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Nikki Blonsky: I Love Zac Efron With Every Inch Of My Body

Nikki Blonsky: I Love Zac Efron With Every Inch Of My Body

Nikki Blonsky gave Entertainment Tonight her first interview since her arrest last month. (Nikki‘s family had an all-out brawl with former America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden‘s family at a Turks and Caicos airport.)

The 19-year-old actress says her friends and family have been there for her through it all, including her Hairspray castmates: “They have all been extremely supportive. We are a tight-knit family. We’re just happy to be back together. My family is my life. The best gift that I’ve even been given is my parents.”

Nikki says co-star Zac Efron has been a special source of strength for her, “I love him with every inch of my body and soul. He has been an amazing support system.”

Nikki is currently preparing her nightclub debut at Feinstein’s in New York City that will run from September 23rd to October 4th. Her special performance will feature songs from Broadway, the Great American Songbook and pop classics.

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    I love him too!

  • cora

    ew why doesnt she go away. the only thing i like about her is the fact that she kissed zac efron on much music….and i only reason i liked that is cuz i knew it must have pissed vanessa hudgens off!

  • lil

    omg, i think she is soo in love with him lol

  • dalia

    This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Brandon

    I think y’all are just jealous of her! She is great

  • Whaa

    i know exactly how she feels!
    zac looks so cute in that pic!

  • iluvmiley

    haha does she know he has a girlfriend?

  • Krissy Fantasy

    awww i think that’s soo sweet, she loves zac with WUT!!!- every inch of her body..that sounds wrong O.O
    I can’t believe she admitted that..even tho, it’s true.
    Friends ? or Love? but i hope she knows, that V & Z are together..not N & Z =/

    I really hope she didn’t plan, on breaking them up..cuz that would be awful!!! ( wen V got pissed off) OUCH!

    But newaiis, who wouldn’t love zac..he’s jus the darnest thing ever ^.^

    (L) 100000%

    KK stop calling her fat. harsh much?
    Atleast she can sing, BETTER THAN YU GUYS!!!!!!! GOSH!!!!

  • nicole

    uuuuhhhh whats wrong with her… he has a girlfriend!! is vanessa still on tour

  • kim

    Zac is awesome! I am glad that Nikki’s friends are able to be there for her during this difficult time for her family. Good job Zac!

  • gina

    The arrest was a mess, but it is good to see Nikki has good friends like Zac supporting her. Friends do that. Doesn’t mean anything more.

  • rach


    Zac: Hey nikki, i wish you the best of luck with your situation. Hope it all works out. I know it will. Peace.

    and then we proceed to get dumb shit like this….seriously get the spot light some other way. Stop hanging on coattails that have since been discarded and forgotten. The are at the most minimal friends. zac’s a nice guy. i wish people would stop taking advantage of that….move on..posting stuff like this is pointless

  • one

    She is so obnoxious. When is her trial or whatever. Because her getting locked up would be great.

  • http://google toni

    stop throwing those negative comments about her, maybe she just
    happy to see Zac, not like she going to date him. she knew he already
    had a girlfriend.
    He is a cuttie!

  • Ciara


  • dalia

    Ummmm Toni that pic is from a year ago…Zac has not seen Nikki for a long time. Although the delusional Nakki fans think they sneak around all the time. hahahaahhaaa!
    I’m sure he is a great friend, but Nikki has to let go of the love thing for him…he’s not a two timer and is perfectly happy with Vanessa.

  • ashlee

    i truly feel sorry for this girl. she obviously has no life. to make a comment like that about a guy who is involved romantically with another woman is really really really sick. she must have a serious delusional problem. that fight was a true indication, but this woman needs mental help.

  • jo

    LOL forreal! sorry the title had me rolling!! jared you’re funny

  • jo

    LOL forreal! sorry the title had me rolling!! jared you’re funny

  • jo

    LOL forreal! sorry the title had me rolling!! jared you’re funny

  • betty

    whoaaaaaa, way to stir up the s.h.i.t.

    i find it extremely odd that she brings up zac this way???????

    it will be interesting to know the true context of her quote, seems really over the top to talk about a friend, and her feelings for him via that type of forum??????? and it just really makes me question her motives.

    i’m just shaking my head in wonderment!

    man the zikki fans are gonna have orgasms over this!!!!!!!!

  • Tami

    Poor Zac. He just can’t win.

    I’ll bet he wishes he never did a movie with this crazy girl. She is a true mental case.

  • lozzie

    awww that is sweet,guys leave her alone – what has she ever done to you? zac and nikki have a special bond – always have and always will :) love you both nikki and zac – hope things go ok nikki with the trial!! this website is full of zac /slutgens fan so dont let their words get to you :) at least you dont post yourself naked on the net for attention….

  • bella

    I have no idea why people are making comments about her weight. So she has weight on her. What she said was all in fun . . .I am not a fan of either of them, but I actually think it is funny what she said.
    I am sure if anyone who is a fan of Zac, says the same thing.

  • um

    Hehe every inch. Poor Zac, even with all that muscle he’s still kinda a twig. Lol this girl is pretty obsessive.

  • rach

    Okay…now her comments are just down right disrespectful… dont say crap like that about someone who is involved in a relationship.

