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Ellen DeGeneres is a CoverGirl

Ellen DeGeneres is a CoverGirl

Check out this new behind-the-scenes picture of Ellen DeGeneres at her photo shoot as the latest spokesmodel of CoverGirl.

The 50-year-old talk show queen revealed, “I am the new face of CoverGirl. (strikes exaggerated model-like pose) That’s the first thing they teach you when you’re a CoverGirl. We were going to let you know [in January when the campaign starts], but somehow people found out about it… They’re putting some lip liner on me … Man, they love lip liner. I got hours and hours… I am very, very excited about it. It’s a very cool thing, I’m honored and the photo shoot was ‘easy, breezy, beautiful … CoverGirl.’ ”

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  • cass

    ohhhhh ellen


  • kate

    im agree with u tami!

  • Amanda

    OMG. I can’t believe Tami and kate said that. That’s so ridiculous. LOL. I feel sorry for you 2. Maybe someday you two wake up and give a shot living in the real world.

  • m

    #2 & #3 you are pathetic. having gay people in your society is the reality.

    And Ellen is beautiful whether or not she is gay. She’s 50 and has that look.

  • Simone

    Tami and Kate, you are horrible people! Who do you think you are? I hope that your children grow up to be gay…maybe then you’ll realize today’s society!

    Good for you, Ellen! You are beautiful!

  • just me

    Tami and Kate I feel sorry for someone as prejudiced as you two. Love is a beautiful thing whether it is man/man or woman/woman or man/woman! You probably are against minorities and everything else that doesn’t fit in your “box”. Go Ellen! You look beautiful!

  • Christine

    Ellen is truly beautiful, inside and out. Why anyone would choose to bash her because of her sexual orientation is beyond me. Not only is it rude and disrespectful, because Ellen has worked harder than so many people to get where she is today, it’s also very petty and mean-spirited.

    People need to learn tolerance, and accept that things like gay couples are quickly becoming realities. Either get used to it, or get gone.

  • nat

    Hey Tami and Kate- how old are you? You sound like two old racist women. Jokes on you- no one cares what you think! Lucky for the rest of us YOU two do not have a talk show. Go back to your KKK meeting.

    The campaign is genius really.

  • amy

    Go Ellen!!

  • Mike

    I agree with 6!

  • wow

    go ellen… haters why even bother posting?

  • t

    Loveee her, she’s my favorite person in the public eye by far

  • katie n

    Thumbs up cover girl for a genius of an idea. Would have been better if both Ellen and Portia were portrayed. They are a lovely couple.

    Tammy and Kate, I feel sorry for your children and hope they have learnt bigotry is ugly through some other means.

  • Lenny

    Tami and Kate, here a lesson to you. This generation agree that anything goes and that just how is. Just wait and see what we’ll have to accept in 10 years.

  • Stacie

    This is the most fantastic news! Ellen is awesome!
    Please, those who are so prejudiced, keep it to yourself. And please don’t pass it on to your children ( #2- to your daughter). The very last thing we need is your daughter spewing your ill-informed rhetoric.
    Actually #2- is that you, Sarah Palin?
    Stick to the script sweetie. When you go off on your own, you just continue to show us the moron you truly are.

  • ouch

    Tami and Kate- what caves did you come out of???

    I love Ellen and her show. (by they way I am a married woman).

    Ellen so down- to earth…I would not mind having her for a friend.

    Always thought Ellen has beautiful cool eyes.

  • Tami

    OK.SO ALL OF YOU FROM 3 ON DOWN. Listen carefully, you’ve been desensitized…you are part of the problem not the solution…You have been programmed to think it’s ok to be gay…so you call me and #2 names and bash us to where we may start thinking we’re wrong…but I have an opinion just like if a beautiful baby was born nothing wrong with him but B. hussein Obama says it’s ok to shove a knife up it’s back and kill it. When does the insanity stop?? what’s next pedophilia marriage?? When do we stop being insane?? When does it end?? You all think #2 and #3 are sooooooo bad…holy crap…..I think your horrible for allowing this kind of thing…my God…grow up..know that your mind is being twisted by crap like this…I and #3 are standing up for what we believe in….you might want to quit following the sheep and do the same!!!!! poor simpleton minds…I hope you like communism – cause you’re buying the whole hog.

