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Lindsay Lohan: Sarah Palin Sucks!

Lindsay Lohan: Sarah Palin Sucks!

Celebrities are continuing to speak out publicly over their disapproval of Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. You can tack on Lindsay Lohan and her gal pal DJ Samantha Ronson to that list now! The pair just published this same entry on their respective MySpace blogs:

“I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin.

I couldn’t be more supportive of a woman in office, but let’s face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female.

Is it a sin to be gay? Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?

I find it quite interesting that a woman who now is running to be second in command of the United States, only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor. Which is probably all she is qualified to be… Also interesting that she got her passport in 2006.. And that she is not fond of environmental protection considering she’s FOR drilling for oil in some of our protected land…. Well hey, if she wants to drill for oil, she should DO IT IN HER OWN backyard. This really shows me her complete lack of real preparation to become the second most powerful person in this country.

Hmmmm-All of this gets me going-Fear, Anxiety, Concern, Disappointment, and Stress come into play…

Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?

I know that the most important thing about this election is that people need to exercise their right to vote, regardless of their choice… I would have liked to have remained impartial, however I am afraid that the “lipstick on a pig” comments will overshadow the issues and the fact that I believe Barack Obama is the best choice, in this election, for president…

Palin’s desire to “save and convert the gays”-really??

According to this Associated Press story, the church of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is hosting a kind of conference devoted to the “conversion of Gays” — no kidding.

Here’s the AP text: ‘Gov. Sarah Palin‘s church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals through the power of prayer. You’ll be encouraged by the power of God’s love and His desire to transform the lives of those impacted by homosexuality,” according to the insert in the bulletin of the Wasilla Bible Church, where Palin has prayed since she was a child. Palin‘s conservative Christian views have energized that part of the GOP electorate, which was lukewarm to John McCain’s candidacy before he named her as his vice presidential choice. She is staunchly anti-abortion, opposing exceptions for rape and incest, and opposes gay marriage and spousal rights for gay couples.’

I feel it’s necessary for me to clarify that I am not against Sarah Palin as a mother or woman.

Women have come a long way in the fight to have the choice over what we do with our bodies… And its frightening to see that a woman in 2008 would negate all of that.

Oh, and…Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!

And in the words of Pamela Anderson, “She can suck it“.

Lindsay- “I have faith that this country will be all that it can be with the proper guidance. I really hope that all of you make your decisions based on the facts and what feels right to you in your heart-vote for Obama!”

Samantha- “I love this country- however i wasn’t born here and don’t have the right to vote- so i beg of you all to really do your research and be educated when you cast your vote this coming november…. and if you’re in doubt- vote for obama! Mainly because if she gets elected my green card probably won’t get renewed!!!”

Lindsay and Samantha

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  • apple

    i totally agree with them,for once…

  • Camille

    Come on US people vote OBAMA !

    France and Europe with you :)

  • Helena

    They do have a point.

  • question mark


  • Laurie

    F*ck yeah!! They’re sooo right!

    you can do it 2 McCain!!

    Obama ’08!

  • fidel

    Good point…I wonder who wrote all of it. Samantha or lindsay?

  • keenie

    who is this girl? where’s the real lindsay?? come on give us the real lindsay back! we want the spoiled-junkie-slutty linds! not this “intelligent” clone …

    no i’m kidding of course …. i’m happy to see that she (or samantha maybe), has some kind of a brain, but ….. Are we really sure? What if she is just playing the “i’m now sober and involved in politics and in a lesbian relationship” role? how long will it last?

  • parisgirl

    Wow who knew I’d agree with this chick one day?

  • dianad1968

    I think I lost a post, so I am trying again.

    I am not defending Palin, but if you are going to criticise her for being on a tabloid, you have to also criticise Obama who was on People AND OK with his family.

    Personally, I think both tickets are a joke, and it is scary that this is the best candidates for President and VP that the US has to offer. One candidate seemed that he took part in a dare, and dont quite know how he got so far, and what the hell he should do now. And the other seemed to think being president as an entitlement, because he was a POW, and he is old.

    God help us all

  • Kitty

    I agree with Lindsay.
    Our Country will just go back down hill with womens rights and the gays rights. what does that have to do with running America. Why is the sicko Sarah Palin even trying to mess with all that. WHAT ABOUT THE WAR!

