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90210 Stars: Too Thin For TV?

90210 Stars: Too Thin For TV?

Two of the stars of the new 90210 take the latest cover of Us Weekly.

The mag claims that two of the show’s lead actresses, Shenae Grimes (left) and Jessica Stroup (right), are too thin for TV. Shenae (est. 90 lbs) and Jessica (est. 100 lbs) have reportedly been ordered to gain weight and their costars are planning an intervention since some of them have “never seen them eat”.

Entertainment Weekly also poses a very, very similar question in one of their latest articles: “Are the skinny starlets of 90210 setting a bad example?”

One casting agent who works frequently with The CW reveals to the mag, “I know in discussions at ABC and CBS that ‘too skinny’ is no good. They talk about it as a minus point. But at The CW it’s a different story. They’re trying to pull in the Gossip Girl audience and that’s the image: hyper-skinny models.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the 90210 starlets — TOO THIN or JUST RIGHT?

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  • tia

    i totally agree! these girls look like their anorexic! its disgusting! atleast on shows like gossip girl and one tree hill the girls are a normal size. the chicks on this show are waaaaayyy to skinny. plus they suck at acting

  • james

    im a guy and even i think these chicks, especially the one with dark hair are to skinny. its not attractive when you look like posh spice

  • melissa

    they look so skinny! you can see there bones!

  • chel

    ofcourse theyre too thin, look at them! i wish hollywood would quit whining abouyt anorexic stars and finally cast a girl with some meat or muscle.

  • katie

    anoreix bimbos. this show sucks anyways. that lead girl overacts everything.

  • Kara

    Too thin!!!

  • leah

    shenae grimes snorts a lot of coke, hence her weight (or lack thereof)

  • michelle


  • jc

    Too skinny! I remember thinking that when the very first episode came out and noticed again last night. I know some people are naturally that small but it seems like thats the only ‘type’ casted.

  • I N F A M O U S, bish!

    Shenae’s fcuking ugly.

  • dialectic

    ugh some people are skinny!!! not every girl has this perfect body thats all big ass and huge tits …im boney and thats how i look .im happy these girls are on television maybe people wil give us boney girls a freaking break…..

  • Sara

    I have to agree with the article. I remember watching the first episode and was distracted mainly by how thin the girls are. I think they are both very beautiful girls but they need to put on some weight not mainly coz of the bad influence on teens but for their health. I hope there friends and family will help them. Being slim is not bad but skinny to the point of bones is not healthy. I wish them both well.

  • Loiusa

    Definitely too thin. It’s not a good image to set to impressionable teens who could be of a healthy size but are swayed into thinking otherwise.

    Let’s not jump to the conclusion that they have a eating problem, because I know people (guys included) who eat healthily but still can’t seem to put on any weight.

  • CG

    too thin!!! i would hope that someone would do an intervention and make them eat. i saw a comparison with the 90210 of the 90s and everyone was at least 20 lbs heavier than the kids of the show now. and they were thin for that time. its very anti girl or woman and anti the dove campaign.

  • naty

    “They’re trying to pull in the Gossip Girl audience and that’s the image: hyper-skinny models.”
    I don’t agree with what the guy say about GG because they are not too thin yes they are skinny but in my opinion they are healthy skinny , the only girl in GG that is thin is Jenny and I think that’s her normal anatomy, this girls in the other side are very skinny ,every time that I see them I think they are going to break.

  • bia

    TTo thin for sure! Ew!

  • shannon

    Im not really sure about Jessica, but Shenae has always been skinny.

  • JK

    i’m thin too and have often been told to ‘eat a sandwich’ or something but you do NOT see my ribs and bones protruding out and my face is not sunk in like the girl on the right. it’s disgusting that people think it’s GOOD that people look like this on television. there is a big difference between being naturally thin and snorting coke/not eating thin (#11). if you see someones chest bones and collar bones sticking out…something is wrong and i’m sick of this weight being celebrated in Hollywood.

  • Shannon

    um the GG cast are not skinny all the girls have healthy bodies but the 90210 cast are really skinny shenae not that mush becasue of her height the jessica girl legs look like twigs!

  • Gal

    They likely photoshopped the one with the dark hair. I don’t think she’s THAT skinny. Shanae is small, but I don’t think she’s tskinny…just small. She’s a bitch, yes, but not that skinny.

  • Here’s The Deal

    The girl on the left looks fine. The girl on the right, though, looks too thin.

