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Brad & Angelina: Most Powerful Pair On The Planet

Brad & Angelina: Most Powerful Pair On The Planet

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have topped the Hollywood power league, according to the Guinness World Records. The power couple was judged from a combination of Internet searches, press stories and earnings.

Though Brad & Angie may be the most powerful, Britney Spears is still the most searched person on the Internet.

In weekend box office office news, Brad‘s latest screwball spy comedy, Burn After Reading, opened at No. 1 with an estimated $19.4 million.

The Oscar-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen directed the movie, which also stars George Clooney John Malkovich.

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  • Ameena

    Way to go. I love and admire all the good things this couple is doing.

  • LuckyL

    Sexy, beautiful, humanitarians, family-focused, logical, level-headed, God, so many good things could be said. YAY

  • .

    yes they are! go JP’s.

  • isa chandlers

    porra! já não posso vêr estes dois tristes!!!!!!!!! que seca!!!

  • my 2 cents…

    I don’t think we needed any researchers at the Guinness World Records to tell us that!

  • Ameena

    Am I the first one, I am not doing the little dance, I swear.:lol: By the way, I love the movie, Brad is hilarious.

    MF, thanks for all your support. She is better.
    Guli, Get well soon, you are missed.

    Dina #1, you are one classy lady, Loved your response to the resident Doc.

    A big Hello to all the fans, Still have a lot of catching up to do.

  • isa chandlers

    what the F*** are they doing Ameena??????

  • andamentothat


    They are the most inspiring, most powerful, most beautiful, most original.. need I go on.. Love the Jolie-Pitts..

    BAR is wonderful too.. If you havent seen it yet, do watch it.. Just what you need to get into a good mood!

  • Helen

    YAY!!! My favorite family in the world.

  • angel

    love them,God continue to bless them

  • Antineah

    I love them, but I would like tabloids to leave them in peace sometimes. However this is a beautiful picture of them.

  • CC

    Burn After Reading is No. 1 at the box office!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • debra77

    I do so love the Brange. I saw the movie Friday and thought it was really funny. Brad does comedy and weird very well. I saw the second show and everyone in the theater were laughing out loud. We were all laughing pretty much at the same time and parts. There are some shocking surprises. I won’t give anything away for those who have not seen it yet. But be prepared.

    Off topic.. I saw some pictures from the movie The Time Traveler Wife..I hope that is the right title. anyway I had heard that Brad’s production company Plan B was producing that movie. If that is the case could someone post and let me know.

    Well I am glad about the news of Brad/Angie. This has been a great year for the pair. Hit movies, Twins, and much recognition for their talent and humanitarian works. I am so looking forward to seeing them together in October or late September when Changeling premiers. I hope Angie has taken care of herself. I hope she has kept or put on a few pounds. It would be great to see her in ideal shape. I am a huge fan, but even I recognized that she had lost too much weight. She has had time to heal from her mother’s lost (well heal as much as anyone can when you go through that kind of lose). And the twins I’m sure are thriving and growing. We have not really seen her in about 3 months. Gosh that is a long time. I really need a fix. She and Brad do a Red Carpet like no one else. Just a joy to behold. If some of the Oscar buzz holds up, we have a lot of Red Carpets to see.

    Well, I loved the movie, and encourage everyone to check it out. I posted on another thread that it was like a short story…Weird, Funny, Crazy and Strange… Just my kind of movie.



  • Magnolia

    my 2 cents, I agree with you, my words exactly.

  • angel

    thanks jared

  • cook

    …but will this help benjamin snorrahh?…hahahahhahaa



  • cook

    …come on now…where my “teen” princesses?…hahahhah

  • celia

    para isa chandlers: não pode ver ? tem bom remedio !

  • irma

    Congratulations. God bless them always.

  • dits

    GETALIFE @ 09/14/2008 at 6:48 pm
    pot, meet kettle…

  • nEIAH

    They are the best!

  • irma

    To the fans who haven’t seen Burn After Reading, go & see it, it’s worth every penny. Brad is hilarious. He should make more comedy movies.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.
    waving to senior, vicki (thanks a lot for the email), anoble, MF, anustin, the real tita, guli, cliniqua, Bailey, Felinelilly, Neleh, alia, andromead, alexanderina, African girl,[assing through & to all who are on board. Take care.

  • T I F F

    John Malkovich at Changeling premiere at Deauville Film Festival:

  • JM

    The trolls won’t get any sleep tonight over this news,lol

  • irma

    Dina # ! hello.

  • Jill

    Thanks for the new thread, Jared.

    (P.S. puh-leeeeeeeze get some more bandwidth! It’s taking me 14 clicks to post a message!

  • http://Justjared Felinelilly

    Go Brad, Angie, and BAR! Is this going to post now? I’ve lost five posts today. Thanks Jared for the new thread.

  • kidi

    That’s an older picture of them, no?

  • lol

    They are indeed the most fascinating pair today.

    People LOVE to love them or LOVE to hate them ! That’s how powerful they are, just like it was the case for the greatest charismatic ones : Elvis, Monroe, Bardot, Brando, ect….

