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Katie Holmes Leaves You Breathless

Katie Holmes Leaves You Breathless

Katie Holmes leaves the Schoenfeld Theatre after rehearsals for the Broadway play All My Sons in New York City on Monday.

The 29-year-old actress was walking down the street and a bystander can’t believe her eyes when seeing Katie!

Jada Pinkett Smith has been vocal about her support for Katie and will be attending the debut performance next month! Smith said, “I am going to be there on opening night. I know she is going to be fabulous!” No word on whether or not husband Will Smith will attend as well.

All My Sons is set to premiere on October 16.

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Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • anon


  • mel

    She looks cute..thanks Jared

  • ?

    So Jackie O and the bystander reaction was priceless!

  • blondie


  • paul

    She leaves me breathless

  • Hana

    She is just lovely.

  • KarenA

    She looks so cute. And I think so too. She’s going to be fabulous. I can’t wait to read the reviews. Go Katie!

  • lena

    Thanks jj for the KH pix. Looking forward to the reviews,pix of Tom,the family and other stars.

  • >>>>>>

    You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thelma

    Katie looks sweet and I dont think the pregnancy

    rumors are true. I dig the shoes and sunglasses.

  • sarisue

    Last night Jennifer Lopez had a big 40th birthday party of her husband in NYC. A lot of people in the fashion industry were there. Brooke Shields was there. Leah Remini.

    Jennifer Lopez also made appearances at Fashion Week last week with Posh.

    Aren’t these all people who have been linked in the press as being such good friends of Katie Holmes–at least since she married Tom Cruise (since she didn’t know any of them before that)?

    Katie only continues to be seen all alone.

    I wonder if it dawned on Katie yet that all these new people in her life are mostly just for show and would disappear in an instant if her relationship with Tom comes to an end. (Looks like she’s not even included at their parties without him!)

    I bet she is wishing she didn’t let herself lose touch with so many real friends.



    I GET FAME….

    I HATE FAME……….


  • prettyme

    nice picture, love katies shoes :)

  • katie

    shes gorgeous!

    everyone says i look like her and camilla belle combined. hahhaa.

    and we have the same first name =]

    but anywho she is a great actress (:

  • Helena

    Breathless? Try hag who has aged beyond her years.

  • sniffles

    She doesn’t look as miserable as she usually does! I love Katie and I’d like to see her happy. Just one picture with her smiling, is that too much to ask?

  • rachel

    One cute lady and Im very excited for her. Im just among the unlucky ones who cant afford to watch her.

  • angie

    the bystander is showing more natural acting talent, i think the bystander might only need half the rehearsal time, although the shoes need some work

  • M-

    My gosh, she couldn’t act before and can’t act now……

  • jANET


  • defap

    love her and her family. they have real friends if not many.

  • hater

    i love her and her family
    she is beautiful and hard-working and i dont understand why you guys are so hard to her!
    leave her alone

  • lurker

    Actually only People picks the best photos of all stars while the tabloids and online blogs usually picks the worst so they can attach malice and gossip to it. That’s why I usually go to yahoo because it states facts not gossip. I like JJ but I know he is very biased and he’s more into Angelina and Brad Pitt. There are even no pics here of Isabella and Connor when Cruise had many of them at his home and the Redskins game.
    There were even pics of Suri a month ago playing with the kids of Beckham. But partly Im glad when Suri pics are not so displayed because many are really invading the privacy of their homes and private backyards. I hate pics taken by helicopters.

  • west


  • Ali

    hope she knocks this performance out of the park! She sure has been working hard on it – and she is with stellar actors in this performance. Wish i could be there to see it. All the best to her.

  • 911

    Best of luck to Katie

    Dying to know if she has chemistry with hottie talented actor Patrick Wilson.

  • Dancer

    Well, she looks really good for once.

    You know I was thinking about the difference between her and Angie/Brad when JJ posted all the pics of the JP’s dropping the kids at school last year. Katie looks miserable. AJ and BP looked confident and often smiled at the paps and bystanders. Maybe she is upset because BP and AJ replaced Tom (and Jen) as number 1 on the Forbes power list???
    And at least today, she is not dressed as tho a blizzard is going to hit NYC within hours and the temps are going to plummet from the mid-80′s to zero within minutes!

