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Katie Holmes is a Leggings Lover

Katie Holmes is a Leggings Lover

A solo Katie Holmes steps out of her New York City apartment on Friday morning sporting a shiny new pair of black leggings.

Previews for Katie‘s Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller play begin on Thursday, September 18, 2008 at NY’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theater. The play will open on October 16 and run through January 11, 2009.

I’m going to the September 19th show. Anyone else have tickets for then?? Variety reports advance sales of $3.5 million for the show so far!

“Partay” handbag by Chloe.

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  • http://Ha!Ha! minime

    She looks great. Everything flows with this outfit.

  • Janie

    She looks amazing! I love her! I have my tickets! Can’t wait to see her!

  • Toomy

    wow! I <3 her dress!!! She looks Gorgeous!!! ^^

  • Zoe Moon

    Now, I love this outfit. PERFECT!!

  • sarisue

    Hiding her hands yet again? Very interesting.

  • sarisue

    And she isn’t even wearing a dress, Toomy. lol. What are you talking about? Did you look at the photo before posting?

  • Zoe Moon

    Now, I love this outfit. PERFECT!!!

  • Hattie

    She’s leaving her apartment, yet when Tommy Boy is in town they’re at the hotel.

    It must be the saunas he prefers there.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so Gorgeous , love katie

  • friday

    she lost every ounce of her feminity. she’s looks like an asexual alien

  • Click

    lol what happend to the PANTS. now is skinny jeans… who is her stylist should be FIRED.

  • Susan

    Is it cold @ New York? She always wear clothes for winter..

  • mikey

    i like her style

  • karen( anxious to see n.y.)

    i am from new brunswick , canada and will be in n.y. in november ,should i book tickets now online or should i just wait til i am there to get tickets………..?
    does anyone know which hotel they stay at ? i would love to get some pictures of them or to see them while i am there, also does anyone know some good places to go to meet celebritites while i am in new york…….? any info would help……
    yes she does look good even though still sad inside………………..

  • denise in nj

    Susan…it is only in the high 60′s in NY today. I also have long sleeves on because it is cold in my office. I think she is dressed appropriately although I don’t like those liquid leggings everyone is wearing.

  • lainey

    Nice try, but Katie Holmes has been wearing fall and winter clothes since mid-August. She’s a FUH-reak!

  • Debra

    Katie looks chic as usual, glad to hear that tickets sales are good,
    despite haters wanting her to fail on broadway.

  • leeloo

    is she pregnant? hiding her tum slightly??

  • Good victoria

    Katie looks good except for the liquid legging’s………They are odd looking, but I guess it is the ” in ” thing…. They will have to grow on me. She still is sporting her ” Victoria Beckham”, smileless face which she needs to work on………Katie is beautiful when she smiles and laughs…….Where did all the laughter go?

  • UrsaMinor

    People with thighs and ankles like hers really shouldn’t draw attention to them with shiny skin-tight leggings.

    And why does she hide her hands?

  • bet betty

    So. Lonely.

    Poor. Poor. …..

  • Kevin

    I just dont understand….she used to be a fashion icon….now she just…well i dont know.

  • Janie

    Why is she hiding her stomach? Is she pregnant?

  • New With No Name

    Jared, your comment about the play having advance ticket sales is not completely accurate. THE PRODUCERS CLAIME that amount. Others doubt it. Re-read the article in Variety. The producers are doing their damndest to make people think the ticket sales are good, but no independent source has confirmed it.

    Katie looks ridiculous as usual. I agree with the person above who said anyone with legs that are as heavy and disproportionate as Katie’s are should NOT wear skin tight, liquid leggings. She looks silly.

    Also, when Tom is in New York, he stays at the Carlyle while she stays in an apartment downtown. I have seen pics clearly showing that and I know what the Carlyle looks like since I live in NY city. I don’t know why but that’s what they are doing.

  • jen

    im going to the show on the 18th so can’t wait. break a leg katie! i’ll be routing for you.

  • Helena

    Thank god, this long, long line of boring outfits will finally end when the play starts. Yawnathon.

  • Julie

    I dont’ understand why she always looks so mad, pissed, whatever you want to call it. People say it is because she is tired of the paparazzi. Well, hello….you are married to Tom Cruise, one the biggest actors (and fruitcakes) of our time and you are ticked??? Smile Katie, life really isn’t that bad and it is all about choices.

  • cutie

    very cute but she needs a new stylist

  • sue

    Jared, your comment about the play having advance ticket sales is not completely accurate. THE PRODUCERS CLAIME that amount. Others doubt it. Re-read the article in Variety. The producers are doing their damndest to make people think the ticket sales are good, but no independent source has confirmed it.


    Thank you! I was just going to post that but saw a wise person beat me to it. Name of the game now is damage control. Or, to put it in current terms, trying to put lipstick on a pig.

  • tom c

    Shiny leggings? Is she going for the Dance Fever look? She’s ridiculous and so is her singing and acting. If you’ve ever heard her sing on Dawson’s Creek, she sounds like a 7 yr old struggling to hit the high notes. — Her play will flop on account of her being in it. NO ONE LIKES KATIE HOLMES.

  • lainey

    Is she pregnant? Anyone who has taken a good look at these parade of everyday photos surely can’t still be questioning that. Open your eyes! The girl may look like she has tree trunks for legs in those stupid leggings but her stomach is nonexistant (to the point she seems ill).

    If you can still get up front seats to a play opening in less than a month on Broadway, then tickets aren’t selling. It’s as simple as that, no matter what anyone claims.

  • iron chef

    classy as usual

  • sob


    pay for my airline ticket and the play ticket


  • irene

    Not only talented and pretty but a good person.

  • 911

    Thanks JJ…..KH looks adorable and chic

  • anon


  • mya

    This lady still seams to have an health problem. She looks cold when everybody around seams ok. Or maybe she too skinny.
    Her look is not so bad, but she looks better in jeans than in legging.

    My three childs need me more than Katie need my money. But I’m not saying that she won’t be good. After all her rehearsing, if she doesn’t play it right, then there’s a big problem.

  • manolita

    Someone help her before it’s too late.

  • Big Mama

    Suri! Suri! Suri! Suri! Suri! Suri!

    Give us Suri!

  • leika

    Still pretty with no makeup. I miss Suri & Tom.

  • rena

    Maybe Tommy can pay for my tickets cuz
    Im broke.

  • :)


  • surfer

    Her talent deserves to be know and she is a hit. When the tabloids reports bogus its usually the opposite!

  • defap

    where’s suri?

  • delia

    luv the hair

  • Leah

    not that it matters, but my guess is that she rents a really small apt and they stay at the hotel when TC is in town cause there’s more room, I’m sure it’s a space issue no matter what. probably she wants to be living the “actress in NYC” life and the small apt. is all part of that. who knows, leave her alone

  • rabbid dog

    YES KATIE YES !! that looks fine… note to women : NO BIG JEANS
    unless your preggma .

  • Jamie

    Skinny pants and leggings really aren’t for everybody.

  • sarisue

    You honestly believe she rents a reallly small apartment in NYC during her stay? LMAO. What–>to keep it real?

    First of all, with the levels of security Tom now employees, there’s no way she’s in any regular digs. And her daughter (sometimes) and handlers (all the time) are with her, so it’s not like it’s just Katie. Even for apppearances sake, TC wouldn’t have her mingling with the common folk.

    Katie was an actress living modestly in a small place like just yesterday. LOL. Tom Cruise was the one to take her away from all that, remember? You really think girlfriend is going back? That’s a laugh!!!

  • chanel

    Cant wait for this play. Worth it all with this talented pack.