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Jude Law: This Is The Home That Dunhill Built

Jude Law: This Is The Home That Dunhill Built

Jude Law, the spokesmodel for the UK luxury goods company Dunhill, poses for photographs as he arrives for The Home of Dunhill Launch Party on Tuesday in London, England.

To see Jude embracing the idea of the new modish British gentleman, visit

Other pictures are of England rugby heartthrob Danny Cipriani, who has been romancing English model/actress Kelly Brook. Kelly, 28, is single again after breaking off her engagement to actor Billy Zane. Danny, 20, and Kelly met at a private party earlier this year.

10+ pictures inside of Dunhill spokesmodel Jude Law

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Photos: Tim Whitby/Getty
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  • kenzie

    hes soo hot i love him

  • kenzie

    hes soo hot i love him

  • Daphne

    Jude’s looking good! Thanks Jared.

  • purpleworm

    Hellloo chest hair!! Glad to have you back.

  • sheryl

    *sigh* Jude………………Jude, Jude, Jude…………PLEASE give me that t-shirt…I really want to take it off your hands…you are waaaaaaaay too attached to it…I promise, it will open up a whole new world for you….trust me…

    Love ya always! Lose the shirt! Oh, and the suit looks great!

  • sharyllee

    YUMMMMY!!!! I always love you, Jude!! Thank you, Jared..

  • shammy

    Goodness Gracious Jude! He is a real looker with those blue, glistening eyes, tan skin, adorable smile, with a model like posture to him. How nice it would be to run into him at a party or event in London. Wishing to see Europe soon, counting my lucky stars.

    Look forward to seeing him in the upcoming films ahead.


  • Analia

    Quite a difference when he allows them to photograph him.

  • blackworm

    Looking good, Jude! How about making a movie?

  • Miss::CulleN

    wtf? he´s really losing his hair :( still hot… but a bald hottie.


  • mohammed

    OMG OMG is it me or he jst turned BOLD !!!
    look at his head , lack of human pubs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! old old man !ç

  • Melissa

    He’s been going bald forever people, he just mostly wears his hair longer and in a style that covers the bald spots. He’s still very handsome regardless. He doesn’t even have to try.

  • mery

    Jude is elegant, natural elegant, and his smile is incredible.
    Hot man!

  • rien


    OMG OMG is it me or he jst turned BOLD !!!

    Don’t you know that Jude has been for a long time Bold ? Bold means fearless and daring, clearly and distinct to the eye, showing or having courage, striking, rude (to ppz, and I don’t mind that), and outstanding, prominent…..oh, I am out of breath here to put the definition of Bold. It is simply Jude. You said the word Jude, and you can read it as bold

  • rien


    Looking good, Jude! How about making a movie?

    How about looking for information, or visiting IMDB?

    He has three films made and will be released in 2009.

    1. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (post production)
    2. Repossession Mambo (post production)
    3. Rage (post production)
    4. King Conqueror (filming -rumoured).

    And he will do Hamlet on stage.

    He is not like me who has nothing to and sitting in front of the monitor and complaining that somebody else has nothing to do!

  • MIMI prism


    He is so handsome! !! And He is obviously, very confy with His hair as it is now because, is short again. But, I do miss His golden curls so much! but, most importanly…I do miss His golden curls so much!!! …Heh, heh! Anyway, evidenly He is a very confident strong man and, that”s DOUBLE FRIGGIN SEXY, IMHO! BTW fabulous hair chest You have there, My boy ; D!

    Mimi Prism = D

  • dulce mirita

    Jude’s eyes have enlighten my day¡¡¡

  • elle

    Thanks Jared!!!

  • ericap

    Hi Jude!

  • nikki

    Jude Law poses for Dunhill, while remaining sexy doing so.

    Love Jude

    Thanks Jared

  • shea

    always HOT, Jude! Except, would it have killed you to leave the gray shirt home and throw on a nice white button down with that nice suit ? You look so damn hot in a button down shirt, yum! Ah, I guess it doesn’t matter- you are gorgeous anyway.


    hugs and kisses for bringing us more jude. i have to give him credit. he is so comfortable in his own skin. a heartthrob like jude law would try to cover up that receding hairline but not jude. ….he’s saying folks….this is my style now..take it or leave it…of course we’re taking it….we’ll take you anyway, any place. that’s a once in a lifetime face. yeah i miss the blonde curls but jude is so paradoxical you wait and see at some point that hair will grow will be a whole new look. he’s a cameleon…he changes year to year….boring he’s not.

  • Sandy

    Thanks Jared and thanks Dunhill for the great campaign and hot, hot
    pictures and nJude for being yourself with your clear=eyed view
    of life and thanks to you, doing what you want to do. We just cant wait quietly for those films we have heard about for so long – we want to see new ones before we have decimated our old DVD’s from watching too much! We are just the minions whose life is lit by the light from within your eyes.

