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Jennifer Garner's Partying Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner's Partying Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner and her burgeoning baby bump is seen going to a house party in Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoon.

The former Alias star brought along a basket full of baby stuff to the party, including Baby Einstein products, for which she has hosted events for in the past.

On Saturday, Jen, 36, supported and attended “The Pink Party ’08,″ which benefited the Cedar-Sinai Women’s Cancer Research Institute.

10+ more pics inside of Jennifer Garner‘s partying baby bump…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer garner baby bump party 01
jennifer garner baby bump party 02
jennifer garner baby bump party 03
jennifer garner baby bump party 04
jennifer garner baby bump party 05
jennifer garner baby bump party 06
jennifer garner baby bump party 07
jennifer garner baby bump party 08
jennifer garner baby bump party 09
jennifer garner baby bump party 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Sonja

    dont like her

  • Shawna

    yet you took the time to bother making that comment…

  • WTF

    I do not hate her but we have totally been seeing her everyday. it’s getting boring.

  • fatty

    I hate this fat b*tch

  • ellie

    love sweet jennifer your so adorable

  • ally

    Of course we see her every day- she has to do SOMETHING to get in the news to try to make us forget her #2 spot on the Forbes Overpaid Celebs list. See, the thinking is, the public MUST be crazy about her because we see her pictures every day. In reality, we’d forget about this overhyped hack in a week if she disappeared- which she knows.

  • Love her

    she looks so good !!! :)

    I adore her ;)

  • look at that bump!

    She’s due this winter?! To give birth to one baby? She’s gonna be HUGE!

  • WTF

    ally @ 09/15/2008 at 8:30 am

    Of course we see her every day- she has to do SOMETHING to get in the news to try to make us forget her #2 spot on the Forbes Overpaid Celebs list. See, the thinking is, the public MUST be crazy about her because we see her pictures every day. In reality, we’d forget about this overhyped hack in a week if she disappeared- which she knows.

    Thanks ! make sense.

  • mary


  • pinkydoo

    She used to look so cute when she was doing Alias. She really doesn’t have a good sense of fashion at all. You can dress casually, but still look cute. I don’t know what happened to her. She really needs a stylist, fast!


    Where is Rachel Zoe when you need her…!! Like at the Pink Party..

    It is amazine how she always ends up walking up a sidewalk…

    It is nice that she is wearing her heart necklace again… And that she
    is going to have her second child soon..!!

    Thanks to Just Jared for the pix of her…

  • Jane

    Ally, if you hate her so much, stop looking her up. It’s as simple as that. You obviously are obsessed with this woman as you are constantly commenting about her all the time. Who cares about that list? Most celebs are over-paid and they’re the ones getting paid not giving the money. She isn’t even doing anything in these pictures and just going on with her life, and the paps follow her and take photos. She isn’t an over-hyped hack either, so speak for yourself.

  • Nicole

    Mary if they’re boring why are you looking at the photos? Your life is obviously BORING!

    Aonja if you don’t like her, don’t look her up. Simple as that.

  • Clark

    Fatty, she is not fat, she is pregnant. There is a difference. If you hate her don’t look her up. You’re the one coming off as a b*tch. I agree it isn’t necessary to post photos of her all the time, even when she isn’t doing anything but as long as they keep getting hits they will post them. So, if you have no interest and are tired of them simply don’t look at them.

  • Nicole

    Oops! In my other comment I meant to say Sonja.

  • Minnie

    Ally — she doesn’t have to do anything. Can’t you read? She was going to a party, the paps followed her and took a photo. People would know of her anyways because she’s an actress and married to an actor. Nobody cares about that Forbes list except you, since you bring it up all the time, pathetic! The public obviously is crazy about her or they wouldn’t take photos of her. Just because you’re a loser hater doesn’t mean you speak for the public. Overall, she will always be more relevant than haters like you who couldn’t be forgotten in the first place because they aren’t known. Ha! You’re just adding the hits photos of her get, idiot. She won’t be forgotten at all because unlike you she has fans. And how do you know what she knows? Are you a mind reader? No, so STFU.

