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Lauren Conrad is an Anxious Author

Lauren Conrad is an Anxious Author

Lauren Conrad has signed on to write a three-book series of young adult fiction for HarperCollins, the publisher tells People.

The 22-year-old Hills star revealed the books will be loosely based on Lauren‘s experience turning into a reality TV star.

“It’s definitely influenced by my own life,” Lauren said. “The books are about a girl who moves to L.A. and stars in a reality show, so obviously there are some similarities.”

On who will be included in her books, The Hills star shared, “I’m not trying to do a fictional story based on all my friends in my real life because their stories aren’t really mine to tell. Some of the characters may symbolize people in my life, but it is in no way calling anyone out.”

“I run ideas by Lo [Boswoth] and I’ll ask for her opinion because I value my friends’ opinions,” Lauren said.

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  • sdufyi

    She is sexy.I have searched her photo on . It is said that she is seeking casual relationship but I do not believe that!

  • 4ever lauren

    yeah go lauren!!!

  • jasmine

    How exciting! I will buy anything Lauren conrad makes because i think she is really talented. I adore her clothes and i think this is going to be great! I cannot wait.

  • dialectic

    LAME! oh im sure her “books” are going to be great …right up there with hemingway and faulkner!…ugh

  • assma

    crap… i wouldn’t dare buy ‘em

  • Victoria

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long, long, time.

    LC, please go away now.

  • Miss::CulleN

    uggg, i hate this chick and her ego maniac boyfriend…

    three book series, uh? Ohh, be afraid Tolkien!!

    even her phony face make me sick.

  • x`q

    I bet they’re going to be $50 for one book. Super overpriced, like the rest of her stuff.

  • ha

    LC has a boyfriend? Who is it? The books sound lame.

  • galpal

    WORST idea ever for a book. This girl needs to get over herself.

  • Jennifer

    so this talentless skank gets a book deal? what about real, TALENTED young authors who actually have something to write about?

  • Helena

    Bítch will probably get a ghost writer.

  • tia

    ok i love lauren and all but wtf! a book? this is just a pathetic way for her to make even more money than she already has

  • ha

    Okay, I’m going to save you all $33.00.

    Here is the book right now – exclusive release:

    Hi, my name is Lauren, no wait, it’s LC, you know who I am. I used to have a friend named Heidi, who turned into Speidi, so we aren’t friends anymore, because she said I had b-curtains. No wait, my first love StePHen, second love Jason, and third love Broday, said I had b-curtains. Yet I continue to hang out with all of them anyway except Speidi. You know, how it is in LA, love everyone and trust no one.

    The END

  • http://deleted elizabeth


  • rt

    Who would want to read her books when we know what its all about???

  • Me Likey

    why do I hear a bed move every time I think of her.

  • verde

    This is an insult to genuine writers who are talented, but face the glut of competition for a competent agent and editor. There are PLENTY of superbly written young adult novels in your libraries and bookstores. Don’t support amateur celebrity wannabes.

  • star7

    I thought that her 15 minutes of fame were up? She gets more and more annoying by the minute. I guess she’ll do anything to keep herself relevant in hollywood. No one wants to read a book based on her life. That’s what the show is for!

  • Good victoria

    Right VICTORIA…Even stupidier as I say………Right, STAR 7 NuMBER # 19………….WHY ????….you won’t find me standing in line at my local book store for THAT silliness…..She just needs to do what she does…Her show…Why is it that celebrities HAVE to do BRANCH OUT, and ”’ do perfumes, books, jewerly, artwork,clothes, shoes, baby stuff, make-up and hair……..Like we don’t have enough of those things floating around.

  • Leah

    She needs to go awayyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • kiki

    I can’t wait to read it. I bet she has some interesting stories to tell after all she has been through. As for the haters……..I feel sorry for how jealous you are. It must suck to be you and hate someone you don’t even know.

  • whatever yo

    So, she’s a writer now? Or is it that she’s going to have someone else write her ideas down?

    Has a professional writing major, and I graduate this spring, I find that an insult!

    A 3 part book series about a girl who wants to be a star. Hmm.. that’s much of the teen fiction novels out there!!

    Great way to stand out! It’s a story that’s been done. So much for being original!

  • Goannatree

    My first thought was “really?”….then i snapped back into reality. A three book deal for someone who has no proven writing ability is not about how well they can or cannot write – those that mentioned ghost writers are probably on the right track [(most 'celebrity' authors have one, they are usually labelled -editor- on the book) .... though everyone, including me who writes for a living has an editor, the better the editor, the better the book - though an editor cannot get blood out of stone unless they are, you guessed it, a ghost writer!].

    This kind of publicity on the signing of a book deal is not about the quality of the product, nor even attracting readers, it is about tapping into an established market. In many ways Lauren Conrad, whose house the tourguide in LA made a point of showing us (that was before i had even heard of LC), has been incredibly smart. She obviously has a head for selling her skills. For that she has to be congratulated. Whether society and the arts are dimished by her contribution to it is up to her – but i am not sure the publishers mind – they are really only interested in whether a book sells, the quality is (when it comes to celebrity authors) a secondary consideration.

  • olivia McGillis

    i love lauren! this is gonna be amazing all the haters take a look in the mirrow

  • Felicity BLOG

    Fair enough she’s not a writer, but she’s also 22.
    She’s making the most of the situation she’s in and the contacts she has. I’m not sure it’s right to criticise someone for pursuing an amazing opportunity. If anything, criticise the publishers for using their resources to pursue an easy dollar instead of providing opportunities for professional writers.