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Jennifer Hudson + David Otunga = Engaged!

Jennifer Hudson + David Otunga = Engaged!

Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson is engaged to David Otunga, aka Punk!

“I can confirm that Jennifer got engaged to her boyfriend David on Friday night in L.A.” her rep tells People.

Otunga, who tried to win Tiffany Pollard‘s heart on a VH1 reality show (I Love New York 2), popped the question with a Neil Lane diamond ring on the Dreamgirls Oscar winner’s 27th birthday.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • kmc

    congrats to the both of them!!! :)

  • bam

    that was so random

    aw, i hope they last :)

  • ugh.

    Ummm…what? She’s engaged to that?

  • tangerine

    I always thought that he was too good for I Love New York anyway. Congrats to them!

  • shoes4life

    What happened to her boyfriend she had when she first came that she was with for a while?

    This is the first time I ever seen this dude.

  • tee

    didnt even know that they were
    seeing each other

  • male


    who is he???

    both really uglyy!!

  • marieme

    Awww, I really liked Punk. Thank god he came to his senses after “falling in love” with New York. Yuck.

    I wish them much happiness!

  • anon

    im glad new york let him go, he deserved better

  • shoes4life

    I’m sorry he looks like a player. Jennifer is probably all starry eyed & in love (nothing wrong with that) because he is probably the best looking man she has had in her life and she is going down the slippery slope to being used (I hope not though). I just hope her people makes sure she has an iron tight pre-nup before she says “I Do”.

  • Janelle

    # 7 go to hell! You rude bastard.

  • Skyeatsme

    whoopie fcuking doo.


    Say what???? When did these two start dating???? I love J-Hud so I am happy for her. David AKA Punk was sweet on I Love New York. So I like him well enough.

  • bella

    I know who she is but who is he???

  • marisa

    jared- he wasn’t on american idol- he was on I LOVE NEW YORK season 2 : )

  • Melissa


  • LuckyL

    Um, how the f*** did they meet?

  • Erika

    It Won’t Happen…That’s just Hollywood Love

  • Angela

    Random, that is all I have to say!

  • tiffany

    I didnt even know they were dating. Very random.

  • Abdulla

    this is random. how in the hell is she engaged to this dude? what happened to her long-time boyfriend?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo Jennifer! Don’t do it!!!! He’s cute but he was on I LOVE NY!!!

  • kendra


  • Sarah

    yeah, wth happened to her long time boyfriend!?!??!?!?! I searched for her on here,, and found quotes of her talking about him.

    In Life Magazine Feb.07:
    On her one true love: “My boyfriend, James Peyton, 27, and I have been together since 1999, so he watched me struggle to get here. There were some dark times when I’d say, ‘I can’t sing anymore. I’m not right for this.’ He’d say, ‘Jennifer, there’s no way you’re not singing. Keep it up, girl, keep it up.’ ”

    In Giant Feb/March 07:
    On her love life: “My boyfriend is my childhood sweetheart. We’ve been together since 1999! It’s crazy. I’m the dreamer and he supports my dreams – always has. He’s happy to be my rock and let me fly. I think it makes more sense to date someone outside of showbiz. He is stationary, stable, a home base. I’m on planes, here and there and always on the go. It’d be a whole different story if he was moving around, too. Instead I have a patient, understanding man who’s there for me when I get home. He’s home to me.”

    I remember watching them two getting interviewed during the Oscars, they seemed really good for each other…..this is a shock that she’s engaged to this ugly ass guy and probably only knowing him for about a year!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    ..`i knew she was a loser.

  • Lori

    I am flabbergasted. She said she would never leave her longtime boyfriend. I guess the fame went to her head.

  • Good victoria

    AGREE SARAH….WHERE IN THE WORLD DID HE POP UP?….And to MARISA NUMBER # 15……….. Jared NEVER said that HE was on American Idol…..Only Jennifer was…. he was on I love New York 2, the reality show………I’m happy for her because she has come along way since Idol….She appears to be very sweet and caring, and I hope this dude does NOT take advantage of her….( gold-digger )???..He is not the most handsome thing around, so I believe everyone is shocked, as they have never appeared out anywhere…At least not that I have seen or read about……CONGRATULATI0NS TO YOU JENNIFER, AND I WISH YOU THE BEST. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gal


  • KrissyKitty

    Woha! where the hell did that come from?! Congrats….. I guess.

  • LT

    2 words…”Sugar Mama!!”

  • Zoe Moon

    OMIGOD, Congratulations.

    Number 7 & 25, SHUT-UP!!

  • Uhmm

    Very disappointed with J.Hud. Hollyweird has gone to her head. This won’t last…trust!

  • http://none shmenny

    they need to post a better picture of “punk”. He’s got the gay face, but i guess that should work for jennifer hudson. moo.


    Had no idea they were even an item…but congrats to them! He seemed like a really nice guy on I love New York.

