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Jennifer Garner is Pink Party Pretty

Jennifer Garner is Pink Party Pretty

Jennifer Garner keeps it cute and casual in a floaty top and jeans at “The Pink Party ’08″ held at Hangar 8 on Saturday in Santa Monica, Calif.

The event was hosted by Palisadian designer Elyse Walker and benefited the Cedar-Sinai Women’s Cancer Research Institute.

On the other side of town, Jen‘s husband Ben Affleck was seen getting a visit from his 3-year-old daughter Violet while on the set of his new movie Extract.

25+ pictures inside of pink-party-pretty Jennifer Garner

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jennifer garner pink party 01
jennifer garner pink party 02
jennifer garner pink party 03
jennifer garner pink party 04
jennifer garner pink party 05
jennifer garner pink party 06
jennifer garner pink party 07
jennifer garner pink party 08
jennifer garner pink party 09
jennifer garner pink party 10
jennifer garner pink party 11
jennifer garner pink party 12
jennifer garner pink party 13
jennifer garner pink party 14
jennifer garner pink party 15
jennifer garner pink party 16
jennifer garner pink party 17
jennifer garner pink party 18
jennifer garner pink party 19
jennifer garner pink party 20
jennifer garner pink party 21
jennifer garner pink party 22
jennifer garner pink party 23
jennifer garner pink party 24
jennifer garner pink party 25

Credit: Jody Cortes/WENN, Gaz Shirley/Kevin Perkins; Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Daniella

    what is up with his beard?

  • nastialover

    violet is so cute!!!

  • mary

    Here we go again!

  • lauren

    most beautiful pregant woman ever! rivals that of angelina jolie! :D

  • Lisa

    Shes always smileing in photos, here little violet looks like she might be missing mommy today…

  • http://kyujkhjkhjyk Nadia

    Yeah totally the most beautiful pregnant woman ever,specially in the first pic. :roll: :lol:

    Is it a JOKE?

    Violet is so cute.

  • sarah

    Someone would think with her being pregnant,you would see Ben with his wife more than before,but no, he doesn’t even go with her for her check up routine,something that all proud dads do all the time.

    what’s up with her making an ugly face like that?doesn’t she know she is ugly even without making face like that? Does she have anything other than jean?

  • Jennifer Garner forever.

    Such a lovely family. I couldn’t imagine Ben marrying anyone else except the beautiful Jennifer Garner. She has always been the one for him and they make such a perfect match on everything. Mrs. Affleck is classy, doesn’t flaunt her wealth(only ignorant, newly rich people who don’t know any better behave that way) and she is the closet thing to a bona fide American (real American, hint, hint) princess in Hollywood. Sameness rules out much more than opposites in my opinion. Now Ben has a woman who has more things in common with him in every category that matters. Ben is her white knight and Jenn is her Euro-American princess.

  • essie

    so odd that violet’s hair is light blonde, yet the parents are a dark brunette!

  • ellie

    I just love you guys. You look great together with your pretty little girl!!

  • Mary Poppins

    I love how she always has her daughter with her, no nannies!

  • Kim

    Both my parents are brunette and my hair stayed blonde until I was 12.

  • mamie

    “Someone would think with her being pregnant,you would see Ben with his wife more than before,but no, he doesn’t even go with her for her check up routine,something that all proud dads do all the time.”

    There were pictures of them all together just yesterday.

  • Emile

    How does someone making comments on a blog know if Ben accompanies his wife to the GYN office or not? Seriously, How would a complete stranger know the daily schedule of a celebrity? How can a person be so stupid? Are pictures taken of Jennifer every time she visits her doctor’s office, I mean really, some people are so ridiculous aren’t they?

  • Doctor Who

    I know. I hate stupid people too.

  • Trisha

    violet looks like she can’t stand Ben
    She is always looking for Jennifer
    everytime she is with him and she
    always looks Cranky with him

  • sarah

    Emile @ 09/14/2008 at 12:27 pm

    yeah it was. actually there was THREE different set of pics from her visiting her doctore in different months.

