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Miley Cyrus is Sidekick Swift

Miley Cyrus is Sidekick Swift

Miley Cyrus and a gal pal squeeze into a leather armchair while at Starbucks in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon. While sitting down, the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star showed her momager, Tish Cyrus, a picture on her T-Mobile Sidekick.

Making the Band‘s Donnie Klang recently talked about having the perfect song for her: “Miley Cyrus is about to take her career in a whole new direction. I’ve been writing with that in mind. I would love to do a song with her. I wrote a song called ‘Rebelling’ that I feel like would fit her. Especially for a singer that’s in the limelight at such a young age, she’s eventually going to hit a point, like Britney or Lindsay, where she needs to go out and rebel.”

15+ pictures inside of Sidekick swift Miley Cyrus

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miley cyrus sidekick 01
miley cyrus sidekick 02
miley cyrus sidekick 03
miley cyrus sidekick 04
miley cyrus sidekick 05
miley cyrus sidekick 06
miley cyrus sidekick 07
miley cyrus sidekick 08
miley cyrus sidekick 09
miley cyrus sidekick 10
miley cyrus sidekick 11
miley cyrus sidekick 12
miley cyrus sidekick 13
miley cyrus sidekick 14
miley cyrus sidekick 15
miley cyrus sidekick 16
miley cyrus sidekick 17

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  • http://justjared jess

    Omg finally post of Miley!!!
    I have tat phone =]
    lovee sidekick and iphone!!


  • iluvmiley

    she looks really pretty here, and younger than she usually does

  • Born Manhattanite

    you have GOT to be kidding me… she has MY phone… GRRR

  • newport beach, 92660

    I don’t really like the shirt… he hair looks pretty good… Love the sidekick. I was thinking about getting one… BlackBerry’s are too big

  • fibi

    I hate her ! She is just a little girl who gets too much attention.

  • newport beach, 92660

    Her hair*

  • tellin it like it is

    she really does look pretty in these pics and she even signed some autographs how sweet seems like she is at her best when with normal friends, not famous ones like ash, van, and mandy. i think the key is her normal friends keep her grounded

  • Daniella

    i love her hair in this post!

  • Daniella

    i love her hair in this post!

  • ally

    yay! i love mileyyyy<3

  • Esthy=]

    first comment

  • Esthy=]

    i’m first comment

  • ella

    first off, number 4-wtf? blackberrys arent big! I have the blackberry curve and its small than my sidekick.

    now. onto miley. i dont know what I dislike more. coming on here and seeing pointless post about that talentless tisdale chick. or coming on and seeing pointless post about the worlds most obnoxious 15 year old. hmmmm….

  • kenzie

    idk if its just me but i dont think the side bangs work for her face
    other than that, totally love her!
    and agree with # 7 :)

    go mileyyy!!!

  • Elisa

    OMJ miley is sooo pretty!! I luv her and she is an awesome role model!!! FIRST?! haha luvv ya Mileyzz!!!<33

  • lululul

    She looks good, In a happy mood :P

    Btw doesn’t she is always changing her hair style and color? It seems like it :S

  • luiza


  • girl

    new hair? i like it

  • alyson

    i love miley!
    she is perfect. my rolemodel
    goooo miley

  • newport beach, 92660

    #13- My OLD BlackBerry is too big.. like i said… need an upgraded phone.

  • newport beach, 92660

    #13- My OLD BlackBerry is too big.. like i said… need an upgraded phone.

  • omensloth

    1st? Why is she ugly??? Carnt she leave us all alone!?!

  • alyson

    i love miley <3
    go miley


    ive always thought she looks like one of those 3year old pagent girls, in full make up trying to look 15

  • omensloth

    oh and another thing WTF is up with her teeth?? Why,why, why did God make something so fugly???! LOL knocked up in 2 years thank you and good night!!

  • Lia gurl

    i love her!!

  • ahaha

    lol ella, i would probably take a 15 yr olds obnoxiousness over that talentless twit.

  • ..

    I doubt that woman is miley’s friend. Probably her mothers

  • lilly

    # 19
    miley is perfect??? wtf??
    come on guys, its ok if you like her but dont be stupid and illusional

  • alyson

    im not being illusional. shes perfect
    its my opinion

  • asdf

    she’s not wearing thick black eyeliner this time. thank god. i think she’s getting herself together and hanging out with her normal friends than her famous, popular, rich friends.

  • nourhan

    her hair looks good

  • nourhan

    and her bag is amazing

  • Lynn

    Aw, she looks cute. I love that she seems to be always smiling.

    Oh, and you can be a “perfect” rolemodel without being perfect, no one is. I personally don’t like thrusting the rolemodel title on kids, they’re still trying to figure out who they are and what they stand for. Let the adults do that job.

  • Sarah

    Her hairs too orange..
    and it’s super frizzy… I think she should get rid of the extentions…
    Way too long.

  • Sarah

    Her hairs too orange..
    and it’s super frizzy… I think she should get rid of the extentions…
    Way too long.

  • carol

    She looks pretty and looks 15 !
    Her hair is beautiful in this pictures

  • dfj

    i don’t think she’ll rebel like brit or lindsay. Miley looks too geeky looking she doesn’t have that appeal she seems like she tries to be bad but she isn’t.

  • Her hair looks horrible and so does her outfit…and her face. =/

  • Mara


  • jonaslover

    i love her hair
    she looks super pretty=}

  • Madison r.

    Isnt that her best friend 23 year old backup dancer?

    Anyway… the comment by Donnie was really stupid if he was trying in anyway to get a duet with Miley he should have never said she is on her way to rebel like Britney and Lindsey.

  • Michelle

    She looks so much prettier and normal looking without all that overload make up she sometimes wears. Love her hair and sky blue eyes….

  • Krissy Fantasy

    a song about her life? and rebelling?
    not bad. she better clean up her act..she’s reall starting to look like Lindsay..but not brit, since shes better not & beat miley in the MMVA’s + the jb’s :O

    like the hair. she does indeed look, older:S
    wat’s up, wit every celeb, changing there hair ?
    first ash then…
    and i see, she went back wit brown. before she was emo, wit the black hair,..during the breakup wit nick.

    O.o taking pics on the phone – sorta ok.
    im glad she has clothes on, tiz time.
    sorry, it’s jus that..wut she’s been doing..that can never be forgotten..
    or unless sum ppl have.
    should we trust her or should we not?
    im personalli not a miley fan, but it’s not like i hate her songs.
    so don’t hate me, wen i say things, that are IN my OPINION.
    she’s a good song writter + singer..not as good as demi, but styll very ok.

    gl there miley.

  • demi&MILEYYYYY!!!

    she’s SO pretty! I loveee her outfit!

  • EM.

    miley looks really cute and pretty in these pictures.
    and she looks her age here, its nice.

  • Kelsey

    she looks really pretty here i lovv her new hair! bt i donT like the
    shirt …

    GO MILEY!!!!

  • omgsh

    wow, i love her smile ! She looks very happy and healthy ! She is gorgeous ! I love her ~ GO Mileyzz =]
    p/s : I really really like her bracelets ! :x :x. It’s colorful and funny :D. Her hair is so cool too.

  • megannk

    #25, in all honesty, your teeth probably suck 10x more than hers
    grow up a little, she’s only 16

  • *Ta

    I agree with u #5