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Gerard Butler Still Loves You

Gerard Butler Still Loves You

Gerard Butler poses with a Japanese model at the P.S. I Love You press conference at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel on Thursday in Tokyo, Japan.

P.S. I Love You was released in December 2007 in the U.S. but the film will open in Japan on October 18, 2008.

At the press conference, Gerard received flowers, played with a camera, and posed with Japanese model Keiko Mayama.

The 300 star will soon begin work on The Untouchables: Capone Rising, where he be playing the lead role, Jimmy Malone.

15+ more pics inside of Gerard Butler still loving you…

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gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 01
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 02
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 03
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 04
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 05
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 06
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 07
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 08
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 09
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 10
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 11
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 12
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 13
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 14
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 15
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 16
gerard butler ps i love you tokyo 17

Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • Angie

    #49-not to take sides, but I am in agreement with LW (#50). I to surf Gerry’s sites (plus several other actor/actress). and dont comment unless there is a reason. I dont see in her comments as delusional crazy or anything of the sort you accuse her of. As a matter of fact, anyone’s post that you have commented on also-they to are only putting in their opinion. No one tore yours apart did they-no. And yours has me questioning in a sense how do you know what you do, espically about his dating this individual? Speculation and so forth? Ok…no one is arguing you have the right to say whatever….how do you not know the curiosity isnt based on another Bianca/Gerry incident? Bianca was a little know model as Jasmine and Gerry dated her awhile…history in a since repeating itself….based on my observations you might can say. So I dont think its LW (or anyone else for that matter)being upset over this “dating” between Jasmine/Gerry -its just a notion if the samething is going to happen again. Who knows-I sure dont. But Im sure you do…, tear mine up and judge me…..I can careless. BTW-I am not the only one who thinks history is repeating itself. True, we all want to see Gerry not alone and happy-but grabbing at straws…whos to say. But, Tina let everyone have their say, you are allowed it….and in doing so doesnt make them crazy, etc. Before you say such things-read your posts-they do draw attention, yet did anyone do you has you have others? No. Keep the faith.

  • Tina

    Wow LW…you seem to be multiplying yourself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you’re Angie as well. Don’t deny it as noone with any common sense would believe you. You really are crazy so I rest my case. Oh, by the way he never did date Chiara. There were a few photos of them together at events and crazy fans like yourself “assume” he was dating her. Didn’t you know the woman was married at the time of those photos? Apparently not or you are stating that Gerry was with a married woman who was cheating on her husband. As for correcting you when you comment, your comments come off as delusional and crazy. Comment to your heart’s content. It only makes you look stupid and crazy. People like you give Gerard Butler fans a bad rep.

  • lonewolf

    Whatever!!!Now your an expert on who says what…..No, there are 2 different people-same online class. And I never said came out and said he dated Ciara, I said back when. And once again being the expert you are if it doesnt fit your “bill” as the true Gerry fan… use assume/crazy/delusional freely-you might want to take a look at your opstings again….your the one correcting everyone…..its like you know every move this guy makes, what size pants he wears and so on. No, it is you and those like you who gaive his fans a bad rep-they cant put in their comments/concerns or just chat because obsessive individuals like yourself has to make sure they have the last say!!Like I said Tina, before you pass judgement I suggest you look in your own back yard. You may call yourself a Gerry fan, but in reality you areonly an obsessive individual who turns/twists peoples words around to fiit your fantasy. Your right and everyone else is wrong (or crazy/delusional, etc) meaning its ok for you to make your observations/speculations but it is different with someone else. Please say whay you want-have the last say. Because you will be doing just that. Heaven forbid anyone points something out they have read or “observed/speculated” only you are allowed to do that. Now, have a nice day. LW.

  • GB FAN

    # 49, ya it’s good that gerry is out there dating and he does seem to gravitate to thin models types. LOL!!! It could be from having low self esteem and a beautiful thin model is a “trophy” so he goes for that. The Hollywood lifestyle makes him happy but is he really happy?

    OH GOD NO!!! GB stay away from Tom Cruise!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  • ellie

    1st of all he is very handsome. I would love the accent. Jennifer aniston is no ones sloppy second. Shes a good woman with lots of love to give and has the right to share it with or without anyone she pleases too!! you think??

  • Tina

    #53 *yawn* Psycho…..

