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Madonna Brings Out the Big Guns

Madonna Brings Out the Big Guns

Madonna flexes her muscles on her Sticky and Sweet Tour at Wembley Stadium in London, England on Thursday.

Despite the performance, the 50-year-old singer started her show 40 minutes late, and thus stranded numerous people which missed the last train.

Additionally, many speakers in the stadium were apparently not working and concert-goers stormed out in disgust.

One person detailed, “I have been a Madonna fan for over 25 years and have gone to all her concerts but the one in London last night was an absolute disgrace.”

Hopefully Madonna can make it up to her fans somehow!

65+ pictures inside of Madonna bringing out the big guns…

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madonna big guns 01
madonna big guns 02
madonna big guns 03
madonna big guns 04
madonna big guns 05
madonna big guns 06
madonna big guns 07
madonna big guns 08
madonna big guns 09
madonna big guns 10
madonna big guns 11
madonna big guns 12
madonna big guns 13
madonna big guns 14
madonna big guns 15
madonna big guns 16
madonna big guns 17
madonna big guns 18
madonna big guns 19
madonna big guns 20
madonna big guns 21
madonna big guns 22
madonna big guns 23
madonna big guns 24
madonna big guns 25
madonna big guns 26
madonna big guns 27
madonna big guns 28
madonna big guns 29
madonna big guns 30
madonna big guns 31
madonna big guns 32
madonna big guns 33
madonna big guns 34
madonna big guns 35
madonna big guns 36
madonna big guns 37
madonna big guns 38
madonna big guns 39
madonna big guns 40
madonna big guns 41
madonna big guns 42
madonna big guns 43
madonna big guns 44
madonna big guns 45
madonna big guns 46
madonna big guns 47
madonna big guns 48
madonna big guns 49
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madonna big guns 65
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  • asdffds


  • Some Chick

    That is nasty.

  • elizabeth

    Uuuugh, that grosses me out.

  • FaFa011


  • dita

    she rocks!!!!

  • erin

    I wonder how old she thinks she is. She is a hag!

  • erin

    She misnamed her tour it should be “Tacky and Beat”

  • shut up man


  • erin

    wow – how manly.

  • erin

    of course she was 40 minutes late. She started putting on makeup at noon. It takes a long time for someone her age to look half-way decent. She probably had a hard time putting her walker in the limo.

  • Lillianne

    What is wrong with her body? She looks freakish. I’m concerned.

  • Rachel

    IT WAS AMAZING. Madonna was just perfect. The singing, dancing, lighting, props everything was just wicked. She rocked on the electric guitar. I hope this isn’t the last tour.

    I don’t know what people are talking about. The whole show was fantastic. I heard everything perfectly from where I was and I didn’t see people “storming out”. It’s a crap story made up in the newspaper.

    Yeah it sucks that they closed the train station but it wasn’t the end of the world. Sure it was cold and I didn’t get home till 3am but it was worth it.

  • required

    like a granny… oooh!


    Her face looks better from afar. The recent cheek implants are terrible; up close she looks AWFUL.

  • Lillianne

    The mamaw panties aren’t doing her any favors either. Yikes, what is going on with her? Her face is all caved in.

  • me

    does she look like a frog
    I love her too
    but showing up late for a concert shows no respect for her fans.
    I brought my daughter to a britney spears concert outdoors in the summer at night the temp was over 100 degrees…..she was over an hour late……it was horrible and very disrespectful..

  • mama

    she is the queen and she is so hot.madonna is lisbon this sunday cant wait.she rocks the stage

  • Chan

    EWWWWWWWWWWWW She really needs to put it away now, it’s like looking at someone’s nearly naked grandma, it’s sick & freakish!

  • not a fan anymore

    Good for you Rachel, but I couldn’t hear a thing. She wasn’t that good at all. I certainly didn’t feel she was worth what I paid for a ticket. I am outraged!

  • bemine

    she is a stunning woaman.she looks so beatiful for 50.i love her.she rocks on her new tour.she is the queen always on the top of the world

  • like a granny

    Don’t waste your time or money.

  • bob

    She looks beautiful for 90 but as for 50 – not so much.

  • brett

    I don’t see the attraction. She can’t sing and looks like a tranny granny.

  • messi

    madonna is the queen.she rocks everytime she is on stage.sometimes the concerts doesnt go so well.dont forgette that madonna had a party the night before.probably she was tired.everybody are saying that madonna rocks on stage.all the shows in nice cardiff rome,etc. she is the best on the way she is the queen so thats means tha she is the best

  • sean

    fuck off u guys.britney looks ugly for twenty,madonna looks amazing for 50.she is beautiful.u are jealous.and believe me ,madonna looks even better in person.she is really sexy.and she just a non stop on stage.danm that woman has sso much energy.

