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Ben Affleck Has a Big Bad Beard

Ben Affleck Has a Big Bad Beard

An unkempt Ben Affleck sports a heavy beard and a long set of locks during a break on the set of his new movie, Extract, in Reseda, Los Angeles on Friday.

Extract, which also stars Mila Kunis, is a comedy that follows the personal and professional problems endured by the owner of a flower-extract plant. Arrested Development‘s Jason Bateman plays the owner of a flower-extract plant and Affleck plays the best friend of Bateman‘s character.

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Credit: Kevin Perkins/Pedro Andade; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • http://just.jared sally

    Omg Lol
    Heee Looks Soo Different

  • gina

    Wow he looks like one of those cave men in the geico commercials.

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    He needs to get rid of that beard ASAP!

  • Tripp

    I like the beard. He looks hot.

  • Gasol_fan16

    He now looks hot!! Do keep the beard!! It looks lickable! :D
    Jennifer Garner is so lucky!

  • jade

    When I first looked at his picture,I didn’t think that was Ben. I like the look. He looks good.

  • Cheetah

    Jesus Chris superstar! hehe.. he looks so diffrent with beard. Kinda hot.. and that from a beard hater like me. HAHA.. i hate men with beards. juck. not kissable at al.. but Ben!?


    When is Jason Bateman going to be the star of one of these movies. He always outshines in the supporting role.

  • Chris

    Hate this idiot. Why is he punishing up with another lame movie? Oh yeah that rights he just built his 15 million dollar house he has to pay for. Kills me this idiot gets paid for nothing.

  • yo

    jason bateman is the star of the movie. ben has a supporting role. weird wig.

  • me nice

    I actually liked the wig better than the real beard. Ben looks like an man for once to a wissy.

  • mslewis

    So, Ben Affleck is now playing second fiddle to Jason Bateman?? Not that Jason Bateman isn’t any good, he is, but Bennie WAS a big star!!!

    Well, at least he’s trying to get back to the top.

  • nikki

    Nice job hair dept., that wig and beard really match in color, NOT.


    When is Ben going to do a movie without Jason Bateman… Both Jen and be have done several movies with Jason.. Jen did The KIngdom
    and Juno Ben has done State of Play This one. Jen likes his beard..
    She has said that in several interviews.. At least he doesn’t look like he
    did in Dazed and Confused.. By the way they are both stars of this

  • Adoring Fan

    What a man. What a man. What a mighty good man.

  • shammy

    Bennie Boy looks good no matter what you do to him. Personally, I prefer him without facial hair and long hair. It distracts you from his eyes, gorgeous smile, and chiseled jaw structure. Also, Ben has proclaimed he prefers the supporting role part over the leading role in films. Ben is always a WINNER in my book. Much happiness and health to his familia. Look forward to seeing the film when released at theatres.

    Send my love to Benny boy!!!


  • Good victoria

    AGREE BETSY SMITH…..THEY ARE BOTH GREAT STARS !!!!,,,,,And each of these men have said that about EACH OTHER…..They respect one another’s work and unique talents…….AND to CHRIS,,,,Why is he an idiot ???……..What did he do to “make him an idiot”?……..And, as for his 15million dollar mansion, i’m sure that was paid for with NO problem………Jennifer and Ben have hugh bank accounts I’m sure, so $15 million is NOT a large amount for a house with some of these stars…Including Affleck and Garner..

  • christine

    Waahhh JLo ruined my career waaaaahhh. Benny from the block has gotten as far as he has in Hollywood thanks to Matt Damon and the high profile actresses he dates because his acting sucks. At one time he was being offered starring roles in movie and now he’s reduced to starring opposite jason bateman. offered starring roles in movie and now he’s reduced to starring opposite jason bateman.

  • lurkenstein

    he’s channeling Charles Manson here and it scares me. and I agree with Christine. this guy just got lucky, that’s all. matt can act, ben can’t. plus he has an ego larger than texas.