  • Tami

    oh, and the generation you talk about #15 Lenny…will be controlled by the government and the powers to be, if you don’t stand up and say enough is enough….continue down the koolaid road and become the mindless, without thought person you so eagerly seek to be. Again, how sad for America – Ellen is your new drug and without thought is your brain. Believe me guys, next is man/boy marriage, and child rape as ok…how sad our youth thinks all of this is ok.

  • Tami

    Stacie, #16..please don’t vote…you’re an idiot

  • Nat

    But its love. Why should you care how other people chose to live their life? Its not like their bothering you. How would you like it if you had someone tell you that how you were living and what you were doing was wrong? You obviously don’t even know what love is. But karma’s a bitch and works in crazy ways! Who knows maybe your kids will grow up to be gay!

  • Tami

    Nat…I agree with you…I don’t care if their in love…but I do resent their shoving it in our faces, especially children who don’t understand nor should they. My “kid” isn’t gay..and how sad you would hope they would be. How sad that you can hate me for my opinion but I can’t hate Ellen…How two faced and hypocritical.

  • Tami

    I wonder if any of you have EVER stood up against the crowd and said “I disagree” I bet everything you have not….it’s soooo much easier to follow the crowd and call names than it is to stand up and take the heat. How sad for America – the sheep within you shows through brightly.

  • vivs

    it’s funny that you talk about insanity and how sad America is, because i think youuu’re a little insane and sad.

    i love that ellen is a cover girl. she illustrates everything woman wants to be: successful, kind hearted, and beautiful, inside and out. her “gayness” has nothing to do with the person she is. her homosexuality is just as legit as your heterosexuality. have your opinions, don’t befriend a gay person, but accept that there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with them.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Gross , i hate her she looks like a man

    go to hell

  • ick

    Tami- what you are saying makes no sense. The topic is about gay marriage and you are throwing in Obama and other things ??

    Your thinking is like too many uneducated Americans that voted for Bush and look where we are now! Sounds like a redneck narrow/closedminded Republican from your crazy uneducated comments.

    Ellen is a very nice person that happens to be gay. Don’t have a clue to why you threw in the ” pedophilia ” comment which has nothing to do with being gay. Goodness!

  • katkat

    I love Ellen! She is such a sweet and funny person.

  • Laurie

    TAMI shut up and go to hell! You’re talking shit with no sense please go away!
    i hope you’re kid dont turn out to be gay!

  • seagrass

    tami, you are a brain-dead moron who needs to grow up.

    ELLEN is great.

  • Bella

    Comment #2 and #3. . .and a lot of other negative comments. I believe everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but I find your comments just plain rude and disgusting. Ellen is a funny and great her person. She is not advertsing for you or anyone else to be gay, she advertising makeup of Cover Girl. So stop being so judgmental and close minded.
    Ellen is living her life and not caring what other think, she is happy and is funny, and found someone she loves and loves her back . . .I think that is pretty damn inspirational to me. I am not gay, and have no problem with other people who are. I wish society was less close minded about certain issues.

  • G550

    If two gay people meet, mingle, fall in love and get married, how in the world is that threatening to anyone else? Love between two consenting, non-consanguineous adults…how is that threatening?

    Perhaps gay people are a threat to those who think it is a choice, and therefore there is fear that well, one could be convinced to make the same choice? Why is it that some of the most homophobic people are the most curious about the lives of gay people? Hmm?

