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Jessica Simpson Dishes on Dave

Jessica Simpson Dishes on Dave

Jessica Simpson leaves her uptown hotel in New York City and travels to the Ed Sullivan Theater for the Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, Jessica did some shopping at Barneys before she made her way over for her interview on the Late Show.

While talking to Dave, Jessica tried to explain how the idea of her jinxing the Cowboys came about. “I really thinks it’s because I was wearing a pink #9 jersey and not a blue one,” she said. She then went on to promise she would never wear another pink jersey again.

But regardless of what happens, Jessica said, “Tony always performs well.”

15+ more pics inside of Jessica Simpson dishing on Dave…

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44 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Dishes on Dave”

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  1. 26
    bridget Says:

    In the interview she was insane. The girl has the mind of a 15 year old.

  2. 27
    Carla Says:

    Correction “Jessica has the mind of 12 year old” my 12 year old is smarter than her. Pathetic clown should disappear. She is trying to keep her name in the media every day but that’s not making me buy her Cd.

  3. 28
    barron797 Says:

    that herve leger dress is amazing. it’s like you instantly lost 10 lbs wearing it! the difference in how skinny/fat jessica looks in the floral vs. the herve is incredible.

  4. 29
    Jeanne Says:

    Please someone tell me why on earth we care about this talentless woman ? ? ?

  5. 30
    soho Says:

    Did anyone catch her on “The View” ? She performed like a third rate lounge singer doing kaoroke a dive bar. Oh and she comes off extremely inarticulate in her interviews.

  6. 31
    CK Says:

    I saw the Letterman Show last night and honestly am disappointed that Jessica continues to allow herself to appear to be so dumb and so “out of touch” with reality. I am not putting her down, she is a beautiful young woman and she does have a great voice — I don’t like her country music. She seems to be “drugged” or something; one minute she has a “twangy” country accent and then changes back to a “normal” accent. Even though she is young it is hard to believe that she is so un-knowledgeable about everyday life. What is wrong with Jessica? It is actually annoying to listen to any interviews with her. Has she always been so out of touch?

  7. 32
    h Says:

    omg why won’t this girl just go away? she has no talent!!!!!

  8. 33
    ugh. Says:

    She’s ridiculous. She thinks the Cowboys fans didn’t like that she didn’t wear a blue jersey? No. They didn’t like that she made a spectacle out of herself. Lots of female fans wear the pink jerseys to games.

  9. 34
    h Says:

    Exactly! She was making such an ass out of herself for the camera at that game. Who cares if she is wearing a pink or blue jersey. As much as I dislike Kim Kardashian, she at least acted appropriate at Reggie’s game. She wasnt looking for cameras and trying to shake around for them for extra attention. Seriously Jessica, if you didn’t have big boobs no one would pay attention to you.

  10. 35
    jenn Says:

    First of all Jessica is not fat to say the least. She’s gorgeous!! and she was hysterical on Letterman. I love her!

  11. 36
    JANE Says:


  12. 37
    . Says:

    wwhoooaa.. did her boobs get
    big? or was it always like that?

  13. 38
    star7 Says:

    I heard her singing on one of the talk shows, and it just seemed like she was screaming off the top of her lungs and it sounded terrible! Jess is trying so hard to convince everyone that her and Tony are so happy. It’s so sad that she feels like she has to publicly advertise her relationship. The only thing that she’s really known for is her publicized relationships and her show the Newlyweds.

  14. 39
    me Says:

    I think this saids it all.

    I think it’s funny how people like to put her down. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be here! Jess put out a great country album. Hope she does well. Can’t wait for the next one.