  • vet Lpn

    oh Jennifer you can do better than that…women today are so desperate for a man. Jennifer he is ugly, he was on a show trying to get another triffling womans love and so since she did not choose him, you allow yourself to be second? Last thing he look like he on the down low! Be careful girl!


    Good Luck and congratulaions. The person who said that they are both really ugly is the ugly person in that situation. In order to inflict pain on others, you have to be in pain yourself. God help you, number seven. You are a nasty jerk.

  • Alicia

    This is absolutely crazy!!!! First what happened to her longtime high school sweet heart? The one who she LOVED SOOO MUCH, HER SOUL MATE-He was this chubby guy who stood by her through thick and thin, her whole coming into hollywood BS, and she dumpd him for a guy because he is good looking and has been on TV too? Just goes to show you what Hollywood can do to you-Then you have ” Punk”, how the hell does he go from a sexy woman like New York who dresses up in her barely there outfits, with all her make up and always looking perfect to fat ass Jen Hudson the american Idol doo- gooder who shakes when she sings and looks like a mis fit from the island of mis fit toys- this is fucked up- If it lasts it has to be because Punk is out for money and Jen is out for a decent looking guy with some big ass muscles. I feel sorry for Jen’s x boy friend, she used him bad and now she will learn the hard way- watch out Jen, Tifffany Pollard could come back any time, what do you think Punk will do then? Stick by you0 YEA RIGHT !!!! LOL_ HARD TIMES AHEAD YOU FOOL!

  • Original jpf

    Unless any of you know why she and her last bf broke up, I think you need to hold your roll with the judgements. Why is it automatically her fault they’re not together any longer? Why even say ish like “she’s gone Hollyweird?” when you know nothing? Maybe James Peyton showed HIS true colors. Maybe HE went hollyweird and wanted to ride her coattails. Maybe her new man IS the right man who knows how to roll in the world she lives in.

    Stop acting like somethings wrong with her because she hasn’t made YOU privy to her every move. It’s her life not yours or mine so stop tripping.


  • chuck

    I like it when a new Star has a boyfriend or girlfriend who is not famous. They say oh we have been together for sooo long. I would never……

    Then you go and get engaged to some guy who has been on I love NY. Her stock just plummeted in my book.

    TOO BAD.

    Reminds me of Whitney Houston and her choice of Bobby Brown.
    Talented no marbles when it comes to judgment.
    Hundred bucks says he has Anger Management issues.

  • ang

    Did he say he was a lawyer on I love NY? Is he the one with the creepy looking mother and sister?

  • sandie

    Life is full surprises, good for them!


    Damn…I just….damn, LOL. I’m sorry but he just reminds me so much of Terry McMillan’s ex-husband, the down-low and all! He may not be, but I thought that when he was on NY2 as well. Jennifer has her reasons for her actions. Hey, none of us know the story regarding her childhood sweetheart and their break up. However, did you notice in the interview she said he’s always HOME waiting for her…I just wonder if that was a figure or speech or was he home as in unemployed, LOL. Her beau is supposedly an attorney and graduated from an ivy league school, so hopefully he can hold his own. Anywho, best of luck to them both!

  • annie

    She’s crazy for trying to rush and marry these guys so soon, first it was her long time boyfriend from before she became famous; now it’s this guy who’s looking for fame and attention himself who knows what his true intentions are. Jennifer, you need to enjoy your blessings of fame and fortune first then think about sharing all you worked hard for with a long time life partner; he look’s gay anyway, mess around and be another Terry Mcmillan situation!!! Date and be patient God will send you the right man if you ask him too!!

  • Annie

    I love Jennifer but, I think she should wait a while, enjoy the blessings that God has blessed her with first and while being patient pray for God to send her the right man. This guy “punk” or whatever, yeah that’s the right name for him because he looks gay and he’s starving for fame and attention himself. Besides whatever happened to the first guy she was engaged to, the long time boyfriend who was with her before she became famous???

  • mobetter, nyc

    Congrat. to both . I love you Jen but be very cautious he looks like Terry Mcmillian Ex (if you know what I mean). Not feelin him for her but whose to say maybe opposite do attact. Blessings to both.

  • Sorry

    Why would that beautiful woman get engagaed to that ugly man? She could have just stuck with the first ugly dude she was with before she became famous instead of running to another, equally ugly jack…

  • dalandrick taylor

    JENNIFER as you biggest fan i say you made the right desion to get punk and punk please treat her right and i want you to never fall in love with new york again and good luck and best wishes

  • sammy

    she can do what ever she likes.dont care.

  • pat

    No. 10 HTH would you know that he is the best looking man Jennifer has ever had?

    Why the hell can’t he be the one that is starry eyed about her?

  • Maria (Shorty)

    OMG!!! Isn’t this the guy who shares spit with Miss New York? YUCK!!! He’s handsome and has a nice body. Don’t know he wanted to make it with that ‘New York’ chick. Glad he came to his senses and found someone with ‘class’.