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Selena Gomez is Another Cinderella Story

Selena Gomez is Another Cinderella Story

Disney starlet Selena Gomez (in BCBG) attends the premiere of her straight to DVD movie Another Cinderella Story at the Grove Pacific Theaters in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday.

The 16-year old actress stopped to speak to reporters and posed with fans on the red carpet!

Co-star Andrew Seeley was also on-hand for the festivities.

Directed by Damon Santostefano, the film has a target release of Sept. 16.

The film (via IMDB) is about a guy (Seeley) who dances with what could be the girl (Gomez) of his dreams at a costume ball and only has one hint at her identity: the Zune she left behind as she rushed home in order to make her curfew. And with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of him, he sets out to find his masked beauty.

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez and her Cinderella story…

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  • Taylor

    she is so pretty! way prettier than miley! i luv her! lol 1st

  • oh

    The hair and makeup stylist did a good job.

    That outfit is atrocious. On that movie, It’s pretty disgusting to see a 16 yr old with someone who is 28. He is also an as*shole.

  • Zanessaever

    i LOVE Her she’s adorable

  • alanna

    Omg, her outfit is AMAZING! Love it!!

  • Jewel

    aww. i loved this movie. i saw it last night
    she can dance (:

  • Jewel

    It’s pretty disgusting to see a 16 yr old with someone who is 28.

    i thought they looked cute together =x

  • kourtney

    c’mon guys don’t start with the “shes prettier than miley” thing! they are both their own completely different person and they both have completely different looks and they are both very pretty.

    and I like her outfit, it’s really different and unique looking

    I suppose I’ll go rent the movie sometime this week…

  • lisa

    haha her movie went straight to dvd–pathetic!!

  • .

    totally aggreeeee with the 1st part of number 7 but as much as i love her and demi they need better stylistsss for real they suck at dressing but i love the way miley dresses but in all i love all disney princesses

  • WTF

    WTF who freakin has a premiere for a movie going straight to DVD?!? disney needs to stop putting her on a pedestal. she hasn’t done anything major

  • justjared

    my name is justjared and i copy all of my articles off of other websites

  • mo

    ok so ive always wondererd how teen celebs lives work?? like how do they know what events they ned to get to? how do they get there? who organises who is gunna do their hair and make-up and gets them security and chauffers?? who books their plane tickets and appearances on shows? how do they know where they have to be and when?

    lol someone answer! but only if u REALLY know the answers


    i hate that dress

  • mel


  • 93

    That picture of her with the little girls is so sweet!
    I love her. I think she’s an awesome actress, but she is only 16 so there can always be room for improvement.

  • star7

    To #10, yeah she hasn’t done anything major for Disney except give them a hit #1 show. The nerve of them!

    Seriously, stop hating on Selena and get a life.

  • umm

    she not a dancer !
    they should have choose some else for this movie !
    i mean she cant even do a spin !!

    she ok !i guess

  • eww

    Ugh I looked on wireimage drew’s pathetic bit*ch of a girlfriend is there too. Well not that he’s much better than her.

    Taylor Swift came too though, that’s kinda cute that her & selena are friends now.

  • emily

    I like her wayyyyyy better than MilEY she has a way better look and show

  • andie

    thats a really weird dres..

  • lovooooer

    her shoes are so pretty! i don’t like that much her outfit, miley dresses waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than selena or demi ….. but i love selena, though

  • lololove

    She looks pretty!! Her makeup always looks good.

  • Laurie

    #15: HIT #1 SHOW??? Wtf that’s the most stupid show of all times! I used to think disney chanel was original but i guess they dont!
    ahahaha and if is such a hit that’s only because 8 years old like u watch it!

    Selena gomes us ugly and talentless!
    miley’s better ja!

  • .

    #11 if u dont like the site dont come on here u lame and #15 miley has given disney a #1 show not selena her show sux but i still love her just not her show its not very good and what they THINK is humor is really just stupid stuff

  • jen

    Her makeup looks good because someone else does it for her. Why is she wearing a seat belt on that dress.