  • Dancer

    Sorry, meant the Guinness World Records list for 2009.

  • spooky


  • doc

    God bless the Cruises. I think they are not just talented and hot but the real deal and the classy All American family in Hollywood.
    They are worldwide famous but they are very grounded and so down to earth.

  • peace

    With Katie being so busy I doubt she sits down and reads the tabloids and Guiness World record. Forbes and Guiness varies depending how busy actors and actresses are with movies ofcourse Oprah is always consistent because stable TV helps.

    Once Cruise is done with his movie hiatus he will be on top again in no time.

  • nysro

    She leaves me ready to punch her ugly ass in the face, at least their would be a story their instead of a change of boring clothes…

  • mya

    To peace,

    I’m not sure that Cruise will come to the top easily has long as he will talk about scientology as he does.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    They’re not for show, #11. I’m betting there’s a logical explanation like all past anti-TomKat rumors. (Maybe she was just tired?) We have seen Holmes attend events sans her husband? (Let me guess. Just like letting her wear high heels around him, he only ‘lets’ her go to those to stop the rumors?)

    They don’t seem care about some competition, #27.

    He doesn’t even talk about Scientology as much as people says he does, #33.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so cute , love Katie hair like this

  • Rosie

    Such a sourpuss!

  • Rodi

    What a dull, boring un-interesting, un-appealing bytch!!!

  • crazy nut case

    oh, so we applaud, because in the summer heat, for the moment, this chick isn’t wearing a winter coat, boots and gloves. this is news? this is something to rave about? you are definitely on tc’s payroll.

    she’s a boring, empty lying vessel.

  • bobbie

    Just Jared must have ties to Scientology. I think someone should check this out because if it it’s true, I say BOYCOTT Just Jared in addition to anything Katie and her messiah are involved in.

  • peta

    She does remind me of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy but I really just like her as Katie Holmes…..

  • scienos are here

    Anyone else think that #1 thru #10 are all the same person, paid by the hour by Tom?

  • Debba

    “She does remind me of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy but I really just like her as Katie Holmes…..”

    You mean, just as who she is, rather than who she will never, ever be?

    Of course, a great majority of those celebrity friends are only for show. This is Hollywood we’re talking about. Don’t be so naive and gullible.

  • Debba

    Oh, absolutely, #41. It’s obviously one poster set on repeat.

    I don’t think Scientology is at work there, however. Just your average run-of-the-mill insanity.

  • Debba

    It looks like her herp is showing in that close up of her face.

  • observer

    Kills me to say this but Katie is a beautiful woman.

  • fake bystander

    Of course, tc planted that “surprised, breathless” bystander to stare at kh, probably one of the bodyguards daughters or nieces.
    no one recognizes kh, no one gives a s..t about her, wish she would leave NY already.

    just like when the planted someone in the crowd to get Suri to wave hi. What arrogant, disgusting phonies kh and tc are. two jerks.

  • JAne

    The large size of Katie’s sunglasses are reminiscent of the size popularized by Jacqueline Kennedy in 1967, other then that there is absolutely no resemblance.

    Further, Jacqueline Kennedy (who introduced Capri pants to the USA in 1959 ) would never have worn heels with Capri pants. Mrs. Kennedy knew that ladies always wore plain ballet flats with casual pants, not spiked patent leather heeled shoes designed to be worn with a dinner suit.

    Jaqueline was impeccable in dress and manner always.

  • bb

    uh jane, Katie’s not wearing capri pants in these photosso what’s your point?

  • Sarah

    You honestly think that girl in the background looks impressed?

    I think she looks horrified!!

    It’s written all over her expression: “What the h e ll happened to Katie Holmes?”

  • JAne

    Actually, bb, leggings, skinny jeans, and all form fitting peg legged trousers are derived from the original Capri which Kennedy introduced. They ended above the ankle as Katie’s do. The pants improperly named Capris today are actually clam-diggers, end mid-calf and are not Capris.

    Therfore, my style statement is coherent, relevant, and factually accurate.