    Obama’08 All the way

  • tia

    I TOTALLY agree! but ofcourse there are gunna be a bunch of a$holes who are gunna comment saying ‘celebrities should have their own opinion’ blah blah blah blah blah like they always do whenever someone in the public eye speaks out agaisnt their beloved nazi Palin.

    I think she is disgusting and never in a million years would I ever vote for her. It shocks me how any could! Her views on virtually everything are ludacris.

    Lindsay/Sam/Pamela Anderson/Matt Damon/Oprah/Pink and virtually every other celeb out their with a brain have hit it dead on with their opinions. And I support their views one hundred percent. Not because of who they are, but because of what they are standing for

  • lydia

    wait, where is Sam from?????? I thought she was american??

    and wow for once I think Lindsay Lohan is insanely smart.

    The thought of Palin in office is really scary

  • James

    Sarah Palin is a joke. Republicans who support her are a joke.

    A McCain/Palin ticket is a disgusting and terrifying thought.

    America would be an amazing country if there were no Republicans.

  • moseley girl


  • charlotte

    sarah palin is a psycho. she and hitler would have been great friends.


    come on america! you f*cked us over the last 8 years, get it right this time!!!!

  • tim

    Im just waiting for all the Republican haters to come out and trash Lindsay for having her own views…

  • jenna

    OBAMA 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i turned this in2 a jobro ??

    are the jonas brothers republicans? lol random question i know~this post just reminded me that i was wondering! hahaa I hope they are smart, like lindsay and the rest of the world and vote for chage!

    vote obama 2008!

  • joel

    I think post just clarifies that Linday Lohan officially has her head screwed back on the right way. Sarah Palin is Republican trash and she needs to be home taking care of her kids–not planning war on russia.

  • anno

    She’s so right. Sarah Palin is a joke.

  • vicki

    In France, in Europe and in the whole world there is ah Obamania going on. Come on americans WAKE UP! The world is waiting for a better usa, GO OBAMA!

  • Claire

    You did not choose Al Gore, you did not choose John Kerry. The past 8 years have been a disaster so PLEASE, PLEASE make the RIGHT choice this time! I am sorry if my english sucks I am spanish.

  • sillyme

    It would be nice if Lindsay actually did her research. No, actually, she’s too stupid to. Because, if she did, she know, for instance, that Palin SUPPORTS both contraception and sex education. Yes, she’s pro-life…but, so is John McCain and most other Republicans. So what? And, wow, is Lindsay really criticizing something Palin’s church did after what happened with Barack Obama? Does that mean we CAN connect Barack with everything his racist minister believes?

    Lesbians, I mean, liberals, are so hypocritical. They claim they’re pro-choice, which is supposed to support all views. But, yet, anyone who supports life is demonized; Palin is criticized because she CHOSE to have her baby and decided against abortion. That’s the pro-choice movement for you! It really should just be called the pro-abortion movement, and that’s all that they care about.

    I’ve got news for you, Lindsay, not all women are pro-choice. And, there are more women out there that relate to Sarah Palin than relate to people like Lindsay Lohan, Pam Anderson, and all the other leftist radical women. These Hollywood women are not the typical American woman.

    And, it’s funny, too, how many Democratic women are coming out saying that Palin is no Hillary Clinton. One, thank goodness she’s no Hillary; McCain picked Palin to help get the conservative Democrats and Reagan Democrats, and, according to the polls, he’s getting them. Second, most of these women who are now criticizing Palin were the same ones criticizing Hillary Clinton during the primaries; they’re hypocrites. They want Barack as president and they will tear down anyone who gets in his way.

    The fact is that Sarah Palin is the type of woman who makes up small town America. After picking Palin, McCain now beats Obama with the women’s vote (except for black women, of course); that says something right there.

  • Kay

    Wow. Can Sam stop eating p-ussy long enough to become a US citizen so she can at least vote and try to make a difference.

    How long has she been in L.A. spinnin’ f-ucking records?!? Yeah if I was her I’d love this country too.

  • dumbasses

    Ahhh…all the liberals are shitting their pants because of Sarah Palin….I LOVE IT.

    Claire you really think just because a republican is in office they will screw up? Do you know the liberal congress has a 9% approval rating? Which is way lower than bush. Ever heard of Ab Lincoln? He was a republican…did he fuck up America? No.

