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Lauren Conrad's Books Titled "L.A. Candy"

Lauren Conrad's Books Titled

It was announced yesterday that Lauren Conrad has signed on to write a three-book series of young adult fiction for HarperCollins.

“The first book is scheduled to hit shelves in the summer of 2009,” The Hills star reveals. “They will be titled L.A. Candy and tell a behind-the scenes story of a young girl who moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality television show. The books will be loosely inspired by my own experience and are definitely influenced by my own life. Some of the characters may symbolize people in my life, but it is in no way calling anyone out.”

Lauren, 22, adds, “I’ve always loved books that I could lose myself in, ones that would transport me to another place, but had characters I could relate to. So, I’m so excited to have this opportunity to write books like that for other readers.”

WILL YOU BE reading Lauren’s fictional books — YES, NO, MAYBE SO?

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  • Hannah

    she is soo pretty!!
    hmm i will read them

  • karen

    second and that is really true she is really pretty

  • tia

    the fact that she IS pretty is one of the reasons she has made it so far. i love her and all but this book deal is kinda ridiculous. its not like shes going to be sitting at home every night writing it. she will have a writer and all she will need to do is write her expiriences and an outline and then the writer will actually write the book.

    she says people dont take her seriously as a fashion designer–its because wherever you look shes pimping herself out to do something OTHER than fashion.

  • yily

    Lauren writing novels? Is this some sort of joke? What can she write about beside her own selfish needs, which we all know very well from her fake reality show. It’s bad enough that we have to see Lauren on TV and now we have to read her fake books?

    Let’s just hope she’s not charging those books as much as her ugly clothing lines.

  • Roo`Juu

    Yaaay 5th! LOL??

  • Roo`Juu

    Yaaay 5th! LOL??

  • Jessica

    I totally agree with Tia! I like Lauren and her show and she got great style but when I read that she is going to write a book, I was like WTH? Are you serious? And you ask why people don’t take you seriously as a fashion designer? Go figure!

  • Eme

    FAIL. Most likely, she won’t be penning it herself. No matter how great of an editor she may acquire, Lauren will NEVER be an author (*Note to Lauren and friends: “Like,” “Um,” “Yea” and “So” are NOT CONSIDERED ACTUAL VOCABULARY.)

    All this is about is more money and more press. Why are we making this already ridiculously privleged girl into a millionare?

    When has she EVER truly worked her ass off for anything? She’s been handed EVERYTHING.

    Please Lauren… get over yourself and stick to pretending that you’re a designer.

  • jughed

    i’ll definitely be czeching these books out!

    they sound fascinating.

    p.s. i wonder if she’d like to date me ;)

  • katie

    number 3- I love reading your post on Lauren cuz you always say what Im thinking! but you say it better than I would haha

  • rabbid dog

    TOGA TOGA TOGA party

  • Rikki chikki

    I’m 14 & i love lauren! she is my idol! i will totally be buying her books!

  • chloe

    why would anyone pay to read about her life when you can watch it for free on tv?

  • Lydia

    awesome:D good on her!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    the type of people that like her and watch her show religiously aren’t the type that read books. lmbao

  • Why???

    COMLETELY AGREE with comment #4.
    If she was unattractive and had actual talent would she be as popular. Sad to say that, but that is Hollywood now adays. Seems if you are attractive and have no talent you are famous. . . .WHY?????

  • Lila

    I love lauren, shes so awesome, its so funny how far shes come from since laguna beach season 1. shes a big star.

    Fashion Designer.
    Spokes person & model for the make up MARK.
    Her show.
    Cameos in movies and tv shows.
    Probably also gets paid to show up for events.
    and now a book.

    shes making bank. and all the other lb stars we dont even know what happen to them

    im happy for her, she deserves it. and dont tell me she doesnt cause she has accomplish alot, and unless youve found a cure for cancer , you shouldnt be talking shit.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


  • wENDY

    Cant wait love Lauren!!!!!

  • Riley!

    Cool! 8)

  • isabella

    Nicole richie did the samething a couple of years ago. The truth about diamonds. Remember ?

  • Helena

    To anyone who’ll actually spend their time reading this crap…just WHY?!

  • naty

    First of all what is she going to write about her life that we don’t really know?Second : how can she be taken seriously as a fashion designer when her line is nothing special, is to overprice and she doesn’t even promote it on the hills.
    I remember that she once said that the only reason she was doing the hills was because she wanted to be a designer and she wanted people to know who she was, but she never promotes her line on the show.

  • Phelps is the new hot

    Without causing any friction or fighting..can someone please explain WHY she is famous…I mean she is not an actress, but a reality show personality? so why is their so much fascination with her? It’s themost bizarre case of celebrity worshiping. Why would anyone be interested in reading a book written by her and not simply go out and read a book by an accomplished writer.