  • http://justjared snickers

    Tina # 49 – You know jack shit about either one of them…you are the crazy fangurl – couldn’t stand it if GB was gay or bi. You are so intent on him having a GF it’s sickening. You are the psycho.

  • http://justjared snickers

    Tina # 49 – You know jack shit about either one of them…you are the crazy fangurl – couldn’t stand it if GB was gay or bi. You are so intent on him having a GF it’s sickening. You are the psycho. This stupid “kind of dating” comment is to deflect all the gay rumors. Even if he is straight, so what if he isn’t dating anyone.

  • Tina

    Holy Crap, LW…you’re still multiplying…

    But to answer your derranged rantings, *snickers*…actually no I’m not a fan of Gerry’s…nice try. This is actually the first Gerard Butler thread that I’ve posted on. I could honestly care less if he were gay or bi..To each their own. Why is it sickening for the guy to have a girlfriend and why are you so intent on trying to deflect the fact that he DOES have one? Grow up. The man is taken for now and you crazy fangurls can’t stand it. It’snot like he’s going to be interested in your fat pathetic behind.

  • lonewolf

    I dont know where you went to school, Tina, or if you are even educated…apparently not. Once again, I am not snickers……nor Angie….just me. Fat-not even close. Go back in past postings befroe you once again point a finger.

    You speak of yourself in your words elsewise you wouldnt carry on as you do. Now, you say grow up….listen to yourself…..

  • http://justjared snickers

    ” Why is it sickening for the guy to have a girlfriend and why are you so intent on trying to deflect the fact that he DOES have one? ”
    Tina and you know this how?? and who said it was sickening if he does?
    If you’re not a fan of his why are you even on this board and also you seem to know a lot about him.? No, you’re a fangurl and stalker loser.

  • http://justjared snickers

    Tina – would you happen to be a woman of color?

  • http://justjared peaches

    Tina – I have to agree with Snickers…for someone who claims they are not a fan why are you even here? Why are you so intent for him to be dating Jasmine oh excuse me Jazz . Wake up sista the man is either gay or bi.

    GB has a habit of breaking up with any woman he is dating before one of his movies comes out….he probably already did IF he was “dating” anyone.

  • lonewolf

    Hey Snickers;

    I always wondered if I had a twin (excuse me, as Tina sz one and the same) anyway, glad to “know” ya…. we rapped a couple times in previous posts…..and what to I keep sayin-consider the source and dont sweat the small stuff. Be cool. Peace. LW

  • lonewolf


    BTW-Im refering to Tinas posts (#59) where you are me, Im you…..etc.

  • lol

    Gerry’s fangurls are insane. I never wouldve believed it until I saw this. Poor Tina…to have to deal with the attacks and all she did was confirm that Gerry had a girlfriend.

    Gerry does have a girlfriend and it is Jasmine. He’s still with her. We are in the same circle of friends though I can’t say I’m a friend of hers per se. It’s no wonder why Gerry’s so quiet about the relationship. If I was his girlfriend, then I’d live in fear that one of you nutcases would hunt me down. You “ladies” really need to get a life.

    As for Gerry being gay or bi…LMAO whatever wishful thinking doesn’t make it so.

  • http://justjared peaches

    lol and tina must be the same person.
    just an fyi lol – I do know that they are not dating – I’m in their circle too hahaha.

  • http://justjared just an innocent bystander

    Not trying to choose sides or anything, but can I just say one thing please? for someone who is suppose to be dating someone, GB sure has spent a lot of time apart from JB. Filming Game, then he was in India for two weeks, then he was in LA filming TUT, then he was in Milan, then he went on vacation by himself (heard he was with someone though and it wasn’t JB), first to Scotland then to Israel. Then one of his PR people told Marie Clare magazine that he was “kind of dating” a girl in NY , so now he has to stay in NY for a month have one picture taken with her on a corner which looked pretty staged, and then flies to London, Toronto, then Japan again without his gf.

  • confused

    Just to point out, Tina did say it’s been a casual relationship. I think this is the type of scenerio we’ve seen #68. I don’t think it would make sense about the Marie Claire interview as it was released in the Oct. edition and the sighting of Gerry and Jasmine was Aug 1st(thereabouts) and noone knew he was “kinda dating a girl from NYC”. Also, how does anyone know that this woman didn’t visit on the sets of his movies and/or travel with him? Just because we’ve never seen photos of them together at these places doesn’t mean she wasn’t there. Just my 2 cents. Please don’t bash me like the other posters.

