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Rachel McAdams is The Lucky One

Rachel McAdams is The Lucky One

Rachel McAdams (in Gucci) walks the red carpet of The Lucky Ones film premiere in Jimmy Choo “elipse” gold sandals held at Roy Thomson Hall during the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival on Wednesday.

The Lucky Ones stars Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins and Michael Peña. The three of them return from the Iraq War after suffering injuries and learn that life has moved on without them.

Last month, Ryan Gosling, 27, and Rachel, 31, were spotted kissing and hugging in Toronto, Canada

10+ more pics inside of Rachel McAdams as The Lucky One…

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Photos: George Pimentel/WireImage
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  • karine

    First !!

    This girl is beautiful and talented. Plus, she’s in love with such a hot guy !!!

  • sdufyi

    OMG she is very sweet and I love her very much.
    I know she has many fans but why she was playing on recently? I am very sad to hear that she was seeking one night stand? Why did she seek partner online?

  • maria

    Beautiful,Beautiful, Beautiful!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    so pretty

  • Ms Gunn

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    The next best-kept secret of the campaign, and arguably the biggest mystery, is why has Team Obama seemingly been hiding this electoral haymaker? Even worse, why have they been letting their opponents con the American people into thinking that Obama will raise taxes on the middle class while McCain will lower them–a damaging line of attack that is demonstrably false?

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  • matt

    simply the lucky one…

  • @#6

    Stick it up your a*s.

    Obama is full of it, just like most politicians.

    Democrats and Obama supporters in general, love the idea of something for nothing.

    Bush gave you people extra cash this year. Does that mean we should keep him?

    I’m guessing that pie in the sky Obama has for you, looks really tasty :/

    I understand the plight of people who are on the lower income side of things but not every rich person started out rich and they worked for what they have so why should they be frowned upon? What’s stopping “working families” from upping their income? Get a plan and some ambition. Lazy a*ses.

    And who cares what the 10 year plan is? If O-Man wines he’d be in office at most only 8yrs.

  • PS

    This chick is so boring. The only time I’ve ever liked her was Mean Girls.

  • stacy

    So pretty, so talented. Love her!

  • Ms Gunn

    Iraq was an unnecessary war!! No WMD, and no Al-Qaeda connection to Saddam Hussein. Americans were fooled into this war by Bush/Cheney/McCain.

    Obama was right…this was a dumb war.

  • James Mason Fan

    Who designed that dress? It’s truly inspired! Rachel McAdams is one of the most facially stunning actresses working today, in my opinion. And then there’s her talent!… I don’t much care for her boyfriend (I’m one of the few), but oh well. I guess it makes for a nice warm and fuzzy story that they’re back together again.

  • mju8

    WOW she looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Ryan should consider himself a very lucky man

  • Rose


    Fabulous actress

  • Sofia

    She has the sweetest face!

  • julie

    Jared….why do you allow #6 on this particular blog…nothing to do with Rachel.

  • julie

    Jared, why do you allow #6 to even “speak” here???? It has nothing to do with Rachel….

  • brenbren

    She has such a sweet beautiful smile. And her dress is amazing, it’s looks elegant and unique.

  • ha

    PS #9. I so totally agree with you. Rachel was great as Regina George on Mean Girls. That’s it! She has a great smile but her style sense and the way she holds herself is very weird. She’s like the anti-Regina, not sure of herself and oh so demure.

  • Magali

    OMG ! i never saw her so beautiful !


  • gina

    I’m really looking forward to this movie. Not so sure on this dress, but she looks beautiful as always.

  • shoegal421

    so beautiful!!!

  • Lori

    She looks terrible here, sorry. The dress is horrible and so is her hair and makeup.

  • Tripp

    I Have only seen her in The Note Book . UGH I love that movie too much.

  • kelly


  • dstny024

    She is so beautiful! I love this girl.

  • p

    boring,cant act and looks like the joker

  • work. HARd

    shes soo pretty
    i wish i looked like her