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Drew Seeley Interview -- Exclusive

Drew Seeley Interview -- Exclusive

Another Cinderella Story star Drew Seeley sat down with Just Jared to talk about his new musical comedy, his upcoming project with three singing brothers (you’ll never guess who!) and having instant chemistry with sweetie pie costar Selena Gomez. The 26-year-old actor, whose voice was blended with Zac Efron‘s in the original High School Musical album, had lots to share. Did you know Drew and Selena had to suck on ice cubes before shooting some of their scenes??? Check out the interview below!

Another Cinderella Story is a direct-to-DVD movie and comes out TODAY. For more information on the film and how to order it, visit the official movie site:

JJ: How was the premiere for A Cinderella Story (on Sunday)?

DS: It was so much fun. It was my first real premiere. Kinda overwhelming, but we had a good time. I hadn’t seen some of the cast since we shot, so it was nice to catch up with everybody. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but a lot of people found out about it and came out.

JJ: What can viewers expect from this film?

DS: A lot of original music, a lot of dancing. That’s how it differs from the first Cinderella Story. It’s not really a sequel, its kinda it’s own movie. It’s got great pacing and has high energy, and its something that’s just made for kids, but older people can enjoy it also.

JJ: What genres of dance are performed in the film?

DS: Hip-hop, tango, there’s a big tango scene, ballroom dancing… I play this international pop star kid. So all that kind of boy-band dancing stuff is in there too.

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Drew Seeley Interview — Exclusive

JJ: Were you technically trained as a kid?

DS: Yeah, the first things I did before singing and acting, my parents got me into ballet, tap, jazz, all that kind of stuff. From 8 to 13, four or five days a week that’s all I did.

JJ: Your mom is a choreographer–has she choreographed for anyone famous?

DS: No, but we live in Canada, so she did ice skating routines a lot.

JJ: What was the audition process like for the film?

DS: It was just like any other audition that I’ve been to in the past. Except for the first time I went in, I met Selena (Gomez) then and had to do some pre-reads with her. Maybe they had been through some other guys before, I don’t really know. I went in and read, met the director, recorded, went back in and did some different scenes with (Selena) again, met the producers, waited a couple of weeks, and then got a phone call.

JJ: Did you and Selena have chemistry right off the bat?

DS: I think we did. As soon as I walked in, she’s this really down-to-earth person. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and neither do I. So we got off on the right foot and started joking at the auditions, right before we started reading. Yeah, ever since that day it’s always been very comfortable with her.

JJ: What was your favorite part of filming or your favorite scene to film?

DS: Probably the black-and-white ball scene, the big finale scene. They made a real concert stage, set up the whole venue in this old iron foundry. They got like 300 extras to come out and be the audience, and qw got to put on a real show.

JJ: How do you compare filming that concert experience to the High School Musical tour experience where there was 15,000 people? Was it less exhilarating? (He took over the role of Troy in “High School Musical: The Concert” to replace Zac Efron, who was shooting Hairspray at that time.)

DS: No, it was just a different experience. There was a sheer more number of people in that, but this was fun because we got to do the songs over and over and over again. So I had to keep it somewhat the same for continuity’s sake but I could try out different things, but yeah, it was a blast. It was just a different type of show.

JJ: What was the hardest scene to film for the movie?

DS: See, we were supposed to be in Beverly Hills for the movie but we actually shot in Vancouver (Canada) so it was freezing cold, and we had to shoot these night scenes outside where it was supposed to be a nice warm summer evening, but it was so freezing. They had people blowing heaters on us from underneath. We were sitting by the warmers between takes. We had to suck on ice cubes right before they yelled action so our breath wouldn’t show up in the air as much. Weird kind of things.

JJ: Sounds like some pretty good Hollywood magic for that scene!

DS: (laughs) Yeah, those little tricks of the trade we learn.

JJ: What’s the cutest or most endearing thing about Selena?

DS: I think she’s got a killer smile and her laugh. Her laugh is infectious. She’s just really sweet. I’ve got nothing bad to say about her.

JJ: What do you personally have coming up the next few months?

DS: I have a music video called “New Classic” coming out for Another Cinderella Story. It hasn’t come out yet but it’ll come out soon. I’ve got a couple of songs coming out. I recorded a Dean Martin Christmas song, and I actually did a duet with Alvin and Chipmunks, which will be coming out next month. We’re shooting a music video for that too. And then I shot another movie in Saskatchewan called the “Shortcut,” probably comes out first thing in the New Year. Adam Sandler produced that, and his brother Scott Sandler wrote it. Totally different kind of movie than “Another Cinderella Story.” No music or anything.

JJ: Did you finish filming or you’re still filming that?

DS: Yeah, we’re doing some re-shoots at the end of this month and we shot all of July and August in Saskatchewan.

JJ: Can you describe your character in that film?

DS: I play Derek, the older brother. I try to show the little brother the “right path,” but I have a little bit of a dark side to me.

JJ: Can you tell me something about that music video you already filmed?

DS: I had a little bit of help from some of my friends, Mark Blackwell and director of Another Cinderella Story (Damon Santostefano). I pretty much shot most of the video on my own with a handy cam while on the road doing concerts. It’s a got a home-movie kind of feel to it. Some of the footage is from a show in Louisville, Kentucky that I did, with Vanessa Hudgens and Corbin Bleu. I had three cameras going and had one take of the song, and got the audience and just hoped for the best. I cut it together and it worked out really nice. It’s for the secret track on the album, track 14, “New classic” (acoustic remix). I hope it’ll premiere son.

JJ: In one of your interviews you said you’re a shoe guy. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes and why?

DS: I like Creative Rex, a company called Sneaux. They’ve been hooking me up since the High school Musical tour. I wear Chucks a lot. A lot skater shoes. Comfortable stuff. The main thing is that they have to be comfortable shoes. Not something that has a million laces in case you have to go through an airport.

JJ: What are some of your favorite TV shows?

DS: Lately Mad Men, I really like that show. I’m glad Entourage started back up. The Shield. House. It’s Always Sunny in Phildadelphia. Love that one. Flight of the Conchords.

JJ: And what was the latest film you saw that you enjoyed?

DS: Smiley Face with Anna Faris. That was really funny because Jane Lynch, who’s in Another Cinderella Story with me is in that movie. She plays an agent who Anna Faris tries to sell weed to.

JJ: What kind of music do you have playing in your iPod?

DS: A little bit of everything but, I have my own stuff to be honest, going over mixes and just making sure things don’t suck before they go out. I probably listen to myself a little too much. A lot of 80s stuff–George Michael, The Police. Genesis. Recently, I like Estelle, that new song that she came out with. A little bit of funk on it, that you can get down with.

JJ: Do you have your own album coming out?

DS: I have at least four to five albums worth of material, but I don’t have a release date for an actual album. I’m just piecing some together now so when the time comes, I’ll be ready.

JJ: Do you have a real life love interest that inspired a lot of those songs?

DS: Every song I write is inspired by my personal life. I don’t like to talk about my personal life too much but I do it through my songs. That’s how I like to get things out.

JJ: You were born in Canada–are you a US citizen too? Dual citizenship?

DS: I’m a resident-alien actually. But yeah, I grew up in Toronto and was born in Ottawa.

JJ: So you can’t vote during this election?

DS: No, I can’t. Maybe somehow I can become a citizen before the election so I can vote.

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