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Jessica Biel Gets Some Southern Hospitality

Jessica Biel Gets Some Southern Hospitality

Justin Timberlake takes Jessica Biel out for a late dinner and some drinks with friends at his restaurant, Southern Hospitality, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Wednesday.

On Monday, Jessica Biel was at the Easy Virtue premiere during the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival.

Justin, 27, missed being punched in the face after a fan sneaked into a VIP area and caused a ruckus to take his photo at the New York Fashion Rocks party earlier this week.

10+ more pics inside of Jessica Biel getting some Southern Hospitality…

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justin timberlake jessica biel southern hospitality 02
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justin timberlake jessica biel southern hospitality 05
justin timberlake jessica biel southern hospitality 06
justin timberlake jessica biel southern hospitality 07
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  • yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

    waiiiit what happened?

  • lavender

    her bra is showing

  • thetruththetruth
  • kate

    too bad he missed the punch:( He is such a douche!

  • maddie

    they both dress so badly.
    Cameron Diaz made him dress a lot better than he does now I think.

  • anonymous

    How long do you think it will last ?
    and do you think Jessica is clingy with Justin ?

  • sarah

    she is using him and she is ugly has hell. i hope he dumps her soon

  • anonymous

    how long do you think they will last ?
    also do you think Jessica is to clingy ?

  • thetruththetruth

    yes she is clingy

  • anonymous

    someone that’s works in the entertainment field said the more clingy Jessica is the qickly the relationship will end
    it was the same with Cameron
    do you think it will last as long it did with Cameron or do you think it will end much sooner then lhat

  • anonymous

    someone in the entertaintment field said the clingy Jessica is the qicker it will end
    do you think they will last as long as when Justin was dating Cameron or do you think it will end sooner

  • tas

    Fish lips needs to wash her oily hair and put on some makeup, she looks dirty. And yes, I think she’s very insecure and clings with JT. This will not last.

  • shame

    So funny, he’s been nothing but smiles and fun this week, but as soon as she shoes up he looks like this. She sure left toronto early, she knew JT was in new york so she had to come get her press opportunity.

  • Missy

    Totally agree with everyone..he was all smiles all week long until she showed up! What’s the point of being in a relationship with someone when you can’t be your true self? And aren’t those the same ugly boots she wore all the time last season?! Girl needs to spend some money on new clothes, makeup and new stylist! I definately don’t like the two of them together and hope that don’t too much longer. Maybe now that Trace is single, Justin will want to be single again too–isn’t that what happened when Trace broke off his last engagement, Justin stayed with Cameron for a little while then broke up with her. Hopefully history will repeat itself

  • Lauren

    she looks like a pig/horse,
    and she’s fat too.


  • Tripp

    She actually looks pretty here. JT is one ugly mofo. he always looks pasty like a drug addict.

  • jussaying

    I think she is pretty, but why does her hair always look dirty?

  • bam!

    I’m actually pulling for this couple, not cos I like either of them just cos them together seems to annoy everyone else! Hope they get married, have some kids.

  • Lisa

    well JT looks hot lol as always
    Jessica looks nice 2 just her bar s showing lmao

  • marie

    That whole fight story ater the fashion rocks concert was a lie you know. It was made up by the UK tabloid the Mirror. They make crap up all the time. It never happened.

  • Rose


  • Amber

    Look at that smug look on her face!
    She’s only getting her pics taken because she is with Justin and because her publicist tipped off the paps!

  • Katie

    Perez has a story that jessica was rude to afn there and she yelled at the fan!

  • KC

    Jessica is looking at one of the cameras and smiling. And the picture that’s on Perez has her looking angry. But the minute paparazzi are around she’s all smiles. No one cared about her until she got together with Justin.
    I bet her people did tip off the paps. They just always happen to be wherever they are. And the hand holding and kissing seem to only happen once she realizes the paparazzi are there.
    I hope he dumps her soon. He almost always looks miserable when she’s there with him.

  • Kennedy

    There have been rumors about her being a famewhore. Her hair is so greasy.

    Justin looks cute but I dont like his jacket.

  • http://justjared jt forever


  • http://justjared jt forever

    im a justin fan for years now and I really hope he dumps this talentless fame whore soon I personally loved him with cameron at least she was a star on her own and didn’t need him and seemed to really care about him i know people think he was miserable with cameron because he was rude to paps but they bothered him then but he seemed really happy with her and they were by far a better couple

  • star7

    Do I sense Jealousy? Is your beloved Justin actually happy with someone else, who isn’t YOU? Get Over it! He’s happy, so why can’t you be happy for him?

  • LISA


  • LEna

    Jessica looks stoned.

  • Good victoria

    AGREE TAS NUMBER # 12……… That hair REALLY needs to see a good scrubbing……It seems she just rolled on out of bed, and said ” Who Cares” ?………..Even the Make-up looks old and dirty…

  • jbiel is a sucky actress

    Counting down the days until he dumps this greasy bitch.

  • v

    i was at southern hospitality the night before.
    i don’t care about jessica. justin rocks!

  • Sushi

    Two f-ing douchebags. A sourpuss and a swelled-head jerk-off.
    They deserve each other.

  • http://justjared hahaha

    lets see who will be still taking her picture when justin dumps her ass bitch should enjoy it while it lasts but instead in all the pictures of them together it seems like she just found out a relative died and she is looking sick so ugly

  • Breezy B

    WISH he was with me instead. shes ok but she does make that pursed lip face a lot. oh well if hes happy god bless. HE IS SOOOO SEXY!!!!!