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Megan Fox - "GQ" October 2008

Megan Fox -

Megan Fox is bikini-licious on the October 2008 cover of GQ. The 22-year-old Transformers hottie didn’t hold back in her interview:

On not wanting to be famous right now: “I’ve done one movie. And it’s not a movie I want to stand on as far as acting ability goes. I mean—I’m not going to win an Oscar anytime soon. I’m not Meryl Streep.”

On Disney’s treatment of Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens sickening her: “They take these little girls…teach them how to sing and dance, and make them wear belly shirts, but they won’t allow them to be their own people. It makes me sick. I would never issue an apology for my life and for who I am. It’s like, Oh, I’m sorry I took a naked, private picture that someone … sold for money. … You shouldn’t have to apologize. Someone betrayed Vanessa, but no one’s angry at that person. She had to apologize. I hate Disney for making her do that.”

On dealing with anxiety: “Before I go onstage anywhere, I take a Xanax now.”

On hating Internet gossip: “The other day, I said I eat a lot of cake, and that was the top story on Yahoo!”

On thinking we shouldn’t be such prudes: “Sex is something that everyone does, so why can’t I talk about it?”

Read the full cover feature at 10+ pictures inside of GQ October 2008 cover girl Megan Fox

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149 Responses to “Megan Fox - "GQ" October 2008”

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  1. 1
    Hazel Says:


  2. 2
    Fan Says:

    Thank you Megan Fox for backing Vanessa Hudgens and Miley.

  3. 3
    ll Says:

    That is a really bad cover & she seems to try too hard to come off as not caring about the being famous thing. But hey I agree with her. At least on Vanessa, she did something before she was even famous, had any fans or and “image” to uphold, someone else decided to betray her & expose her private life that not one of us should know about. No one should have to apologize for past decisions when they have no effect on the present.

  4. 4
    MEgan Fox Says:

    Blowjob master!

  5. 5
    kat Says:

    yea…she’s actually right if you really think about the whole disney thing.

    i like her…she’s kinda out there and doesn’t care what people really say.
    thats awesome!

  6. 6
    Lindsay Says:

    i love her because its sooo true
    its there private life!!!

    the cover is not really good
    she looks way betterr in the other ones

  7. 7 hater Says:

    thanks for defendind baby V:)

  8. 8
    Swagslag Says:

    She looks like Adriana Lima in the cover pics.

  9. 9
    jken Says:

    She’s the poor man’s Angelina Jolie.

  10. 10
    Tami Says:

    So true what she said about Vanessa. No one is angry at the person who betrayed her.

  11. 11
    yournewfan Says:


  12. 12
    lil Says:

    megan is soo beautiful
    and adriana lima too
    i love them so much

  13. 13
    abby Says:

    woot. I love her.

  14. 14
    kay Says:

    Yay Megan!

  15. 15
    Lina Says:

    she’s so right! i mean everybody is bitching on vanessa for those photos and not the guy who let them out and was bragging about it

  16. 16
    kim Says:

    …another desperado nitwitt with fake lips, all she needs now are the boobs and her Pamela Anderson transformation will be complete.

    This girl can’t act and so she has to resort to stupid comments and silicon fillers in her face and lips! Good grief, if I was a man I would find her to be nothing but a shallow, narcissistic, useless turnoff! LOL I can’t believe some guys actually fall for this crap! Smoke and mirrors and makeup and airbrushing and surgery and lewd remarks.

  17. 17
    suzy Says:

    I love her so much for backing Vanessa.

  18. 18
    lanie Says:

    I’m not a fan of hers, but she made an interesting and sound point on Disney and their project tweens. And it’s good to see she’s not jumping to attain fame that quickly; good to have ambition. I guess she realizes her acting still needs a lot of improvement. Alas, she might just be another Jessica Alba, who keeps insisting she wants to be viewed as a serious actress and not just another hottie … unfortunately, even Alba’s acting is still bleh and will continued to be dismissed as just a sexy star. The same thing might happen to this girl, maybe not. It’s hard to take her seriously though because she looks like a porn star. I apologize for offending her fans, but she’s just like a lot of Maxim centerfolds.

  19. 19
    go sox Says:

    Sure have a whole new respect for Megan for showing support to the Disney girls!!!!! She also got points in my book for being a little self-deprecating, by saying she’s only done one movie, and that she’s no Meryl Streep. I thought she had a huge ego, but this shows she’s a little more humble. Good for her.

  20. 20
    J J Lurker Says:

    She’s trying way too hard to be the new wild child Jolie.

  21. 21
    edgy...i think not Says:

    i love megan, but i dont always agree with everything she says or does. these photos make her look cheap…or maybe…

  22. 22
    Chelsey Says:

    what a copy cat. Thats the same pose Angie did years ago. Same with Megan’s new movie poster.

    Stop trying so hard to be Angelina Jolie, damn.

  23. 23
    passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO!!! These pix should be subtitled, “How Many Classic Angelina Jolie Poses Can I Rip Off Before Someone Call Me On It?”

  24. 24
    amy Says:

    i loved what she said about vanessa and miley.

  25. 25
    truvy Says:

    And what exactly is her talent again?

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