    I don’t give two shits what lyndsay and her boyfriend say…..and anyone actually does is pathetic. Sarah Palin has a higher approval rating than the other three men on the two tickets

    Moral of this story is LIBERAL MEDIA and CELEBRITIES(including you jackass(Jared)) keep runnin your mouths because guess what? The more you do the more people will like Sarah.

  • nOBAMA

    You libs sure are gonna be disappointed when Obama loses. Your empty suit Barack is going to lose the popular vote by about 10 points. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but most of America aren’t Hollywood lesbians and this kind of support only hurts Obama.

  • TERI

    I don’t care if you don’t like her or not, Obama only has 134 days more experience than Sarah Palin and he’s running for president. You can’t even become a teacher in 134 days or a doctor but you’ll vote Obama to be president? Hands down McCain has more experience.

  • dumbasses

    Oh and there are usually only two types of people on internet forums Atheists(sp?) and Liberals…this site proves even more

    McCain/Palin `08
    Real Change.

  • kate0z

    Yes i’m not from the USA and I cant vote in the election…the leader of the free world, the president of The United States of America,should have EXPERIENCE, a MILITARY BACKROUND in order to deal with terrorism and has some sort of an analytical and strategic mindset, and yes has AGE….
    doesnt age bring wisdom…why all of a sudden are we so quick so say oh that old guy…

    I am not against Obama because he is african american or anything like that…
    I would just feel very concerned it the leader of the free world ended up not having a leg to stand on

  • mclovin

    Go to the New York Times site and look up the article “Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes”. What an eye opener!!

  • ace tomato

    Wow. Now the three 13 year old girls who still idolize Lohan wouldn’t vote for McCain/Palin if they could vote.

    Whup de do.

  • Patience


    go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. sam is british btw….

  • keenie

    kate0z what are u talking about??? i’m not american either but have u seen spain? Zapatero is how much, 40? 43?… Before him Spain was one of the latest countries of europe behind only greece and portugal … Have u seen Spain now after 40 year old zapatero?? Spain is even aehad Italy now!

    “”"”"the leader of the free world, the president of The United States of America,should have EXPERIENCE, a MILITARY BACKROUND in order to deal with terrorism and has some sort of an analytical and strategic mindset, and yes has AGEā€¦.”"”"”

    Seriously? America is the free world? You need military background? Really? Since when? Age bring wisdom? yeas tell it to mussolini and hitler.. they were not young, and look what they did!

    i don’t know where you come from, hopefully not from europe …

    you say lot of bullshit and common places in MY humble opinion

  • suzanne

    Well after that I am convinced that Linds is a sick lesbinarian. GO MCCAIN-PALIN. wooooo hooooo

  • kkcc

    ita about palin


    #24, 29, and 30, I AGREE.

  • ace tomato

    Obama’s change could cost big bucks
    A few tax cuts? Negligible effect. Bigger government? Bad idea.

    Paul Gessing

    is the president of New Mexico’s Rio Grande Foundation, a free-market research organization

    Barack Obama promises “change,” but the real question American voters – particularly taxpayers – should be asking is whether Obama’s brand of change would improve our situation or worsen it.

    When it comes to Americans’ pocketbooks, Obama has laid out a clear vision that calls for a bigger, more costly government. Unfortunately, at a time when economic growth is slowing at least partly as a result of misguided government policies such as ethanol subsidies, refusal to allow oil companies access to oil, federal encouragement of the housing bubble, and the costly Iraq war, taking an even bigger share for government is bound to only prolong our current slowdown.

    So what does Obama propose? To be sure, he does have a few tax cuts aimed at middle- and low-income Americans sprinkled through his plan. His “Making Work Pay” credit would offset payroll taxes on the first $8,100 of earnings, generating savings of up to $500 per person or $1,000 per family. His campaign says that will eliminate income taxes for 10 million low-income Americans.

    But we already have the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income wage earners. The IRS estimates that nearly one-third of EITC payments – more than $10 billion annually – now are wasted in overpayments. Is it really wise to create an entire and complicated new credit that would be subject to the same abuses?

    Obama’s small tax cuts would have a negligible effect on our economy because of their indirect and minimal effect on economically productive behavior. His tax increases, however, are something else again and seem likely to have a significant, negative effect on our nation’s economic growth.

    The centerpiece of Obama’s plan is to end the Bush tax cuts and allow the top two tax rates to return to 36 percent and 39.6 percent. He would also phase out personal exemptions and deductions for those with income in excess of $250,000.

