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Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: 'Suck It!'

Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: 'Suck It!'

Most celebrities are speaking out against Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, like Matt Damon who thinks she’s totally absurd.

Pamela Anderson, 41, was recently in Toronto speaking out against the abuse of animals in Hollywood. When asked by E! News Weekend Canada about Palin, she has some choice words for the Republican hopeful. The reporter asked Pam if she saw the recent Newsweek article, which showed a gigantic bear hide in the office of Palin‘s house.

“I can’t stand her,” Pam blurted out. “She can suck it!”

Watch the video below! Pam is a vegetarian, an advocate for animal rights, and an active member of the animal protection organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: ‘Suck It!’
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230 Responses to “Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: 'Suck It!'”

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  1. 51
    joy Says:

    Yes, Pam should know all about sucking things!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liberal or Conservative, people should know when to shut their mouth. People need to think for themselves and stop looking to celebrities for an opinion because if they do they will only get an ignorant one. God bless…

  2. 52
    ukku Says:

    FYI* haha

  3. 53
    Amy Says:

    Gee cause last I checked Pam was the one who did all the sucking.

  4. 54
    priscilla Says:


    I’ve noticed that you are pretty biased in the things you post. You did not post the “lipstick” comment of Senator Obama (regardless if he meant John McCain or Sarah Palin). You did not post about Joe Biden saying he thought Hillary Clinton was a better candidate then him. You did not post the 2004 video of Senator Obama talking about he thinks he is ready to run in 2008 (but he is). You also don’t post Hollywood actors/actresses that are Republican such as Jon Vioght (Angelina’s Jolie’s Father). Your coverage on celebrities is very good. You are not biased when it comes to celebrity news, but when it comes to political posts, you lean towards the left.

    Please Jared, be more open to both sides of the story. Don’t be the typical Democrat that makes republicans look bad. Regardless, both parties have made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. Don’t be biased, deliver fair and balanced news.


  5. 55
    BMAN Says:

    If anyone is going to “Suck It” it will be Pam, we all have seen that…. she needs to shut her Pie Hole….

  6. 56
    tom c Says:

    Pamela Anderson never went beyond 2nd grade so she can’t even read or understand Sarah Palin’s qualifications or experiences. Pamela should concentrate on bettering herself and self worth instead of ridiculing others using foul language.

    Pamela Anderson is stupid ! (How does that feel, Pamela??)
    Pamela Anderson is stupid !
    Pamela Anderson is stupid !

  7. 57
    priscilla Says:

    * ERROR

    “You did not post the 2004 video of Senator Obama talking about he thinks he is *NOT* ready to run in 2008 (but he is).

  8. 58
    Paige Says:

    Jared, it’s glaringly obvious that you’re voting for Obama. You post every little tidbit of any celeb bashing McCain or Palin. Enough.

    Pamela Anderson told someone to “suck it”? That’s rich *rolls eyes*
    She would be the authority on that such thing.

  9. 59
    EVA Says:

    goooo pam!!! :)
    definitely what i would say.

  10. 60
    sl Says:

    animals werent just put on this earth by God to spend thousands of dollars on and spoil them and fight for their rights…. they were also put on this earth to eat, and to use the remains for other things. GET OVER IT!
    Oh and “most celbrities are speaking out over the VP nominee” i think weve heard like 4 so far not most… and the ones that have said something..big woop.

  11. 61
    Tom Says:

    Hunting is one of the oldest sports, and there are people that eat meat (so what), it’s a way of life in Texas, Pam needs to get a life, washedout *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 62
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    who care what this ***** think

  13. 63
    Dandee Says:

    I can’t stand YOU. YOU can suck it. Oh, that’s right…you already have… AND filmed it . Stick to sex tapes

  14. 64
    Catsy Says:

    Thank you, Julie Ledger!

    I’m amazed at the emotional ignorance of those supporting Palin because of her appearance and personality. I’m certainly no fan of Pamela Anderson, but her comments reflect what many think of Palin, here, in Boston. Her Alaskan record is pretty bad. I couldn’t believe it when I watched her on video during a talk she gave to students at her church, and she said that our presence in Iraq was God’s will. Unbelievable.

  15. 65
    marieme Says:

    Pam always makes sense.

    Suck it, Palin! You’re goin’ down!

  16. 66
    jen Says:

    OMG haha, id never thought id like Pam till today! just awesome lol… i have the same reaction about Sarah…

  17. 67
    CA Says:

    I am a proud Liberal…not sure why people use it like a curse word.

    With that said, McCain is looking strong in the polls these days and I am preparing my mind for the sad possibility of him sitting in the White House…what a country.

    Today’s Lesson: Don’t vote for the smart guy with not one but two Ivy League degrees, vote for the chick who took 6 years plus to finally graduate from Idaho State after attending 4 different universities in total. What did Van Wilder call those people in that National Lampoon movie…doctors?

    Thank God I’m rich…I hope all of y’all voting for McCain are too.


    PS — I heart Matt. Pam, eh, I could do without, but doesn’t mean she’s wrong.

  18. 68
    jughed Says:

    i’m not surprised pammy spoke out against sarah palin’s stoneage opinions on animals. pam’s been an outspoken advocate for animal rights for a long time now.

    good for pam for standing up to bullies like sarah palin who thinks the whole U.S. should be just like Alaska.

    Welcome to the rest of the country Ms. Palin :)

  19. 69
    new york girl Says:

    Suck it? Interesting choice of words coming from a woman who re-launched her now dead career with a porn video. she’s gross.

  20. 70
    Inthemoney Says:

    President McCain and Vice President palin have won thepresidential election 2008.

    That point has already been made and I am free thinking, bi-partisan Demorcat. I am voting for Obama/Biden or I might not vote at all.

    With the new president and vice president, I HOPE they STICK it t o the country , tell us all to stickwhere the sun don’t shine… n onat. helath care for the working class, high taxes, high mortage rates, high fuel costs, big profits for company’shead honchos like DickCheney of Halliburton, war for the next four years in Iraw ,Iran ,Afganistan, Georgia, exporting goods from here to be inported here , cut on soc. sec, cut on old folks Medicare, cut on al lsocial programs, even one sfor special neds kids. DO US IN!!!!!!!!!! GO FOR IT PRES.McCAIN and VICE PRESIDENT PALIN!

  21. 71
    new york girl Says:

    Suck it? Interesting choice of words coming from a woman who re-launched her now dead career with an adult video. she’s gross.

  22. 72
    Della Says:

    Her comments just show Sarah is making a difference otherwise these people wouldn’t be so up in arms. Also, Pam, you can’t stand her? What did she ever do to you? Absolutely nothing. It would be one thing to disagree with her politics, but to say you can’t stand her? Just shows that you are obviously very jealous!

  23. 73
    marieme Says:

    Kurt stop your whining. If you’re at all honest, you’ll admit it works both ways. So there. Stop licking your wounds. I do agree if more Republicans were like Angie I’d have more Republicans friends.

  24. 74
    ouch Says:

    I don’t care wht this s l u t fish mouth has to say.

    Sarah Palin is a joke.

    Just wait to see the Joe Biden and Sarah Palin debate……Sarah will fail easily…but, if they won’t allow her to debate—–you know for sure there is a reason. sneaky!

  25. 75
    Jill Says:

    I think that some of the PETA stuff is just rediculous.. yes i love animals and all, but I seriously doubt our hunters and gatherers back in the day, were worried about what animals they were killing.. this world was raised on eating animals in order to survive..

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