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Katie Holmes is Booties-ful

Katie Holmes is Booties-ful

Katie Holmes is dressed for the bitter cold in a winter jacket and leather gloves as she arrives for rehearsals in New York City on Sunday morning.

Was it really that cold out this morning? Even passersby were wearing tank tops and shorts!

The 29-year-old actress, who toted around her fave Chloe “Partay” handbag, makes her Broadway debut later this week in the Arthur Miller play for All My Sons.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie’s cool new ankle booties?

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Credit: Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • assma


  • assma


  • mina

    Oh for christ sake, she is so completely uninteresting. Who gives a sh*t as to what sort of jeans or shoes she’s wearing?

  • holly

    im loving her jacket! but lmfao it was frickin hot as hell this morning

  • mslewis

    She looks really odd in that get up. Is something wrong with her? I remember a few years ago when I suffered from low blood pressure, I was freezing all the time. I stayed in the house, wrapped in blankets for months until the doctors were able to get the right medication to me. Wonder if Katie has a problem like that.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Weird. It was really hot today in Manhattan today.

    Maybe it’s for the AC?

  • why

    Katie sure loves her shoes :)
    They are cute.

  • KrissyKitty

    Hello PPL… she is trying to hide the fact that her belly is growin with another spawn os SATAN…imho…loloolololo

  • ana

    i love it.

  • sarisue

    Oh good. They finally got her some gloves to cover up her hands, which she was trying to hide inside her sweater yesterday. And now she can look even more freakish. Wacko–as in Jacko!

    Her hands didn’t appear to be discolored again, but who knows. All I know is that there is something very strange going on with her (besides the whole Tom Cruise thing).

    Or maybe she was always a freak and we just weren’t seeing it in daily doses.

  • JIm

    fugly, untalented, boring. NEXT !

  • DEbba

    mslewis, if she has the problem, she’s out of luck. Tom won’t let her take any drugs for it.

    As I think I’ve mentioned before, sarisue, Katie Holmes used to wear winter coats between scenes on the sets of Dawson’s Creek, and that was in the North Carolina heat.

    I think her history of eating disorders has messed with her body enough to cause some real issues.

  • LuckBe A Lady

    I thought that might be a smile on old sourpuss in the fourth photo. My bad! It’s not even a smirk.

  • bI N F A M O U S, bish!

    Women all over the world are cummming all over themselves to these pictures. “Kate” is such a great role model for young and old women. I’ve never seen someone switch up their style so much and look great everytime.

  • newport beach, 92660

    She shouldn’t have turned down the role for “Rachel” in “The Dark Knight” Instead she chose “Mad Money”, which wasn’t as big.

  • sniffles

    What’s wrong with this woman? Can’t someone, anyone help her? Love the shoes!

  • sarisue

    I do remember that, Debba, thanks.

    Look at the way the shorter bodyguard is holding his arms out like she’s so frail she might fall over or something!

    Freak show, I tell ya!

  • e

    it is HOTT as balls here in NY! I have no clue how she can wear that!

  • Rosie

    Has she TOTALLY forgotten how to smile??!

  • hall monitor


    Hall Monitor

  • kit

    She must not be feeling well. The bodyguards are holding her up.

  • parker

    She shops non-stop, a sign of depression.

  • fuuugz


  • imaginaque

    The booties are really cute. Katie is not. She looks cold, sad, and out of place in those clothes. Has she repeated a single pair of shoes since she started rehearsing for her Broadway debut??

    Also… Where has Suri been lately? Did The Cruise take her back to LA with him?

  • Helena

    She managed to make a completely interesting outfit look so dull. Stop her before she makes everything look dull!

  • rebecca

    i think she looks hot. i love the gloves and boots.

  • voe

    I like her coat and boots, but it’s funny to see her in winter get-up while people around her in summer clothes.

  • Regina

    I don’t know if she’s trying to make an All About Eve entrance with the winter outfit in decent weather, but she’s failing. BADLY.

  • bobbie

    She probably never thought Scientology would be a thorn in her side. She knew she had to sign up in order to marry Tom Cruise, but I’d bet she only thought of it as a formality.

  • dia

    maybe she is sick. i love the outfit and katie is beautiful

  • Anon

    Bitter cold? someone must have forgotten to tell the others that we can see in the pictures since they are in tank tops and t-shirts.

    Will someone give this mannequin known as Katie Holmes a personality? All it does is wear clothes that are not for the season, almost as if she is there to sell it. Put her in a shop, near the window and just change the clothes.