  • purpleworm
  • ew

    Everytime I look at him I am reminded of those pictures on the internet of his small pecker.

  • xslickx

    lv me a rugby fella, yummy

  • Allegra

    Thanks for the link Purplrworm :-)

    And thanks for these photos Jared. Jude looks amazing in a suit allthough I too would like to see that gray t-shirt go :lol: it’s bound to happen soon though – he pretty much wears it all the time so at some time it must fall apart ;-)

  • Sandy

    He must have bought at least l/2 dozen of the grtey shirts but I think
    this is part of a new batch – a tad more bluer than the old gray ones.
    It looks good on him and it;s clean, I don’t care. (you see the chest hair and for that I care!)My love has not diminshed nor do I care about the little things because he still meets all my criteria for being that rarity of one in the acting business.

  • Allegra

    I don’t really care that much either – he looks so damn sexy with the suit and new shoes too :lol:

    Phew, is it getting hot here or is it just me :-D

  • Non

    Jude Minging ! But Danny DAMNNNN Your Hott !

  • Annie

    Hot, hot, hot. And Ben is in the background, yeah…….

  • blackworm

    Thanks for the link, purpleworm.

    I want to SEE one of those movies, Rien, not just read about it on the internet.

    And when is he going to make another one?

  • sheryl

    Obviously his movies can’t be seen until they are released by the studio next year. Until then, all we can do is read about them. He’s had 2 that were released since last fall, so…not sure what the point is, really. But I’d like to see him involved in another one before Hamlet…looks like that’s not in his plans, though, sadly enough.

  • ISA

    YUMMY JUDE!!!!
    OH! I WISH I COULD TAKE YOU HOME AND ******************
    MUAHH !!!



    LOVE YOU JUDE!!!!!!!


    the outher one as a stupid baby face


  • licia

    hello jude !
    were have you been???
    I have been missing you!
    Love your beautifull green yes :) they ligth my nigths!
    you are hot hot hot! just like hell!!

  • cris

    dam dam dam hot !!!
    god bless you jude !

  • Carmen

    Hello chest hair !!!! :D
    yum yum yum !
    Nice suit!
    Love you Jude XXX

  • patricia


  • dee

    My boo is owning that suit !

    Love you Jude

  • patricia

    To RIEN # 14 :
    Yes Rien! explain to moamed(what ever) what BOLD means!!
    Jude is certanly BOLD!
    Nicely puted Rien :D


  • sylvie

    thanks purpleworm for this link

    hot hot hot jude :):):)

  • natalie

    oh yea ! !
    Hot like hell !
    Love you Jude :) :)

  • Vall

    always HOT ! I like the grey shirt ! what is all the fuss about the shirt??
    Jude, you look allways HOT and SEXY!!!
    You look amaising in any way, in any shirt!
    Love you JUDE!!!

  • sheryl

    #21 Shea, I agree, he looks so good in a button up shirt…even without a tie…I just think the suit looks way to classy and expensive and the event too upscale for the t-shirt. I like seeing the chest hairs as much as anyone, but a button-up would have been a nicer touch.

    We’ve seen the same t-shirt (or a close facsimile) with suits in Cannes, in Paris, on Parkinson, etc…not to mention with jeans…it’s been done to death…I’d like to see him in some of the stuff he’s modeling for Dunhill…very, very hot and classy…


    i tell you this guy is not only beautiful, sexy, sweet, intelligent he is one elegant man. you know it’s just built in. there are hundreds of good looking actors but this man has a beauty that is so out of the ordinary….jude with each passing year it just embellishes your persona….just make more movies with good distribution so all your fans can see you. i’ll be seeing you in person when you appear in hamlet…i can’t wait.

  • rien


    He has made movies, three movies in a year or two! And I think for the moment he is busy rehearsing for Hamlet. It is sort of making movie too, only with a different medium. And the “short” movie for Dior. I don’t know if you saw the adv from Dior or not, but it is worth to see it. If there is a moment that I regret not having tv, then it is one of the moments.

    If what you meant was you wanted to see his movies in a theater or cinema, it would be not only you who is dying to see it! After Sleuth it is indeed a long time to see the other one, like 9 month ago? (At least in my country).

    Anyway, Jude is also a father. I think he needs time to play and take care of his children too. So, he has to manage the time. And making films the whole year is also not good for him, IMO, of course. So, as long as there is a film in a year or two, I really don’t mind to see his pictures or read about him from time to time.


    Indeed. He is such a BOLD man.

  • blackworm

    “He’s had 2 that were released since last fall, so”

    What movies has he had that were released since last fall?

  • rien


    These are Jude’s film which were released in Germany since last fall:

    1. Sleuth —– 20th December 2007
    2. My Blueberry Nights ————- 21st January 2008.

    I don’t know about other countries. Maybe you can check it yourself at IMDB.