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Gisele Bundchen Goes Boutique Bananas

Gisele Bundchen Goes Boutique Bananas

Gisele Bundchen has one leg up on her jeans as she shops at Boutique Ludivine in New York City’s West Village on Friday. (She’s wearing the Calabasas jean in Power Blue by Paige Premium Denim.)

The 28-year-old model will be spending more time with boyfriend Tom Brady, as he suffered a season-ending knee injury while being tackled in the season opening game vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. The all-world quarterback tore his ACL and MCL and will need surgery to comeback from his injury.

The former Victoria’s Secret angel also recently spoke about enjoying her single-hood saying, “I’m happy as I am. Why is the whole world worked up about my getting married? I’m having a great time and I want to enjoy it!”

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  • http://justjared marie

    Earth to Gisele:

    The whole world is not worked up over you getting married. Get over yourself. Their are real issues in this world, you getting married is not one of them

  • Lia

    Yeah, the whole world is interested in Gisele getting married? Didn’t know that?

  • just saying

    it looks like she needs to wash her hair it looks bad and the only thing that people are worked up about is how he is a absant father to his son and how tom and gisele treated bridget while she was preggers thats it

  • dd

    she looks like a hot mess must be stressed

  • Tom

    She’s very beautiful.

  • JK

    Her hair looks straggly and dirty. Needs a wash & trim.
    Who cares if shes single. There are real issues out there needing attention, not her wedding status.
    Cassel did great so brady isn’t the be all after all.

  • dalet


  • mike

    She needs a bath and her hair needs a good shampoo. But above all, the girl needs to eat. I wonder how she can support herself on such skinny legs.

  • sofia

    she´s probably the best girlfriend in the WORLD loooooooooool why she´s not with Tom Brady?????????????????????? are they broke up??? yeah now he probablie doesn´t have so much attention so she dump him…..brazilian bitch…..

  • bridget

    Loooove Gisele!! Her legs look good.

  • Gislut

    Gotta love what the Boston press thinks of Brady’s Gislut:

    Matt Cassel’s glamazon wife no second fiddle to Gisele Bundchen
    The 27-year-old Marshall School of Business graduate, who met Cassel, 26, at USC, is a refreshing change from Brady’s overexposed supermodel arm candy Gisele Bundchen.

  • Gisele is so fug

    OMG she is all nose……

  • gnmc

    I love her grey coat! Anyone know what that is??

    I think she looks great, fresh and not over made up. Her hair is wet from rain, I’m guessing.

  • She gets around!

    Bundchen`s boyfriend building her a mansion
    Is it worth the investment, Tom Brady? Gisele`s been through Leonardo Di Caprio, Kelly Slater, Josh Hartnett, Chris Evans, Scott Barnhill, Joao-Paulo Diniz, Francesco Coco and the list goes on …..

  • thii

    comentario doze ae

  • thii

    15 uau

  • Adamm

    She’s a butterface

  • not at all

    can you honestly say she is pretty? I think not.

  • Lori

    Is that her in the main picture above? She looks completely different, especially the nose. Doesn’t she have a twin and like 3 other sisters?

  • aska

    she’s not pretty, she’s not beautiful. she’s sexy as phuck.


    Wow, dirty, stringy hair. Is this what Pantene does to one’s hair? It’s a good thing I don’t use Pantene.

  • zzzz

    I dont know whos one is worse: gisele or paris… I dont like Brazils education at all…

  • Rowdygirl

    I know she’s supposed to be beautiful, but who decided this? yes, she has a great body.. but she looks like a horse in the face. I’m not trying to be mean, but without that body, no one would even know her name. Her face didn’t get her anywhere.

  • katie

    look at all these mean comments, gisele is BEAUTIFUL!

  • um….

    She is beautiful, but so full of her self that she is completely unattractive. I can’t stand her or Tom Brady so I could care less about their “wedding” which I will believe when I see.

  • Shannon

    I wonder if Tom realizes that since he left Bridgette for Gisele his career has suffered?? He hasn’t won a superbowl and now he is hurt and out for this season for sure. Maybe someone doesn’t approve of the way he has handled his personal life and the choices he has made !!!

  • Hike


  • Monica

    Nobody care about her getting married … and for Tom Brady .. God does not like ugly and what goes around comes around, it’s just a matter of time before she dumps this cry baby and move on to the next victim … HOME WRECKER!

  • man

    gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz she is ’bout ugly…..ugh! who cares if she gets married or not…she talks as if people care…thinks a lot of herself…get make up on girl maybe it will help…she advertises max factor right? they might need to re-think that idea…

  • denise

    Sometimes Gisele looks like a man

  • neil

    Wow the haters here are silly. Personally, I could care less, but she is living the life, is considered one of the top models in the world, she makes more in an hour than most of us do in a year. Y’all sound like ants calling an elephant a loser. LOL And Tommy aint complain’n.

