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Katie Holmes: Wide-Leg Jeans Are In Again!

Katie Holmes: Wide-Leg Jeans Are In Again!

Katie Holmes is living large, wearing Current/Elliott’s 1973 wide-leg jeans in a moment of rolled-up, skinny ones.

The 29-year-old actress was seen out and about in New York City on Thursday morning also wearing a colorful headband and an oversized red, Hermes bag.

S has been rehearsing for her Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons. Joining Holmes are John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson. Schoenfeld Theater, 236 West 45th St. Opens Oct 16.

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  • marion


  • mamie

    From the coat up, she looks good, but those jeans look ridiculous. She looks like a fool with them dragging along the pavement like that.

  • tas

    Hem those pants! Katie is not the fashionista people think.

  • KarenA

    She’s awesome!!

  • pauline

    She looks unhappy !!!!!!
    Because she can´t $hop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxy

    she looks stupid and just trying too hard. that thing seems so uncomfortable…

  • the dq

    Stupid looking pants. Hope she trips on them & falls flat on her face, breaking her new nose.

  • emilie

    am I the only one reallyyyyy annoyed by Katie Holmes?
    I don’t get why so many people like her
    she doesn’t actually do anything interesting …

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..everyone loves the way ‘kate’ dresses. women all over the world are mimicking her style as we type.

  • andrea

    THE DQ—> katie has a new nose?? she had it done???

  • ediot

    i’ve always liked wide jeans. but these doesn’t fit katie that well

  • m

    how people can say she looks awsome??? THE WAY SHE’S DRESSED IS TERRIBLE!

  • kara

    big deal!!! I have been wearing wide leg jeans for about two months now!!! I was first!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    ..nobody believes you, stfu. lol *smiles*

  • guest

    she is so totally stepford…hire a stylist please!!!!!!!

  • ased

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 09/11/2008 at 1:49 pm ..everyone loves the way ‘kate’ dresses. women all over the world are mimicking her style as we type.


    You mean mocking, j e r koff! lmao..

    What are all the Katie Holmes fans so f u cked in the head and angry! lmao…

  • sarisue

    As hinted to be real life sources who have seen her lately, this looks much more like anorexia than a pregnancy. (Many with the disease where baggy clothes that disguise it, you know.)

  • johan

    How many more rehersals of her do we have to see ? it;s the same bored pics of a person who’s only talent is been married to tom cruise ! don;t you have something more interested to report besides this and the eternal coffee shops of that ugly hig school musical girl ??

  • sarisue

    where–>wear, I mean

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    I’ve come to a decision and have finally realized that Katie Holmes suuucks and can’t dress to save her life.

  • voe

    My, she dropped some serious money for that Hermes bag, didn’t she? The girl really took advantage of her marriage, didn’t she? What’s in it? Tom?

  • t.

    she usually looks impeccable but this is just ridiculous! she has a stylist who is very good/talented. i guess it’s their way of sort of pushing the envelope – trying to create a statement!!. love her hermes but it’s just WAY too big!

  • Tripp


  • WOW!!!!

    Better than the rolled up jeans!

  • Debra

    Great style & I just love her laid back look, you go girl!!!!

  • wildcataz

    Katie need to get a better stylist ASAP….she looks “frumpy”, boorring,just like a walking zombie….what happen to you Katie???

  • Creature from Black Lagoon

    Why would you wish for something so mean to befall her, #7?

    You’re kidding, #8. Right?

    Everyone hates here even though she’s done nothing to them! (Let alone anything ‘interesting’ whatever that means)

    I wish many people liked her…

    It’s her money as well, #21. If Cruise doesn’t care, why should you?

  • Rescue59

    *Yawn* Took you long enough, Creature. *Yawn*

  • sue

    As hinted to be real life sources who have seen her lately, this looks much more like anorexia than a pregnancy. (Many with the disease where baggy clothes that disguise it, you know.)


    I can believe that, Sarisue. She’s looking postively frighteningly skinny of late.

  • ha

    These jeans posts are cracking me up! Do you think Katie is now playing a game with Just Jared to see what jeans will show up on his site today???

  • Dancer

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 09/11/2008 at 2:28 pm

    Well, welcome to the Katie can’t dress to save her life club.

  • Dancer

    Is that the mega-bucks Hermes red bag? Even with that as an accessory she looks off and awful with her fashion sense.

  • ally

    Every piece she is wearing is oversized! The extra large birkin, the too long sweater, the huge flares.

    You play one piece off the other Katie, that means 1 item can be oversize, like just the bag or just the sweater. It looks like she just had gastric bypass and didn’t update her wardrobe.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Katie looks so adorable

  • Sharon

    Boy, I am really getting tired of pictures of her in her extensive jeans wardrobe and her series of dull, dark tops. Being a “serious” stage actress doesn’t mean you have to dress like a drudge, Katie.

  • Prada Love Fest

    No wonder Katie has been so dissed by all the runway shows and happenings in NYC this month. No front row invitations or parties invites for her. Boo hoo hoo. Girl can’t even get a designer endorsement deals and has to pretend to create one with the lady on Tommy’s payroll.

    The idea Katie was some sort of “fashionista” was started and floated along by her PR camp, which is Tom Cruise’s PR camp and experts at things like that. It’s what Katie wanted, so she thought she could get it through Tom (like Nicole did).

