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Rachel Bilson is a Beanie Babe

Rachel Bilson is a Beanie Babe

Rachel Bilson keeps her head warm with a beanie while dropping off some paperwork at a friend’s home in North Hollywood on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old former O.C. star has a capsule junior sportswear line from DKNY Jeans called Edie Rose that will hit stores this month.

Here’s a snippet about the line from Page Six Magazine:

The line is named for her maternal grandmother, Edith, who passed away a few years ago, and her friend’s grandmother Rose, who reminds her of her own. Speaking of Edie, Rachel says, “She would just be so proud and…ack””she stops for a second to fan her glassy big brown eyes as they well up with tears. For a second, those eyes, mixed with the freckles on her nose, make her look a bit like a Precious Moments figurine. “To have her name live on in a way,” she says, “it just makes it so much more special.”

10+ pictures inside of beanie babe Rachel Bilson

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Credit: Shinn; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Tigerpixx/WENN
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  • tina

    not first

  • tina

    rachel looks good better than she did last week with that horrible grey dress…

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh my?? WTF does she have on head?! She’s so crazy! I do like her Chanel handbag however!

  • Delilah

    i loooooooooooooove her bag!

  • ohno

    still useless

  • kaitlin

    i think she is super cute.

  • ATlqueen

    I can’t wait to hear all the losers talk about how much she is a this and a that and blah blah bah.

    She can’t be that useless if she can still grace the cover of Glamour Magazine. Face it. People love her. You don’t have to be talented to be someone these days. Look at Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Niether of them hardly do a damn thing and yet pepole everywhere just adore them. To me, RB fits right in with those two.

  • a

    Jared, for more balance, maybe you can spend more time on the former OC cast members who are actually working. Ben Mckenzie has a movie coming out and is starting work on a John Wells(ER, West Wing) pilot for NBC. Autumn Reeser has a new television show on the CW and is appearing in the season opener of Pushing Daisies. Olivia Wilde is in House and has finished work on a Harold Ramis directed comedy with Jack Black.

    Focus on the actors who are actually working. Your site will also get less hatred from the Hayden fans that way.

  • toni

    I noticed that she is not wearing her ring. Maybe she stopped wearing it after Hayden denied that he gave it to her. The purse is great but the jeans are not very flattering from the back in that one photo. Could just be the angle because she is very tiny.

  • toni

    Just realized that she looks like she is copying Rhianna. Didn’t she wear an outfit and hat similar to this when she spent time with Chris Brown on the Bone Deep set a few days ago?

  • Sin and syntax

    It’s called a touque! God.

  • erica

    Article on Adam Brody in Boston Herald

    ‘O.C.’ hottie Adam Brody has faith in Mormon film role

    “The O.C.” heartthrob Adam Brody says he hopes that FOX will take a page from the CW’s playbook and bring his California-set teen soap back to TV – a la “90210” – and “the sooner the better!”

    “I will never be on it,” Brody told the Track. “But I hope they bring it back.”

    So apparently Adam has no intention of pulling a Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth and reinventing angst-ridden Seth Cohen as, perhaps, a rabbi who returns to his upscale ’hood???

    “It would be like going back to high school or college,” he said. “But I would be totally thrilled if they did it.

    Brody was in town last night for the East Coast debut of his indie flick “Death In Love” at the Boston Film Festival. The 28-year-old TV star held court solo at a prescreening bash at Vox Populi but was joined later at the screening by co-star Josh Lucas.

    The flick is the story of a Jewish woman who has a love affair with a sadistic doctor in a Nazi concentration camp and the effect the liaison has on her two sons.

    Lucas plays the older son, who works at a modeling agency where he meets Brody, who plays against type as a young Mormon.

    “It’s not like I was raised Orthodox in any way shape or form,” he said. “But it felt hilarious giving a monolouge about being raised Mormon.”

    The flick was written and directed by Boaz Yakin of “Remember the Titans” fame, who, we hear, will win Best Directing kudos from the BFF.

  • nina

    she was a day before at the hair salon, maybe she has her hair done

    and don`t want to show it yet?

  • roekeats

    And then still hitting NEXT day on being a still & a mere being a “non-entity or even getting a nuisance starlet”.

  • roekeats

    And then still hitting NEXT day on being a still & a mere being “non-entity or even getting now a nuisance starlet”.

  • kjdfdk

    i like her

  • The Narcissist

    I don’t understand the woollen beanie + singlet combo.

  • isnt_it

    @# 9 – Maybe she stopped wearing it after Hayden denied that he gave it to her…

    SHAME 3X !!!
    DESPERATE 3X !!!
    PATHETIC 3X !!!

    As “deservingly” so.

  • nina

    oh yeah, the activists are starting up

  • cool breeze

    I Don’t like what she pull last week about the ring thing.Its was wrong for to do that. Wish she would do something with herself instead of creating trouble.Like someone said on this site.She need to a real life and a real boyfriend we can actually see.And stop telling lies and tell the truth for change.Maybe people ease up on a little bit.Has it gotten cold already there? Didn’t need to wear it.So when is fashion line suppose to come out?Maybe its no show like eveything else she do. And its about the wedding she had to time to come say somthing about it .Instead talking about it in a magazine.Why she don’t she talk to the media on tv anymore? That’s kind of strange.Other people do.

  • real world

    Hasn’t change since last week. Still pulling the same old game.This getting old.Need to get a life and job.

  • nina

    she is keeping her private life actually private, it is the media blowing it

    up, in order to sell their papers because celebrity relationships are very

    interesting for some fans, maybe she likes to play with them too, but i

    would not call it trouble

  • real world

    Hasn’t change since last week.Still pulling the same old. game. Need to go in new direction with her life.