  • mickea

    yaeh madonna is the best thats why she is called the queen.not britney,notxtina,not mariah.bahhh NO .just madonna ,she does the best tour .

  • Maria (Shorty)


  • English

    Until her Confession tour I was a mega Madonna fan, however even back then she was late on stage and her concert really wasn’t up to scratch….she swore like a trooper, got all political and put her hands down her pants! Her songs wer shite and the only time the audience wer injected with energy was when a) she left the stage and let the dancers work their magic or b) sang one her old tunes (which we all knew the words to). She didn’t even come on stage for an encore!

  • angie

    well past her prime, nothing wrong with getting older and performing, but there’s just something very undignified about this

  • denise in nj

    Totally gross. She really needs to cut out the gym and plastic surgery a little….

  • perla

    There have been numerous reports that the concert was terrible. The people who were seated at the very upper sections of the stadium said that they could barely hear or see anything, that the jumbo screen was delayed by 1-2 seconds, and that her delayed start made many people miss their transportation home. The tickets at the top section usually go for as low as $25.00 for other shows (just to fill the seats), but Madonna still charged $125-300 for those seats.

    I think that all this proves is how far out of reality Madonna really is. She doesn’t appear to make any effort anymore to take into account what would please her fans or to make her performances affordable for people on regular salaries. She obviously continues to tour because the money is too good to pass up.

    I wouldn’t pay the ridiculous prices to see some used up hag who looks 15 years older than her age performing songs off her new albums that people don’t know and don’t care about…

    she desperately needs to reconnect to her roots and rediscover what made her famous…

  • richard peterson


  • lilly

    madonna is ugly

  • raquel

    Sean. You must be gay!! Only a gay guy would think this cow is still hot.

  • wasteoid

    Scary looking, out of touch with reality, her daughter Lourdes now beginning to upstage her. I think she should retire. God knows she doesn’t need the money anymore.

  • eww

    Take notes ladies who like to exercise like freaks !

    Too many muscles and athletism is a no no for the female figure. Womanly body echoes feminity, subtility, smoothly forms.

    Aniston is on her way to the future Madonna. Her arms are becoming scary !

  • Bodybuilder

    Those arms areugly and masculine. Yuck! Her arms sag there underneath too. She needs lipo. She shouldhave had lipo instead of getting toned line that.

  • bella

    I think Madonna is great but that one pic is really gross.

  • jade

    Too much exercise. Her arms are gross looking.If she is going to continue to sing,at least wear something that doesn’t make her look this bad.

  • isla

    jesus,this woman is the most disgusting and self-obsessed human being i’ve ever seen!!!!!

  • Ellen

    Go home. Get some sleep. Doesn’t she have enough money yet?

  • rachel

    The concert was terrible and that’s said by me, a true Madonna fan. She was uninterested, unemotional and plastic. The sound was really really bad and I saw many many leaving. It was embarassing to hear her struggle with most of the songs and to realize she only chose the stadium, so she doesn’t have to do more dates for the same money in a smaller venue. And the fact that two thirds of the people couldn’t see or hear anything or go home normally obvioulsy didn’t matter

  • Hammad

    she is old but she is still good

  • Dieter

    Rachel if you say that I doubt you are a true fan. I saw her in Frankfurt and she still lives up to the standard to give her best! If you wanna have a perfect view, you have to suffer, wait for hours. Yes, the stadiums are way to big, but a lot of people do not care .- if you care, you have to go early – like I did. And yes she did a good show – the world is changing. Noting will ever beat the opening of Confessions – but some parts were really got, e.g. the Eddie Amador mix of Give it to me or I liked Vogue !!!

  • lurker


  • ashley

    thats gross she needs to stop acting like a twenty year old n start acting her age….fyi madonna ur old already n us teens dont like u

  • rabbid dog

    Yep, Thats Madonna if you dont know by now you dont know Madonna….

  • lurkenstein

    it must have been like watching a senior citizens aerobics class…rock n roll? nope, more like croak and roll. if only her talent was as large as her ego…
    she has absolutely no class. none. zip. zilch.

  • lurkenstein

    oh, and PS, she’s looking like Carrot top with those GI Joe arms. yuck to the 100th degree.

  • lee

    it’s time to stop flashing the crotch and trying to sell sex because she is just gross. can’t believe she let her kids see this show. there is nothing sexy about her. just cannot stand her. nothing about her is good or natural.