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Gerard Butler Still Loves You

Gerard Butler Still Loves You

Gerard Butler poses with a Japanese model at the P.S. I Love You press conference at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel on Thursday in Tokyo, Japan.

P.S. I Love You was released in December 2007 in the U.S. but the film will open in Japan on October 18, 2008.

At the press conference, Gerard received flowers, played with a camera, and posed with Japanese model Keiko Mayama.

The 300 star will soon begin work on The Untouchables: Capone Rising, where he be playing the lead role, Jimmy Malone.

15+ more pics inside of Gerard Butler still loving you…

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gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 01
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 02
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 03
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 04
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 05
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 06
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 07
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 08
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 09
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 10
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 11
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 12
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 13
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 14
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 15
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 16
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 17

Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • matiuo

    He wrote that he was lonely on his blog on . It is said that he was looking for someone to be his girlfriend. Is it true?

  • Ali

    I would gladly step up to fill that position.

  • weetiger3

    His next project is Law Abiding Citizen (not Capone Rising, which is still in pre-production) that begins filming next month. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of him when he promotes the US release of RocknRolla!!

  • fdsfb

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  • jojo

    he is fat ??!!! …the face is chubby

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    I’d gladly gobble his çock like it was my last meal on death row.

  • jay


  • Grace

    What a MAN!!!! I hear ya Loxy. gobble gobble.

  • mslewis

    He does look a bit fat. I guess he can’t always look like he did in 300!!!

    The JenHens are all excited because Gerard apparently “spoke” to Jennifer at TIFF so now they think there is a “romance.” Delusional fools!! Probably just another Huvane PR stunt!!

  • Lonewolf

    Here we go again. Him and Jennifer Aniston is another Gerry and Cameron thing…….they were at the same place and at the same time.

    Funny, Gerry doesnt have any blogs anywhere! His Staff confirmed that one.

  • Anon

    hahahaa Jenifer Aniston? See I knew he was gay.

  • AA

    He is NOT fat! I saw him at the red carpet in London and he´s very thin…perfect looking. But it looks more on the pics…I know that because I took pics of him in London.

  • shygirl

    Nice pictures!
    He looks great.

  • hmmmm

    Jen and Gerard? It could work!

  • good grief

    Sister FoxLoxy,

    I figured you to be a missionary girl on the position of sex with Mr. Butler. Never would I have figured you to be a ‘get on your knees’ type of gal to do anything but cleaning. LOL!

    OTOH, who is the lady? Fling? Escort? Can’t be girlfriend because he’s not being discreet enough.

  • angel

    lmao @ #6

    people have no shame.

  • Sweetpea

    Sister Foxy….LOL…nice one. Where’s the gobble fest? He might be looking a bit harsh, but I’ll still take him.

  • stellartes

    to # 6…..that’s hilarious

    and I hope he is not gay….not that it really matters….and P.S.I love you is a great great movie.


    Sister Foxy Loxy, I think I’m gonna die of laughter.. LOL

    tthe best comment I’ve read on this site!

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    Sister Foxy Loxy,

    You are a woman after my own heart!! I have loved Gerard since Phantom of the Opera and he is one of the sexiest men ever!! I don’t understand how anybody can call him “fat” since his body is tight and gorgeous!! Love that Man!!

  • Rene

    He is not fat, he is SMOKING HOT!
    I’m next in the gobble line, sister!!

  • Lily

    Gerry looks fabulous!!! I love the photos!! and that shirt!! He looks awesome..but he always does!!!

    He is a fantastic actor! I own every movie he’s been in…I look forward for more of his movies and wish him the best that life offers..

  • Helena

    LMAO at #6, I’m with you. But why is PS I Love You being released so late in Japan?!

  • tilou

    I really loved “PS I love you”. It’s an excellent cheering up movie, just next to “Love actually”!

  • alekziel

    He has chubby cheeks and looks a little old, but his eyes are beautiful.

  • TiaBia

    100% HOTTIE!!!!

  • Jill

    hmmmm @ 09/11/2008 at 11:44 am
    Jen and Gerard? It could work!

    Oh right, like he wants Mayer the Player’s sloppy seconds. I don’t think so.

