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Britney Spears' Little Red Door

Britney Spears' Little Red Door

Britney Spears arrives at the Little Red Door Restaurant for dinner in Hollywood on Thursday night.

The 26-year-old singer has impressed her RCA bosses so much recently, that they are pushing for her next album to be released in December.

Britney‘s last album, Blackout, was released in the middle of her meltdown and carried negative associations,” a source told The Sun. “It did OK but wasn’t as big as her previous releases. Label chiefs vowed her private life would never be allowed to overshadow her career again.

“However, they’ve been astonished by how well she’s managed to piece her life back together.”

The RCA bosses are reportedly planning to release a single in November then a big relaunch in December with the album and live shows.

10+ more pics inside of Britney Spears‘ Little Red Door…

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britney spears little red door 01
britney spears little red door 02
britney spears little red door 03
britney spears little red door 04
britney spears little red door 05
britney spears little red door 06
britney spears little red door 07
britney spears little red door 08
britney spears little red door 09
britney spears little red door 10

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  • michelle

    1st!! i hope she dosnt have another meltdown!

  • michelle

    1st!! i hope she dosnt have another meltdown!

  • ted

    Brit’s label is JIVE

  • Stefanie

    she looks great! love her!

  • Jennifer

    can’t wait!

  • Laken

    RCA? That’s Christina Aguileras label not Britneys. I’m pretty sure Britneys label is JIVE.

  • Shar

    OOPS, can’t even get the label right. “The Sun” is so full of shiiiit!!!!!

  • Why???

    Agree with Number #7.
    Brit looks great, i am so glad to see her healthy and she is getting her life on track :)

  • jess

    She looks good. Easy does it, Brit.

  • yily

    Yes! I hope Britney will release another album soon since I love her music so much. Thank God that Britney has finally gotten her life back and that she is working hard on her music again. This is what we all want for her and its great that she’s taken the necessary step to get there.

    Can wait to here new music from Britney! Her last album was awesome. Hope she can top that.

  • Susan

    Britney looks great! I’m proud of her for picking herself back up. Way to go Brit.

  • Chan

    I luv Brit but I agree with number 9, I think even Britney was embarassed about the fake awards.

    Glad she’s recovering we need Britney in the charts, she’s a total entertainer when she’s well.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    she looks great.

  • Sasha

    I am glad she looks concentrated Waiting for CD

  • t

    beautiful, can’t wait for the album

  • nic

    slowly but surely britney, we don’t want another breakdown.

  • Helena

    December? It’ll probably suck because they’ll probably rush it.

  • Amanda

    She look great.

    Britney’s label is Jive not RCA.

  • http://yahoo ma

    im proud of all the progress she has made for herself its showin off. she just needs to take all the time she needs n not rush things. especially her label rushin her its jsu gonna bring stress n another meltdown…god have they not learned they need to let her be human n progress at her own speed till she feels comfortable…go grl

  • ew

    Her extensions look awful awful awful!

  • cupcake


  • brenda

    Brittney earned those awards, even though it was during her meltdown, which I’m very glad that she is back and doing great. That Sam guy was doing something, besides taking her money.

    Those awards were earned and they were voted for by fans.

  • mickea

    what a ugly woaman.look at her face.bahhh.nasty.she doesnt has no style.not a substitute for the queen of pop.madge still on throne

  • mickea

    fuck britney.she is so ugly

  • chloe

    she still looks like crap!

