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Gerard Butler - "Men's Health" October 2008

Gerard Butler -

Gerard Butler is on FIYAH in the October 2008 issue of Men’s Health. Sizzle. Here’s what the 38-year-old Scottish stud had to say:

On becoming an actor after seeing a stage production of Trainspotting in 1995: “A week later, I packed my bags and moved to London to become an actor. I had no connections, no experience, no training, and no prospects. Everybody was laughing at me. Everybody was thinking I’d just messed up my whole career.”

On changing careers to acting: “I know that changing careers was what I needed to do. But what the hell was I thinking? You have to understand that I was completely out of control. If I hadn’t been so lost and insane, I’d still be a lawyer. Misery is a sign that something is wrong, that your life is in need of some big changes. I knew moving to London was a huge risk. But I said to myself, I’m aiming for the stars. I’ll worry about the details later.”

On achieving success: “I haven’t had a drink in more than 10 years. That’s when everything changed for me. That’s when I learned what had to be done to succeed and be happy in life.”

On the success of the movie 300: “You come out of that movie so pumped up, so ready to die for your friends or your country or anything. Like, ‘I will fight for my parking space! I will kill. This is my parking space!’”

On his love for Scotland: “I love everything about the Scottish people – their warmth, their humor, their potential for violence. Nobody from Glasgow goes into acting. You were seen as weird if you wanted to be an actor. But I didn’t mind. It’s just what I wanted to do.”

Gerry‘s upcoming Guy Ritchie-directed movie RocknRolla hits theaters this Halloween (Friday, October 31).

Click inside for Mr. Butler’s four-step plan for beating stress…


1. Let go of what you can’t control – “I have a very complex process for taking the pressure off myself. It starts with me saying, ‘I can only do what I can do.’”

2. Don’t hold back with the stuff you can control – “When I’m working, that’s on my mind all the time, the faith that has been granted to me by people, the money that has been spent. It seems the best thing I can do to honor it is to work my butt off.”

3. Make time for R&R – Rest and Recreation – “I don’t want to abuse my success, so I don’t go out partying all the time. I try to get as much rest as I can.” “When I’m working in a new place, I’m always thinking, Okay, where are the trails? Where can I go hiking and running?”

4. Remember where you started – “I try to love where I am and what I’m doing. I see it as an honor to do what I do for a living.”

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74 Responses to “Gerard Butler - "Men's Health" October 2008”

  1. 1
    A Greek Says:


  2. 2
    gerrys wife Says:

    he is the father of my future children!! lol
    hes is perfection!

  3. 3
    r. Says:

    Lmao. What a great sense of humor to go along with the sexiness. “I will fight for my parking space!” – haha, awesome.

  4. 4
    noyb Says:

    What a nice piece of man. Yum.

  5. 5
    Dana Dexter Says:

    OMG! This guy just makes my heart thump! He is so laid back yet so determind i just love it, he is what a man is and every man should be.

  6. 6
    this bitch Says:


  7. 7
    wow Says:

    I have a huge crush on this man.

  8. 8
    wow Says:

    He was a hot young lawyer but changed careers to be an actor. Lucky lucky us. Is he really dating Jennifer Aniston like Laney suggests?

  9. 9
    wow Says:

    He will turn 40 next year.
    This is the guy to watch..I’m telling you.

  10. 10
    scottdavis0676 Says:

    Ugly as hell, but seems like a nice bloke. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to look like him!

  11. 11
    hot hot hot Says:

    I didn’t think I would like anybody as much as Brad Pitt., but this guy is getting close.

  12. 12
    Hot Gerry Says:

    He comes across as very warm and friendly and funny in interviews.

  13. 13
    Flisbeth Says:

    I just luve looking at this man

  14. 14
    Nikki G. Says:

    GOD i love him!

  15. 15
    Marisa Rodrigues Says:

    He is real, like us. Very hot. The hotest man in the world to me.

  16. 16
    where are my manners? Says:

    Jared- Thanks for this Gerard Butler thread.

  17. 17
    sexy Gerard Says:

  18. 18
    sexy Gerard Says:

  19. 19
    really Says:

    His **** is not big, I was disappointed.