  • macordovil

    It doesn’t matter whether his gay, or bisexual, or …whatever… He has a lot of fans that worship him and that ‘s what really matters. He’s lovely, gorgeous, caring, cool, funny …. and a very talented actor… I LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! And don’t worry about what he does with his personal live… Get a life and stop judging him and try to know him a little more… to know him is to love him… That’s it..
    And his chubby cheeks are so delicious… and he’s just like wine…older,,,better…
    I worship him…

  • macordovil

    It doesn’t matter whether his gay, or bisexual, or …whatever… He has a lot of fans that worship him and that ‘s what really matters. He’s lovely, gorgeous, caring, cool, funny …. and a very talented actor… I LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! And don’t worry about what he does with his personal live… Get a life and stop judging him and try to know him a little more… to know him is to love him… That’s it..
    And his chubby cheeks are so delicious… and he’s just like wine…older,,,better…
    I worship him…

  • jennifer fan

    now i told you guys – Jennifer Aniston this is the man for you!!!!

  • jayz

    he is looking real good again !

  • Kacy

    I am not a Jen fan but I would like her with this guy. I wish she and her media team would not blow this opportunity by saying all of that stupid high school sh!t that she did with the last few men.

  • Elvis

    What the hell? Why is everyone going on about Jen Aniston. That meeting was a load of bull.

    Gerry and Jasmine Butler. Now that’s got a ring to it.

    He’s a sly old devil. I think we will see more of them as a couple next year, with a big announcement (ok, engagement) on his 40th birthday. There may even be a marriage in the following spring in Scotland. Then we’ll see him relax.

    Then we wait…. for lots and lots of Gerry babies!!!! Lovely!

    I wonder if Gerry sends secret coded messages to Jasmine when he poses for pictures, just like Guy Ritchie did with Madonna at the London RocknRoller premiere. ‘Hey Jasmin, if I suck my little finger in Japan it means ‘I Love You’. So sweet.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    Butler is going to be shocked when he finds out I have a dick. Tucking and duct tape won’t hide it for much longer and I can’t keep giving head. Eventually he’s going to want to fuck. Please give me some advice fans…what do I do?

  • Zoe Moon

    Hehehehe, ditto # 6!

  • Milead

    EWWW! She better not mixup her polygrip with her KY. She’d have a minty fresh whoo, and a well lubed mouth.

  • Tracy

    All of you that are going on about him and Jasmine burgess must not realize that she is dating another model, if fact she has been dating him a while now, his name is Chace

  • noyb

    Gerry is looking good. You people are all nuts with your crazy comments – LOL. Funny people.

  • Lonewolf


    Chace Kervins right? Anyway you can email me (pm)?


  • GB FAN

    Do you know that WENN remove the pics of Jasmine and Gerry. Why would they do that?

  • Tina

    #37- How do you know? Do you have proof that this guy exists? Making assumptions just makes you look silly. LOL Never heard of Chase whateverhisname for what its worth. I’m not saying it’s impossible but seeing you girls denying the fact Gerry is seeing Jasmine for the moment makes you all look like crazy fangurls. The man dates. Get over it. One of these days, he may get married. He may not but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t make any difference in your lives on what he does.

    #40- No they didn’t. WENN only has the most recent photos posted and after so many days, they drop off the list.

  • Lonewolf

    well Tina (#47) the dude has been given a last name…I just took a shot LOL…..this isnt the first site Case (what ever his name is) has been on. People have to dream ya know…..and you are right also-he has a right to date…..which I heard on that note she wants it more serious, but he wants to keep it casual/occasional. Bottom line…friends out having a good time. Why the panic?

  • Lonewolf

    #41 (Tina)here it is from another site…… took awhile-had to call the friend who told me……

    posted by you`recrazy He is not dating Jasmine Burgess. She is dating a male model by the name of Chace Kervin.posted 23 days ago

  • GB FAN

    # 43 Lonewolf, sometimes people posts false stuff just to start rumors. The only people that know who Gerry is dating is Gerry himself, his girlfriend and their VERY close friends and they would never post personal stuff.
    Don’t believe everything that is posted.

