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Hayden Christensen is a Shooting Range Rookie

Hayden Christensen is a Shooting Range Rookie

A scruffy Hayden Christensen gets in some firearms practice at a shooting range in Santa Clarita Valley in Newhall, Southern California on Friday.

The 27-year-old actor took aim at Oak Tree Gun Club in preparation for his upcoming film Bone Deep.

The crime action film, out in 2009, also stars Paul Walker, Zoe Saldana, Johnathon Schaech, Chris Brown, Jay Hernandez and T.I. Bone Deep tells the story of a group of bank robbers finding their $20 million plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective.

10+ pictures inside of shooting range rookie Hayden Christensen

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hayden christensen shooting range 01
hayden christensen shooting range 02
hayden christensen shooting range 03
hayden christensen shooting range 04
hayden christensen shooting range 05
hayden christensen shooting range 06
hayden christensen shooting range 07
hayden christensen shooting range 08
hayden christensen shooting range 09
hayden christensen shooting range 10
hayden christensen shooting range 11
hayden christensen shooting range 12
hayden christensen shooting range 13

Credit: Shinn; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`he cant even shoot a basketball and he’s trying to shoot a gun? c’mon.. gtfoh!

    ..the kick-back from a gun would rip that sissyboys tight pants.

  • Gasol_fan16

    HA HA HA HA!! Hayden crack’s me up! Thank you Hayden! I had a $hitty day and seeing you with all that scruff cracked me up and made my day. He is so adorable and likable. He does seriously need a beard trimmer! I mean the beard looks good but, it is tooo now shaggy!! Get some clippers dude! :D

  • trueish

    Finally a legit (working on a “new” movie) & a hassle-midget FREE photo opp. – LOL!

  • amaranth

    @ #2
    Pardon but I dont like his look – ever! And he’ still NOT filming the said movie but just practicing. I think he would clean-up himself when his shooting scenes would start – well hopefully. As I had this “hunch” that its Paul Walker who’s going to be the cunning-bad guy in BD.

    @# 3
    LOL too!

  • lola

    lousy actor and gave Darth Vader a bad name

  • ladymac

    It’s about time!! I was having serious Hayden withdrawal issues. I think he looks pretty good to these Hayden starved eyes. Don’t see why anybody’d feel the need to clean up and shave just to hang out at a shooting range.

  • ATlqueen

    Go to hell. Get over Star Wars. He just did what the damn dude that hired HIM out of how many hundred other people told him to do you f*cking geek. You’re just mad George didn’t make it the way you had been dreaming for years. Either that or you actually liked the movie but you’re just trying to following the crowd. Pathelic loser.

  • Irishdreams

    Good to actually see him semi working granted he isn’t officially filming but he is in the movie and all actors practice to some extent before they actually go on set..He looks wipped out to me but, he always does. As many said GLAD his lapdog isn’t following him around making more accusations about them..HOPEFULLY he is getting on with his life without her..

  • bob

    Hayden Christensen and Paul Walker, two of the most wooden actors in the world together finally. Can’t wait to watch this.

  • miss white lighter

    irish i agree. he needs to practice. all actors do it so lay off of him!! yeah the lapdog is nowhere to be found . that is a plus. that is my two cents.

  • ATlqueen


    Yep, everybody knows a true actor has to research and prepare for his/her role.

  • Zephyt

    Hayden denies it’s his ring.


  • Whaa

    BAPE he is wierd and i dont like him

  • Carrie

    Thank you Zephyt for posting that link. Just goes to proves that this talentless midget is nothing but a desperate media whore.

  • Maxination

    Don’t see no damn ass ring on him either. I have to agree. It is nice to see Hayden working again! And being busy and doing something constructive and the lap dawg is not present. :D

  • jade

    Is it me or is he starting to look like Spencer from the Hills?

  • Lacey

    @ 16

    No, I said the same thing actually. He does resemble Spencer a bit in these pics.

    Anyway, everyone already knew that he didn’t slip that ring on her finger. She’s had that for awhile, I seen it on her several months ago. Why she’s brought it out and now decides to flaunt it is anyone’s guess. My guess would be for attention, but that’s just me.

  • toni

    So happy to see Hayden finally getting back to work especially without Rachel. I hope this is a good movie for him.

  • James Mason Fan

    Not diggin’ the grotesque facial hair. Very Metallica fan-esque.

  • voice of reason

    I found it funny that he is denying it-but yet knows exactly what they are talking about.

    Just a thought

  • morganalefae

    He was asked before the film rolled and the man said Rachel is wearinig a ring and HC claimed it’s not my ring I don’t know..then said under his breath quitely that he doesn’t care he walked away..He’s right it’s not his ring it’s hers and she got it from Cartier party 2 years back..