  20. 20
    hot Scott Says:

  21. 21
    tvc Says:

    He is six years younger than Brad.

  22. 22
    les Says:

    Wow #22 thanks for clearing that up!

  23. 23
    Bailey Says:

    Yes please.

  24. 24
    Dancer Says:

    Is he the actor that has had plastic surgery and loves it? If so, good job! Looks hot.

  25. 25
    Bailey Says:

    Sorry I just had to come back..


  26. 26
    Bailey Says:

    And no Dancer.

    Gerry has has no plastic surgery!

  27. 27
    portuguese Says:

    my god hes very very very very hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  28. 28
    Jules Says:

    He is HOT HOT HOT!! I would fall to my knees and worship this guy.

  29. 29
    h Says:

    He better get the sexiest man alive honor soon! He’s so ridiculously hot and really down to earth. I <3 him

  30. 30
    shoes4life Says:

    Sorry girls, I am his wife to be! Little Gerard Jr. & Gerrica are counting on me! HAHAHAHA!!

    He is one fine specimen of a man and just from interviews I have read from him he seems big hearted, geniune, & very smart.

    Please Lord let my dreams of Gerry come true!!

  31. 31
    tiabia Says:

    Honestly, how can one NOT love this man!!! He’s a man in a world of boys!!! LOVE HIM

  32. 32
    Rita Says:

    “I will fight for my parking space!” HAHAHAHAHA

  33. 33
    idiot Says:

    shoes4life, get a fuucking life.

  34. 34
    shoes4life Says:

    To idiot: I have a life a great life! It is obvious you are miserable with yours to come on a blog and bash an unknown person because they are having a little fun on the internet.

    Have a great day!

    A smile a day keeps the hate away.

  35. 35
    Kada Says:

    I’m soooo glad he changed careers. The one celebrity who should do a sex tape.

  36. 36
    Justine Says:

    His birthday is in November (born in 1969). He is going to be 39 this year. In 2009, he will turn 40. He’s come a long way since his law career and will go even further as an actor. I can’t wait to see RocknRolla, Game, The Ugly Truth and Law Abiding Citizen. He is my secret love ;-)

  37. 37
    Spicylily,bkk Thailand Says:

    He is my second favorite HUNKY wiith a brain.
    Of course, my number one is Brad Pitt.

    And I will never believe that he will ever bother dating the rom com lady,…………………. 39.5 y/o Jennifer Aniston.
    After Brad Pitt left…., Vince Vaugn left…., Paul Sculfour left….., and
    John Mayer left ……………

    Jerard can get so much better though……….

  38. 38
    teeth fixed Says:

    Look it up

  39. 39
    lonestar Says:

    Exactly what a man should be.

  40. 40
    wHAT'S HIS DEAL? Says:

    Seriously….What is this guy’s deal? I don’t get him. Very flaky. Like he goes to India to go find himself? What…is he lost. Typical hollywood self interest. Like the world revolves around his issues…good looks, supposedly smart, lots of money, too much time on his hands.

    He is like a Ken doll. An empty shell and when he talks it is all this crap about himself. He doesn’t want to fall in love with a woman. He is too in love with himself.

  41. 41
    Holly golightly Says:

    His sartorial splendor in the cover photo is dazzling. Man looks lovely in black Varvatos henley and Boss trousers. Hope he got to keep them as a welcome addition to his wardrobe.

    Like the hair too.

    Way to go fella! Stick with the healthy routine.

  42. 42
    Holly Says:

    Never really noticed him before, but I saw this mag in my local CVS today and bought it. Something very very very sexy and hot about this guy. I hear he has a hot scottish accent. I am going to have to start paying attention. I love the article. The pics are just off the charts. WOW!!!

  43. 43
    captainjaneway Says:

    Even though he has a swearing problem, he is too good to be true.

