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Lindsay Lohan Remembers And Reflects On 9/11

Lindsay Lohan Remembers And Reflects On 9/11


Lindsay Lohan and DJ gal pal Samanatha Ronson just blogged about the horrific events that happened on this day seven years ago.

Lindsay writes, “I am in New York and I would like to remind everybody to take a moment today for those lost in tragedy that occurred on 9/11/01.

thank you.

Samantha added, “Waking up in NYC this morning 7 years later and it feels like just yesterday this city and our worlds were turned upside down…. Never in my lifetime had I ever believed that I would see such horror- the kind that you see in documentaries set in far off places and read about in text books- Never in my life had I ever thought that I would wake up and fall asleep afraid- watching things on television that felt like a film- walking through a city that felt like a war zone. There were army vehicles on Houston street, barricades dividing neighborhoods and lines around the block of people waiting to donate blood set in front of a backdrop of smoke filling a space where two of the largest buildings once stood. Two buildings that shaped one of the most famous skylines in this country, or in the world…… Seven years later and I will never forget. I don’t really know what to say except to all those we lost we will never forget and never take for granted the sacrifices that you made.


Senators John McCain and Barack Obama will be putting their presidential politics aside today for the seventh anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, appearing together at Columbia University for a forum on public service.

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  • mike

    I still remember exactly where I was that day… :(

  • ñññ

    millions of people died in the irak war and nobody remember that the people means the same in the usa and irak

  • reflecting

    i will reflect but not because lindsay lohan told me too…

  • ouch

    don’t need her to remind me! geez

  • jolie

    I’m glad lindsay lohan thinks she needs to remind people of that, what a fucking douche bag


    i will reflect but not because lindsay lohan told me too…


  • Ally

    very sweet of her and samantha to blog about that

  • Kim

    mike @ 09/11/2008 at 11:59 am

    I still remember exactly where I was that day… :(

    I do too. I was in 7th grade, in band class when the teacher told us that planes crashed. I thought nothing of it at the time b/c planes crash everyday b/c I didn’t know the details of it. :( Terrible incident. :(

  • Sassy

    Thank God Samantha took that ridiculous blonde bleach out of her hair. And while obviously we don’t need these 2 to remind us of the anniversary of this horrific event, it’s nice that they chose to write about it on their blog. Refreshing that they show the compassion.

  • Bre

    So much drama…

  • dialectic

    blah blah blah 9/11 …..people seriously act as though this is the only horrible thing to ever fucking happen try waking up and reflecting on the fact that everyday in this world there is war, genocide, famine, abuse , cruelty and pure evil…there are things so disturbing that i cant even write about them because i would vomit….9/11 was horrible and scary and i hope nothing like that ever happens agian here or anywhere but for some people everyday is 9/11…every day they see destruction and murder…do we mark the day when soldiers storm villages burn them to the ground rape children and throw them into a bonfire? rawanda ,cambodia ,south america ,germany the list goes on and on……..human beings are truly the cruelest of all animals

  • brenda

    Maybe Lindsey Lohan doesn’t need to remind some of you. But have forgotten about the Twin Towers. But she doesn’t talk about the Pentagon where military and civilains alike were lost when the plane hit it, or the soldier who lost his son on that same plane and his bestfriend. THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT DON’T REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY. I understand the millions that were paid to civilian families that lost loved ones from what happened. But the military families that lost family and loved ones at the pentagon did not get that same type of money.

    People also don’t remember what our soldiers found when they entered Irag, Sedom’s personal gas chamers where bones were found from the testing of chemicals and the chemicals smells that were still smelled. No they didn’t find the chemicals (YET) but with all of the tunnels that he had they could most likely still be there. The Alqueda are in Iraq, they found one of the head guys there just while ago so their is still more.

    There is not just our country in Iraq. Has maybe 20% US troups compared to soldiers from different countries. They are all part of the international force that go in.

    There was a Mig plane found buried in the sand fully load with nuclear bombs on them. So just think what else Sedom had buried in the sand to make our government look like we were in the wrong. Going after someone who could have hurt our country and possibly could have been part of the 9/11 attack. The guy was another Hitler.

    The pay that our military makes is far less then some civilian jobs and then when they retire they have to pay for insurance. It’s no longer free and the retirement pay that is received is about a 1/4 of what their pay was. But then people complain a bill comes up for more pay increases. They also complain when the equipment that they use can be placed by equipment that is strong and can pertect our soldiers better the bills don’t pass. Bush does not have the final say. read your constitution, anything he vetos can be over ridden.