    Would she say that to vanessa’s face….prob not, bc its rude. but that’s basically what she just did….

    She has lost it and truly taken advantage of zac and vanessa’s kind and generous hearts

  • lolololololololol

    Hah Lozzie at you thinking you are zac fan. Hope you meet him and call his girlfriend a slut to his face then. See what he does to you. What a sad little bi tch you are, jut like your idol.

    Personal pictures no big deal compared to beating people up btw.

  • Charli

    Every inch of her body? Holy crap… That’s a lot of love…

  • rockstar

    Puahahaha. Little skank wants Zachary for herself; she’s definitely NOT getting him. Zac only has eyes for one girl…Vanessa.


  • Leslie

    JJ, I don’t think it was wise of you to post this. All it will accomplish is bring out the Nikki haters. Big time.

    By posting it is, you make her look like a pitiful, sad and very desperate person.

    First of all, she knows Zac is involved in a romantic relationship with Vanessa. So, if she REALLY DID say that, she is just plain dumb.

  • lacy

    watch out zac!! shes gonna eat you!! lol

    fat bitch.

    thats why she got her ass kicked at that airport.

    Zanessa forever<3

    p.s. i hope she knows zac as a GIRLFRIEND already. sorry nicky he is not intrested in fat man hores.

  • don’t worry about it

    ewwwwwwwww ! nikkkkki is disgustinggggg !

  • anna

    She sort of is a sad & desperate person. Everything thing she does pretty much points to that.

  • gina

    WOW. YOU GUYS ARE MEAN!!!!! I Suppose all of you are a size 2 and fabulous looking. You guys are pathetic.

  • betty

    dear lozzie ,

    i’m not a silly stupid fangirl as most of you haters believe us all to be.

    i’d love to see your reaction to a woman saying such things about your man!!!!!

    over the line, i’m sorry. i like nikki, but really. if those are your feelings maybe you should keep them to yourself!!!!!!!

    like i said i question her motives?????

  • dalia

    #41 I agree!!

  • An observer

    Brittany: Zac spoke to her for a while’


    Nikki: He has been an amazing support system.

    Well, I used to give her the benefit of the doubt but it’s clear she needs the publicity this will stir up to stay relevant.

    She appears very effusive and could well feel that way in a non-romantic way but to make that kind of statement to the press screams attention and she is certainly milking that friendship for every inch of relevance or publicity she can gain from it.

    It would be hard to imagine Brittany or Michelle or Ashley making that kind of statement to the press even though they might actually have warmer friendship with Zac.

    At least for her effort and inches of love, hope some Zac fans would turn up at the nightclub to support her.

  • Nessy4ever

    Charli #39
    I agree with u !
    zanessa forever!!

  • hater


  • Zanessa supporter

    She┬┤s totally stupid!

    An idiot ;

    hate her /

    i hate heeeeeeeeeeer =D

    Zanessa Forever (L)

  • angela clarke

    aww thats sweet AND OMG CUT IT OUT PPL AND ZANESSA FANS SURE ZANESSA DOES EXIST but omg Nikki is only letting her feelings about Zac and Im happy for that infact im not a big ZANESSA fan anymore cuz you know why cuz ness has changed alot and some of her fans dnt like it.

    and Zac omg he said its inner beauty that counts the most and he saw that and some fans and totally me has seen it too nikki is pretty no matter what she weighs.

    no offence to zanessa fans but ness has totally changed and like i said some fans include me dnt like it soo idc if nessa gets pissed off or nothing ok she is only jealous i can see it although she said she aint she is totally jealous.

  • nathalia

    nikki is a idiot !

  • Malia

    She really said that? In an interview? Very bad taste.

    And VERY disrespectful toward Zac, considering the fact that he’s involved romantically with another woman.

    Does she truly not have any tact or social graces?

  • Matty

    They’re friends, get over it!!

    What makes you think Zac would want catty hateful bitches for fans?

  • tou

    angela clark are you like 11 yrs old? Seriously go out and get your own relationship and stop worrying & making judgments about one that has been going strong for 3 years plus.

  • Nessy4ever

    how do u guys know vanessa got jealous??
    she didnt say anything!
    and #52 V didnt change, she’s awesome!!!
    u suck!
    nikki sucks
    Not because she fat but she’s so annoying
    zanessa 4ever!!!!!!!

  • marie

    bad one , nikki
    bad one!

  • ??

    When does ETcome on. I need to watch this to laugh my ass off properly. She just comes off so da*mn pathetic all the time. Really you giant tub of lard, calm down.

  • Ew

    tsk tsk. This heffier needs to go back to jail, and take that sk*anky wh0*re Vadgenessa Vay Jay Jay flashing Hudgens with her.

    Let’s see:

    Hudgefron? doesn’t sound delicate/dainty.
    Blofron? sounds even worse!
    Tisfron? sounds okay.

    I hate all three couples, but Tisfron at least doesn’t sound like a lypo suction advertisement.

    In reality, all these disney children along with this tub of lard all need to be pushed into a lake.

  • ashlee

    zac is super nice to everyone. he’s a really kind person. i’m sure he called and offered his sympathy after nikki beat someone up and got arrested. but for her to make a public statement like that is just plain rude. and kind of scary. my first reaction is to feel sorry for her.