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Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: 'Suck It!'

Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: 'Suck It!'

Most celebrities are speaking out against Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, like Matt Damon who thinks she’s totally absurd.

Pamela Anderson, 41, was recently in Toronto speaking out against the abuse of animals in Hollywood. When asked by E! News Weekend Canada about Palin, she has some choice words for the Republican hopeful. The reporter asked Pam if she saw the recent Newsweek article, which showed a gigantic bear hide in the office of Palin‘s house.

“I can’t stand her,” Pam blurted out. “She can suck it!”

Watch the video below! Pam is a vegetarian, an advocate for animal rights, and an active member of the animal protection organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: ‘Suck It!’
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  • movie fan

    I think one of the reasons why Sarah is so disliked is because she is anti- abortion.

    Most of Hollywood loved Hillary and she of course is pro abortion, plus Hollywood is extremely liberal.

    So no surprise if Sarah isnt very popular.

    Go Sarah!

  • julia

    Sarah is an idiot, all republicans are idiots! America will go under with McCain/Palin! The democrats can see and the rest of the world can too!!!

  • kit

    Sarah’s probably going, “Pam who?”

  • tiredofliberalmedia

    No one gives a fuck what Pam Anderson thinks….nor do we really care what any celeb thinks….It’s alright to have your opinion but keep it to yourself or donate to campaigns. She would rather kill a baby than a deer? hmmm makes sense.

    Most celebrities are liberals jared, most of the media is liberal(including your clueless ass jared)…so stop posting useless shit to try and get people hating on Palin.

    News Flash for ya jared: Palin has a higher approval rating than McCain, Biden, and even your perfect lil candidate Obama.

  • tiredofliberalmedia

    Julia your an Idiot. I can’t even argue that comment it’s so retarded.

  • Karen

    Oh I think you also forgot to mention that pam is a filthy WHOOORE.

  • lurkenstein

    I knew there was going to be a day when I became a Pammy fan. She has now won my heart !

  • yo

    Oh and I will take this intelligent comment very seriously. HAHA. Thank god she is for the other side. Because I would be embarrassed if she was promoting/representing my candidate!This coming from a bimbo who has made her fame and living from shaking her tits and having sex on camera. What an idiot. It kills me that Pam constantly states people just take her the wrong way and stereotype her and never have even met her and judge her and yet here she is doing the same thing. Pam stick your fake tit in your mouth and shut it!


  • louis

    Pam cis a disgusting sex addict.
    she looks like an aging hooker on Hollywood Bl.

    puh-leeze..anyone Pam knox..I like.

  • jt

    #5 ditto! Obama followers/worshipers are hilarious!

  • http://Ha!Ha! tisketatasket

    Ewww Pam is one woman I wouldnt want in my corner. More votes for Palin!! Go join Matt, Jen and Ben for some tea to discuss politics. Afterall, she dated his good buddy Ben at one time. That says a lot.

  • julia

    To: tiredofliberalmedia

    I`m an idiot because I say the truth. I said what the rest of the world thinks of McCain/Palin and the democrats! You`re an idiot because you can`t see the facts!!!! You idiots voted for Bush… TWICE!!! You complain about your economy and health situation, it`s your own f… fault for choosing that

  • Janie

    Celebrities need to keep their mouth shut or I am not going to see their movies! Who cares who they are voting for? Why do they think their opinion matters to me?

  • jessica

    Pam Anderson.lmao. what a dumb whoore. Matt Damon is a dumb jerk. This hollywood people better shut up because they are dumb when they open their month.

  • Shay

    Haha, does anyone take Pam seriously if the topic isn’t sex? Come on Pam keep talking!!!! It helps our side more!!!!!! GO SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessica

    Pam Anderson.lmao. what a dumb whoore. Matt Damon is a dumb jerk. This hollywood people better shut up because they are dumb when they open their mouths.

  • Angie

    Well, Pam needs to take her nastiness elsewhere. I agree w/you movie fan. Hollywood is full of liberal individuals who are pro-choice, so of course they are dems. Very few are republicans, and the ones who are more conservative should get more respect than they do, but it’ll never happen. Go McCain/Palin!!

  • hahaha

    These liberals are scared to death. Go Sarah.

  • tre

    Julia…….ding ding….wake up….McCain is winning in the polls now. Again, another ignorant statement. Obama is a HUGE JOKE! I almost hope he wins just so when he fucks up this country…………..WE CAN ALL LAUGH AT YOU BRAINWASHED IDIOTS….you guys are like robots….all you speak is…..”CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE”….” Palin a heart beat away from the white house”….of course thats all Obama says too ! HAHAHA. We will all be broke and dead if he runs this country….The man lies so much he can’t even get what faith he is in a interview…..(the one he just did a few days back) ” my Muslim faith….oh I mean my….HAHAHA Obama is nothing more than a rock star to people. RESUME IS BLANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie Ledger

    The more I hear about the Alaskan governor, the less I like her. What a strange choice. They get the conservative base but erase any promise of having an environmental platform to run on. She opposed protecting the Polar Bear, because its protection threatens the less-endangered oil and gas industry. What is it about evangelicals that are pro-life and anti-environment?

    Leave it to Gary Busey to find a loophole around the Endangered Species act.

  • James.


    Obama=welp, nothing!

  • JB

    Pamela Anderson would be a more experienced VP than Sarah Palin!

  • Angie

    Sarah is not an idiot Julia, and not all republican’s are idiots. Why do people have to be so insulting to each other on these things. We live in America people, everyone has the right to voice their opinions on things. And as strongly as liberals (democrats) feel about their rights and opinions, conservatives (republicans) feel the same way. This is the beauty of the American system. If we lived in any other country then we would all be lynched or jailed or killed for that matter if an opinion came out about ANYTHING…so why can’t we all be nice and just stop w/the name calling here?