  • Katie

    of course i will be i’m glad she’s writing about her life, but making up diff names & not writing an autobiography…..can;t wait!!!!!

  • jasmine

    I will totally buy her books. i think Lauren is great! Her real fan base will buy her books and anything else she wants to do.

  • jasmine

    I will totally buy her books. i think Lauren is great! Her real fan base will buy her books and anything else she wants to do.

  • Dr. Pepper

    I will buy her book, shes so cute

  • Dr. Pepper

    Hate that picture of her though

  • Dr. Pepper

    Woo woo

  • nik

    constantly trying to do something to make money and get publicity…she’s not a writer-she goes to fidm

  • Krissy

    I will be buying her book when it comes. Just like how I will be buying Sabrina Bryan’s book that comes out Oct, 8,2008. Princess of Gossip. They both rock and are from the OC!!!!!

  • LoveLee.r

    nooooooo !!!

  • julieeeeeeeeeeee

    yes ! i can’t wait to read them

  • Sarsar

    i’d just like to say to all the haters. laurens actually a really realistic person and isnt the typical hollywood bimbo. she obviously is pretty smart and determnined considering at her age the average person wouldnt of already had an internship at teen vouge, and a job at peoples revolution. also. they wouldnt normally have their own fashion line out. she is obviously very smart and determined to have all those accomplishments at such a young age. also, i think she will write and amazing book. she inspires many people to reach for the stars and dont let anything come in your way of reaching your dream.

  • safsadfsdf


  • misch

    love it or hate it, lauren conrad’s here to stay

  • K & K

    listen here yily!!

    lauren is a very strong individual who has been through alot these past five years being video taped for others entertainment! I would like to see how you would handle all that a fashion line and writing biographys and now her own books!

  • Simplyparamore

    I really enjoy watching The Hills and I’m a fan of Lauren Conrad…..BUT, COME ON A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!What’s happening to authors these days………………….We already have The Hills.The least she could’ve done was have an unique plot………

  • Naomi

    For all the ppl compaining about her — have u wrote a book about ‘YOUR’ fantastic life? I’d like to hear it coz seriously Lauren has done sooo much in her life already such as FIDM (which is really hard school) and sooo many other things. Some of you’s are couch potatoes, dont waste ur time writing messages that are useless!!


    Here’s what I think and I’m a dude.
    Lauren Conrad is a generally smart, good person. I guess you could say her reality show is kind of surreal but I mean the editors have to mix up the stories to make it interesting. I’ve seen her since Laguna Beach and I think the reason people like her is because, either for men or women, she’s a smart, honest, successful girl. Thats a good thing right? I mean – young girls look up to her and a lot of guys consider her a perfect girl. I think she’s terrific for girls as a role model and definitely better than what Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Britney Spears have portrayed. And I mean, I think she’ll definitely write a lot of it – I mean, I think if I tried hard enough I could write a book – and I doubt she had everything handed to her even though she was privileged. There are so many other celebrities that have a from ‘slums to hollywood’ story so thats not all you need to succeed or is it a requirement by any means.

  • Veronica

    this is for comment 15 you are obviously a jealous nobody who doesn’t have anything going for them! I watch the show and I am actually an author so take your dumb ass comment and shove it up your ass, you jealous hoe!

  • Veronica

    sure she may get on your nerves, don’t waste your time watching her… do you think you could do any better? There’s a reason she’s doing all she’s doing and you………. Oh ya………. are doing NOTHING lol losers.

  • clarita

    Of course I will read them she’s so awesome !! I am looking forward to reading it =)=)

  • clarita

    Of course I will read them she’s so awesome !! I am looking forward to reading it =)=)

  • Agustina

    I want to read that book!!I love THE HILLS(L

  • Az

    O my gosh i cant wait im going to read EVERY BOOK.
    im her biggest fan. i could swear.

  • Anastasia

    i don’t think it is ONLY about her beauty that let her come this far. It is everything about her! Her fiery and charming personality, her work, her struggles, her friends, everything that basically motivates her gives her another step to fame and glory. I look up to Lauren because i believe in her, she is REAL and she is a role model that anyone could look up to and take examples from. She shows us who she really is with “the hills” because she can’t fake her daily life and routine on a camera that follows her 24/7, she is definitely not another fake plastic hollywood celeb looking for wealth and a good time. Good luck LC

  • Becky from England.

    i dont know why people are being so harsh on lauren. i mean if your famous people are gunna be interested.. but dont be so fucking hard on this girl cus shes the most normal person about the hills! i mean hiedi is an unrealistic dick head and she doesnt care for an ordinary life. If all her press attention were to disappear would she stlll be here? im not sure. she needs to learn who she is and not try to be taken over by the media. good luck to her.

  • Denissa

    She’s so pretty and fashionable. I will buy her book!