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Tom Cruise Takes Ogre Risk?

Tom Cruise Takes Ogre Risk?

Tom Cruise won’t be voicing the villain in the upcoming animated Shrek Goes Fourth movie.

“As of today, there is no truth to the Tom Cruise-Shrek 4 rumor,” rep Jeff Raymond tells E! News.

Alas, you can relive Tom‘s heartthrob years in classics like Top Gun, Days of Thunder and of course, Risky Business.

The 25th anniversary deluxe edition of Risky Business is available TODAY on Blu-ray and DVD at Tom provides commentary and extras include an alternate ending and featurettes.

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  • tom smells

    Good. Tom Cruise would ruin the whole movie.

  • nastialover

    aw, that’s too bad, i would have loved to hear tom voice an animated character!

  • tOM p

    i haven’t seen risky business, but i will now that it’s available on bluray. thanks jj.

  • whatever

    He looks like an ogre.

  • bobbie

    Is this free advertising, or did Tom Cruise pay for it? Ummm, I’ll pass, thank you.

  • Sunset

    It’s amazing what people can do with their voice.

  • anon

    It’s amazing how much money tom cruise spends on this site.

  • lala

    he look like one

  • defap

    keep making good movies Tom.

  • Dancer

    Thank god he isn’t going to be in this movie. Besides he needs to spend all his time on Valkyrie since it is tanking big time before it is even shown! He said the story line is great and he can’t understand why people wouldn’t want to see this movie. I can tell him why people don’t want to see the movie–two words: TOM CRUISE.

  • pink

    Go Tom and yes Im happy because I hate Shrek.

  • ps

    I miss him on the bigscreen!!!

  • may

    hot and talented..he rocks in Tropic Thunder

  • anonymous

    Thanks JJ.
    Im getting my copy this weekend.

  • Good victoria

    SNOWBLOOD… ( lol )………DANCER…. I think people have a hard time placing Tom in this role….He just does not fit the character in the movie…Looks OR voice, I have heard people say……….I wonder what Tommy has been up to without Katie present?….It makes me wonder if THE MARY is right on about his secret planning, but everyone else thinks she is a wack-o, and cannot believe anything she says….Guess we will find out shortly like she says…( LOL )

  • ellie

    I think tom is gorgeous and one of the best actors ever and always will be in my book!!!! I just about loved every movie you made. You would never screw up any role up. Just like denzel there’s so many i can’t list you all…

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    That’s too bad. I was wondering when he’d voice a cartoon character.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about, #11. And if you hate him so much, why buzz around all his posts?

  • Dani

    Dear CREATURE:
    As I have said before I am a JJ fan. I post on many threads, but since JJ is throwing this god-awful couple in our faces on a daily basis, of course I’m posting here.

    And EXCUSE ME creature–advance word on Valkyrie is awful. Oh I forgot, you are very close minded and don’t ever read anything that is negative towards Tommy the cult boy and Katie the Robo bride.

  • Dani

    Good Victoria…well Tom should be figuring out how to make Valkyrie into a hit. He needs it badly to get his acting credibility back. My biggest problem with him is I see him in every role he plays–he is Tom Cruise playing at a character. His personality doesn’t disappear into the character. So watching Tom Cruise play Tom Cruise in all sorts of roles is a waste of money.

  • leika

    Versatile actor that is long deserving of the Oscar.

  • funny

    deep down this lowlives love Tom and crazy obsess about him. He’s constantly on their hearts,thoughts and fantasies and time.

  • rena

    The early reviews for Valkyrie so far from Hollywood Reporter,Variety and Aint Cool News,Latino Review that its very riveting.

    Especially the acting.

  • memo

    Dear Tom, dont do shrek and that Warner Bros. Sleeper comic book.
    I hope you do that Chef comedy or be the villain of the Avengers movie. That would be a killer sequel with Robert Downey Jr, possibly the return of Ed Norton joined by Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio.
    Villain Cruise is so entertaining and unforgettable.

  • gop

    so much hotness :))))))))

    McCain/Palin 2008

  • dean

    new pictures please

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    (Assuming you’re Dancer and you just changed you name) that makes no sense, #19.

    You like this site. You hate TomKat. This site posts TomKat pics. You can’t scroll away and not post on these topics?

    Really? Advance word is supposed to be good. I’ll admit when I hear otherwise but test screenings are supposedly very positive.

    As what villain for The Avengers, #24?

