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Gwen Stefani To Design 'W Hotel' Uniforms

Gwen Stefani To Design 'W Hotel' Uniforms

L.A.M.B. founder Gwen Stefani will launch an exclusive line of uniforms for W Hotels bar staff, reports People.

Gwen Stefani was in our lounge last season, and through that relationship she’s doing uniforms for the [Rande] Gerber bars located in W Hotels,” said Jenni Benzaquen, director of public relations for W Hotels.

The No Doubt frontwoman said, “I wanted to design a super cute dress that I would be excited to have in my own closet and approached it in the same way I think about my clothing for a tour. We’ve designed a sexy and comfortable outfit for these women to wear out on their own stage every night.”

Michael Kors current outfits W hotel employees with mix and match separates.

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  • kiki

    why do most celebs are into fashion design, etc?

  • Good victoria

    AGREE KIKI..NUMBER # 1…..I have said many times that these celebrities just need to do what they do best, and not try to get involved in everything they THINK they have some talent in…..BOOK WRITING,,,,COOKBOOKS,,,,,MAKE-UP LINES….BABY STUFF…..HAIR STUFF….HANDBAGS AND SHOES……..CLOTHES OF EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE…….WRITING SONGS… It is endless and boring…Most do NOT succeed in their adventures and sales are down ( USA TODAY )….( did a survey once on this )

  • chrissa

    wow..those are awful croquis. can’t stand celebrity designers. or Gwen and her asian obsession.

  • lola

    I’d hate to be fat and work at W hotels if this was my choice…

  • james

    slow day jared? gwen’s so annoying!

  • Reader

    LOL @ #4

  • Cheetah

    I agree, all those movie stars and musicians should do there job and leave it at that. I hate all those great parenting advices or that they tell me how i should dress. Most of them aren’t even doing the job them selfs. Parting advice form someone who uses a Nannie, cooking advice form someone who eats and lives in restaurants and hotels, fashion advice from someone who has 4 people there to dress them? Why should i believe they know anything?

  • jenny

    Are you kidding me? Gwen has such a great sense of style that comes natural for her. I agree there are some celebrities that really should not be designing, but Gwen is not one of them. She rocks, I love her style. I have one of her handbags and I get so many complements. Gwen will make the W even more hip.

  • angie

    why should you need to be “sexy” working in a hotel bar, I’d have thought that’s the last thing women would want, they must have men trying to pick them up all the time already in that job, surely this would just make it worse?

  • Luella, Ella…, Ella…

    Sorry, but that dress does not look like it is made for anyone but the super-skinny. Besides that, I think that it is far too short for a girl who’s working in a bar, bending over tables to serve drinks. She’ll have those uncouth boozehounds all looking up her bum, making vulgar remarks! I hope that there are other, more modest dresses in this collection.

  • bella

    LOL . . .#4.
    I love Gwen though and I love her designs. I personally would not wear some of them, but I do think she is very talented and hands on. Unlike some celeb designers that just “ok designs” instead of actually designing them. . . aka anyone starting on the Hills

  • Gwenrep

    Answer to # 1 Gwen Stefani for the longest time has been a fashion icon so it’s nothing new that she started a fashion line so there’s not question why someone would want her to design for them she great at it and i love L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers their GREAT!!!
    GWEN LOVE!!!!!!!!
    And to all you other Haters with out Celeb Fashion lines there would be no fashion becuase all fashion designer well all the good ones are famous in on e way or another so SHUT UP! You guys must have horrible taste or are just plain ugly…and Gwen is not annoying just because she doesnt have a record (like paris hilton) or gets drunk a whole week in a row after having a baby (like britney spears) Doesnt make her annoying because shes not being stupid and idiotic like those other celebs ID LIKE TO SEE ! OF YOU HATERS WALK A DAY IN HER SHOE AND SEE HOW IT FEELS BUT UNTIL THEN GET A LIFE WHO PURPOSELY COMES TO A CALEB SITE LOOK UP GWEN STEFANI THEN TALK SHIT FOR NO REASON YOU HAVE NO LIFE GO TAKE A HIKE LOSERS!!!!


    I used to work in a hotel and the worst thing was to see was a relly pretty russian girl, dressed in the ugliest outfit ever created by the human race!!!
    This is good news basically…

  • jessica

    I work at one of these bars and the dresses we have now are way better than that crap. They are now having a contest between the employees to come up with our own designs. I sure as hell am going to give it a shot because I DO NOT want to wear that, and I love gwen.

  • Michelle

    Love the design of the dress, but honestly, it compliments the body of skinny people. So what are the curvier women going to wear…paper bags??? Gwen should have designed something suitable for all body types.


    Michelle #15 , she’s designing them for female bartenders, I’m willing to bet you that none of these women are fat or very curvy, especially with the clientel the w hotel attracts, most bartenders especially women expect pretty hefty tips…the men going to these bars aren’t expecting hefty women…its the harsh truth!

  • barbie

    I’ve yet to see a ‘hefty’ female bartender in any of the tens of dozens of hotels I’ve ever stayed at so far in my life, anywhere in the world. Lately, while in England in fact, most of the female bartenders looked Eastern European and very slim. So, I figure that in the Hotel and Hospitality Trade, at least in the front line, being slim is an advantage. By the way, I don’t think the picture above is the final design for the W Hotel from Gwen.

  • apricotmuffins

    Good god, I work in a hotel bar and i would NOT want to wear this. Its dangerous for starters, the heels make it very easy to trip over in a pressured, fast paced environment (most likely cramped conditions, most bars are tiny behind the counter), the length of the skirt is totally innapropriate for a working environment with drunk men around. Also, if you break something you are far more likely to get cut. I won’t waitress in anything less than trousers, as they are by far the most practical thing.

    Now the dress design made into a top with some well cut trousers would be lovely.

  • whatever yo

    #1, because some have other interests and hobbies besides music.

    and plus, if they are good at designing, then they can make more money.

    money, money, money

  • babygirlpru

    so much hate!!!

  • Famosas y famosos pillados

    I love you Gwen!!

  • Salir en Motril

    Gwen You are the best!!!

  • Soutien Scolaire

    I’m affray, what a shame!!!

  • Actualité People

    I love your last LP!!!

  • Famosa desnuda

    Great girl…

  • eve

    I love the fashion she has created, the hotel uniforms will be great.

  • kelly

    She makes the best music, her songs are amazing.

  • cheaphotel

    she is so talented

  • fleteVOx

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