    Who is this idiot who posts these Katie Holmes pictures on JJ? Wise up man and stop being a fool. You look at the pictures and you don’t question why she is in gloves, winter coat. Don’t fabricate stories to suit her pictures, we all can see that she is the odd one out.

    She looks like she can barely walk. She needs two people to guide her movement. I have to wonder, doesn’t she feel slightly foolish with all these attempts to be fashionable and failing miserably?

  • XANA


  • Anon

    dia of post #30,

    Maybe she is sick? if that is the case then she has been sick for weeks. She wears so many layers of clothing most days that she either has no body fat or doesn’t like her body and has to cover it all up. I mean, we know she keeps pretending to hide her belly hoping we would all start whispering “pregnant”. Girl is so fashion confused, she looks like an idiot.

  • Anon

    Rosie at post 19, she has nothing to smile about.

    She has been a source of global joke for the past 3 years and it continues.

    She has no friends, her extended Holmes family only pop up for the rare party and on the occasion where we got a glimpse of her world with Cruise, it looks colder than a turkey.

    She has aged about 20 years.

    And she is married to a man who is not his own person but who lives according to the directions of a cult and so does she.

    And as for her career, it is non existent. Hollywood certainly isn’t knocking on her door and we all know that she is going to be crap in the play.

    Someone said she is a role model, role model to what people, brain dead morons?
    Nope, nothing to smile about.

  • nella

    love it

  • :)

    Katie is classy
    and adorable

  • Michell

    Tom makes her dress like that unless she’s with him so no one will want her body. LOL

  • surfer

    She’s really the modern Jackie O!

  • Debba

    Speaking of Katie’s family, she used to love to go back and hang out in Toledo with her friends and family all the time in her TV series days. I know she took Josh Jackson home there while they were dating, and obviously Chris Klein was there with her family all the time over the years they were together.

    But Tom reportedly has never been. And I hear tell from very reliable sources that ever since the wedding in Italy, all family get-togethers with the Holmes clan take place ONLY on “his ground”, that being either the house in LA or in the one in Colorado.

  • defap

    Ha Ha, such a free country. Yeah, you are free to cheat, home-wreck, prostitute, sleep with anything that can move, do drug, go “party”, drink to death, and attack others personally and brutally…yeah, if you do any such as above, no one would laugh at you endlessly. But, you are not free to believe in what you think is right unless you want to be shunned and attacked by the society…congratulations! That is real “progressive”.

  • bobbie

    It’s not about what she believes. I seriously doubt she believes that Scientology crap, but she supports it. The fact that she probably does it for the wrong reason doesn’t change that fact.

  • whipple

    Hey defap…

    Do you honestly think Katie Holmes hasn’t gotten fall-down drunk, slept around, done drugs, etc, before?

    Because if you think she hasn’t, you’re DEAD wrong.

    So what is your point exactly??

  • whipple

    Hey defap…

    Do you honestly think Katie Holmes hasn’t gotten fall-down drunk, slept around, done drugs before, etc?

    Because if you think she hasn’t, you’re DEAD wrong.

    So what is your point exactly??

  • whattamoron

    This is what she does every year. She wears winter clothes at the end of summer.

    She is a f ucking as s ho le

  • whattamoron

    surfer @ 09/14/2008 at 7:16 pm She’s really the modern Jackie O!

    Jackie O. knew how to dress for the weather/season.


    She is a wannabe loser.

  • ouch

    maybe their cult religion has some kind of “Stepford Wife” process that the woman go thru and come out a different woman!

    Could count for her strange dressing and her different behavior!

    LOL…probably just from living with tommy boy….enough to rub off of ya

  • ck

    It ws 88 degrees in NYC today. She has to be ill. (in some form)


    I actually really like her outfit, a bit overdone to be sure, but still very stylish and chic nontheless. still, she must have really wanted to stand out to be donning winter wear in September.

  • iron chef

    Looks good on her but not on moi.

  • gia

    It was hot and humid today in Manhattan. She must be ill. Someone help this poor victim. Who are the brain dead idiots comparing her to Jackie O? Do you know anything about Jackie O? For one thing, no matter what her cicumstances, Jackie O never came off weak or victimized. Jackie O would eat the likes of Katie Holmes for breakfast. Pluse, she had more style and class in her left pinky ring than Holmes will ever have in her entire body.