  • cool breeze

    But if she so private why rachel do in the first place.people would like her better if she wouldn’t do it all the time.Is that going to help her fashion line.People will stop believing in what she say or do.I rather for her to come out and be honest.I don’t stuff like that. IT’s make look her look Phony.I want to read about the real rachel bilson.Not the one that put on show on site every week.To please her fans (whoever they are).

  • snowglobe

    Look at those saddlebags! I know she is very tiny and her figure type has this problem no matter how thin the woman is, but there are ways not to emphasize them. Tight tight jeans are not the most flattering. As wannabe designer she should know this. Glad the fake ring is gone. Wish she would wear some clothes from her own line! Great press for them, line is coming out soon.

  • nina

    @cool breeze

    What do you think she is doing, running errands? Everybody is doing

    that, the paps are after her to take some pics they could sell. Do you

    mean being fashionable and carrying expensive purses and bags?

    Maybe, she is doing that to sell her fashon line or she is just used to it,

    maybe from birth , she is spoiled by her parents and she thinks

    there is nothing wrong with it.

  • Sumo

    John Shinn strikes again! Nice pics. The hat is very large for her. Could it be a “special friend’s”?

  • .

    she looks so dirty and hippie

  • Katie

    She’s so beautiful

  • irina

    Love her beanie and outfit!

  • save the oc fansite

    Nooo, it should be illegal to be that cute! Rachel is adorable!

  • cool breeze

    Threre other ways to promte your clothing line.But that all she do.She got to people from using her that way.Also she got to get intouch with her fan base.Don’t you want to meet her and see what she’s albout?People will say i did get meet her.That’s how business is.About her being spoil hre parents did not raise her that way.She grew into that herself. By thinking that she can get away with thingsLike she did By showing that ring.Which wasvery childlish.She will lose friends that really care her(guy friends).So why she gotten another acting job?She got to learn to how get along with other people.IT’s not all about her.That how i feel about her right.Maybe i will my mind about her later.

  • Irishdreams

    It’s not HAYDEN’S hat one he doesn’t wear that shit he wears BBL hats and PLEASE PRIVTE this woman has NEVER been a private person she advertises what she wants people to believe of her PRIVATE life. IF she was so private she wouldn’t be pushing in Articals or verbal interviews insinuates she is dating her former co-star..HE has said NO more then once. Hayden now made Rachel look stupid for wearing this jewelry funny how NOW it is all gone..lets hope she stays gone from Hayden as well

  • Sumo

    Actually I see now that it looks like a hat one of the models wears in Rachel’s DKNY Edie Rose ads. Cute!

  • erose
  • Bogus

    Do you know where she got that idea from? Hayden made the remark during the Awake premier that his parents eloped. This fame wh*re doesn’t miss a trick, she’s gonna milk this for all it’s worth for as long as she possibly can. She never had a creative or original thought on her own in her life.

  • sanity




  • reality

    well, hayden and rachel are finally getting married, congratulations

  • sanity
  • erose

    I wish people would just accept they are together, it’s obvious they are just cause they don’t flaunt it all over the place

  • erose

    @ 39 thanks, knew it would be her car he was using it has been the last few times he was in LA, he and rachel are living together in LA, when he comes to town, and she stays with him in canada, wish that ring had been a wedding band, just so that people would get over this whole denial cr*p they are together live with it!

  • sanity

    it sucks!

    oh well, not like i would ever snag him. but i think most of us want him to be with someone else. he does tend to fall for co-stars and she seems clingy and needy. if they are together, it wont be forever, he is going to get hurt big-time!

    i just wonder why they didnt take pic of him getting into her car??? doesnt make sense but that is the same key. maybe they want us to keep speculating

  • nina

    I think something big happened between the two or about to happen,
    because now she is starting to talk about her love life. She was so silent before. Of course her haters would say, she wants only attention,
    doing promotion, etc. Whatever, i wish them luck.

  • Chinesefan

    You people are nuts. ContactMusic is notorious reprinter of old information, this not new interview, even photo not new, already two weeks old. Hayden say clearly, ‘ain’t my ring,’ also say she not engaged to him.

    What part of ‘ain’t my ring’ don’t you understand?

  • reality

    you are absolutely right, and agree with you

    but it seems that they are seriously together for a long time and may be just may be these people know something

    hayden can and should do better, but it seem that he is content

    lets say he does not care about brains or acting talent, fine
    she is very sweet to him, but her looks, her face is cute, but her build, her legs are not very nice at all
    i just do not get it, but it is up to him not me

  • sanity

    i thought he said “it aint my ring” “i hope shes not wearing my ring” in which that can be open to interpretation.

    why does he have her keys?

  • reality

    i think these two are up to something
    on the other hand, to you remember how they put Jannifer Aniston on the cover in a wedding dress claiming she is planning a wedding and right after that jon m and her broke up

    who knows

  • nina

    He also said once, they are not romantically linked. Hayden is the king of denials, he even admitted in interviews before, that he would deny everything

  • funnyStuff

    While I don’t doubt they are together and I really don’t care, this whole key business is funny. You all act like there is only one Lexus in the entire world and because they both have a Lexus key, they must be together. Funny stuff. And why is he always at the liquor store. Does he have a drinking problem.

    Like I said don’t really care. He’s a bad boyfriend for not supporting her clothing endeaver and other things she’s into (aside from the shopping addiction she clearly has) and she’s a bad girlfriend for constantly whoring up the media about a private life that he obviously wants to keep private. So there, they are perfect for each other.

    It’s one thing to try and keep your private life private, just don’t comment on it, but it’s completely unaccepable to not support each other when important things occur in life.

  • sanity

    its suspicious they have the same key thats all it doesnt equal they are together, im just presenting info and everyone draw their own conclusions