    I think its pretty low, to come on a news page about someone you don’t like and just bring them down for your enjoyment. She’s beautiful, her singing is awesome.. and she’s a sweet girl.. So what if she’s expressing her love for Tony Romo, maybe she feels the need to express it cause she finally found someone who loves her for her and not what they want to make out of her looks or personality wise. You all need to just grow up, if you don’t like the person, why even comment? Just move on, I wish these sites wouldn’t allow such hurtful and thought-less comments on here because you guys just bring down everyone and then how do the fans feel when they read this stuff about someone they admire and love? How would you feel if they did it about someone you like or say her family reads this, how would you all feel if someone said this about your family members? I think you would all be upset.. Think before you say something specially when it can be hurtful, just try walking in her shoes, I bet NONE of you could go through what she goes through EVERY DAY..

  15. 40
    truth be told Says:

    Saw Jessica Simpson on the David Letterman show the other night. I have to say that was the best David Letterman that I have watched in a long time. Jessica was so funny. She should do more comedy. She looked like the Jessica that I was used to seeing during the “Newlywed” days. I guess Jessica is back. She really looked good.

    For those of you who say that she looked fat you probably should look in the mirror. Jessica looked great, she looked happy and healthy. I was so glad to see her in such high spirits. I want to wish Tony and Jessica the best.

    I love her new album, this one is the best yet. I heard her singing on the radio the other day. She has a beautiful voice. She sang with just a guitar no ohter instrument and it was beautiful.

  16. 41
    Good victoria Says:

    AGREE BRIDGET AND HEATHER……….she is so sad to listen too, and I also felt sorry for Dave Letterman…Sometimes he gets these fake bewildered looks about him:;;;;;;;, like he is trying to UNDERSTAND his guest star AND at the same time act like he is still interested in what they are saying, and then probably saying to himself’”"” i will get the person who scheduled this idiot”"”, BUT all the time maintaing his host style, and smiling at this clueless person….He had the same type of expression when Farah Fawcett was a guest star….DISASTER !!!!!!……Drugged and drunk…( her agent said she was just nervous LOL), but Letterman’s staff said she “” reeked of alcohol”", and tried to give her several cups of coffee or tea before she went on. ( USA Today )

  17. 42
    ethel Says:

    I have a hard time listening to her “live” performances because she sings just enough below pitch to drive me insane. Has anyone else noticed this? It’s like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. I think she acts the way she does because her parents have treated her like a baby her whole life. I didn’t watch an entire episode of the Newlyweds, but I do remember seeing a clip where she said she didn’t know how to do laundry. She’s 28 and her parents still treat her like she’s a child. She’s never grown up mentally. She reminds me of my cousin who was still letting her mom wash her back and shampoo her hair when she was 19! Gross! She never grew up mentally either because nobody expected her too.

  18. 43
    Leila Says:

    she is not moving in with romo. he has male roommates. She moved to Nashville. They were together sept 2 Labor day weekend but dont know if they are now.

  19. 44 Says:

    I think this was David Letterman’s funiest show. Jessica Simpson was great. She can really be a funny lady when she wants to be.

    I love her new album “DO You Know”! I think it’s her best. Most of the people singing now and that includes Carrie Underwood use enhancements on their voice. I do not hear that with Jessica Simpson. I hear a great voice with the old country sound I love. Can’t wait for her next album.

    It’s funny how all of you haters seem to keep comparing her to the past, or saying she can’t sing, or that she is fake. I really wonder what the country music fan, who really doesn’t know much about her and her pop career, thinks of her. And there are those people out there I am sure, especially older folks who see her as a breath of fresh air when you look at the new kind of music disguised as country. And its also funny that she debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart for country albums…obviously some people enjoyed hearing these tunes. I think people need to get a life and understand that you don’t ever have all the facts about her personal life.
    I can think of a few quite popular country acts that have sounded terrible when I saw them perform live…Carrie Underwood, Surgarland, Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift. These people and others are not always on their “A” game when performing live, so why should you so harsh on Jessica.

    I think her album is good, and she is making an effort to make good music and be true to herself and her fans. No better place then country music to do that. I’m hoping that we the country fans are true and fair, not like pop with their fake fan appreiciation of talent always hating on country music. We do not judge artist on thier personal lives.

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