  • tina

    #61- I know he has a girlfriend cuz I’ve seen him with her with my own eyes. I’ve only been on this thread, none other. If you’re taking a head count on who’s posted the most in regards to Gerard Butler and the alleged women he is or not with, perhaps you need to count LW’s posts. I only started posted posting as I attended the afterparty & thought it would be nice to share…boy was I ever wrong. Little did I know that Gerry’s fans are pyscho and so demented that the guy isn’t even permitted to have a girlfriend.
    #62- No I am white.
    #63 See above as to why I’m here. As for my “intent” that he’s dating Jasmine, it’s a fact. It’s not wishful thinking on my part. I’m not even interested in the guy but you all act like you have something to win or lose if he’s dating her. I have nothing to lose either way. If he’s not dating her, then I would gladly apologize but it isn’t going to happen cuz I KNOW he is.
    #64-65- Talking to yourself I see. *rolls eyes* It’s easy for anyone on here to have multiple names. It doesn’t take much intelligence to do so. Perhaps I was one of the ones who had sided with you before and now I’m not. Hmmm maybe I’m snickers! LMAO (which I’m not btw)
    #66-Thank you kindly. At least there’s one sane person out there who’s not a fangurl.
    #67-Dunno who lol is…could be anyone…maybe it’s *gasp* LW!
    #68-think I mentioned before that it wasn’t a serious relationship. Actually Jasmine was on the set of Game to visit Gerry though I’m not certain about TUT. Plus she was also in London this past summer just after Gerry finished with the Italy fashion shows. How does anyone know if she wasn’t with him on these trips? Just because you don’t see any photographic evidence doesn’t mean she wasn’t there.

    Seriously I’m trying not to be mean here. Some people just need a reality check and I was hoping that the people who posted here were mature enough to handle it but I guess not. Personally I don’t hold too much faith in the “relationship” between Gerry and Jasmine lasting. But I could be wrong. If I am it doesn’t hurt me one way or another. I know what I’ve seen and I know what I’ve heard about the situation. Take it as a rumor or take it as truth. Whatever…I through here with this thread. I’ve got better things to do with my life than to argue with a bunch of crazy demented fangurls.

  • lol

    #67- nope peaches not Tina. When Gerry starts showing up with Jasmine during the awards season, you’ll be eating your words. :-) Until then, let the speculation begin.

  • GB FAN

    OMG!!! Go for it GB and make it offical with Jasmine.

  • Elvis

    Hey, Elvis (#33) is back in the building!!!

    Interesting chat.

    (#68 Just…) Nope he wasn’t alone in Israel, and yep….I’ve heard Jasmine was in the holiday-party in Israel. The paps set up the photo with him and that other girl (see photos – Gerard Butler GALS). H

  • Elvis

    Hey, Elvis (#33) is back in the building!!!

    Interesting chat.

    (#68 Just…) Nope he wasn’t alone in Israel, and yep….I’ve heard Jasmine was in the holiday-party in Israel. The paps set up the photo with him and that other girl (see photos – Gerard Butler GALS). H

  • Keka

    He wont’s family and kids and she is too old for that now, so … sorry … And he prefers brunettes and kind of exotic ones… She is too ordinary for him… He is far far away from shalow plane American way of thinking and etc… Don’t be insulted, but Europeans especially those from Scottland are sooo much different in sooo many ways, but all good … If you knew any warmbloded Scottish man than you know what I’m talking about and that Gerard and Jenifer just not gonna happen… Sorry…

  • http://justjared tiptoeintiptoeout

    Elvis/Tina – JB wasn’t in London or Israel – just so you know…this is a fact. also fyi- Gerry also has been dating someone in LA since last year…this is another FACT!…hope JB knows

  • nyob

    This poor man has more crazies tracking his life than should be allowed. Girlfriend in NY. Girlfriend in LA. Jennifer Aniston. Gay men. Who hasn’t he dated?? Either none of you know squat and he is a boring normal guy OR he is a diseased slut.