  • Minnie

    Betsy what do you mean always walking outside? Yes… most people go outside everyday except people like you who sit in their houses all day like a hermit typing on gossip sites about other people’s lives. Lol!

  • Adoring Fan

    Love Jennifer. She is beautiful no matter what she wears. It is not about what you wear. Clothes don’t make a person. One can dress to the nines and still remain a nobody. It’s character and class that help to define a person.

    Sheis one classy lady.

  • Melinda

    LMAO @ the haters… how can you hate someone you don’t even know? Why bother looking her up? Get lives… Sounds like jealousy to me. LOL @ Ally who trolls every Jen post. What a pathetic LOSER. WTF.. no Ally’s comment doesn’t make sense because none of her comments make sense and just jealous rambling. Unless of course you are one of Ally’s many accounts. Ally lives for the Forbes list, doesn’t matter all of those people are richer than you’ll ever be and more relevant.

  • Melinda

    Pinkydoo.. she dresses how she wants to. Not everyone cares nor needs a stylist. Worry about your own sense of fashion and less about others. Her outfit looks perfectly fine. She looks cute. You obviously don’t have as much time to focus on fashion with children and wearing maternity clothing.

  • Ally

    Adoring Fan = ALL posters from #13 on down (nothing for 6.5 hours and then 9 comments within 45 minutes). Talk about obvious!

    You truly are pathetic (not to mention obsessed).

    Go crawl back into your hole and stop trying to make Jennifer Garner look more popular by typing all these comments under different names. We can now see she has maybe 3 fans.

  • .

    loooveee her!
    and i hope she picks a
    good name for the baby!

  • Jane

    Ally , I’m not Adoring fan you moron nor am I any one of those other people. You only accuse people of other user names because you are known for doing it. There are more than 1 person that comes on here. It takes a while before comments get posted and accepted, not to mention not everyone on this site is within the same time zone. Talk about paranoid. What is pathetic is someone who doesn’t like someone to constantly look them up. You are the truly pathetic and an obsessed person. Every single Garner post you are there typing the same pathetic comments. Talk about jealousy.

    Go crawl back into your hole, because I’m not the one living in one, and stop trying to make it looks like Jennifer Garner has a lot of haters by typing all these comments under different names. We can now see she has maybe 3 haters. Garner will always be more relevant and have more fans than you, no-life loser! Ha!

  • Jane

    … Oh and I love how pathetic you are to keep coming back. If you don’t like someone you don’t look them up and stare at pictures of them, you creep. You have NO life and are a pathetic, lonely person who lives in a hole. You will never be relevant to anyone nor have any fans for any reason. You keep getting Jen more hits by coming back, not that she needs them since she’s one of the most popular people on here. Ha!

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    …And you can stop arguing with me now because I don’t waste my time arguing with trash. You said in one of the many Jen posts you wouldn’t bother, so get lost and get a life. Idiot! Take about obsessed and pathetic. Go take your medication and talk to your shrink.

    As for many of the people posting, I told my friends (Something you’ll never have, Ha!) about you and they like to come on here and make fun of you. Ha Ha!

  • Ally Hater

    And I think this user name is even better. Lol! x

  • Adoring Fan

    To whom it may concern: I only post under one name “Adoring fan. I am not ashamed of any thing I post and stand by what I post. Unlike some you who are to cowardly to own up to your obsessive hatred of this beauty woman who has never done anything to warrant your dislike (except your jealously of her station in life). So do me a favor and stop accusing me and others of doing what you yourselves are guilty of doing.

  • Minnie (Ally Hater #2)

    Hey Jane. <3

    Thanks for the message. Like the user name too! I think I’ll add it as well. LOL…. Ignore this troll… She never knows when to stop. It’s quite hilarious.. but at the same time really pathetic. She’s probably some unemployed loser who lives in her mom’s basement. LOL!!!

