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Jennifer Aniston is a Smart Sister

Jennifer Aniston is a Smart Sister

Jennifer Aniston stops by a friend’s house with her Smartwater bottle in tow in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday.

With John Mayer now in the past for Jen, the popular singer has reportedly been looking down in the dumps recently on his trip to Miami.

As one source said, “”It was kind of bittersweet for him. Miami reminds him so much of the good times he had with Jen, so it was really weird.

And regarding a blonde beauty vying for his attention, the source said “John didn’t put moves on her at all, which was strange. He just didn’t seem himself. I’m not sure if he is really that over his breakup with Jen.”

DO YOU THINK John is really over the breakup with Jen?

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Credit: HookedOnHollywood; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • marry


  • bdj

    Were you laughing when you wrote this drivel? Team Mayer is coming for ya. John Mayer is thinking about Jen about as much as Vinny(I’m running as fast as I can) Vaughn. Nice hair Jen(roots and all).

  • Dancer

    John M is a serial dater (to put it nicely). I seriously doubt he is losing sleep over the break up.
    Isn’t she now linked with Butler? He seems more her style anyhow.

  • movie fan

    I hope Jin can find the right guy soon

  • tessla

    Givien everything she has gone through with serial cheaters, narccisists, drunks, liars, she made the right choice. Once he cheated her on her, the rest of the vices would follow, that was it. Good for her, too bad there isn’t enough women out there that have taken Jen’s path.

  • Hello jello

    lets wait for the haters…i’m sure they will be on here soon! so before that..i wanna say…JEN ROCKS!!!

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks so pretty

  • ouch

    haters?? that’s a strong word for just comments.

    Just because people have “negative” things to say does not make them a “hater”. geez.

  • hahaha

    OMG, do they ever get tire of making up crap to get this old lady looking good in the press? she’s old, unattractive mentally unstable, a loser, and she fcuk every one in holly wood just to get dumped by them, we are not children, we know the truth, she is a joke, john Mayer dumped her, not the other way around, he’s been with other women, john was being paid and his job was over, the j/p twins were born and Jen got publicity outta that by her naive fans, john was too good, smart for her, that’s why he never paid for a thing while he was with her, Jen was and is desperate,shallow and can not act, john has moved on, he’s more than fine.

  • the truth is this

    Same ole same ole.


  • huhuhuhuu

    She’s back peddling that bottle water. her movie which she was promoting at TIFF didnt’ found a of the few which didn’t sold out. bohoo…..

  • fugly

    lord, this woman is fugly, and can’t act worth a damm, go away already . Jen is a bed hopper.

  • dark roots showing

    Well well well, all of you who go on and on about her being a natural blond now see her real hair color and it ain’t blond at all. Quite the opposite!!! Guess she is on her way to get her hair done. She is also looking mighty mighty thin. Crying over John no doubt. How anyone says she is pretty is beyond me. She is one plain jane who requires massive and expensive upkeep, more and more as she gets older.

    By the way tessla @ 09/17/2008 at 12:19 am what has she gone through that she didn’t choose to go through? There is nothing special about this woman that makes her life anymore eventful than anyone else’s. She chased after John knowing just what type man he was all for PR.

    No I am not a hater, not a fan, just someone who speaks the TRUTH AS I SEE IT.

  • well

    when’s her new movie coming out?


    Hmmm. Do we think John is really over the breakup with Jen?

    Well, since he announced on a street corner that HE broke up with her, and not viceversa – and mentioned it, not once, not twice, but no less than 6 times – my guess is, um, OF COURSE.

    Isn’t the one who dumps your asss, more likely to be ‘over it,’ than the dumpeee??

    Maybe Brad’s not ‘over,’ Jen either? Maybe Vince isn’t over Jen either.

    I think Maniston is the only woman, who because she is pitied worldwide, and has such passionate homely loser reject fans who wail if she’s critiqued even in the slightest manner — that makes people like JJ, frame questions quite ridiculously as they pertain to her.

  • john fan

    believe me, john is just fine, he was looking across the table at a pretty face already Heidi klum and some other chick in Miami, he got it on with.. Jen looks bummed out, just admit it, she got her heart broken, it happens to the best of us.

  • lurker

    Jen should hook up with George Clooney


    Hey Jen, go see the #1 movie in the country, ‘Burn After Reading,’ you’ll LOVE IT — it will cheer you up! Honest. :-D

  • Maisie

    John Mayer looks depressed like shitt lately. So, yes, I don’t think he’s over her.

  • Dancer

    dark roots showing–
    ohmigod What did she do to her hair? It looks dreadful. Is it a trick of the light? Her hair looks almost black underneath. I thought she was a natural brunette. Did she do this on purpose? Morticia meets Jen? Yuck.

  • washed up

    Still hawking that Smart Water I see. Well she can’t sell a movie so it’s a job. Guess she did not read about the danger of plastic bottles.


    Ugh, that big black hole in her head looks awful — her hair is so dark…omg, is it, black?? My, she must use a sh*tload of bleach. yeesh. ..and all these years too, at least 20.

  • FroFro

    Can anyone else agree that Just Jared is probably the most boring and retarded blogster? Seriously…….everyone written about here “is” something.

    Just Jared “is” Just a Joke!