  • huh

    Well if he’s been dating someone in LA why did he say he was “kinda dating a girl from NYC” in the Marie Claire interview? Why not say he’s been dating a girl from LA? Either he’s got girlfriends on both coasts who know nothing of each other or they both think the other isn’t a serious relationship. Just saying…..

  • lonewolf

    Sorry everybody-I am not a stalker, never even been to anything of his (priemere, after party) just trying to find out what is true and what is rumor. Because for some reason, this guy no matter what he does who he sees etc he is tarred and feathered (so to speak). AS Ive stated often, I am one who just “surfs” unless I want to know or say something. Yet some of these posts have me curious as to how they know all they do….so I ask questions. Dont want to make trouble for anyone.

    As for my comment about him and Chiara, I thought her being married was the rumor..and Jasmine, I was curious because it is just like the Bianca?gerry relationship….little known model and so on.

    Just wanted to clarify.

  • lonewolf

    **correctioon in my last sentence: I was curious because it SOUNDS like the Bianca/Gerry relationship…..little know model and so on.


  • http://justjared debbie27

    lone – I thought he was with Chiara too….at least that is what I had heard. It’s funny because Tina said said this was the only site she was the one and only time on a site….but I saw her name on another one claiming GB was “dating” Jasmine. She must be a friend ofJB. Kinda of funny the comment T made about Gerry aging really bad on another Jared site.

  • http://justjared whatever

    Hi! There was an article in one of the rags….mentioned some of the models Gerry dated….Jasmine, Naomi and Bianca. All past tense. I think he is seeing someone no one even knows about.

  • Anonymous

    I was under the impression he was dating a pretty little blonde creature who can be seen in certain photos taken at the London “Rocknrolla” after-party, the TIFF, not to mention other recent pap shots where he’s flipping the birdy with a napkin over his head.


    P.S. Whoever the lucky girl is, don’t you think she deserves to be happy? (Regardless of her ethnicity – sorry, had to be blunt)
    Leave her alone…

  • anon

    Actually if you’re talking about the blonde in the purple dress at the RnR premiere in London, then that is Danielle, Gerry’s manager’s assistant. Same as at TIFF….As for the pap shots where he’s flipping the birdie, that was an older woman…

    As for her right to be happy, sure she allowed her happiness whoever she is just as anyone here is allowed to state their opinion. I’m sure whoever the lucky woman is, she’s very well aware of what she’s getting into when she starts dating a celebrity. It’s all part of the package. Any woman worth their salt will have to have an iron hide to deal with the snide remarks made about her.

  • Anonymous

    It would just be refreshingly nice to hear if the guy was dating someone who WASN’T a model. There are plenty of women out there who are beautiful inside and out, with intelligence, subtance and a personality.
    (Who knows, JB might actually be a very lovely human being, phangurls.)

    If someone can come up with the name of a model with a degree and/or an alternative career away from the fashion/entertainment industry, a career which gives something meaningful back to the community, on humanitarian level, dammit I’ll be impressed.

    Saying that…

    A dress size larger than XS or S can be sexy too dammit!!!

  • lonewolf

    #85-LOL I know Im not in the runnin, Im not dark-skinned (med-lite olive), have short hair (he likes it long) and not a model (prior service Marine Corps, athletic build) and have a Associates in Administration, going for my BA . But, thats ok. What ever makes his boat float…..


  • http://justjared Snickers

    Anonymous – I agree – Gerry needs to “think outside the box”
    To say that these are the only women (models) he comes in contact with in his line of work is just stupid. There are plenty of beautiful women that can be “models” that are writers, producers, etc.

  • babe

    OMG! what is wrong with you people??? He is NOT FAT He is thin, and perfect. He is ah-dorable

  • v

    he belongs to a dating service?
    wtf..cant find true love and eternal bliss in target rich environment like L.A.?
    maybe it’s his taste in women that keep him single and searching…he no likie the whities.

  • hal
  • BeautyGirl302(KerenMadula)

    Gerard Butler is handsome!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! Gerard Butler is handsome in my life! I hope II can meet him but I dont where he is.

  • BeautyGirl302(KerenMadula)

    Gerard Butler is handsome!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! Gerard Butler is handsome in my life! I hope i can meet him but i dont where he is! I need to know where he is as i can give him signate!!! I think he have a girlfriend or not. OK, i will check if he have a girlfriend. I am 11 years old and how do i know his name is?! Wow, i cant belive that i do that!!!