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Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin -- SNL Video Clip

Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin -- SNL Video Clip


SNL alum Tina Fey made her return to Saturday Night Live last night to spoof Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Fey‘s former Weekend Update co-host Amy Poehler imitated Sen. Hillary Clinton.

With the accent, signature glasses and hair bun, Tina was pretty spot on.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Tina Fey’s impersonation of Sarah Palin — YAY or NAY?

Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin — SNL Video Clip
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  • great

    She did an outstanding job, it’s getting quite embarassing that Palin has become the pit of jokes.

  • michelle

    :D tina even looks like palin!

  • Michelle

    Whoa Tina Fey really does look like Sarah Palin’s twin! Her and Amy Poehler are the best when they perform together.

  • esther

    Amazing !

    Amy Poehler has never been better, and Fey looks so much like Palin.

    Hysterical !

  • unknown


    she actually looks like her.

    i love them in baby mama

  • Gen-Ex

    That was frigging awesome!

  • jjj


  • Marsha

    FUNNY… LMAO!!!

    “Media grow a pair” lol

  • Vicky

    AMAZING! The two are great perfoming togheter!

  • cathy

    OMG – this is hilarious and impressive

  • katie

    omfg! hahahahahaha! sarah palin is like the biggest joke in america! its great!

  • james

    she even has sarah palins annoying accent! priceless

  • tia

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! that is THE funniest thing i have ever seen!

    ‘boner shrinker!’ lmfao

    or when ‘hillary’ goes off on that rant and ‘sarah’ starts posing and does the fake gun thing omg haha this is TOO funny!

  • chelsea

    I can’t believe how much Tina Fey looks like Palin. It’s actually crazy. She even sounded like her!

  • athean

    NOOOOOHHHH!!! That’s soooo funny! Shame that Sarah Palin has been attacked like flies on $)-(1+…lol….I thought it was Sarah Palin at first then remembered everyone was rooting for Tina Fey to take on her character. That was great and yes, very funny.

  • :)

    I thought it was her at first, I didnt know sarah went on snl ;)
    lol sounds just like her

  • kalidaisy

    The first moment I saw Sarah Palin, I immediately thought of Tina Fey and what a shame it was that she’s no longer on SNL. I’m SO happy they got her back to do this skit, she was SPOT ON!! LOL

    The Bush Doctrine…”And I don’t know what that is.” Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    Perfect skit :-)

  • Sophia

    Palin rules!!!

  • pp

    That was fantastic! What a laugh … although when I think about the real Sarah Palin, my laughter is mostly like ‘What the!!!!!’ Can Americans be for real considering this woman?????

  • Hannah

    OMG. i love tina fey!!

  • Paulie

    Go Hillary!!! Love you!

    Go back to Alaska, Sarah Palin!

  • jack

    sara palin is a very scary power hungry fruitcake.

  • jack

    great article about palin in new york times. she is so scary
    or go to under msnbc news on top right

  • Faye88

    What a crack-up! I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Tina Fey did a dead on imitation of Palin. Loved that shotgun loading pose. :lol: :lol:
    Thanks Jared posting the vid.

  • anonymous

    Tina Fey was SO good at imitating that idiot from Alaska that I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t actually her!

    Fey nailed her voice and mannerisms 100%.

  • sara

    Hilarious! Great work both Tina and Amy. They’re fantastic!
    and you could see Amy’s baby bump ;D

  • Kitty

    #20 your right.
    But haha was just sooo Funny!
    She did a great job on that :D

  • t


  • c

    Amazing impersonations of Palin and Clinton! Totally HIL-arious…but, what’s even funnier is the amount of TRUTH revealed in this skit. Palin and Clinton can not be more different and this skit was a clear(albeit humorous)parody of what is indeed reality. Hopefully, the light bulb will finally go off in the minds of all the naive, apolitical, and ignorant who seem to “relate” to Palin…

  • pp

    #24 Jack
    Thanks for that article – very intersesting reading!
    Isn’t one of the strengths she likes to campaign on that she will shake up the good old-boy network? Well, I can see how she’ll do that – she’ll just replace them with her own good old-friends network!!
    Now, ain’t that the type of change ya’ really want??? NOT!

  • Louisa

    That made the laugh the whole way through! Those two are awesome!

  • tao

    Great performance. That was very funny and so so true ! No way no palin, no mccain.

  • alioop

    hilarious yes, as a comedy skit, but truly scary if she does become vp and probably president.

    watch her scary interview with charles gibson…making decisions about war, “without blinking”….no when you decide to attack another country you need to blink, you need to stop and think about the consequences and the plan logically and with reason………mccain-palin will be 4 more years of bush-cheney war-mongering.

    she is against abortion even in instances of rape and incest, wants to take polar bears of the endangered species list, tried to ban books from the local library, against stem cell research…the list of extremism goes on and on….

  • eddie jones

    i don’t watch snl, but i just wonder if they did any skits about obama.

  • Billie

    sarah palin is such a joke and i think it’s insane that americans are falling for mccain’s lies. mccain NEVER addresses the issues, just things like lipstick on a pig. it’s insane that we are in such a horrible place in america and this guy has the balls to talk about such trivial matters.

    barack obama is trying to help, he cares and that’s why all of the world wants him to be the american president. too bad the rest of the world’s votes will not count. they are smart and know that whoever the president will be will affect the entire world.

    i hope the stupid americans who think a hockey mom is qualified to be president because “russia and alaska are close” whaaaa??? and because she has a vagina, (is such an insult to intelligent women, really), and doesn’t believe in global warming, tried to ban books… this woman is such a moron, it’s absurd she’s up for vp.

  • alex

    wake up america sara palin is onther bush and cheny

  • Larice

    Excellent. Tina Fey was so spot on. Thanks for a very good laugh.

  • mo

    Hilarious! Tina Fey did a great impression of Palin.

  • joneblaze

    Very funny and so true

  • mclovin

    Skit was hilarious but it’s also true!! The only thing Clinton and Palin have in common is that their both female! Their nothing alike!

    And that skit made Palin look like a moron.

  • kkcc

    lmfao. tina is spot on.


    Tina Fey
    Best thing she has EVER done.
    At first, I thought it was really Palin on SNL!
    Make sure you are registered to VOTE
    Obama 2008


  • ugh

    Palin and Clinton. perfect team. Obama sucks!

  • chelenixon

    Tina Fey is the perfect person to spoof Sarah Palin and this skit is dead on perfect!! Hysterical.

  • Justmeagain

    Seriously, AMAZING!!!!!! Never laughed like this!!! Good job ladies! PEOPLE DO NOT VOTE FOR MCCAIN!!! WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS WOMAN TO BE VP OF THE USA… Think before u vote!!!


    The best part on SNL is their political humor. The rest of the show was not that good. Although Micheal P did good for a swimmer.

  • jade



    That was awesome!! Tina Fey knows more about foreign policy than Palin. God Bless America if she is elected vice president.

  • Luiz

    # 41
    She IS a moron