    Ally is clearly the obsessed one… She’s the one who goes on different sites looking up Jen… like that Forbes list. She looks up every Jen post on this site. Ally = Every hater on this site. Everyone knows her accounts have the same IP address. She calls others on using other user names because she knows she’s the one who does it.

    Being a fan and making fun of a troll does not equal being obsessed nor pathetic… What is pathetic is to keep looking up someone you’re not a fan of and type the same generic comments.. It’s not healthy nor normal.

    You seriously sound mentally ill and need help… It’s not normal to type obsessive negative comments about strangers.

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    … I also noticed that the majority of comments were posted within a few minutes of one another so your pathetic excuse of reasoning makes no sense. Just sounds like you are projecting what you’re doing on others.

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    “It is amazine how she always ends up walking up a sidewalk…”

    lol what does that even mean?

    Anyway, I don’t know, some people might be posting under different names. It’s not like this site makes you keep one dedicated name. And how many different posters said “looking up” in this thread?

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    That upper lip of hers is going to need its own zipcode soon.

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    Yes, Adoring Fan (that’s your real name?), we’re supposed to believe that all these posters- who just happen to post again within a 40 minute period after 2 hours of silence- are different people?

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    Well, I can’t tell you how much it’s made my day to see that Jen Garner’s hype really hasn’t worked- this “attention” is just coming from one nutty person.

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    LOL and Ally returns thus proving my point about her obsessive hatred…. I’m not Adoring Fan, but I do agree with what she has said. Who is this “we”? You’re the only person questioning the belief of comments on here. I noticed how all the negative comments were posted within 10 minutes of each other. It’s sooo obvious who is responsible for that.

    There are different people, but about the alternative personality thing, people have already called you out on that. You obviously are the one with multiple personalities. You are the one with the sick mind. Being a fan of someone and sticking up for them is not sick. Constantly making nasty remarks about someone you don’t know for any reason, is sick. So I guess, in your sick mind, anyone that calls you out is the same person.

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    Someone, what does that even mean? It’s common sense to say if you don’t like someone don’t go on a site and search or as you said “look up” that person. It’s a common expression.

  • Jane

    … And to add. I only have one account on here and have no desire to make another one nor any reason to. Anybody can check the IP addresses. I have nothing to prove or hide from. Ally is the coward trolling every Jen post failing to make a point, which she obviously doesn’t even know what it is because she’s so far stuck up her own ass. Ha!

    Later, loser. (Of course you will be back, because you have no life and will continue to prove my points.) Fight the urge to click on Jen’s name, obsessive stalker.

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    Hey, Jane. x

    LOL @ crazy Ally coming back, yet again….thinking everyone who laughs at her is the same person. No, that’s her own paranoia at work there. She’s probably use to people laughing at her, though. It’s hilarious how she thinks people actually care what she has to say by continually saying “we”, yet she is the only one arguing. She is seriously PSYCHO. She is the one with the multiple personalities making 9 accounts… talk about a SICK mind. Also, not everyone in the world goes on this site… Jen has many fans that go beyond this one little site and the ones that do go on mostly ignore her, since she has a reputation on here for being an attention wh*re. Ally is seriously crazy and is not worth arguing with because she will always be like that until she seek help for her obsessive behavior and strong hatred for people she doesn’t know. Why keep coming back to a page about someone you don’t like? There’s no logic in her insane mind. She’s scary! I pity anyone that has to deal with that pathetic loser in real life. Yikes! Ally is an irrelevant pest with no life, no fans and no success, obviously. It’s hilarious how she is so obsessed with “hype” when she is the nobody on the gossip site. What a nutter, laughing at her own pathetic remarks. It’s a good thing she doesn’t take herself seriously, because nobody else does either. She’ll continue to come back, embarrassing herself some more and proving out points of her having no life and being obsessed with her. What a sad, little person. ROTFLMAO! Oh, and I’m not talking to you Ally, I can’t be bothered with morons like you. See ya, Jane.