    Tami, why not consider that gay people are perhaps just born that way, and let go of your fears of some possibility of conversion. As for your children, guess what? Most kids are pretty guileless, clueless in fact, about sexuality unless some adult in their lives makes an issue about it. But what’s most beautiful about kids is that they often see things purely…two brides, how pretty, nice dresses, they look happy…

    Stop hating! Would Jesus have such hate in his heart for a person he had never met, and who had never done him wrong?

    And stop hating on the name Hussein. It means handsome or good, and it’s a semitic language name that is common. To say the man’s name spitefully shows a woeful ignorance of other cultures, and a flailing grasp to link the candidate Obama with terrorism, former leader of Iraq, Islamic fundamentalism, etc. It’s about as smart as thinking contributing to an IRA means you’re all for bringing bombs back to Dublin.

  • Lenny

    Look back 20 years and now look ahead 20 years the differents of what’s normal then, now and in the future is scary. If you don’t accept it your a bigot. Islam will never accept any of this garbage and they will kill everyone and everything to stop it. That why most activist never condemn Islam, just christians because they aren’t afraid of them. Remember Islam kills gays, why not talk about that?

  • palvasha

    lol alot of opinions. but tami u have the right to ur opinion just like the rest of these people and me. i dnt agree with gay people myself but i dnt hate them as human ebing, i just dnt agree with their actions. i dnt mind if they marry or whatever but i dnt agree if they bring up children in that ‘marrage’. i really really hate the fact that gay girls go on abt being gay and dnt like men and yet they, just like ellen dress and act like men. if u really love being a female and lve other females then y act like men!!!!!
    y dress like a man, y act like a man, y have ur hair short like a man and y sit and walk like a man???? it makes no sense.

    anyway i would not hurt another human being so even if i dnt agree with gays, i dnt agree with people hurting gay people. and gay peopel should also not expect for evryone to agree with being gay and bringing up children and forcing gay ideas on them.

  • palvasha

    islam does not agree with gay thats right, but islamic style of punishment has changed, gay people are not killed anymore in most islamic states. islam may not agree with gay people just like the real christianity but islam is a peacefull religion and look at al the muslims living in western countries, which muslim has killed a gay person?

    Lenny u cant come here and promote hatred for muslims just cos they dnt accept being gay, so what if it doesnt. most gay people are not muslims anyway so y do they have to worry abt it. muslims live with the rules of non-muslims so y cant non-muslims live with their rules.

    my frnd was spat on and her head scarf was pulled from her head and she was called names for being a muslim. now i am a muslim and i would never hurt a gay person for being gay and just cos i dnt agree with them i would never beat them and spit on them.

  • Maggie

    I’m grateful that God is nothing like some of the hateful people on here. To truly love and be devoted to someone is never wrong. We are all spiritual beings contained in physical bodies and part of the physical world. It may be a Woman loving a Woman or a Man loving a Man but if it’s truly loving, respectful and devoted it’s part of God. Hate is what’s aberrant and separate from God.

  • To tami

    Tami thanks for your voice — here is a book that you many enjoy “Teh death of Right and Wrong” by Tammy Bruce — was a NY times best seller. The rest of you may be enlightened and stop talking out of your as**s

    For those stating God is a god of love – yes – be God hates sin not the sinner. Love is not love when it condones all actions. An example for the ignorant — it is not love to let a toddler walk in front of a bus just because he/she wants to play in street. Apply that to some of these disturbing issues.

  • Tami

    How brainwashed you all are…how truly sad that you will accept this as mainstream. I can see the SHEEP in you.. Well as they say there has to be sheep for every shepard. Hide your heads …don’t worry someone will lead you, tell you what to do, feed you…you’re protected as long as you don’t speak….baaaaaaa (America is lost to evil).

  • wow

    I wonder if any of you have EVER stood up against the crowd and said “I disagree” I bet everything you have not….it’s soooo much easier to follow the crowd and call names than it is to stand up and take the heat. How sad for America – the sheep within you shows through brightly.