    Wahh Ben does not need Jlo .. WHO buy the way can’t do anything that
    has to do with fashion.. Get this she left Project Runway.. because of a
    injury to her foot. But she can still make it to the Triathlon..He has not complained about Jlo in a long time.. It is time to move on folks…
    Since seeing that tabloid covers.. Katie meets secretly with with her ex
    Ben does not have an ego the size of Texas.. Matt’s next movie stars
    The Soup guy?? From E channel.. He says he does these roles for fun.

  • ellie

    ben looks hot in anything… it

  • ;;

    I hate him but he looks like Desmond(lost)
    Desmond is soo hot

  • Chris

    Hey #17 you pathetic idiot. Know him personally? No, I think not. HE is a big mouthed idiot and a shitty actor at that. Oh wait, are you his accountant since you know his financial situation? As for you….huge is spelled like I spelled it not like your idiotic ass did. Oh and try living your life and not drooling/living through someone else’s life. THEY ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE WE ARE. Except we deserve all the hardworking money we make. We’re not paid 10 mil. a movie to dress up and round around like an idiot.

  • molly

    I can’t stand this guy or his ugly wife.

    HAHA ditto # 23.

  • Chris


  • http://Ha!Ha! treadcarefully

    Oh Chris….lol….You realized you just opened WWIII with a psychochick, don’t you? Enjoy the ride because she will not stop…For proof, check the prior Garner thread. Several of us have concluded its none other than Jennifer Garner herself because nobody else cares that much to post an almanac’s worth of ranting. Best wishes.

  • Boston

    He’s gross in so many ways, there is not enough space here to list it all.

    Obama is smart and learnt from what happened to John Kerry to stay far away from Ben Affleck. Ben says he is such a fan and supporter of Obama yet he didn’t even stay for Obama’s speech when he was Denver because Ben said he couldn’t get anywhere near him.

  • jake

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. He looks like crap, co-starring to a TV actor… good thing he’s set money-wise.

  • ben/jen fan

    Not sure of the exact article/interview it was in but Ben stated something like ……………..he wanted to take smaller roles to devote more time to writing, directing and family.

    Several times he has appeared in flims as “favors” to other directors, or friends that he has made over the years.

    And for all the comments about him “looking like crap”, you do know that he is on the set of a movie????????????? They want him to look that way. It is on purpose!

  • erlyn

    I’m glad I am not the only one that thinks he looks HOT w/ a beard!

  • eww

    F#ck ben!!!!! he is a creepy guy who loves strippers and loves to drink. He has a fake marriage LMAO!!!!

  • denni

    I cannot agree with the esteemed eww. However, my first thought was “why is Jason Lee’s hair so long”?

  • mslewis

    Oh, sure, Bennie takes smaller roles to “devote more time” to writing!! hahahahahahahahaha That’s what they all say when the career gets close to the toilet!!!

    I do like Jason Bateman though. He’s coming on strong as a movie actor and I’m happy for him.

  • kaos

    So Ben Affleck now plays second fiddle to Jason Bateman. Wow, how the mighty has fallen!? And there is justice after all, Bateman is way more talented an actor than Affleck and the universe is finally set right!

    Taking smaller roles to devote to family etc? Yeah, right, try selling ice to the Eskimos too, if you like. Affleck is really lucky to be even working and to have a hard working publicist. At least he has the decency to stay away from the limelight unlike his overexposed JLO days. Now if only JLo can do the same.

  • Madison r.

    He is gross. I have very little respect for him as an actor and as a wannabe Politician. I really wish the actors would realize we watch and listen to them on the screen when they are someone else and enjoy seeing them because typically they look good, but, on the political front… I get real tired of hearing rants and raves from actor/actresses trying to preach to me about my voiting choisces.

  • ben/jen fan

    Were you people investors on Gilli or something? Damn, you sure are bitter.