  • tiffi

    I hate she. If my Boyfriend a injury and can not more play season (he plan his comeback in may) I want stay 24 hours every day for my boyfriend.And we hear from Boston that Tom very mad about Gisele

  • tiffi

    I forget he can not more play this season

  • man

    opinions are not hate or jealously, just a persons own opinion…my opinion is that she is not the most beautiful supermodel or woman in this world…fact is, I don’t think she is even a bit pretty…make up can do wonders…especially professional make up people…gisele is not a natural beauty…look at the pics…

  • arielle

    If Tom needs anything, I hope he taught Giselle’s dog, Vida the word fetch. Doesn’t look like she is waiting on him.

  • Gal

    Someone should tell this TRANNY that the whole “world” is not obsessed with her getting married–the paparazzi and tabloid media are.

  • jack

    Gisele is gorgeous!

    You people need to get a little more information before attacking her. She said “the whole world” because everywhere she goes, people ask her when they’ll get marry. Every tabloid in the world say they’re just about to get married. She said that in an interview for Vogue SPAIN. I mean, SPAIN, not US. It’s really everywhere. She doesn’t think it’s all about her, it’s jsut that.
    While you people are worried about their lifes, she is working and getting a lot more contracts all around the world. And also doing her eco-friendly jobs.

    It’s funny that only here in US I see those kind of bullshit. You people need to wake up. You live in a world where Gisele is the bad girl, that made Tom broke up with Bridget, and also makes him forget about his son. But I need to say, it’s only in your world. The real world is much more different.

    And Gisele can not be the prettiest in the world, but so what? Kate isn’t either. Claudia isn’t either. But she’s got what it needs to be a SUPER! And that’s why she rocks! She’s got the attitute!

  • bella

    I am sorry I just don’t find her that pretty.

  • truth doesn’t equal hate…

    I have to respectfully disagree with people who are calling those who don’t like Giselle “haters.” I get the feeling that some people don’t know what “hating” is. So allow me to enlighten you:

    Hating: When one puts down the success or fortune of others due to jealousy.

    Expressing a mere opinion is not hating, it’s just being honest and stating how you feel. Believe it or not, not everyone is jealous of Giselle(I for one am not) and may simply feel (as I do) that she is not very pretty and is highly overrated. It seems like her fans can’t take anyone not liking her, so they just assume that she is being “hated” on, which is incorrect.

  • anon

    I’snt she supposed to be nursing Lovey ???
    She looks very tired, probably just getting some retail therapy.

    Loving the Pats without Brady……The guy got too much attention from what was really team plays. About time other team members get attention for their hard work!!!! I never thought I’d say this in my life time, Go Pats!!!

  • tiffi

    Without Tom the Pats are not really good. We are in Boston are very very happy if Tom back ,and he play the best season . The Players are happy too, this say Randy Moss and Wes Welker today in a Interview

  • pp3266

    Geez, are you all off your meds or something??? Get to your happy places and QUICK…get laid…smoke a bowl…take a pill…anything so long as you don’t waste another minute of your precious and short lives deliberately chasing down this woman on the internet just to spew your hatefulness. You’re right, the whole world isn’t interested in Gisele…just those of you who opt not to look away and find something/someone that you ACTUALLY are interested in.

  • caitlyn

    Wait a minute. THAT is the head of hair so gorgeous someone on a plane pulled to see if it was really all hers? Looks like a greasy rats nest to me.

  • ihavenolife

    hot stuff!!! hot stuff!!!!!! hot stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Opinion = truth?

    Just in case you forgot how to use a dictionary, the definition of “opinion” is the following:
    1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
    2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

    Key emphasis on “grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty” and “personal view” neither of which qualify as the TRUTH or HONESTY. Sorry, sweetie, it must kill you that as ugly and untalented as you think she is, you can never achieve what she has and that the 10 seconds or so it took you to come up with that lame comment, she made another $10,000. You know what they say about opinions? They’re like assholes…everyone’s got one.

  • mina

    She has a great bod. but she looks like she got hit with the ugly stick in her face. Darn she ishas a manly looking face!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks awful without the make up and the photoshopped face in all her pics.

  • Jill

    Anyone notice how Brady’s career went downhill after hooking up with man-face ? Lost the Super Bowl and out for the season.

    I think it’s karma coming back to slap him in the face for ditching Bridget when she was pregnant and for being a mostly absentee father for the first year of his son’s life.

  • Willy

    She’s more beautiful and succesful than all the haters will ever be.Period.

  • Ashlee

    she’s BEAUTIFUL! i luv her, the #1
    a inveja desse povo é foda ¬¬

  • aqua

    Her figure is really good, perfect but is her hair wet or dirty? I hope not dirty.