  • troy

    very true creature…BRAVO…

  • gotham

    Cruise is also the favorite by geeks to play the Riddler for Batman 3 and other fave actors are Depp,Casey Affleck,Hugo Weaving,Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Day Lewis. But time will tell if A listers are willing to work for a cursed franchise like Batman.

  • pies

    Did you see the interview by Redstone at the VMA’s about TC?
    The man is so kissing a$$ to TC and he is desperate to work
    with him again.

    He even said he invited TC to have lunch with him.

  • Zoe


  • Dancer

    Sorry it is me Dancer. I was posting on some business sites and forgot to change to my gossip handle.

    I find it hard to believe you have missed the poor pre-word on Valkyrie:

    Associated Press:
    AP Despite multiple date changes and a slew of bad buzz, Tom Cruise says his World War II film, “Valkyrie,” has all the makings of great movie…”

    Dallas Morning News: (now it is opening 12/26)
    Then the film got moved to Feb. 13, 2009, not a good sign, since February and August have long been viewed as a dumping ground for films that just didn’t work.

    Canada Northern Light Newspaper:
    Is Tom Cruise’s career dead?
    The answer remains closer to a “yes” than a resounding “no.” The latest bad news is that the release date of his Second World War thriller Valkyrie has been pushed back due to bad buzz.

    Houston Chronicle:
    Valkyrie — Will Tom Cruise’s notorious Nazi movie finally see the light of day? Is his accent as gawdawful as rumors suggest? Has Bryan Singer made a searing epic of the plot to kill Hitler, or will we all head home and curl up with a copy of X-Men? Only time will tell.

    Now supposedly according to one of his minions, the word during previews of the film is good. But it is his people saying this and not someone without an ax to grind.

    Personally Creature, and this is my opinion. Tom Cruise always plays Tom Cruise. Look at the trailer. He has a high voice and a baby face and it is kind of hard to believe he is this powerful Nazi. I won’t go see the film and it will be interesting to see if those he has turned off his career in the past three years have a similar “no desire whatsoever to ever see Tom Cruise in movies again” attitude.

    You may be one of the few fans he has left.

  • pr person

    “You can’t scroll away and not post on these topics?”

    Hmmm…Now, Creature, remember this is a PUBLIC blog….a silly, silly gossip site. TO GOSSIP! The good gossip and the bad gossip…people’s good/bad opinions and good/bad thoughts. As this is a gossip site and Crazy’s picture is on top, if I want to drop in and say that I think that Crazy has a big nose….. ‘gasp’… I can. I can also say that who cares about Crazy’s ‘heartthrob days’… them days have come and GONE! Now he is just a big nosed, wife auditioning, crazy who believes that the evil psychs are out to destroy the world and believes that sps (you and me) belong in history books. Yikes! Did I just say all of that? Hmmm… maybe I should have just scrolled away…. NAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhh.. Oh and it works the other way as well…. If the negative stuff is to painful to read couldn’t YOU just “scroll away and not post on these topics?”

  • pr person’s fan

    YAY PR PERSON. You tell him!!

    Who the hell does this Creature person think he is questioning why anyone would visit this blog or any post on it!! Like it or not, this is not a fansite. If he’s so sensitive and can’t handle the truth about Cruise then he ought to go to one of those syrupy sweet, sicko fansites where nothing negative is ever said. Here, all comments are welcomed and we all have free speech.

    That being said, I’m so glad Cruise isn’t doing Shrek. My kids love those films! Anything Cruise touches lately disgusts me. He disgusts me. All I see in any of his films is TOM CRUISE, not the character. Maybe that’s because of all the insanity he’s shown in the past few years. I can’t watch him on screen (or listen to him) with a straight face. All I think about is his condesending, obnoxious, pompous appearance on The Today Show and his ridiculously over the top and egocentric Scientology recruitment video. The guy is batsh*t crazy!!

    I don’t know what I found funnier. His comment that “only Scientologists can help” when there’s an accident OR he “can’t take a vacation” because the world needs him so much. My God….the guys has an ego the size of Chicago!! Is he that IGNORANT that he thinks only HIS “religion” can help! What a bigot!!

    Tom… me, you CAN take a vacation. We don’t need you. PLEASE TAKE A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LONG VACATION and take your braindead wife with you. You’re just an actor and you’re not that important.