    From someone who knows, too bad in the real cruel cold fashion world everyone thinks she’s a wannabe with no class or taste, and no one wants to have her seated at their shows (even if little Tommy writes big checks). HAHAHA!!

  • http://google toni

    I like her styles, she’s natural. she really bring out the styles, her own styles. I like to make up my own looks too, don’t like to copy anybody.

  • kit

    You finally said something that makes sense. You are a NOBODY!!!

  • Sarah

    She has every single top, sweaters and jeans, boots and flats featured on the pages of last month’s Lucky magazine, right down the letter. She’s not orginal by any means. She’s just stinking rich with her husband’s fortune to spend on everything she sees.

    Go look at their August edition guide for fall and you will see every outfit Katie has worn so far (although on her most have dreadful fit with her weird long torso and disproportionate heavy legs). I was flipping through while waiting for an interview and cracking up.

  • parker

    When did she get her own slave?

  • RLON

    One of the perks of Tom’s OT level in Scientology, parker.

  • Good victoria

    DANCER AND RESCUE 59….. Hey guys….WHAT is up with Katie’s jeans dragging the ground ?……Do NOT like THAT look !!!!………BUT, I LOVE that Red Hermes over-sized bag….I bet that thing was a hugh amount of $$$$$$$$……..The scarf in the hair is a different look, but her hair is way too short for it to work……….In those jeans though, I doubt she is pregnant, because her belly LOOKS way to flat………My friend Susan is going to back-off THE MARY because of strange, black SUV’s, ( or escalade’s she says ), that seem to appear ( 2) when she is eating at the restaurant…….Susan said it gives her and her husband ” a creepy feeling, that THEY are being watched also”….Now Susan’s husband is worried that she may have gone too far trying to get more information out of THE MARY, and is hoping this will blow over if they stay away………So, when they left the restaurant on Monday night and Wednesday night, they took different routes home just to make sure these black SUV’s did NOT follow them…..They didn’t, but are very paranoid now, and they hate that feeling ” of something COULD happen, so let’s watch our every move”…….What do you guys think of this stuff with the black cars????…………OH, to the person who said ” katie LOOKS stupid”, how do you think she LOOKS stupid?……I’m sure she did not think that getting dressed, ( no-one does ), or she would have changed her clothes…………AND, when did she find time to ” get a nose job”…….She is always being photographed EVERY day for goodness sakes….I have not seen band-ages OR black eyes that result from a nose job…………..SOUND LIKE CREATURE NOW….HEY LAGOON CREATURE….. Dancer and Rescue 59, know that I love Katie, but I still have comments here and there when i DONT like what she is wearing..Like today……I guess we will have to wait and see about Tom’s involvement in the Cult and if he really ‘ get’s out with Remini”……That would make headlines for sure.!!!! Comments guys? WHERE IS DALE AND MAV AND DEBBA ??????

  • twpumpkin

    Another happy picture of Katie!

  • bejeebus

    the head gear is concerning…a lil bit amy winehouse. is she going to get a pin-up tattoo on her arm next?

  • Creature from Black Lagoon

    Why do YOU come here if you hate TomKat so much, #28?

    It’s not true, #29.

    Quit blaming TomKat for every positive news released by the media, #36.

    And how do you know she wasn’t invited? She may have been too busy with all her rehearsals.

    What an awful thing to say, #40.

    They’re off getting a life I hope, #42.

  • Sandra

    Katie looks like a completely disheveled, miserable mess. Her hair looks stringy, she looks like she needs a good mean, her clothing is baggy (those jeans are ridiculous), and I can’t imagine why she would need a bag large enough to carry her tiny little husband in. Hey….maybe that’s it! Maybe she’s got Tom in the bag! LOL! I love the men who follow her around carrying her “luggage”. This is NY Katie! It’s so not cool to have handlers following you around!

    I’m a New Yorker and if you walk the streets of NY daily as I do, you see regular, everyday women who wouldn’t be caught dressing as miserably at Katie does. She doesn’t just need a stylist. She needs a taste transplant, a sandwich and someone or something that makes her happy cause she sure doesn’t look very happy right now.

  • Creature is Pathetic

    My goodness, Creature/McLovin/Washingon/Clinton….etc. is in rare form today!! LMAO I see she still hasn’t gotten a life!

    What happened to yesterday’s pics Jared? Did Tom or Scientology forget to send you his check this month to keep Katie on your pages? Bad Tom! Bad Scientology!

    With the fact that the show isn’t selling tickets, you would think that Tom and Scientology would make sure you get your checks right on time every week so all the freaked out, sycophantic fanatics can respond that Katie looks “wonderful” despite the fact that she looks like a hot mess who hates her life.

  • me

    WTF is she carrying a suitcase for? Seriously, does she not a a clue that she looks like a total shit-for-brains case? That bag can hold enough for 7 days in Vegas. She’s just going from her hotel to “work” (notice I use that term lightly) lol . WTF does she need a suitcase for?

    katie is a fu*ktard

  • mya

    I saw a french cover magazine saying that Tom and Katie were living apart ’cause they broke up. I don’t know why, but sometimes, her loneliness makes me think that maybe it’s right.

  • sniffles

    Not a fan of those jeans on her, maybe if they fit better. I’m just happy to see that she has a ‘little’ color on. I just wished she would smile once and awhile!