  • julie

    uh oh…i smell scared liberals…they know……Obama’s run is fading quick!

  • hahaha

    Everybody in this country has more experience than Obama. He is a joke and shame.

  • black

    This is really getting ridiculous.
    Those, so called, prominent people should keep their opinion to themselfes.

    Havn´t their parents thought them?

    ——Never talk about religion and politics in public————————

  • kurt

    #22 that would mean she 5 times more experienced than Obama considering Palin has more experience then him. HAHA! That guy is a JOOOOOOOOOOKE. HAHA I love when Dem’s say that…..that just proves Obama has nooooooooo experience! PALIN HAS DONE TWICE WHAT HE HAS! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO PALIN!!!!!!!

  • Good victoria

    NUMBER # 3 ( KIT ) lol lol lol…………I agree that the celebrities think they have way to much power when it comes to politics, that they believe anything they say or promote, will be the all means to an end…….THEY need to do what it is they do, and keep their opinions to themselves…………Only WE can voice and complain about them ( LOL), when we feel the need…..And then sometimes I think it is safer NOT to do that………Just vote on who you think will get the job done, and keep up their promises ( LOL ), and let’s hope fot the best that we did the right thing, no matter WHO is the next President!!!!

  • nina

    Liberals can say whatever they want. But the fact is they are losing. McCain/Palin will win. I will laugh so hard at the liberal losers.

  • kurt

    #23 WELL SAID!!!!!!!!! I was talking to my mom about this today……Dem’s can scream to the top of the mountains they LOVE Obama and no one says anything. But the second you say you are for McCain…they wanna start getting aggressive yelling and screaming and beating down people.

  • Yes, you are idiots…

    Angie, # 23, I find it funny that you say not all republicans are idiots, yet you don’t know how to use punctuation properly. Did you even graduate from the eighth grade?

  • bejeebus

    thanks, pam. anything bad you have to say about palin only helps her in the end. do you know why, pam? because no one has any respect for your trashy @ss. so keep it coming you used up slag…keep it coming.



  • samantha

    Even celebs have the right to be opinionated #13!
    She is totally right! we cant have republicans runnin america!

  • kiki

    Ok, all Pam does is show off her body so who is she to talk? this is just another reason to vote for McCain and Palin

  • Malibuinvest

    The funny thing is that Pam has leather seats in her car, lol.

    The whole abortion thing cracks me up because it would be political suicide to overturn Roe V Wade so its all hype. What someone believes personally is not what they do. They are plenty of Democrats that don’t abortion and Republicans that do. It’s just not “headline worthy.”

    I for one would like to see that issue go away because it is a joke to bring it up each year or election cycle.

    I am against many things personally but support what the majority wants. I think most are that way if you are repping others and not just yourself.

    Also it is funny that Hollywood is so pro Democrat considering they destroyed the Film industry here in California in the 70s that led to the economic boom in Canada for shooting.

    While everyone bashes it out, i am sitting here laughing at everyone.

    Pam is a nutcase. Certainly ran into her enough time throughout my life and in Malibu.

  • t

    Haha democrats beating down people hilarious, too bad it’s the republicans that want everyone to live exactly as they do, and democrats are fighting for the right to live their own life in a free country, it’s crazy that being a republican is even an option in a “democratic” society with separation of church and state, and yet somehow it’s option to vote for someone who makes their legal decisions based on their personal religious beliefs ie gay marriage, its ridiculous.. pam is of course not someone to look to for political advice, which is why they asked her for comic, but then again neither is sarah palin, I put them in the same category.

  • chris

    oh liberals are sooo nutso! Pam is a whore…bottom line..who cares what she has to say. SHe cant bear to see an animal hurt but its ok to kill defensless unborn babies. What a dumb piece of crap.

  • Mabes

    Here we go again – another “bright” celebrity that thinks they know it all. Give me a break. Pam should really concentrate on the way she portrays herself in public pretty disgusting don’t yah think?? Go McCain/Palin ’08.

  • Janie

    #34, I agree that they can have opinions. I’m not saying they can’t. I just find it stupid that they think we want to know who they are endorsing. Even if I agreed with them, or I didn’t, I don’t care who they are voting for. It’s just not their place.

  • Janie

    #34, I’m not saying they can’t have opinions. I just find it really embarrassing for them that they think their opinion has an effect on us.

  • gina

    The more I hear about Palin the less I want her and McCain to win.

  • nutty republicans

    We want the Republicans out of the White House because we are sick of them spending billions of dollars on war, screaming that it’s evil to kill an embryo, and sending young people out to be killed , dismembered, and murder people. Hypocrites!

  • Lei


    WHO WANTS TO LISTEN TO A BIMBO ANYWAY, SHE HA NO BRAIN AND A SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Roni

    Pam Anderson should take all of her opinions and gather that energy into getting a stylist so we don’t have to see her old leather face anymore. If we want political advice we don’t really want it from you Pam. Get some more sleep.

  • sillyme

    I’m so tired of all these feminists trashing Palin. Polls now show that McCain gets more of the female vote than Obama gets; most American women relate more to Sarah than these trashy Hollywood types and east coast feminists/pro-abortion types. I was going to vote Dem, but after I’ve seen how Barack and his people have gone after her, they totally disgust me.

  • julia


    You just said it:)

  • You/Me

    Sarah Palin is probably the only person in the world who hasn’t sucked something on Pam Anderson :-)
    LMAO, stupid celebs and their opinions on politics that they think matter to the rest of America.

  • ukku

    This has nothing to do with what you guys are commenting.
    But I was just wondering about something.
    Do you learn about Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism as much as/or just Christianity in school?
    (FYA: I’m from Sweden)

  • Helena

    I never thought I’d say this but GO PAM!