks like soemthing he did with whatsherface.

    I like of VV and TW but they don’t make a very convincing couple in this movie. She looks like a little girl next to him or maybe he looks like a big ol’ man next to her, whatever the case is, they just don’t mesh well.

    I also think it is time VV retired the Vaugn Schtick it is old.

  • African Girl

    I forgot to add, VV seems to have more fun in movies when his co-stars are his guy friends. Has nothing to do with anything, just an observation.

    # 8 BETSY SMITH @ 09/11/2008 at 12:43 pm
    Errrr…pardon me, Ms. Smith but as far as I can see, you are the one bringing “jen in the comment box”. So who are you preaching to?

  • anonymous

    Can we say Photoshopped?

  • vivian

    I can’t wait to see this!

    I love these two very funny actors:)
    Hope the writing is wity and the story is a great one.

  • hj

    Jared – Nov. 26 is a Wednesday, not Friday.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    vince – funny.

    reese – fugly, overrated, unfunny.

  • Helena

    Looks cheesy.


    HAHA Im laughing so hard at the baby part HAHA!!

  • Tripp

    Looks funny to me. i usually don’t like V V but I’ll check this one out .

  • ha

    I honestly think that she thinks she is attractive. But she’s SO NOT! I watched Legally Blonde 2 the other day. I was embarrased for her. The snap cup was pathetic. I’m sure this will be nothing short of her continous dumb act. Only people who are cute can pull off dumb and that she is not!

  • KarenA

    That looks very funny. Reese is so cute. :)

  • Sharon

    Reese is so cute and such a good actress. I don’t understand why they paired her with Vince Vaughn. He would’ve been good hangin’ around the Bada-Bing in some Soprano’s episodes, but he hasn’t got much talent for anything else.

  • Good victoria

    Well, I love Christmas shows, but usually the older classics, and of course ,,, CHEVY CHASE CHRISTMAS VACATION… Now that was funny and is a classic to watch on christmas eve…..Maybe this will be cute also, but the characters do not mesh with me……….And to TOM..What ?…did not understand much of that…..What Movie ?…Not being critical of you at all, but I must have missed something here..

  • Why???

    Looks like a cute movie.

  • Sexy Mamii

    I love Reese Witherspoon. she is adorable!! and such a talented actress.

  • Sexy Mamii

    I love Reese Witherspoon. she is adorable!! and such a talented actress.

  • marieme

    I had really high hopes for this movie until watching the trailer. I pray the film is waaay better when it comes out. I love these two together.

  • jack

    The full trailer is much much worse. This looks horrible.

  • hollywood make better movies

    I totally agree. The part where Vince’s brothers who are Ultimate Fighting Champions fight and beat him up looks so stupid.

  • madeline

    Did you see the full trailer at the cinema? I haven’t come across it online. What movie did it play in front of?

  • cHRIS

    The trailer tells you absolutely zilch about the picture. It is so brief and choppy and scatterbrained you don’t get an impression of anything. I’d have to laugh if the movie bombs. La Wither might not keep getting so much per picture. And if Jakeypoo’s Prince bombs too, they will have hire themselves out as domestics. He could be the chauffeur and she the upstairs maid. That might be funnier than the movie.

  • anon

    he is funny but can’t look at her on a big screen for 2 hrs. sorry

  • cHRIS

    She should have done this with Jakeypoo. The gossip interest would assure the movie’s success. Big missed opportunity.

  • sa

    Nobody in world can laugh about american comedy or american jokes.
    It is better Hollywood continous make a copy of french comedies…
    Nobody in world likes country music or american actors at present.
    Hollywood would be making films only for american public….

  • jimmy

    “Nobody”??? Then why do US movies make so much money from being shown outside the US? Many US movies make more money outside the US than inside. Ever think of that????

  • sa

    You are mistake!
    Nowadays each country have and produce their own films. The people watch the films of their own country…
    It is because the film industry of America give the money for these film industry worldwide. The Bollywood or the films whose are producing in Hong Kong would be payed from the american film industry…

  • jimmy

    Vince Vaughan is hilarious!!

    What you mean to say certainly is “VV TRIES to be hilarious.” Sometimes he is and more often he isn’t.

  • jimmy

    Witherspoon’s best performance was in Election where she was superb. Since then she has gradually gone downhill. I think Tracy Flick was so like Witherspoon herself she couldn’t help but do a great job there.

  • jimmy

    Didn’t I read somewhere that he and she didn’t get along well at all on the set? I may be wrong, but I think I saw something like that. She is a perfectionist and he, so they say, is not. I wonder if that might come out in and ruin the movie. It’d be funny if she had another bomb. Too many bombs, Reesy, and you won’t be getting any 20 million per movie.