  • zeggy

    If they’re naturally think, ok, it’s not easy for some people to put on some weight, but if they’re starving themselves to be this thin it’s horrible and they don’t look good or sexy. At all

  • anthony

    both are way thinner then they used to be… especially jessica she likes like a different person and looks doesn’t look healthy. it’s one thing to look healthy but she just doesn’t

  • emilie

    my god i never noticed how thin Jessica Stroup is!
    thats crazy!!
    but you know some people are just naturally thin
    im probably like Shenae.i only weight 96lbs and im 18…i have pretty good eating habits yeah

  • reeree

    i think they should switch the est. weight….i’m thinkin Jessica is around 90lbs….she’s got no fat or muscle on her (gross) least the other one has some muscular legs. People also need to pay attention to the height when determining their weight. I am very short (4’11) and very 95 lbs is perfectly healthy for me.

  • parisgirl

    The GG girls aren’t skinny. These 2 on the other hand…-_-

  • Kada

    Hollywood can’t seem to up make it mind. As the article at some studios these two girls are too thin but at some studios they are perfect.

  • queenoftrashin

    When I was about 20, my weight dropped to around 110 lbs. I am 5’4″. My mother became very concerned about me as she indicated that I was too thin and needed to eat. This from a woman that has harped on me most of my life about my weight. Yes, they should not be allowed on the show until they gain weight. They look sick.

  • m.f

    They are way too thin, the look of the actors on this show is really sending the wrong message, I watched the first episode and that was it. They can’t even read their lines well, everything looks so ridiculous.
    The GG girls ARE skinny, but don’t look sick. I mean, have you seen Blake Lively’s legs anyone?!
    The girls on that cover are walking on toothpicks

  • as

    They look amazing.

  • sarah

    30- ur disgusting. they dont look amazinfg! its pretty clear the one with dark hair has an eating disorder. im natuarlly thin and I have a blake
    lively type figure. these girls are NOT naturally this way. its pretty obvious

  • heyyyo

    They look way to skinny. Not only is it a bad influence to young teenagers, but, c’mon, does that look like a healthy weight? They definately need an intervention before they wither away. My goodness…it is just sick.

  • heyyyo

    They look way to skinny. Not only is it a bad influence to young teenagers, but, c’mon, does that look like a healthy weight? They definately need an intervention before they wither away. My goodness…it is just sick.

  • Julie

    def. 2 skinny
    blake and leighton are skinny, but pretty
    these 2 are just wayyy 2 skinny, it cant be healthy!

  • Emily

    defenitely to thin!

  • Lexie

    i love series that’s all xD

  • trex

    anorexic?????? omg! I think they chose the whorest girls of the USA.

  • AnYmOuS

    they need to gain some weight, hopefully they’ll do it the healthy way. like good food, exercise and positive encouragement.

  • jo

    that girl in the orange is pin thin! EAT something! i don’t even watch that show. the CW or WB is not the same anymore. i can’t even tune in to that channel.

  • hhmm

    The other chick looks anorexic. Sad.

  • cora

    these bulimic b!tches cant even act.

  • pat

    They look great. I’m sick of seeing disgusting fat people everywhere I go. If more girls looked like them I would be a lot happier. Yep I’m shallow, and I could care less.

    Why is it their fault if stupid girls want to emulate what they see on tv. Get some self-esteem.


    leighton meester is skiny but she looks healthy, blake lively is normal size and shenae and jessica are way too skniny…it looks gross!!!….but jessica’s face is fucking gorgeous!!!…

  • ew

    They look sick and gross. They’re supposed to be the hot girls on the show and I wouldn’t touch them with someone else’s… well, you get what I’m sayin’

  • Heather

    WAY too thin. It rewards destructive behaviour, and set an unattainable (and really, undesirable) standard for other teen girls who are too worried about optics and not worried enough about what is real and healthy.

  • justine

    shenae looks like shes just tinyyy but the other girl looks like she rly starving herself. u cud tell when someone is naturally rly skinny compared to someone who is aneroxic ..well at least i cud…

  • jess

    I agree, way too skinny and probably anorexic. Sad, I hope the “intervention” helps.

  • fkjf

    thank you im glad they realized these chicks are waay too thin. Its a disgusting image for young girls

  • Kim

    DEFINITELY TOO SKINNY!!! EWWW Go eat some food! pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  • Me

    I think these girls look HOT! We have an obesity epidemic in the US, and I’m tired seeing fat young women! These girls are good examples for EVERY young woman!