    You know Jennifer Garner has a habit to call papz even when she is going to her doctor,if you haven’t seen it,doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


    Thanks Just Jared for the comment I said yesterday about how it would be great to get a photo of Ben and Violet on the set of his movie..

    Again Jen shows up just as Jlo is going to do the triathon today..

    Vi loves her father if you look at other fathers with their kids you will
    see that the do the same thing ..

  • Jonas brothers small weiners.

    Beautiful pregnant woman.


    Thanks Just Jared.. to prove a point yesterday’s photos of Jen with
    Vi she did the same thing …Looking around she does that in most
    pix with both of them..

    Jen does not call the paps… Vi is probably tired of being carried every
    where… Why not buy one of those animal leashes that they have at
    children stores for her.. so that she doesn’t run away..


    Thank you Just Jared

  • gina

    She looks beautiful. Simple and just perfect. Ben, on the other hand, needs to shave.

  • Roni

    My daughter is very blonde and my hair is light brown and her dad’s is black. My other daughter has dark brown hair, you nevr know what you will get.

  • omg!

    OMG!! I just got a shock!! what the heck happend to Ben??? he looks awful nowdays and this was the worst!!! the handsome man is gone…

  • mark

    Ben doesn’t do as good of a job getting Violet to smile while the paps are around, he actually wants to be with his little girl, not just get the pap pic like her mom. But you know Ben’s fallen when he has to resort to getting mentioned in a piece for one of his wife’s public appearances to get noticed, its sad, he’ll be on the list of overpaid celebs too once he starts making movies again…


    NO HE WON’T BE ON THE OVERPAID LIST.. He is not a Tom Cruise..
    Since when does he show up with his wife she is always a lone..!!

    There are pix of Jason Bateman and his daughter does not want to be
    with him.. She runs a way laughing.. He has to hold her hand..

  • Jessica

    essie, Ben and Jen were probably blonde when they were Violet’s age and their hair got darker with age. That happens a lot of the time. Cassie Affleck, Ben’s Brother has blonde hair so blonde hair obviously runs in the family.

  • Valerie

    To Mary, you wouldn’t have to say that if there weren’t so many negative people on here starting arguments.

    To everyone wondering about Ben’s new look, I think it’s for a movie. There are plenty of photos of Jen and Ben together obviously they aren’t in these because they both had places to go.

  • Belle

    Lol @ the person saying Jen calls the paps. Celebs don’t call the paps, the paps are the ones following the celebs not the other way around.
    And all the jealous haters calling Jen ugly, you wish. Jen is beautiful and you are not. Keep hating haters. She makes funny faces because she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is having fun. As for Violet looking angry with Ben, there are only 4 photos, obviously she wasn’t happy during that time the photos were taken. Stop jumping to crazy conclusions. There are photos where she is smiling while Ben is holding her on this site.

  • Claire

    Sarah, you see a few photos of her wearing jeans. It doesn’t mean that’s all she has, besides you can never have too many pairs of jeans, Lol.
    Also, Jen is beautiful. She makes funny faces because she obviously is having fun and doesn’t care what people think. You’re probably the ugly one.

  • Helena

    This woman bores me for some reason. I think it’s because she’s always photographed doing nothing exciting.

  • Jane

    Um, have you seen every photo of her taken to say that? No. Then don’t look her up if she doesn’t “excite” you. Anything she does ( as a celebrity) is more exciting than anything you do in your life, which would bore anyone.

  • rebecca

    It’s a pink party but Jennifer’s wearing blue, which she always does these days, no doubts in my mind she’s having a boy.

  • Clark

    Actually there are more pictures of other people at the party and not everyone wore pink. In fact, most people didn’t. Lol.

  • The Truth

    Actually, most people did wear pink- Kate Beckinsale and Marcia Cross looked FAB. I don’t know what happened with Jen. And I don’t know if this is true of Jen Garner or not, but LOTS of celebs call the paps, the press tells studio execs and producers that they’re “hot.”