  • Alyssa

    UGH! I can’t stand Tom Cruise and I’m glad he’s not doing this movie. I would be happy if he never made another movie again! He used to be OK but now he’s just a wacko. He’s not worth the 10 bucks you have to pay to get into the theater.

    Go away Tom and never come back. Your day in the sun is OVER.

  • Christina

    Does anyone care about TC these days. He’s proven himself to be a total freak. Personally, I think he’s bipolar and I know he’s completely off the rails with his Scientology.

    Have you ever done any research on Scientology?!?!?! It’s a dangerous cult!! They’re bigots who hate all other religions! Their founder called blacks “mud people” and said anyone who doesn’t believe in Scientology is an SP and needs to either be brought into Scientology or “disposed of”. Nice. They steal money, stalk anyone who disagree’s with them and believe in forced labor. Pretty sick stuff. I don’t care that they all believe we come from aliens from outer space. That’s their business, but I do care about all their human rights abuses. That illegal and the FBI is investigating them. Germany, Belgium, France and Russia have declared them a cult and are also investigating them and the US won’t be far behind once the investigation is completed. There’s all kinds of court cases against them too!!

    This site has all the court documents and stories about the abuses. Everyone who likes TC should find out what he believes because it speaks to what kind of man he is.

  • Justine

    meh. nobody cares about Cruise anymore anyway except for the loony toons fanatic Creature and the one person who posts here over and over.

    everybody laughs at him. He’s so over.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Dreamworks pays $10 Mil each for Cameron’s, Eddie’s, Mike’s, etc., voice overs, so I guess ‘Little Man’ needs the bucks for his new space ship.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Christina. You’re SPOT ON! I don’t give a toss as well. Wish he’d just GO AWAY and take ‘Robot Wife’ with him!

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    One of the biggest motion picture franchises on earth is NOT ‘cursed,’ #29.

    Ah, #32. I thought you were talking about actual negatve test screenings and not people feeling that the movie is doomed based on it’s constante reshoots and release date movements.

    I know that, #33. It doesn’t make it any less crazy that someone would spend so much hating a person. It’s just not productive or rational at all.

    I don;t care if people like Dancer come along t bash Cruise, #34. But you do have to wonder whhy they keep coming over nd over agin so much if they hate him. That’s just obsessive and weird.

    No one knows the truth about Cruise.

    Apparently, many people care about Cruise since they just can’t stop talking about , #36.

  • dancer

    Creature. I support Jared’s blog. I get bored and like to post to break up the monotony of work. Or if I can’t sleep. Maybe I’m showing my age, but I really don’t give two cents for a lot of the superficial idiots he posts threads about so I stay with the familiar. Cruise and company figure prominently these days.
    If I look at the number of posts that I’ve posted vs. the number of posts you have posted–you win hands down. Now who is obsessive and compulsive?
    You are obviously a fanatical fan. And I’m sure I speak for many who dislike Katie and Tom–I hope your fanaticism doesn’t extend to stalking them and bring harm to Suri and Tom and Katie.

  • dancer


    Loved your post. (And PR’s too).
    I agree totally with you–when I do catch a movie with Cruise–I see him and not the character. I think he absolutely ruined A Few Good Men. I kept thinking in later years how powerful his role would have been if someone of Matt Damon’s talent had been it. I thought he was totally unconvincing in Born on the 4th of July. It’s his high voice and his baby looks. He just doesn’t come across as someone mature. He ruined Interview with the Vampire. He was good in Risky Business and Jerry McGuire because he played himself. I caught a little of War of the Worlds and he was Tom Cruise battling aliens. I also really hated that he had the nerve to kill off Jim Phelps in MI. Anyone who watched the TV series knows that Phelps never would have betrayed his country, his people, his mission. Blech to Tom.
    I too am glad he isn’t in Shrek. My nana-babies love that series and I would have had to have been a mean Nana and not gotten Shrek IV for them since I would have gone insane listening to Tom’s voice daily.

  • pr person

    “Tom… me, you CAN take a vacation. We don’t need you. PLEASE TAKE A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LONG VACATION and take your braindead wife with you. You’re just an actor and you’re not that important.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How true, how true!

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    You still post a lot and it’s crazier to be a fan than a critic, #41.

    I’m more worried about their safety from critics. Their anti-Scientology crusade can become a deadly if not kept in check.

  • pr person

    “it’s crazier to be a fan than a critic,” Hmmmm… I don’t think I could have said it better myself.