  44. 44
    nina Says:

    I hope him and Jennifer Aniston are a real deal…they would be great together…men like Pitt just make you think that you shouldn’t have falllen in love with them, cause they’re just too much in love with themselves…he found a perfect person for him though, Angie, is his soulmate…I really do think that…wish them all the happiness they deserve…

  45. 45
    macordovil Says:

    Gerry’s scottish accent is delicious. This man is so special!!!
    I love him! Thanks, JJ…

    I just love this man…
    Thanks, JJ…

  46. 46
    Tracy Says:

    Justine he was born in 1968 not 69 and the rumor mills are going again because Jennifer has been seen sporting a ring on her wedding finger sparking rumors she is not broken up with John after all and that they may be actually engaged (so who knows for sure) but I don’t think Gerard is with her

  47. 47
    Tracy Says:

    Hey, Really, his what disappointed you?

  48. 48
    lonewolf Says:

    #44-Nina, sorry its another rumor, just like the Cameron DIaz/Gerry Butlerone-sameplace-same time. Here ya go for interesting reading:

    Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler: Nothing going on there
    It was the thigh touch heard ’round the world. Gerard Butler allegedly had his hand on Jennifer Aniston’s thigh during a Sept. 7 party at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the alleged grazing sparked rumors the two are dating.

    But a source says the relationship is all business for now. Butler, who’s been linked to Cameron Diaz, is interested in “working with Jen, but nothing more,” Us Weekly reports.

    An Aniston source confirms a similar sentiment to Us. “She and Gerard met for two minutes in Toronto. It was just a brief hello.”

  49. 49
    lonewolf Says:

    #44-Nina- The Jennifer/Gerard issue is a rumor, it is just like the Cameron/Gerard issue (not sure if issue is the word, cant think of the right one) same place/same time…. here is a mag insurp…

    Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler: Nothing going on there
    It was the thigh touch heard ’round the world. Gerard Butler allegedly had his hand on Jennifer Aniston’s thigh during a Sept. 7 party at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the alleged grazing sparked rumors the two are dating.

    But a source says the relationship is all business for now. Butler, who’s been linked to Cameron Diaz, is interested in “working with Jen, but nothing more,” Us Weekly reports.

    An Aniston source confirms a similar sentiment to Us. “She and Gerard met for two minutes in Toronto. It was just a brief hello.”



  50. 50
    lonewolf Says:

    Nina (#44) go to for a Gerard/Jennifer update-its like with Cameron/Gerard…same place, same time.

  51. 51
    nope Says:

    Tracy…His birthday is 11-13-1969..He will be 39 this year. His birthdate is listed on ALL of his sites as this including IMDB.

  52. 52
    lonewolf Says:

    Nina (#44)-

    Hey, here is a link to a article that will validate the Gerry/Jennifer rumour. It is just like the one with him and Cameron Diaz, same place, same time….



  53. 53
    lonewolf Says:

    NOTE to everyone….

    Have no idea what happened!!!!! did this will we had a T-storm and my puter was flashing….and it was shutting down/Net problems so I didnt know if it submitted-apparently it did…sorry JJ…

  54. 54
    Tracy Says:

    Nope and Justine, I’m so bad you’re right it is 1969,(I was thinking of someone else, LOL)

  55. 55
    Margaret Wernerspach Says:

    “Wha’s like him? Damn few, and they’re a’ deid!”

  56. 56
    emy Says:

    Jared is my dreamman ! I cant wait to watch his next movie!

  57. 57
    emy Says:

    What can I say about gerry? Just OOH and AAhs! Im speechlesss! Love u gerry!

  58. 58
    Liz Says:

    RocknRolla, Gerard’s new movie, opens in theatres nationwide on October 8. Watch him on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” on Oct. 6..He’s raunchy and hilarious..and soooooooooooooo hot my eyes water when i see him. For all the new Gerry ,lovers, go to and look at all his movies! “300″…”Lara Croft:Tombraider II The Cradle of Life”…”P.S. I love you”…”Nim’s Island”…”DDracula 2000″…”Beowulf and Grendel”…”The Jury”…and look forward to “The Ugly Truth” with Katherine Heigl in April…and “Game” in the summer! He is so witty, smart, sharp, funny, handsome, buff, gorgeous, tall, hunky..ahhh…I will love him till I breathe.

  59. 59
    Reality check Says:

    Yes, oh, yes!

    Let’s all build a shrine to him, and get naked pictures of his butt and kiss it (…once they’ve removed your head from it of course).