    Thanks Zephyt his NO is good enough for me won’t be looking for underlying messages to prove otherwise

  • ATlqueen

    I noticed the way he said it too. funny huh. I’m not assuming anything I’m just saying.

  • Diana

    he needs to shave, but i still love him.

  • Skyeatsme

    at #1


  • Skyeatsme

    oh by the way,

    hayden christensen got some awesome jeans!

  • kim

    @ VOR

    You are sounding sort of nuts, it’s obvious they were asking about the on ‘her’ hand right as tape rolled, furthermore, he was not with her in TIFF for NYILY because when they asked how he liked his “new movie”, the one that “just came out” he said, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it yet.”

    You should change your name to Voice of UNreason! :)

  • kim

    Yeah, the jeans are ‘hot’ and he looks really sexy shooting a gun!

  • BlackDahlia

    @ #26

    He said “I don’t know, I haven’t STARTED yet.”

    @ #21

    I believe he also said either “I hope she’s not wearin’ one” OR “I hope she’s found’em”

    Now take that and do what you may. It sux really. Hollywood is so full of confusing relationships it’s not funny. This too shall pass and IF they broke up (IF they even were seeing each other) I wish them both luck.

  • kim
  • kim
  • CEW

    He looks so cute in that pic of him smiling. It’s so nice to see him smile again.

  • BlackDahlia

    Sorry for the DP…but…suppose I rile you guys up a bit. He might’ve said ‘I hope she’s not wearing one’ for the simple fact that he IS with her and ‘she better not be wearing a ring IDK about’….sort of thing.

  • no

    It sounds like he says I hope she is not wearing a ring,but I don’t know. If that guy could have been quiet we could have known what he said. But whatever!!!

  • idk?? It is not my ring!

    Open your ear’s and listen. Hayden said, “I don’t know? It ain’t my ring!” Who would want a fiance’ being so secretive and flat out denies it? DUH?! Wake up people and dream on. Hayden denied it flat out. He is just a polite and friendly type of guy.

  • ATlqueen

    I heard him say something like I hope she…… Which indicates to me that they were or are dating. I don’t know. He could also be saying I hope she isn’t engaged and I didn’t know anything about it because friends tell each other things like that. but I definitely heard him say ‘I hope she’ something. He was talking under his breathe.

  • morganalefae

    You can tell hayden knows BISLON enough to know the games she needs to play to stay in the business and he is use to them by now..implying crap that isn’t real. NO has always been that it’s not rocket science body language speaks volumns and he was not thrilled to even talk about the vixion he just wanted to get on with his paractice session..

  • boomer

    the never-ending debate of “are they or aren’t they” continues. lol. if they are…she should tell him to trim the beard. lol.

  • idk?? It is not my ring!

    He CLEARLY SAID in his Haydenese ease, “IDK?! It ain’t mine man!!!” Learn to listen more carefully! :lol:

    Stupid Raydenese people are hearing things! :D

  • no

    Just because it is not his doesn’t mean that they are not going out or they are, anybody can believe what they want and nobody can not change anyones mind about anything!!!

  • jfj

    why are all you desperate hoes dissing rachel. He sucks as an actor that aint her fault.

  • morganalefae

    I feel she got the mileage that she was hoping to get from the idea her BFF is getting married and she isn’t jealousy from her to her BFF..I fel the ring will die away as quickly as it started nothing more nothing less..Like a house guest that has worn out the welcome

  • I know

    @ 35

    I agree. I don’t know, this whole thing is confusing. And she’s getting mucho attention because of it.

  • Sadie

    Isn’t that ring the one she was wearing like sometime last fall and people talked about it then? When did it all of a sudden become a staple again?

  • Zephyt

    Just listened to it with some great audio equipment. Pretty sure he’s saying “I don’t know, it ain’t my ring” and “She better not be wearing MY ring.”

    See if you hear the word “my”. I’m curious if you guys hear the same thing.

  • Zephyt

    Sorry, I meant to say that he said “I hope she’s not wearing MY ring.”

  • Sadie


    But what does that mean?

  • Faye

    I heard an “I hope” I think. But that’s it, I can’t make out the rest.


    Yes, that’s the same ring. I remember her wearing it in November. i think she’s worn it since then though. As to why she’s making it a “staple” all of a sudden? Your guess is as good as mine.

  • s

    i think he said, i hope she found a ring?

  • tikibartress

    he says i don’t know, it ain’t my ring! i hope she’s married!

  • Elena

    @ 48

    Sabrina is that you?