    People need to open their eyes to the countries around us that are making nuclear bombs that could come straight at us. People that have forgotten what happened to our country on 9/11/2001. But most of all remember FLIGHT 93, the people on that plane saved our White House. I’m very passionate about this because I have always had family members in the military and I have a retired military husband.

    People need to stop and remember everything that happened that day and realize that we are lucky, because of the freedom that we have in our country, where as others don’t.


    When is that going to be mentioned…Since she announced it in her speech no one has talked about that today… Brenda first off the name
    is Saddam … Second Bush lied to the U.S of weapons over there…
    No one is making nuclear bombs over here.. They do not want to
    attack the U.S soil.. Why not publish a book Brenda on all this information that no one knows about..??

  • whoo

    i remember exactly who were not supporting us when it happened.

  • Athmel

    Dialectic. lol.

    Yes, yes, there are plenty of tragedies that make this seem like nothing. Why do so many people think they need to point this out?

    “Why should we celebrate his birthday? Billions of people have birthdays!”

    “Who care if he lost his job! There are WARS going on. There’s, like, job shortages in Russia!”

    “I don’t care that your father died of cancer. Ever heard of the HOLOCAUST!”

    “She was trapped in that basement for years by that sicko” “Pfeh, that’s nothing compared to what the slaves suffered.”

  • Tiffany

    Samantha Ronson writes surprisingly well…

  • fuck england

    hey MINGer…

    I guess you do care about America since you are here bothering to waste time following our celebrities…you are just another pathetic Eurotrash F*cktard with no ideas of your own. Go watch OUR shows and listen to OUR music and watch OUR movies and then feel so much insecurity you have to get it out somewhere.

    Up yours…

  • Candy

    They probably wrote it to remind people who read their blogs,many of whom are their friends.Also both Samantha and Lindsay are from NewYork,Samantha was raised there when her family left the Uk,and Lindsay comes from Long Island.So its their city after all.
    Samantha is a very educated woman,and she is also a huge book reader.She is a geek.

  • bella

    I don’t think anyone will forget what happened that day, wherever you where in the world. Just to be shallow do these two have to copy each other all the time when writing their blogs? They are getting seriously annoying, Lindsay doesn’t have one original thought in her head, go away please the two of you, so sick of them.

  • evie

    R.I.P to all. r.e Candy if Samantha is so intelligent what is she doing with Lindsay Lohan?

  • Candy

    Love is blind.And Lindsay is great.
    If you do a litle search you can easily find out these two have a past and their relation havent just happened now.Its just the stupid press that potrays like that.They know each other for years.

  • ha

    Lindsey needs to concentrate on herself in not being an alcoholic or druggie.

  • ha

    ^And endangering other people’s lives while behind the wheel.

  • mikaela

    i still can’t believe its been 7 years!
    i still remember watching the news and seeing the two planes crash into the twin towers


    OCCURED.. We will never be like Iraq .. Who have had this war way
    to long… We have to take time to remember 4 hijackers who put peoples lives in danger… Why not let her say what she wants.. What is wrong with that… We are talking about something that happened

  • ??

    She needs to learn how to use periods and capitaliztion correctly.

  • Good victoria

    DIALECTIC…..AGREE IN ALOT OF WHAT YOU SAID………Humans ARE the cruelest of all animals….( Twin Towers )……..and to NUMBER # 20 ( bella )….Agree also…I have read blogs all day on 9/11, and have visited other sites…..All Samantha and Lindsay have done is to repeat exactly what is on other’s people’s blogs, but changed a couple of words in an attempt to make theirs look original and the best.,,like no-one had ever thought to do this BUT them………AND how do we know Samantha actually WROTE hers…..I seriously doubt it, after reading different other blogs she has done over the past year.

  • glen coco

    wow. samantha wrote that well. i remember i was sitting in fifth grade and seeing people leave one by one all day, and how weird i thought it was. and then when i got picked up early, how my mom told me what happened. and i asked the stupidest question “did people die?” like wtf of course they did! i was so clueless. and i was so annoyed that all they had on tv was news, even mtv had news!

    ill never forget that day and ill never forgive myself for being so ignorant. haha i feel like an idiot when i tell people i said that.

  • Victoria

    i can’t believe a one article obut 9/11.
    and a lohan in it. not good

  • ellie

    My prayers are with all of you and families.Never will forget that day all the lives we lost. And now we pray for all our soldiers fighting for our lives and for there families and for all we lost…God Bless