    LIZ…WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!!! He’s just a regular guy, an actor, and not God Almighty!!

    Your therapy for today is to list 10 faults he may have.
    For example: Using too much tanning lotion (not removing the excess from his fingers), having smelly feet, extremely attention-seeking…

    See, just a regular man :)

  60. 60
    charty_6988 Says:

    LOL #59-you cant get anymore real than that……well you can but…
    anyway……..Im curious and if anyone can help me as to what is what Id appreciate it-

    Once again, its the difference of opinion among GB’s followers/fans and Im one who would just like to know which is the right one…like in this case-he has a place in NYC and one in LA (myself, been to both dont like either) anyway, Ive read he really likes NYC and doesnt want to leave…..then of course theres those who say he likes LA the most…has anyone read or know of where he himself likes to be. True, its good to have 2 places one on each coast for work purposes, but where is it he likes to hang his hat (so to speak)? Just another surfing find and Im curious as to which is the one…



  61. 61
    jackie Says:


    I think he prefers NY, and will eventually settle there for good. He brought his warehouse appartment ther 5 years ago and has only been furnished recently, otherwise he was living in hotels. His agents, CAA, have an office in NY. More importantly, it’s 6 hours away from Scotland.

    He brought an appartment in LA. The major studios are there, so he has to go there for work.

    Why he still has a place in London, I don’t know. He barely comes to to London (or Scotland). And he wonders why people don’t take any notice him in Scotland. Truthfully, they are sick and tired of this PR crap he’s always getting involved in. People in the UK think he not one of theirs anymore (but, you will still get the die-hard fans), and that’s why we value actors like James McAvoy and Orlando Bloom.

    I live in the UK and have seen RocknRoller. It’s better Ritchie film than of late, but Gerry doesn’t carry this film (he’s barely in it). It’s an ensemble piece, and the strongest performances comes from Mark Strong and Toby Kebbell. Again, all we heard over here was ‘Gerry Butler’. I felt so sorry for the other actors.

    Sorry, we love him, but he has really become a stranger over here.

  62. 62
    lonewolf Says:

    Jackie (#61)

    Odd as to what fame will do to someone isnt it…. I have read often where Gerry has mentioned no one recognizes him even in his home country. Me personally, I think he has allowed his PR people to call the shots, which is fine but to a certain point (it seems even his personal self (life) isnt his anymore) and I wonder if he was to take charge and say I am going to do it this way…..this is WHAT I SAID…..and so on.

    I have (though he is out of the biz) a favorite actor, Joe Landou (sp), who was in Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman for one project, it was like he was caught up in the same thing, he couldnt do anything he wanted to do (plus other things) and dropped out of the light. When I read these interviews, I am asking is this from your heart or your peoples “script”.
    One thing that is important to me and has been though I havent been home in a while (military and other things), my roots are very important to me, including family, friends because without them I am not complete and when I do go home (Missouri) I fall apart and rebuild (so to speak).

    I didnt see R/R, but was told it was ok and no, Gerry wasnt in it much though by going on all the talk youd think he was….BTW with Scotland 6 hours away from NYC you’d think he would go home every chance he got regardless of his people sayin dont/cant etc. But til he does he will be a stranger and to me, that is a crappy feelin….been there wont go there again-I try to get home at least every other month. And as for the PR crap, he can avoid it and stop it if he wants to others have, so he shouldnt have a problem either.

    Keep the faith Jackie, one day he may find out one day who is there for him and who is there only for the paycheck….and right now the “biz “and all its “glory and fame” have him in their grasp…..when he goes home he needs to stay there for a long time and see who he really is.
    (hope Ive made sense).

    Peace, and thanks for the info.


  63. 63
    opehlia Says:

    in the video of the shooting of these photos, we see him jumping off a level onto a mat, he was wearing a waist length overcoat, a simple white shirt and tie with black pants and shoes. does anyone know where that photo is?

  64. 64
    Lily Says:

    When a 73 year old great-grandmother ( me ) is madly in love with this guy, you know he’s HOT !!! Great actor, and such a great personality ! Hope he gets the recognition he deserves for his good work.

  65. 65
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