    The dude has moved on, sure he made some bad movies, but heck what Hollywood actor hasn’t. Hello……………….Johhny Depp, in Charlie and the CF.

    The whole Jlo, Ben made bad movies, drinking, and strippers is so last Century. If that is the best stories that the haters have to throw out, then go for it. But, the stories are nearing a decade old.

    If Ben could only get these small roles, and “have to play second fiddle to a tv actor”, then why do it at all? Like everyone stated he bought a $15 million house. Why would he need a small acting job?

    He could go and direct movies if he wanted…..or were everyone so busy living in the past that you didn’t watch Gone Baby Gone?

  • Jan

    I will NOT PAY to see a movie Ben is in. He is too involved in politics. I have lost all respect for this D list actor, his wife, and Matt Damon.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jealously rear it’s ugly head again and again where this man is concerned. Just because he has what so many of you haters don’t you try in any way to bash him. Go ahead, you can’t change people’s opionion of him. He is very well respected by his peers not only for his movie career(whether it be screen writing,directing and /or acting) but even more so for his political views or his partipication in various charitable and humanitarian contributions to our society. You can either join with the masses or just sit in your own empty little shells and bitch and complain that you don’t have a piece of the pie. Get offf you asses and go do something positive to change your own miserable lives. Stop your bitching and whining and get a life.

  • ben/jen fan

    If you are going to boycott all those that take a political stand then I guess you won’t be watching Oprah, Ellen D., Jamie Foxx, Taye Diggs, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Goo Goo Dolls, James Talyor, George Lopez, Halle Berry, George Clooney, Jennifer A. , Josh Brolin, Black Eyed Peas, Annette Bening, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Spike Lee

    Studio Execs like Sony’s Michael Lynton, DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg, Endeavor’s Ari Emmanuel, producer Lawrence Bender and Comcast’s Jeff Shell.

    And the list goes on, but Wow, since you won’t be going to the movies, watching tv, or listening to music because the stars mentioned above have also spoken out about politics, then you could devote your free time to a Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

  • Adoring Fan

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being involved in politics Jan #37. Is it because his politics differ from you own that you object? Grow up. Don’t be so immature. Even God gives us free will. What are you ,some kind of communist?

    Ben is so fine BTW.

  • bad

    Ben is a bad bad actor, he is a bad bad daddy, and a bad bad husband….he is one BAD dude, and I don’t mean it in a good way. His wife has overexposed her daughter to the point that the daughter knows the paps and smiles at them all the time. This is a very very sick woman putting her daughter out there on a daily basis. Her publicists has put her out there so that people think that she is a great mom….not, no good mom parades her kids in front of the paparazzi on a regular basis.

  • whatever #41

    this is for post 41. If only all fathers could be as “bad” as Ben A. , then the next generation of kids would really be something.

    You can have an opionion on him as an actor. But, what has he acted in lately that you think he is so bad? His last movie was Hollywoodland, then he directed.

    You don’t know what type of husband nor type of father he is. All you see is pics taken by the pappazzi that hang out in front of Ben and Jennifer’s house.

  • omg!

    OMG!! I just got a shock!! what the heck happend to Ben??? he looks awful nowdays and this was the worst!!! the handsome man is gone…

  • mindbender

    Strangely, I find him more attractive with this new rebellious look. I don’t usually care for beards or Ben, but I have to admit he looks hot this way.

  • Wow

    he looks sexy diggin the long hair and beard

  • Kelly

    It is a total transfortmation than he usually looks like lol. But its for a movie and i dont think he will forever sport that look my god there is one pic of him where he is holding his daughter and she looked scared kids are so sensitive that anything triggers a little fright. So i dont think for his daughters sake he will sport it lol. But i personally like clean shaven Ben ahh well what can u do right? Its not really our call so.

  • A beareded man

    The beard looks great on him!! he just needs a decent haircut!!