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Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: 'Suck It!'

Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: 'Suck It!'

Most celebrities are speaking out against Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, like Matt Damon who thinks she’s totally absurd.

Pamela Anderson, 41, was recently in Toronto speaking out against the abuse of animals in Hollywood. When asked by E! News Weekend Canada about Palin, she has some choice words for the Republican hopeful. The reporter asked Pam if she saw the recent Newsweek article, which showed a gigantic bear hide in the office of Palin‘s house.

“I can’t stand her,” Pam blurted out. “She can suck it!”

Watch the video below! Pam is a vegetarian, an advocate for animal rights, and an active member of the animal protection organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: ‘Suck It!’
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230 Responses to “Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: 'Suck It!'”

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  1. 151
    Rachel Says:

    I hope that Palin get’s mauled to death by some big ass bear she tries to kill. And in the most gruesome, nastiest, bloodiest torture-like way possible. Oh how i wish that.

  2. 152
    Della Says:

    Rachel, you are a sick individual who should clearly seek some help for saying that.

  3. 153
    Ashley Says:

    Pamela may not have been the best person to speak out about Sarah. But the fact of the matter is, she’s been governor of Alaska for like a day. She is not ready to be the Vice President of the United States. I’m scared to death that John McCain and Sarah Palin will run the country. I hope you people really arent as stupid as you’re sounding right now. Because if you think they will do this country justice, you’re about to all be proved wrong.

  4. 154
    CA Says:

    Palenfan and all those question Matt Damon’s “knowledge/education”, he went to Harvard…maybe you’ve heard of it?

  5. 155
    julia Says:

    It`s surprises me when I hear about your economy, America should be the richest country because of your resources, but so many of you are poor. I live in Norway and we have free health services and have the richest country for so long now. Of course we have the oil, but so do you! To justify the war with Gods plan is just crazy. American soldiers are far from heroes, you kill, rape innocent people just beacause you want to steal their oil. You justify everything with 11/9, but how many people haven`t you killed!!???? If you compare Obama`s education to McCain`s and their political views, then you will see that Obama is the right man to run your country. When Obama speaks he speaks about what he can do for the country, McCain only speak and brag about his military “career”. The war you are supposed to ” win” is getting ridicolous! Compare McCain`s tax reform to Obama`s, one wants the poor to have a better economy, and the other only cares for the rich people. McCain is worth 30 millions, and Obama 1 million, eeeeeeeehmmm can you see a difference there!!??? To vote for Palin just because she`s a woman shows have stupid many of you are. Do you want your kids to get pregnant when they are only 17??? Well that will happen to many if McCain gets elected. To teach kids and youth about protection is so important, because they are going to have sex no matter what. It says a lot when the rest of the WOLRD would vote obama, republicans are brainwashed.

  6. 156
    juju Says:

    I don’t think anyone takes Pam seriously. She’s infested with all kinds of diseases and is one of the the nastiest celebs out there. I wouldn’t want her to cough on me.

  7. 157
    sue Says:

    as americans we used to look up to our leaders, now we just want to look up sarah’s dress. i still can’t believe that the news outlets are taking her seriously and not snickering every time her name is mentioned. she has been using your tax dollars to support the welfare state of alaska but let’s not talk about the issues, let’s talk about her hair or her shoes or what a ***** pam anderson is. what is wrong with you undereducated people, do some research, read, look at all sides. talking about the joke/staging of sarah palin in no way makes someone for obama. they are all politicians which means spin doctors or in lay terms, liars. get it together americans, come together americans, sarah palin is a gun toting redneck from what is known as an “outlaw” state. she is out of touch with you, me and anyone that doesn’t have an oil pipline up their &*%. see what happens in georgia (european), they are sitting on a pipeline, we will be at war with russia in a matter of days if these two gunslingers are elected.

  8. 158
    juju Says:

    Hey Norway head, no one cares what you have to say. You’re not even American, your opinion doesn’t matter. Why do people from other countries think they have a say so in our affairs? I don’t even know who the leaders of Norway are, nor DO I CARE!!

  9. 159
    julia Says:

    Of course our opinion matters, Americans are creating hell everywhere they go, and we are f… sick of it. Americans need to get over themselves. God bless America!!!?? Selfish ********. If you choose a good leader if would be better for the rest of the world. You only care about America, you must be really stupid if you don`t anything about other countries, self absorbed little ****! If you could stop creating a mess around in the world, then I wouldn`t give a f… ****, but that`s all Americans do!