    It was great seeing the Pearl Harbor Women together again… Wonder why Jen decided to wear jeans..?? Kate Beckinsale is one of the
    actresses that knows how to put it together.. Notice how Ben is not
    wearing his wedding ring but Jason Bateman is?

  • mmm

    Her smile completely changes her face. Not necessarily in a good way either.

  • leny

    Jennifer Garner is the 2nd most over paid actress in holywood? oh my gosh she got paid like 2-3 mil range and that she is still overpaid? That means her movies must have been a real bomb. WOW!

  • The Real Truth

    The Truth, actually you are not telling the truth. I saw the photos just posted on ONTD and the majority didn’t wear completely pink clothing and just wore aspects of pink clothing. You should change your name because you are lying. Nothing happened with Jen, she didn’t want to wear pink, big deal.

    You don’t know what celebs do that or not and if they do it’s not them, it’s the execs.

  • hmmmm

    jen doesn’t have a sense of style.She is no j.lo. One of the reason she fit with Ben is this. They both usually look like a homeless with nice glassess. LOL

  • Allen

    Betsy – sometimes actors take off their wedding rings when filming, it’s not that big of a deal or mean something, in which you are implying. She decided to wear jeans because she felt like it. Shessh. Who cares about Bateman? This is about Jen and Ben.

  • Margot

    mmm, her smile is fine. She is beautiful and her smile doesn’t change that. No need to be such a bitch.

    hmmmm, sounds like a jealous JLO fan because Ben dumped her ass. I love how all of them bother to troll the Jen/Ben posts but no Garner fans bother with JLO posts, because it’s not worth it. Jen has her own sense of style and laid-back about it. She doesn’t have to dress like an attention whore, like some celebs. Who cares about JLO? She doesn’t have that much style and Garner wouldn’t want to be her, anyways. Ben doesn’t care about his style either, unlike JLO’s ugly metrosexual husband. They don’t look homeless, they dress how they feel. They obviously don’t care to dress up all the time.

  • annon

    Jennifer is fake. I think Ben is someone who is still recovering from AA.

  • Ian

    Leny, you don’t know how much she got paid. You just believe whatever the media says and eat it up. Most celebs are over-paid, that’s nothing new. Who cares about that list? All of the people on that list have more money than you ever will. Her movies are not “real” bombs. They’re just not what you would call big-hit blockbusters. WOW! Get over yourself.

  • Helena

    Jane #32, if you had read clearly, I wrote ‘always’. I didn’t say that she had to be exciting, I was clearly pointing out that she’s always photographed doing nothing and I really don’t know why. She’s either doing nothing or doing something with her daughter. It’s the same with Katie Holmes.

  • Ian

    annon = Lenny = Hmmmm = Mmmm. Yes, the hater troll is back again. Do you ever get sick of being jealous of people who wouldn’t give you the time of day? Seriously, get a life.

    Jennifer isn’t fake and more real than you’ll ever be. Ben isn’t in AA, he’s filming a movie, you douchebag. You obviously can’t read. Lol, keep hating haters. Jen looks great.

  • Jane

    Helena… I clearly read what you said.

    You obviously didn’t read what I said because I clearly said you couldn’t know if she is always unless you’ve seen every photo. She is photographed because people look at photos of her and so are you!

    People obviously like to look at photos of her and Katie or they wouldn’t get posted. You’re only adding to the hits a photo gets by coming back, when you’ve made it clear you’re not interested.

  • Jane

    … And also Lol at Ben. I hope he loses that look after the movie.

  • Tony

    Nadia: she is just making a funny face. That’s not a good example to use. She is still very pretty and in that other person’s opinion she is the most beautiful pregnant woman. It’s not a joke it’s called her opinion.

  • Eric

    Jennifer Garner is such a plain jane! Nothing wrong with how she looks but nothing exciting either.