  • Megan fox rocks

    Can’t wait to have the album in my hand

    britney looks so good

  • Nel

    her label isnt RCA its Jive

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Lookin’ Great Brit!
    I’m happy she put the pieces of her life back together ♥

  • kate

    chole, britney doesn’t look like crap!! I think she looks really nice here!! Shes frazzled because she has 20 paps around her (go to tmz to see the video!) I like her outfit, clean and simple. I’m suprised her album is coming out in december!! She said in her interview with OK! that it was coming out in 6 months!! But I guess thats show buisness! I think JIVE wants to get it out for christmas!! (which is a good idea) Britney looks happy and healthy and people just need to give the poor woman some space and time to truly figure this meltdown out. I’m a little worried shes rushing!! She deserved ALL OF 3 MOONMANS!!! BRITNEY HAS BEEN NOMINATED 17 TIMES!!! SHE DESERVES IT!!! HER ALBUM BLACKOUT WAS HER WORST ALBUM BUT IT STILL BEAT MANY ARTISITS BEST!!! (brit has high standards) PIECE OF ME WAS AN AWESOME SONG AND MTV DOESNT CHOSE THE WINNERS THE FANS DO, SO IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT BLAME MTV, BLAME YOURSELVES FOR NOT VOTING!!! britney looks amazing and I hope it continues!!

  • marie

    The fans chose the nominees for the mtv awards not the winners. Only best new artist is chosen by the fans. MTV chose her to win those awards and it was nothing but gratuitous on their part. She didn’t deserve to win for Piece Of Me. The video was her worse video she had ever done. She deserved to win in the past for better videos. That was making up to her for allowing her to perform last year when they knew darn well she wasn’t up to it. Hopefully with the next album she’ll be well enough to be back to the Britney that use to be a good performer if not a singer. Jive shouldn’t rush her though so she dosen’t relapse.

  • melani

    mickea britney is not ugly but i sure you are.

  • rachel freeman

    i love you britney spears so much you look awesome in these pics i cant wait to buy ur 6th album in december and live shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u will be amazing on that stage! you are number 1! you looked beautiful at sundays vmas and i was extremely happy that you finally won 3 awards!

  • theysayimcrazy

    Guys, RCA distribute Britney’s music in Europe.

  • REMEMBER the truth

    She’s been recording for this album since April.
    It’s not like she just started recording yesterday.
    An entire album could be written and recorded within just a month if everyone really wanted to and worked on it everyday.

    In this case, they are working on it almost every single day and it wont show for another 3 months, not including the already 4 or 5 months they’ve been working on it already.

    She looks good, ppl need to understand that a picture catches a single second in time. God forbid shes not smiling in one photo (and yet smiling in the others).

    Larry isn’t gonna push her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.
    He’s said this already.
    And December sounds great, all of Brit’s previous albums have come out in November ( except Blackout which was supposed to come out in November but was changed to October because of the leaks).

  • david

    she is wearing way to much clothes

  • david

    i wish she was wearing a thong in these photos she should wear a thong next time

  • Ms T

    Uh, hasn’t her dad ‘pieced her life back together’ and Brit’s been along for the court enforced ride?

  • Max


  • newport beach, 92660

    It’s nice to see that she is getting her life back together…slowly. I really do enjoy her music, she has a good voice, and has been a talented girl since she was like what. 8?…. Anyhoo, Britney, you look awesome and healthy. Stay that way.

    Kisses- Audrey

  • Good victoria

    AGREE ” YILY” NUMBER # 8………Britney deserves some recognition for her hard comeback…..I believe it has alot to do with her father stepping up to the plate, and helping his daughter for once, instead of getting and staying in trouble himself………Maybe this whole fiasco has helped the both of them to change their lives around……….I wonder what Britney’s hair looks like now, without her extensions…..She needs to give her scalp and hair a rest, and do what she can with her own hair……….Rhianna said that is what caused her bald spots and head irritations……….I hope Britney’s album does well and she stays well and healthy……..WITHOUT that ADNAN in her life, whom has shown back up…..He dominated her every move and bank account ( according to her father )……If that happens again, she will start downhill like before. Get rid of him Britney…he is a ball and chain around your neck.

  • kait

    okay, if her label’s not RCA how do we know that a CD is going to be coming out in December? And if it was, they certainly shouldn’t rush her for it. She JUST got through this past year, not even, without falling apart. If they push it I’m afraid she’s going to go through another meltdown. And God knows what else there is for her to shave after that head of hair just grew back in at an appropriate length.