  • nena

    just because shes not a dancer doesn’t mean she can’t dance
    the movie was leaked on youtube already and i thought she did really good for not being a dancer

    and i love her dress shes wearing

  • eliza

    a cinderella story is such a teen classic and theyve gone and killed it by making a straight to dvd sequel.

  • alyson

    shes ugly

  • jo

    who has a premiere that going straight to dvd?

  • John

    she’s the girl of my dreams!

    i’m in love with you!!!!!

  • Kristine

    She’s Gorgeous!

  • Cary

    she looks perfect!!!!!!

  • man

    alyson #27 your funny!
    if that is ugly.
    then DAMNN everyone on this earth is HIDEOUS

  • baby

    omg omg omg .
    her face and skin are absolutely FLAWLESS.
    im officially jealous!

  • Zanessa-love4life


  • just me

    Sorry to be a hater…straight to DVD…heee…just like her idol JAniston’s career. Selena had said that she tries to emulate JA while acting in her Disney show. Sorry..really don’t like JA and hope Selena will try to find her own style to make her unique . On a positive note, Selena is pretty and I’m pretty sure she will make it big one day…with the right movie/break.

  • Angeline

    She’s gorgeous, but I don’t think doing ‘Another Cinderella Story’ was the best choice for her. I mean, people are going to trash it because they think it’s a knockoff of the original one. It’s not a great way to get yourself in the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m starting to like Selena, but the fact that she chose this as a movie to kick off her Non-Disney acting career displeases me. And it going Straight-to-DVD makes it even worse.

    All-in-all, I think it was a horrible plan for her to do this movie.

    She needs to wait a little while, maybe another year or two, before she tries to do these kinds of movies. That way, we’ll be adjusted to her. Right now, I feel that she’s rushing things and that she just grabbed the first good script that came to her instead of looking at others.

    That’s my opinion.

  • ZAshleyluver

    that’s all i can say.
    her dress is scariedly ugly.
    all the stupid people saying she’s better than Miley she’s not and Miley’s not better thsn her.Miley is just more popular!!
    w/e all u retards can fight over the stupid little shit if u want.

  • Ashley

    Her dress is ugly. I don’t care what you say. I love selena but come on you gotta do better than that..

  • swe3t23

    ummm a premiere for a straight to dvd movie….ummm that is pretty pathetic…..I AM LAUGHING MY a$$ off!!!!

    she has done nothing major for disney….she is riding MILEY’S WAVE!!!!!

    BOOOOOOO!!! LETS BOOT HER off the planet.

  • swe3t23

    she is a hore!!!! no ring on the left hand.. no purity ring…i am guess she has done it already!!! poor nick and the rest of the jonas brothers is still a virgin

  • x`q

    umm #39, its already known wizards of waverly place is the number 1 show on disney channel. check your facts, little girl.

    boot her off the planet? because that makes TOTAL sense! *rolls eyes*

  • paige

    what the hell is she wearing

    shes so ugly
    i cant understand why she made it here

  • kay

    You guys Selena is a great actress and she dresses awesome so stop trashing her. Oh and stop saying, “oh Miley is soooo much better” or “she and Demi are Miley wannabes”! Why would they wanna be like miley? Miley is ok but she seriously sucks at singing. You guys make it seem like miley is the best celeb ever when she’s not.

  • Vfan

    She looks beautiful.

  • jonjon

    Got any pics of Drew Seeley at the event?

  • Krissy Fantasy

    AMAZING!!! I love the ACS<3
    it’s soooo goood!!!
    finally sumone tht’s cinderella , in black hair form:) hahaha:P
    she’ soo pretty here (L) & her and drew look soo cute together, when dancing :D ( just cuz she kissed him, and did every scene wit him..doesn’t mean there together. And it’s not weird, tht she did every moment of the movie wit him, cuz like yu see miley wit older guys..y can’t sel , do the same thing? AND SHE”S NOT TRYING to be like her.. all celebs, who are younger, hang wit older ppl too)
    Sel yu rock @ singing & dancing & acting
    keep it up!

    xoxoxoxo~ Krissy

  • Sarah H

    she looks good!!

  • nourhan

    i cant wait for the movie it’s going to be amazing she is a really good role model.

  • Anna


  • hahahahahahaha

    straight to DVD! LOL! She’ll never be a movie star like Miley.