  • Please

    Stop telling Jared to go get a life. he runs a blog for heaven’s sakes.



  • T I F F

    Any new Changeling reviews from Deauville???

  • edlisk

    Yesssssss! Saw the movie, it wasn’t that good though.

  • neil

    Who knew?! (I did! I did!)

  • TERI

    I’m so in love with these two, they couldn’t possibly get any better. BAR was an excellent movie, Brad played the part so well I hope to see him play more parts like this. I bet he makes Angelina and the kids laugh all the time.

  • sharon

    Congratulations to Brad and Angie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • senior

    Quick Hi to the fans. Thanks for the new thread jared. What is up with the site I tried to post on the last thread and no luck. Hi to irma, MF, anoble, Neleh, I won’t do the entire roll call lol just hope this post. Have a good Sunday fans and thanks for the updates on our favorite family jared. Now this kind of news about Angie and Brad is why fans like coming to jjs. guli get better and better everyday, hugs to you. vickifromtexas, I hope you and the family is fine in Texas.

  • angela

    Ughh… I am just Burned after Reading of these two…


    queen bee @ 09/14/2008 at 6:27 pm

    Brads character ‘Chad’ was so indearing to me….

    (possible spoiler alert after this point)…

    I too noticed that ‘Chad’ was very one dimensional in terms of our knowing anything about his life other than that of the gym and his interest in these personal files found in the gym, but I think this was done on purpose, and to the credit of the film…

    Chad’s innocence and sweetness came out in several moments….like when he was sitting down at the counter with Frances character, and she mentioned the liposuction that she couldnt afford unless they successfully got this money for Osborn Cox CD file. Chad puts his arm around her to comfort her…

    He also displays sensitivity and innocence when he is on the phone with Osborne Cox. When Mr. Cox gets upset, and Frances character starts yelling at him from the other phone receiver, you get the sense in ‘Chad’s’ expression and demeanor that he never intended to be mean or to upset the guy….he merely wanted to get a reward for the return of the item…

    …His mortified expression when Cox starts insulting him over the phone iconveys that he is a person ‘in over his head’, and that he never intended the phone-call to take such a ‘negative’ turn…

    Also, during the moment of the scene in the closet when George Clooney’s character finally discovers him hiding….WOW…, the look on ‘Chad’s’ face is almost like it was saying… ‘okaaay…you got me…’ and in those brief seconds…it was so childlike, that what happens next is certainly a jolt to the senses.

    I really like what Brad did with the small but integral character CHAD in Burn After Reading, and I’ve already seen the movie TWICE. I love the audience reaction to certain scenes….and again, this movie character exemplifies the theory that Brad is one of the FEW ACTORS who challenges himself in roles that subbordinate his ‘cool’ persona and takes risks that other actors with his power and ‘hunky’ status would NEVER dare make. He is not afraid to make a fool out of himself…and ALL his mannerisms…(including the way he put his hand up to his nose when Malcovitch punched him in the car scene)….were that of an ENTIRELY new character VERY UNLIKE HIMSELF. That takes guts.

    …No box office totals, pathetic ex-wife, snarky comments, or taboid lies will every minimize the talent, sensitivity, sexiness, uniqueness, and international awareness Brad Pitt has as an actor and a person in the entertainment industry .

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Brad Pitt. He simply rocks.

    Miss you Angie!
    queen bee, ITA.

  • D. kay

    We all knew this about them but it is nice to see them ‘officially’ recognized for what is patently obvious.

  • Please

    The funny thing is that you know that Brad & Angelina could give two sh_ts about these kinds of things. They are about family and their community. They could care less about stupid labels or being the most popular. It’s great for fans though.

  • senior

    CLINIQUA @ 09/14/2008 at 7:15 pm

    thanks for explaining why It is so difficult to post or even go from page to page. oy I wanted to say something about the last thread, it was impossible to post . Gotta give it up to the haters they always manage to post no matter what. :)

  • Rachel

    I love these guys.

  • http://justjared dina #1

    CLINIQUA I used your comments and sent them to Jared. I was going to send him a message about the problem. But had written him one so I sent your’s. I informed his that it was your’s and that I was using it to notify him. I also added a little to it. Sincerely hope you don’t mind. I hope he responds. Peace

  • senior

    CLINIQUA @ 09/14/2008 at 7:15 pm

    thanks for explaining why It is so difficult to post or even go from page to page. oy I wanted to say something about the last thread, it was impossible to post . Gotta give it up to the haters they always manage to post no matter what. :) OK 10th try lol

  • vickifromtexas

    they make it easy to admire them.
    hello senior, i am doing fine. i hope all is well with you. hugs.
    neleh, hey sweetie, i know yesterday was probably a difficult day for you and my prayers and thoughts were with you all day. you are such a sweet person, i know your parents must have been very proud of you. big hugs.

  • Sonia

    let me try this one more time, great news, but we already felt that way about them, finally non shallow news about a celebrity.(submit) fingers crossed, hit click!! (submit)

  • dancer

    Thanks Jared! Love this couple.

    I’d like to echo Jill #28–taking forever to post today!