  10. 160
    HillarySupporter Says:

    Rachel @ 09/12/2008 at 10:46 am

    I hope that Palin get’s mauled to death by some big ass bear she tries to kill. And in the most gruesome, nastiest, bloodiest torture-like way possible. Oh how i wish that.
    Don’t go camping or go near any kind of animal even a dog or cat because your wish will come back to bit you in the ass. You’re so evil and vile wishing something so evil on someone who hastn’t even done anything bad to you.

  11. 161
    Vituperator Says:

    Who cares what a has-been old porn star thinks?

  12. 162
    juju Says:

    Hey Julia, maybe you need some anger management courses. Do they offer those in Norway??

  13. 163
    Freedom90 Says:

    Palin doesn’t scare me. Obama does. He is the one running for President with little to no experience. A junior senator does not a President make. I agreed with Biden when he said Obama’s not ready to be President. I liked Hillary although she’s a little to liberal for me concerning taxation and government involvement. I’m an independent, but typically vote Republican for those issues mentioned above. I’d love to have universal healthcare if it wasn’t run by the government. They can’t even run our school system properly. I don’t want some government offical between me and my doctor. No thanks.
    Pam is a washed up has been. I could care less about what she has to say.

  14. 164
    Vince Says:

    It’s amazing a chick known only for her (@) (@) is going to give the world her point of view on politics. She barely graduated from high school. I guess that honorary degree in phys. edu. From Watts Community Center is showing its value now.

  15. 165
    julia Says:

    Yes , they do actually, we also have free health service, jealous??? I`m not the only one who is angry with you, the world in general is. Everyone`s talking about it, but Americans can`t see beyond their borders! I`m angry because you are so ignorant!

  16. 166
    Vince Says:

    Julia take your S.T.D. and your 75% tax rate back to France. Remember the Moto of the USA bigger – better – Stronger. It’s great to hear from some p.o.s. crying for UN help and acceptance

  17. 167
    juju Says:

    why would I be jealous? I have healthcare, which my job pays for. I don’t care if you are angry with Americans. I’ll just continue to live in ignorance and you can continue to be angry at America. :)

  18. 168
    julia Says:

    Crying for UN help!!?? Are you ******* kidding me! Norway is the richest country in the world, and we have the best quality of life, but we still care about other countries, not just about ourselves like Americans, at least half of you do! Most of Europe have better lives than you, but we don`t start another war everyday!

  19. 169
    julia Says:

    By the way, our taxrate is from 20- 40 % and still, everything is free! We don`t waste billions on a war that should never have existed in the first place!

  20. 170
    julia Says:

    Vince: you are really, really stupid!! America is falling apart, but you`re to stupid to see it. You don`t have to be jealous of me just because I have a better life than you. Bigger, stronger better?? Well, you are big, that`s for sure! Good luck with your job at burger king!

  21. 171
    cROWE123 Says:

    Does Pam even know what most people think of her???

  22. 172
    juju Says:

    Actually, Luxembourg is the richest country in the world, with Norway coming in at #4. :)

  23. 173
    mr. beepo Says:

    Isn’t the no talent bimbo a Canadian? Who cares what she has to say about American politicians. The liberals are quite frightened of Mrs. Palin and I hope her party wins just so the idiot actors who keep threatening to leave America will finally uphold their part of the bargain and leave. Are you listening Ms. Sarandon, Ms. Streisand, Mr. Garrett and the rest of you whiney punks? Maybe it’s time for Tommy Lee to put some of that special cream on Pam’s face so it will stop falling apart.

  24. 174
    TOMMY LEE Says:

    Pam is an idiot. Fake boobs and groupie sex qualifies her to judge people??? It’s a sad day when anyone looks to someone of this character for their opinion on anything other than thongs and condoms.

  25. 175
    Laurie marie Says:

    Let’s try to stick to the “facts” or at least the issues and where the candidates stand. Matt Damon has a good point–it IS important for the American public to know whether Palin believes in creationism and banning books. The media has reported that Palin tried to ban books in Alaska and that she thinks creationism should be taught in schools. I know I don’t want to live in a country where access to information is restricted by the government. Countries like China have policies like this, and it scares me to think America might head down the same path. Freedom of speech and access to information are fundamental rights and are part of what make America such a great country. Having Palin in the Whitehouse could compromise this. And as for creationism–everyone certainly has the right to believe in whatever religion they want, but we have a separation of church and state and a faith-based idea of how the world began shouldn’t affect our government policies or our educational system. I’m all for teaching people about different religions, but if we are to teach creationism in the schools, then we should teach ALL creation stories from all cultures around the world, and teach them for what they are–the beliefs of different groups of people, not scientific fact. In sum, a Palin VP would steer the United States into a world of censorships and extreme religiosity.

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