    Again, with an eye toward punishing those who have achieved economic success, Obama plans to end the Social Security payroll-tax cap for those making more than $250,000. The cap is currently set at a more reasonable $102,000.

    Under Obama’s plan, these individuals will face a tax rate of 15.65 percent from payroll taxes and the top income-tax rate of 39.6 percent for a combined top rate of more than 56 percent on each additional dollar earned.

    In a single stroke, Obama’s massive payroll-tax increase abandons any pretext of Social Security’s being “social insurance,” as opposed to just another welfare program. It would massively expand government with almost no positive effect on Social Security’s solvency.

    Obama’s plan would keep Social Security in the black for only three more years. Annual deficits would hit in 2020, instead of 2017, and by the 2030s the system would still run an annual deficit exceeding $150 billion.

    As if those proposals were not enough to weigh the U.S. economy down, Obama plans to nearly double the top dividends and capital-gains rate from the current 15 percent rate to as high as 28 percent. Indeed, while most tax cuts may result in slight revenue declines even as they spur economic growth, Bush’s dividend and capital gains tax cuts actually have increased federal revenue. Obama would be wise to reconsider these particularly destructive tax increases.

    On the other hand, Obama pledges to follow President Bush in rapidly increasing the size and scope of the federal government. Bush has allowed the federal budget to grow from 18.4 percent to 20 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. Former President Bill Clinton, on the other hand, oversaw a reduction of federal spending from 22.1 percent to 18.7 percent of GDP.

    Unfortunately for the U.S. economy, the likelihood of massive government expansion under Obama means that the only important “change” will be in the mechanism by which our ever-expanding government is funded.

  • ugh

    Lindsay Lohan??!! Who is she?? A lesbian???!! A w.h.o.r.e.??!! Of course, she’s both. Shut up idiot!

  • ace tomato

    Oh wait! Obama supporters don’t want to discuss any issues in depth. You just want to attack Palin’s religion, family and hunting skills.

    Sorry to waste your time with anything as irrelevant as the economy. Silly me!

  • cc

    I think it’s ironic that two men are fighting for womens and gay rights. While a women is fighting against womens rights…Funny…She is sending American women back 100 years..

  • melissa


  • Sarah!

    Umm yes Lindsey actually it is a sin to be gay.
    The bible says it is.
    Being gay is a choose and a sin period.

  • lilly

    i actually agree with lindsay and samantha.. i think sarah is more interested in being a celeb than doing anything good for the USA. and mccain said all that shit about obama being a celeb and stuff… isnt that ironic??


  • juju

    I would vote for McCain just so that loser doesn’t get her green card.

  • sarah

    i’m pretty surprised that lindsay’s saying absolutely the right thing.

  • m

    where was samantha ronson born???

  • Sarah H

    OBAMA!! French are with you!!
    Love you lyndsay, you are so right!!!

  • Maria

    so now ‘we’ are all listening to what Hollywood has to say…. GO AMERICA – Yes, they know better. Their life is perfect…you read about them, you know about their crazy spending…still buy their crap, watch their movies…agree with them…..”GOOD DOG YOU”…..hahaha

  • Meg

    Well it is really obvious who wrote this, Samantha, the ugly, bitter womangirl.
    Lindsay is still just a dumb flake who lets other people control her body and her mind, so dissapointing.
    They really are such an awkward couple, they just look unclean and so shady, ew. Some couples look right together and these two just look icky. I think it is because Samantha always appears in photos as though she is skinny and hunched with an ugly face with circles under her eyes and like she feels guilty of something. Unhealthy. And Lindsay looks like she needs a bath and someone to buy her clothes for her.

    Vote for whomever you believe in, not who any one else tells you to.

  • jessie

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s good to see Lindsay coming into her own, i knew there was an intelligent and thoughtful person in there.
    I hope that all those women who are disappointed about Hillary not being nominated aren’t going to go out an vote Mcain/Palin just in protest. Because really this is bigger than that. I rather have an inexperinced idealist with basically a good heart and ideas and attitudes that belong in the 21st century in charge than some warmongering narrowminded regressive relic. And let’s face it Mcain is so old that the chances of him actually surviving the next for years is kind of 50/50, which would leave us with a Palin a former beauty queen in charge! Now,that is a scary thought…
    Vote Obama/Biden!!!!