  • Minnie

    And to Ben… her lip is not even that big compared to many women, like Angelina Jolie for example.

  • Melinda

    Exactly! — Minnie and Jane are right on the mark with this! Fans come on here to look her up. There’s nothing insane about that. There is no reason for that loser Ally to keep coming back typing the same generic garbage over and over again. like anyone cares what she thinks anyways. You don’t like her, simply don’t click her name and ignore her. Simple as that…. the hater is only adding the hits Jen’s photos get and the more hits, the more photos that are posted. It’s hilarious and at the same time really pitiful how she attempts to justify herself when it’s clear that she is a nutcase with too much time on her hands… (and don’t bother responding to me troll, because I don’t have the time or interest to argue with someone who is so below human intelligence. You are nothing but an annoying little pest with the mind of a 5-year old child. Go bother someone who actually cares what you think and actually cares about your existence because nobody here does.)

  • Melinda

    – Also I find it hilarious that she accuses of people of other accounts, when it’s clear that we are different people and she has a reputation of making 9 accounts just to type the same pathetic comments. She has a sick mind indeed and obviously many multiple personalities. It’s hilarious how she (the nut-job) attempts, but fails miserably as usual, to “diagnose” people when it’s clear that she is crazy and is the one needing to be diagnosed.

  • Melinda

    And also it’s humorous how people say they hate her (even though they don’t even know her) and act like she would care what they think. Pathetic. — okay this is my last comment, Lol.

  • http://Ha!Ha! Ben

    Oh my God! Its so clear that all these posts are from Jennifer Garner. Extreeeeeeeeeeemely narcisstic uppidity arrogant behaviour doesn’t come from your everyday chick. In order to be a celebrity you have to be EXTREMELY SELF-ABSORBED…..Its all about ME ME ME ME ME!!! Think Joan Crawford and her wire hangers…Melinda=Minnie=Jane=Adoring Fan..Give me a break!! They are all the SAME person. She has the world’s hottest man and a mansion and its still not enough. If you don’t believe me, ask Jared. He knows the truth.

  • Ally ==SO JEalous!

    You are an ignorant **ut. If you didnt post on Jens sites continually she wouldnt be one of the MOST POPULAR people on this site! But you are so obsessed with her you would DIE without all these posts thats why you come on here, lets admit it **itch!

  • Jane

    Ben is using the haha http. It is clear that he is one of Ally’s accounts. She’s so stupid that she doesn’t even change her email. No, I am not Minnie, Melinda or Adoring Fan so you can quit you’re lying. The only thing Jared will see is that you are making 9 accounts. There is no arrogant behavior except the obsessed haters coming on here everyday. Her fans are sticking up for her. You have no reason here so get lost, loser. I laugh at how pathetic you are to think celebrities care what you think to come on this site. Ha! Go back in the nuthouse where you belong. You are the self-absorbed, Extreeeeeeeeeeemely narcisstic uppidity arrogant behavioral person here. You aren’t an everyday chick, you are crazy psychotic twit.

  • Jessica

    Oh my God! Its so clear that all these hate posts are from Ally. Extreeeeeeeeeeemely narcisstic uppidity arrogant behaviour doesn’t come from your everyday chick, only a psycho twit like her. In order to be a troll like her you have to be EXTREMELY SELF-ABSORBED…..Its all about ME ME ME ME ME!!! …Ben=Ally=Fluffy=Fluffy Is Right..Give me a break!! They are all the SAME person. She has no life and is obviously crazy beyond belief and all the hate comments Ally gets is still not enough to get her to go away. If you don’t believe me, ask Jared. He knows the truth.

  • Marie Claire

    Enough with the arguing already. It’s boring, pointless and just spams up the boards.

  • Dana

    Violet is so adorable I think that she is going to be more famous than Shiloh because she is more beautiful just like her mom.