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Rumer Willis Joins CSI: NY

Rumer Willis Joins CSI: NY

House Bunny star Rumer Willis, aka the oldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has scored a guest spot on CSI: NY, reports EW.

The 20-year-old actress will be playing a character by the name of Mac Taylor, which is also the name of the series’s lead detective (played by Gary Sinise). The ep revolves around a serial killer who’s out to get all people with the name Mac Taylor.

This will mark CSI: NY‘s landmark 100th episode, which will air on Wednesday, Nov. 19.

Just last month, it was announced that Rumer also scored a cameo on Army Wives.

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  • Lea

    She’s always looked like Mrs. Potato Head to me.

  • Helena

    The hair = a big no-no!

  • linda

    oh wow
    how exciting
    oh wow
    how interesting
    oh wow
    how cool

    Hey Demi,
    Don’t you have any feeling for your kid?
    help her.

  • Ivy

    ONLY BROKE into the business because of who here parents are. I see you too have to make mention who her parents are! She’s not that talented. Very average….

  • david

    so ugly

  • lana turner



    isn’t this girl a bit mental?

  • Jane

    Is it me, or does this girl have a really fat chin? lol

  • jane

    is it me, or does this girl have a really chubby chin?



  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    “The ep revolves around a serial killer who’s out to get all people with the name Mac Taylor.”

    Dumbest idea ever?




  • DEMI


  • Ali-ers

    Bruce Willis looks pretty hot in drag

  • felicia

    She is cute!
    Love the show!

    So many jealeous people out there!

  • diane

    I kind of like her hair this colour

  • Lulu

    she always looks like man to me

  • Beatrice

    She scares the hell outta me, very very odd looking girl.

  • Lillianne

    Ew. She just can’t take a hint.

  • Lillianne

    Jealous of that??? Nuh uh.

  • danni

    not quite

  • lanie

    she doesn’t look so bad in this picture.

  • Laurena

    omg. ugly.

  • babey5xoxo

    she’s gorgeous

  • Rut

    Why does Hollywood continue to regurgitate this no talent potato head into our lives????

  • Captain Obvious 22

    Why is Jay Leno wearing that blonde wig?

  • ugh

    Why? ugh!

  • JaneMarie

    I guess we all have to admit life just isn’t fair. Millions of exceptionally beautiful, handsome, talented young people seek fame and fortune each year. A large portions of those have paid their dues and are classically trained from universities, have taken voice and acting classes, dance classes, etc. But, unfortunately most are still pumping gas, waiting tables and making sandwiches at the local deli and will probably never get a break in Sillywood. Now for this Girl . . .She is rather below average in appeared and probably not particularly talented but may have some hereditary traits towards acting given her parents. But we all know why she is getting roles over other more talent and more attractive candidates for the roles she receives, Bruce Willis is her old man. If she can live with it, then she would have to be completely self centered and self-absorbed to think she is getting the roles on her own merit. I personally think it’s kind of embarassing

  • Daniella


  • oh boy !

    Her and Aniston should play mother and daughter in a movie called : “The Chinnified Wierdos “

  • Jack

    Why do people insist on putting this beast infront of a camera? She is the ugliest kid in Hollywood.

  • just wrong

    If her parents weren’t Bruce and Demi she would be working at wal-mart. She looks like Bruce in drag. Fugly little critter.

  • Old McDonald

    More proof that they can’t make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear.


  • Old MacDonald

    Still a sow’s ear.

  • clancy

    It’s amazing what blackmailing producers (by big stars) will make happen in LaLa land.

  • Olive

    True #29

  • les

    #31 Jennifer Aniston’s chin is nowhere near as vast as this child’s.

  • david

    rumer is hot i hope she is nude on csi

  • ew

    Sadly, I don’t think you can do a jaw reduction. You can do a chin reduction but not an entire jaw reduction. So maybe we should stop making fun of her. She can’t really fix it. And, if Hollywood is casting her for roles because of who her parent are, well then you can’t blame her for that either. She’s just going through life like we all do trying to make the best of her opportunities.

  • NonWoot

    damn need tv insurance now

  • lol


  • rumorwilless

    Who’s the tranny in the picture?


    She is cute and i would like to see her make it just like her mom or any other young woman did. Who knows maybe she has the acting chops. If thats the case Give Us All Ya Got.!

    Kudos Rumor.!.I will be watching ya.

  • Hannah

    Cool :D

    Love CSI:NY!

  • chipolata

    Alternatively they could have hired a potato and put a wig on it

  • McJudgy

    More like the ugliest of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore daughter, wait they all are ugly my mistake…Ugh why does that disgusting looking thing have to be in 100th episode of CSI:NY ?