    Try picking up Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style” Jared….learn a little something about writing and THEN start up a blog! Stop using the same ol’ boring cliches (pssst! They arent a hook trust me!) and find yourself an editor…..someone to scour over your writings before you actually put them up.

  • yuck

    she still looks ugly, old, and manly no matter how much makeup she puts on or how much she highlights her hair. it won’t disguise the manly features or prominent chin.

  • Stefanie

    thanks! she’s pretty!!

  • Magnolia

    WOW, if it isin’t the blond curtian, to bad that smart water doesn’t work.
    can you imagine what a boring life she must lead?
    I mean she has time to remember to allways carry her smart water
    how boring.
    Hey I know why John mayer is not himself, he is dealing with post dramatic stress disorder after of all things paying penence for some bad publicity by going out with a blond curtian that even tallked some times.
    It uttered mundane things in a whiny voice and every once in while cried for no reason. Let this be a warning to up and coming young men in hollywood: if you ever get the inclanation to kiss perez hilton…… STOP I reapeat STOP or you will end up with Maniston.
    The memories of this exprience will not easily be erased, you will even end up shunning perfectly nice blond girls, even hot ones for fear it will bring back memmories of the most whiny blond curtain ever.

  • poor Maisie

    Poor deluded maisie. John dumped her, he did not want her, he told all just what happened. John is smarter and better at PR than jen and all her highly paid PR. John knows exactly what he is doing, he is staying in the news and looking good. John got rid of this sad sack looking woman, John likes YOUNG PETTY WOMEN, a category which excludes jen.

    JJ just wants hits and he is getting them.

  • john fan

    i think lainey gossip site had Jen as a blind item. a coke addict that got caught at the TIFF last week, poor Jen, she’s hurting. she needs to stop believing in all that stupid hype and deal with the truth, her fans mean well, but Jen lives withe herself, she knows the reality of her life, money is not everything.

  • arigato

    from John Mayer’s mouth, he said I didnt want to waste her time.

    It’s John who dumped Jen.

  • natt

    She s pretty and yeah she will have best suit guy soon! our Johny is very happy (maybe)… he s fine and we (lots and lots) are his back up and love him :)

  • to lurker

    lurker lurker, BE FOR REAL.

    George likes them YOUNG AND YOUNG AND YOUNG.

    Jen is not George’s type at all.

    And do you want her to hook up with someone else who will drop her like a hot potato whenever they feel like it which is what George does to all his women sooner or later?


  • sandisk

    Jen is using her friends to do her dirty work again, namely badmouthing John.

  • skunk hair

    Phew. Is this the new style, striped skunk hair?

    Well I had heard that her long time hair man, Cris McMillian, was no longer her BFF and this hair is proof of that being true.

  • oh stop

    Pleez to say George needs to hook up with the bore aniston is an insult to him and his manhood.

    Also, she sure is hocking the water by making sure the bottle can be visably seen. Such a pr troll.

  • Magnolia

    Hey guys I was tallking to a girlfriend of mine who’s freind actually met them. ( Brad and Jen)
    He is an electrian and he went to the house Brad and Jen had together.
    You know the one Brad did lots of renovations on, any way he said that he was a fan of hers so when he realized whose high scale lights he would be installing ( lights that actually do what you say kind of like the clapper) he was excited.
    Anyways, he was totally impressed with brad who he said was incredbly nice and freindly and if he it wasn’t for the fact that he was obviously Brad Pitt you would have never guessed by his deminor what a big star he was. Totally cool.
    He went on to say that the complete oppiset was true about Jen. She was constantly on Brads case as well as the guy and extremley bitchy.
    He said, he was also suprised by how ugly she was in real life.
    I asked how Brad handeled Jens bitching and he said , that Brad was sweet about the whole thing.
    God, I am so happy Brad escaped her trap, I feel sorry for Courtney Cox . I wonder some times whether she is just using Jen for publicity?
    What do u guys think?

  • john fan

    wheres her butt? it’s flat, i feel sorry for her, i will not say another bad thing about her, as long as she stop riding on brads coat tail. distance herself from brad and Angie, and i will move on accordingly.

  • ssshhhh

    She always looks so incredibly beautiful. Very fit and healthy and she has the most gorgeous hair. I like her and I like John too.

  • a

    Magnolia, you need to take your meds.

  • HOPE


  • Sindy

    Interesting hair colour; she looks good no matter what.

  • Phil McKracken


  • Ben Dover

    Water does a body good

  • Soozee Southpaw

    I’m so jealous; she dated John Mayer. He’s sooooo DREAMY.

  • j

    someone has a picture of jen without her make up and it ain’t pretty, i guess that’s way, people get mad with all the lies, please someone find that picture and post it. i hope you guys are not eating. she looks like an actual man with bumps included, pizza face, we use to call it in high school. yuck

  • katy

    she’s not the most attractive…but oh well

  • Harry P. Ness

    WOW, she pretty

  • annie

    If this is a happy man then I don’t know how a sad one looks like

  • Jay

    John didn’t seem too sad after partying and doing a striptease for Heidi Klum.

  • sisis

    If this is a happy man then I don’t know how a sad one looks like

    Johnny boy looks miserable lately. And Aniston doesn’t look that happy either.

  • Orchid

    She’s prettier than woman half her age. Maybe it’s all that yoga.