  • me…

    i love her and the fact that she dunt care if she is gay or not.
    I love what she said on her sho
    “To set the record straight, Im not Pregnant” lol

  • Nat

    Okay i never said that i “hope” your kids grow up to be gay all i said was “karma’s a b**** and works in crazy ways! so who knows maybe your kids will grow up to be gay!” Where do you see anywhere in there that i said i “hoped” they would be?

    Tami im sorry but from all the stuff i’ve been reading it seems to be that you might be a little “brainwashed” as you told us we were. How can we be brainwashed just because we support gay marriage? Why does us supporting it bother you so much? You cant change anything about it. Just get over it, most importantly get over yourself.

  • mandy


    The bitch is so worry that we support gay marriage or gay people! Ugh
    i hate haters!
    i dont know why did you star to talk about politics in the first placr tami??

    The bitch is crazy!

  • Simone

    I agree with mandy! Tami, just come out of the closet already! Stop saying that we’re a bunch of cowards for bashing on you over the internet. If I knew you, I would confront you and call out how ridiculous you are! Grow up and stop living in the past! This is what happens when religion takes over people’s lives..

  • Open_minded

    pedophelia has NOTHING to do with being gay, so really you should just shut the hell up. you should also try to be more open minded, since you are the real sheep.

  • ****

    Oh Tami go burn a cross…

  • 838f9u3498

    Our hero Tami, here to open all our eyes. The media has tricked us, those dastardly homosexuals with their wicked plans have been conspiring to trick us all. You’re right about brain-washing though but instead of gays it’s people like you who have been brainwashed by power-mad hate mongers abusing religion.

    @To Tami: The bible tells you to kill people who work on Sundays and people who divorce and disobedient children and it tells you to stone rape victims. Does that sound like the logic employed by a divine omniscient being? The bible was a text written by ignorant middle-eastern men who were looking for a way to control the nomadic race they were herding through the desert. It only gained power (and prominence) after leaders, during the Middle Ages, realized it could be used as “an opiate for the masses”.

  • boom

    @Tami: Why are you people so obsessed with gays. You must have pretty empty lives to be so preoccupied with what other people do in their bedrooms. You’re probably a very unhappy person, who is frustrated with the world and angry at your current disposition and this is the only way you know how to vent that frustration. Don’t let your hatred consume you.


    Hey, to all you “Christians”, here’s a novel idea, how about, instead of just calling yourselves Christians, you actually act in a way that exemplifies the values and teachings of Jesus Christ. Wouldn’t it be kooky if Christians actually did that for a change?

  • constance

    @JENNA: Exactly! Did Jesus ever say anything about judging others, did he ever teach anyone to hate on gays or blacks or anybody? NO! People like Tami abuse his name to spread their evil mean-spirited propaganda. If you want to hate gays call yourself a jew or a muslim but don’t call yourself a Christian when you’re doing it.

  • dawn french

    no tami, folks aren’t brainwashed. The truth is, for the first time people are starting to realize that gays are human beings too and that love isn’t a luxury and that’s what scares you.

  • liz

    my friend marissa loves how ellen wears the suit and portia de rossi wears the dresses

  • Nat

    “Exactly! Did Jesus ever say anything about judging others, did he ever teach anyone to hate on gays or blacks or anybody? NO! People like Tami abuse his name to spread their evil mean-spirited propaganda. If you want to hate gays call yourself a jew or a muslim but don’t call yourself a Christian when you’re doing it.”

    Wow your so two-faced you just said that Jesus never said anything about judging others or hating anyon else and yet here you are telling people if you hate gays to call yourself a Jew or Muslim not a Christian? There are many Jews and Muslims who support gays and many Christians who don’t. Who are you here to be telling people not to judge others yet you are. You yourself need to get over yourself and stop thinking so highly of yourself, you thought you sounded so smart when you said that but really you sounded really ignorant and dumb.