  • Lonewolf

    #44-you are right and I dont believe what all is out there, being prior Military is experience enough that you cant always believe what you read. I just posted that entry from to show it isnt just on JJ you can find the “gossip”.I just cant believe the crap over something so puney…like right now, gas here is 5.50 a gallon now that is something to talk about!

  • Tina

    #43- I know where you found that…whosdatingwho site which isn’t reliable at all and how does anyone here know that the info wasn’t taken from this site and posted there after the fact? The only place I’ve seen it posted at was here. You seem to be taking it very personal that Gerry is dating this model, Jasmine. As for the relationship being casual or serious, only Gerry knows what he wants. The only thing anyone here can do is speculate on the type of relationship he’s having with her. Also as for Jasmine’s feelings in the matter, you can also only assume if she wants it serious or not. I doubt you’re a friend of hers who she would share her personal feelings with. To make assumptions on her wants and desires in regards to Gerry when you don’t even know her makes you seem crazy and delusional.

  • Lonewolf

    #46-it is posts like yours for example that has me curious, as Ive said before I dont say anything unless there is a reason. Sorry for the misinterpretation (sp) here are your own posts from the Toronto story….#73-saying it isnt serious-not to him anyways, and then #78-you say shes smart…keeping a clear head. Before you pass judgement or comment on anyone look back on what you post…

    I know wdw isnt reliable, who doesnt but people still post anyway…and assume about her feeling (serious or not) you are the one who commented on that. Personal friend of mine, no how about you, the way you are posting it seems that way thus why I ask what I do. So again before you point a finger or pass judgement think back on what you yourself has said/posted. I never made assumptions as you said on her wants/desires in doing so in some way you’d have to know the person-which I do not. Like I said I was just going on all said to include what you yourself posted. You are the one who carrys on like you know all about what is going on. But that is ok, no one else can comment or be curious, if they do you say their crazy or delusional.

  • GB FAN

    45, NO THANKS! I don’t want to talk about gas prices! too high!!! LOL!!!
    let’s talk about gb.
    46, you seem to know a lot about Jasmine and Gerry and his history in “dating”.

  • Tina

    #48 not alot about Jazz and Gerry, maybe a little bit. I’m just happy the guy is out there dating. It sucks that he seems to gravitate to the thin model types, but if that is all that he’s around in the entertainment biz and most likely it’s expected of him to date those types of women, then I guess I understand his predicament. After all it’s all an illusion in the biz and you have to act and look a certain way to be accepted. Gerry talks about the “Hollywood” types but yet I see him doing the same thing in dating as well as his spiritual quests. Next thing we’ll see is him hanging out with Tom Cruise sprouting about Scientology and how it saved his life. LOL…just kidding…I hope.

    LW- My comments are based on my own observations and speculations. Nothing is written in granite. I never stated that I knew Gerry and/or Jasmine. The reason why I believe you are a delusional, crazy fangurl is for the simple fact that from your posts, you tend to over analyse everything in regards to their alleged relationship. You tear every little sentence apart in hopes of finding a way to discredit the fact that Gerry is in fact dating Jasmine Burgess. Is the man not permitted to have a romantic life of his own? Must his girlfriends constantly be torn apart and analysed because a fan such as yourself doesn’t like or approve of her? Why the sudden interest over this little known model who’s caught the eye of this actor? I can seriously understand people refuting the Cameron Diaz/Jennifer Aniston rumors because they are truly laughable and totally false but why be upset over this woman?

  • Lonewolf

    like I said #49-before you point a finger. You are the one who analyzes and so forth. I dont care who he dates , but I am curious as to how people like you can say what you do then turn around when someone comments or inquires you accuse them as you do. Sudden interest-none. Just commenting on what I read. ANd your posts espically including the Toronto ones have me curious. What gives you the right to correct someone when all they are doing is making a comment? How do you know what they know or have seen. You come across as the expert… be honest, back when he dated Ciara he was the most happiest from what I read it is to bad it didnt work out. And me tearingsomeone apart-never will happen. I just comment on what I have read including your remarks. It just seems that if its something you dont wanna hear/read, you judge them falsely, yet I dont accuse you of being fanatical in your responses do I. If you surf all the sites regarding GB youll find out that this site isnt the only one who has put in their 2 cents on Gerrys dating even now. Have a good day. LW